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Tony Gwynn loses his battle with cancer
Posted by ScottJax77

Hall of Famer Tony Gwynn has died at the age of 54. The eight time batting champ played 20 years with the San Diego Padres. He was one of the greatest players of all-time with 3,141 hits, 1,383 runs, 1,138 RBI's, walked 790 times and only struckout 434 times. Tony...Read More

Family Ties... 2014 MLB Draft edition
Posted by IHateMillen

  The MLB Draft is always an interesting thing to keep an eye on. It’s not the entertainment spectacle that the NFL Draft has become, but when you read up on who was drafted, there are always some interesting names that pop off the page at you. 2014 was...Read More

Baseball Salary Cap Game
Posted by IHateMillen

Last week I did an all-time football salary cap game… this week, we’ll move on to baseball. I posted one over at the Gab’s Facebook page, but there were some obvious, glaring omissions on that list. So, here is a revised version just for shits and giggles… enjoy! During the...Read More

Opening Day Memories at Fenway
Posted by Lanz


Today is opening Day at Fenway Park, it’s bright out but 43 degrees expected at game time. I’m off today and considered going in than the thought of waiting on line and getting in at game time and misses all the other festivities just didn’t mesh well....Read More

With Apologies to Ranger Fans...
Posted by IHateMillen

  HUGE trade news in Major League Baseball as the Detroit Tigers have reportedly reached a deal with the Texas Rangers to swap 1B Prince Fielder for 2B Ian Kinsler. Hope Prince works out better for you folks than he did here, until the playoffs anyhow. There is zero hope...Read More

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