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The Best Take on Michael Sam Coming Out!
Posted by TheBEEZER


Dallas Sportscaster Dale Hansen summed up the topic of Michael Sam coming out, and the reaction of NFL, fans, players, and front office...Read More

The Febreze Bowl
Posted by Radatz

It's been roughly a decade since we were last treated to an absolute stinkbomb, but for fans of one-sided Super Bowls this ranked among the...Read More

The Big Game Pick
Posted by blackbandit20

OK Chilluns gather round for a story. We go way back to 1959 when the NFL consisted of 12 teams in 11 cities and...Read More

Conference Championship Picks
Posted by blackbandit20

And then there were four. The NFL does what it can to gussy up what are essentially the league semifinals and call them Championship games...Read More

Divisional Round Picks
Posted by blackbandit20

The picks split but at this time of the year, Im just happy when Im getting them right. Odds are provided by ESPN Scorecenter...Read More

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