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Are you Kidd-ing me?
Posted by TageRyche

If the situation in Brooklyn wasn't bad enough already, the news that "head coach" Jason Kidd has demoted assistant coach Lawrence Frank to book report writer should signal to all parties concerned that the disaster that is the Nets is only going to get worse.

And why is it? Because...Read More

The New Celtics Coach
Posted by TageRyche

The Boston Celtics have hired Butler's Brad Stevens as their new head coach.

Damn! This is a big surprise hire. The team is going to suck for the next few years, but it will be interesting to see how Stevens gets on with Rajon Rondo.


Article...Read More

Changing of the Celtics Guard...
Posted by TageRyche

Repost from my original entry over on TSBN:


Remember this?

It was just 6 years ago that "Ubuntu" entered the vocabulary of Celtics fans everywhere as the newly acquired Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen teamed with Doc Rivers and Paul Pierce (and the before he...Read More

The NBA Crowns Another Familiar Champion
Posted by theknightswhosay

So another NBA Championship was awarded, but I wasn’t paying much attention because I was at a baseball game where the Angels came back from 7 runs down to win 10-9. I would go into more detail about that game, but the game today–where the Angels gave up 7 runs...Read More

Did Popovich Cost Spurs the TItle?
Posted by SunTzu4m

I have to wonder without the benefit of knowing the outcome of Game 7 if the Spurs will look back at Game 6 and realize their titles bounced off the rim on two missed free throws late in regulation that could have sealed the win or the inexplicable decision...Read More

Roundball Round-up
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