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QOTD - 1/31/15 Tags: NFL

What is the greatest Super Bowl of all time?  Is there a Championship Game pre-Super Bowl era that was better?

Saturday Coffee With The Hoov--Jan 31 2015
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I Got Nothin'...

This week you get random Hoov ramblings.  Potpouri if you will…

First up, the stupid bowl.  Nothing personal to the fans of either team—and oddly enough I have many of both who are friends—but the other day I was looking back at the list of Super Bowl matchups over the history of the big game.  And I can honestly tell you that there has never been a Super Bowl that I’ve had less interest in watching.  Ranging from my favorite team being in it, to a great matchup you couldn’t wait to see, to a team or player that you wanted to see win…there isn’t a single story line I care about here. 

I don’t like Belichick (though I respect him as a coach), I can’t stand Pete Carroll.  I like Brady ok—but he’s already set in stone as one of the best ever.  I can’t stand the Pats, and they’ve already won a bunch. I don’t get all wound up in it, but I dislike the cheating storylines over the years.  I can’t stand the Seahawks.  Pete Carroll strikes me as an arrogant jerk, who’s cheated a fair amount himself.  It’s old hat to say I think Richard Sherman and Marshawn Lynch are on the high side of the asinine scale.  My greatest interest in this team is to see if there’s anyone on the roster besides Russell Wilson who can give an interview without screaming or getting in someone’s face and acting like an idiot.  I will say that I love Wilson, and his story and his achievements.  But he won one last year and my other anti-Seahawk factors far outweigh my desire to see him get two. 

I’m the kind of guy who usually hates SB parties because I want to watch the game.  This year, I think The Hoov is a party animal on Sunday night.   And if I have to pick—give Russell Wilson two in a row and let’s get to March Madness.

Speaking of March Madness, I thought that Louisville joining the ACC was going to be a great thing, but I had no idea how much.  Today (Jan 31, 2015) I’m going to see them play Carolina, and I’m angling for tickets to the Notre Dame game the last week of the season (great Irish win over Duke the other night!).  I’ve always thought of the ‘Ville as a top tier program that was missing that major conference legitimacy, but that is solved in spades.  I love it for Pitino, for the team, and for the conference—just more great matchups over the course of a season.

College basketball part two: I owe Tom Crean and my beloved Hoosiers an apology…although their meltdown in West Lafayette this week makes it harder to offer.  I was very critical of the team’s off seaons antics and lack of discipline.  That is not the way to be a part of an iconic basketball program.  But even being so young, they are showing some terrific development and have some great wins already.  What remains to be seen is if they can avoid was has become standard Coach Crean protocol: the February vanishing act.  If they can, then I am back on Crean’s support list.  If not, I could be convinced it’s time for a change.

What else?  Boy Roger Goodell looked good the other day, huh?  Like Eddie Haskell trying to be president of the honor society…

20 days—give or take—til pitchers and catchers….

Can you tell this is my least favorite time of the sports year….?




To Speak or Not to Speak......
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The age old question of to speak or not to speak, that is the question.

Why would we make such a big deal?

Who cares if Marshawn Lynch speaks,

because  most cases he shows his ignorance anyway.

There is too much made of media day,

maybe if the media weren't mostly jackasses, 

Marshawn might more to say.

As most know by now, 

Lynch's been fined a plenty

been a regular contributor to the NFL slush money.

Goodell should be ran out  

because of his crappy rules, 

I thought we were based on Freedom of Speech,

but in the NFL that's not true.

Marshawn, Marshawn, Marshawn,

you naughty boy,

you for the most part

decided not to speak

which should be your right,

I refer to the QOTD, .

B.O.B. it makes you neither,

so why the concern.

Marshawn, Marshawn you naughty boy,

Roger and the media look down on you,

because you aren't one of their toys........

I know I am mocking and even making a joke

out of something that's not as serious to Marshawn,

as it is to Roger and his cronies

who don't find it a joke............

So what if Marshawn's quiet,

his actions speak louder than words.

Who cares if he speaks on media day,

I know I don't.........

The Super Bowl is more than media day,

regardless if Marshawn speaks or not

there is a game to play.........

It's not to often a team gets a chance to repeat as champion,

so give Marshawn lack of speech at media day

a little break..........

The Patriots and Seahawks should be an epic game,

I wonder to myself though

who will win this game.

Will Brady and Gronk 

play pitch and catch all day?

Score lots of points, 

and blow the Seahawks away?

Or will the Seahawk's defense

shut the Brady and Gronk down?

Keep the score low,

and the Seahawks repeat as champions.

Whatever happens Sunday 

one thing we can count on

Marshawn will be quiet

and not speak after.

So be safe everyone and enjoy the game,

I will see you during the week 

to read your opinions about the game.........







QOTD - 1/30/15 Tags: NFL

Is Marshawn Lynch a jackass, a "special case" for the media and the NFL, or both?  Why?

Category: FEATURED




In 1968 I attended the University of Houston.  It was an eventful year for me.  As a student, I got to attend the regular season basketball game between the University of Houston and UCLA, which was held at the Astrodome.   It was billed as “The Game of the Century” by the press, and 52,963 fans (including me) watched as the Cougars behind Elvin Hayes’ 39 points beat the Bruins and Lou Alcindor 71-69.  Alcindor, whose eye was patched because of an injury, would avenge the defeat later in the year during the NCAA Tournament.  It was not, however, my most memorable event at the Astrodome that year.

