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Not-so Blockbuster Trade
Posted by TheBEEZER

In an odd pre-trade deadline move the Toronto Maple Leafs moved under-performing and grossly overpaid winger, David Clarkson and his $5.25 million a year contract that still has 5 years left, to the Columbus Bluejackets...Clarkson had just one 40 point + season before signing the deal...Give the guy credit for cashing in, but it was just another in what has been long line of horrible moves by the Leafs...

In return, the Leafs got...Wow, this one is great....

Nathan Horton and his $5.3 million a year deal...I believe it has 4 years left on it...That...Read More

Correcting the NHL Divisional Alignment
Posted by theknightswhosay

Iíll start out with a disclaimer that Iím not exactly an avid hockey fan, although I do enjoy the playoffs and I start following more intently around April. Itís just not a sport I grew up around or have attended much.

I was inspired to write this just because I happened to grab a sports page yesterday and look at the standings. I just never saw the point of getting excited about a sport 6 months before it crowned a champion. I mostly write the most about college football, and you might have noticed I donít have all that...Read More

more than pumping tires
Posted by bruin4life

should be interesting. In case you missed the breaking news today, Roberto Luongo is going home. The Vancouver Canucks finally moved the Canadian Olympian after all of the drama last season as Luongo and minor-league forward Steve Anthony will head south to Sunrise, Florida in exchange for goaltender Jacob Markstrom and center Shawn Matthias. If you're thinking one step ahead, we're thinking the same way because Luongo will join Tim Thomas as the netminders for the Panthers - the same man who he had a war of words with during the 2011 Stanley Cup Final.

I can tell you...Read More

Oh Captain My Captain
Posted by TheBEEZER

Yesterday, the New York Rangers, traded their captain, Ryan Callahan to the Tampa Bay Lightning for Martin St. Louis...

The last Rangers captain to be traded was Mark Messier (the rights for) in 2003 to the San Jose Sharks for a 4th Rd pick...That pick became...Ryan Callahan...Just an interesting fact for ya...

So, from what I've seen from most Rangers fans on twitter, and blogs, and what I've heard on NHL radio, they are happy about this trade...Yes, Martin St. Louis at 38 years old, still scores...He's always been a talented offensive player...Everyone...Read More

The St. Louis Blues Land Ryan Miller
Posted by TheBEEZER
The Buffalo Sabres have traded goalie Ryan Miller and forward Steve Ott to the St. Louis Blues for goalie Jaroslav Halak, forward Chris Stewart, prospect William Carrier, a first-round draft pick in 2015 and a third-round draft pick in 2016.... Everyone knew Miller was getting moved...no surprise there...And clearly based off of all they gave up, the Blues are in it to win it, now...Not a bad grab for the Sabres and their ever rebuilding team.
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