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LSU/Miss. St. Post-Game Reaction
Posted by theknightswhosay

I did pick LSU #10 going into the season and #7 most recently, and I had not ranked Mississippi St.; but I canít say Iím shocked by this outcome. I especially wasnít surprised it came down to the last play, but I was surprised by the margin in the visitorsí...Read More

Week 3 Top 25 + LSU/MSU Notes
Posted by theknightswhosay

Iíll get my few comments about the LSU/Mississippi St. series out of the way. If you havenít yet, please check out my Rivalry post about the series, which despite being played annually (in fact, it is LSUís most-played series) has not resulted in a win for the Bulldogs...Read More

Preliminary Computer Top 10 and Explanation
Posted by theknightswhosay

As you probably know, I stop doing subjective rankings of the team and replace those with computer ratings starting in October each season. Usually people do not receive my first few computer ratings very well, and they canít make sense of them until later. Of course, someone can...Read More

Better Late than Never: 2013 Conference Report
Posted by theknightswhosay

Iíll start with the records. I tabulate these myself, so they could be a game or two off for each conference (especially the ďgroup of fiveĒ conferences, due to membership changes). If there is a reliable database somewhere, let me know though.

Best records overall
SEC 53-11
Pac-12 37-9...Read More

More on LSUís Start and Understanding FCS Games
Posted by theknightswhosay

I partly thought of some of the points of discussion below based on reading a blog from B.O.B. here.† There is a group of FCS teams that deserves respect. He singled out one of them in his blog, but I elaborate on a few more examples.† LSU used...Read More

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