In April of 1968, I decided to hitch-hike from the Houston campus to the Astrodome to see my first ever MLB game between the Astros and the Cincinnati Reds.  I sat in the left field bleachers, close to the playing field.  Before the game started, Pete Rose was out in left field shagging balls.  I finally got up the courage to talk to him.

“Pete why are you in left field?  You won Rookie of the Year at second base in 1964.”

“Good question”, he answered.  “What’s your name?”

“Harvey”, I answered.

“Well Harvey.  Let me answer this way.  I have never put on catcher’s gear in my life, but if they told me that the only way I could be in the starting line-up was to catch, I would be behind the plate right now.  Get it?”

I got it.  Pete talked to me between innings the entire game.  He hit a double to drive in two runs and the Reds won 2-1.

At the game’s end Pete asked, “Well what do you think Harvey?”

I told Pete that, if the Astros had to lose, I was glad that it was him who beat us.

Pete smiled and asked what my last name was.  I told him.

“We are coming back in June for a weekend series against you guys.  I will leave four tickets for you at will-call for the Saturday game.  I hope that you can come.”

June finally did come and I told a friend about the incident with Pete.  My friend really did not believe me, but we took a couple of girls with us to make four.  I assured my friend (since he was driving) that I would pay for the tickets if they were not at will-call.

The tickets were there at will-call for me, just as Pete had said.  On the envelope was a message from Rose.  “Glad you could make it Harvey.  I have bad news.  We are going to beat your team again! ---Pete”

My only excuse for not saving that note was how was I to know that He would one day be the all-time hits leader?

With an introduction to MLB baseball like that, no wonder it is my favorite sport! 





Randy Johnson, The Big Unit, was as intense a baseball player as ever stood on the pitcher’s mound.  Hardly anyone remembers that he actually played for the Houston Astros for half a season in 1998.  He pitched in 11 games and had a 10-1 record.  His ERA was 1.28 and he stuck out 116 batters in 84 innings.  The Astros won their division that year but lost in the first round of the playoffs.  Randy pitched and lost two games, giving up just three runs while his team supported him with only one run.

Randy has mellowed considerably since he has retired, as evidenced by the photo above taken at the Phoenix Open Pro-Am on Wednesday.  It seems like Randy had a stalker who followed him for the entire match.   Security came and they did not know which Randy Johnson to eject, so they left them both alone.

Tim Tebow won the closest to the hole contest on # 16.  The guy is a pretty good golfer, as is Randy Johnson.  Being 6’10” you would guess that Randy would have a hard time keeping it all together.  You would be wrong.  His golf swing is nice.  It helps to explain how he finally got his act together in MLB.

114,000 came out for the Thursday starting day of The Phoenix Open, a new record for the first day of any golf tournament.  It is supposed to rain Friday and Saturday.  It may affect the size of the crowds but not their spirit.  A fun time is had by all.  Be sure to watch.  The par 3 16th hole is like a mini Fenway Park.  Don’t believe me?  Watch and see.  

It has also been said the Randy does not like to talk about the pigeon episode when he demolished a bird in mid-flight.  This is not true, as evidenced by his business card as Randy Johnson-Photographer.


So much stuff is going on here in Phoenix in regards to the Super Bowl, that it is hard to follow it all.  The golf tournament rocks every night at its Bird’s Nest venue, Kid Rock and Darius Rucker are just two acts playing this weekend.  Downtown Phoenix is abuzz with free stuff to do at the NFL Experience.  Scottsdale has all those parties for the Jet-setters, and Glendale has concerts like Los Lobos for free.  Katy Perry is already there practicing with a bunch of high school kids (Shhh…it’s a secret).  ESPN is broadcasting from Scottsdale every day and Camelback Mountain is in the background.  Nobody cares about deflate-gate and that’s the way it should be.




I saw these coins were going to be minted at the U.S. Mint and my jaw dropped.  I thought, wow these are going to be neat.  Then I learned that they were already released last year and the proceeds went to Baseball’s Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, N.Y.  There were gold coins, silver coins, and non-precious metal coins.  It is a neat design with the baseball on the front and a baseball glove on the cupped side on the reverse.  How did I ever miss this?  Am I the only one who is clueless in Phoenix?

When I was younger, I took a trip by car that took me through New York City.  I scheduled the drive through NY City for 6 AM on a Sunday Morning.  I drove by Yankee Stadium (it was 1976) and I swear that my heart started beating hard when I saw the old building that all those famous Yankees had played at.  I parked my car and walked up and touched the stadium walls.  The hairs on my arms were electrified from the experience.  How could they ever have torn that place down?  The history of baseball was contained in its ancient walls.  What a shame.

High on my bucket list is a visit to Cooperstown.  I know that my health will ultimately deny me, but what a magical place it must be.  All the greats of baseball are there, save a select few who should be.  Pete Rose is on my list as a player who should be there, if only for the kindness he showed to a young baseball fan almost 50 years ago.  He made that boy a lifetime fan of the game.


Thanks for the read.  If you want, you can leave a comment or two on the way out.  Please don’t forget to check out IHM, my partner in crime on Fridays--->.

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