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Will the BC Eagles Soar or Sink?
Posted by TageRyche
The Boston College Eagles men's basketball team had what can only be termed as a terrible season. 
They finished with an 8-24 record overall and despite their overtime upset of then #1 and undefeated Syracuse, they generally got their heads handed to them...Read More
More Tourney Talk
Posted by TageRyche

This weekend is a big mix of championship crowning moments.

In the NCAA men's tournament, I correctly predicted two of the Final Four participants in Wisconsin and my eventual champion pick Florida. I had Louisville and Michigan State but they both lost out to the surprise runs...Read More

Coaching Carousel Notes 2
Posted by TageRyche

Last week I wrote about the Houston Cougars reportedly looking into hiring a corrupt as hell coach to build their men's basketball team back up and get out of town ahead of violations that will leave the school on NCAA probation.

According to Yahoo! Sports, the school will indeed hire...Read More

NCAA Tourney Talk 3/30/14
Posted by TageRyche

As the various tournaments have wound their way down towards the crowning of a champion, it has been easier for me to actually witness game action on TV and follow the "lesser" tournaments on TV.

I wrote about Bentley's D2 women's championship and more in Sunday Musings #140 but...Read More

NCAA Tourney Talk - Saturday Action
Posted by TageRyche

There was a lot of basketball action on Saturday. You had the women's tourney kicking off, the men's tourney setting half of the Sweet 16 brackets, and you had title games in Division 3.

In the Men's NIT , there was only one game schedule. Louisiana Tech beat...Read More

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