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SEC Losses Are Coming
Posted by theknightswhosay

There have been a lot of people who have looked at the top four whether it was the CFPs or the mock BCS s or my objective computer ratings and have gotten all upset that it contains three SEC West teams.

First of all,...Read More

Week 9 College Football Rankings 2014
Posted by theknightswhosay

m going to do things a little differently this week. To avoid confusion, Im omitting last weeks rankings from the chart (I will discuss movement of teams in the discussion below). Im listing my top 25 in order and to the right, Im first listing the college football playoff top...Read More

LSU-Ole Miss 2014 Post-Game
Posted by theknightswhosay

LSU Freshman WR Trey Quinn surfs the crowd after the win on Saturday.

Just so you know, I'm waiting until after the college football playoff committe rankings before posting my top 25, but you can check out my computer rankings here .

A few preliminary things....Read More

Preview of LSU-Ole Miss Game
Posted by theknightswhosay

I posted this yesterday, but it's a good thing I waited to share here because I've thought of a couple of other things. I made a chart with all the times Ole Miss has been ranked playing against LSU since 1950. I've just added the other additions to...Read More

Week 8 College Football Rankings 2014
Posted by theknightswhosay

This penalty took the potential winning points off the board for the Irish.

Before I begin, I hope you'll excuse me for mentioning that my bloghas had a really good day in views. I did a post about the LSU/Ole Miss rivalry about four years...Read More

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