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Welcome to Wednesday, Gabbers. Michigan is falling apart. To be more specific, the University of Michigan is falling apart. One of its biggest alumni, Michael Phelps, got busted for a DUI. Do the individual sports know they don’t have to try that hard to emulate the big leagues? What makes this worse is that this is the second DUI since 2004...that we know of. I’m getting tired of saying this, but, Michael Phelps should be able to afford a damn cab. I can only hope he doesn’t look bad if he is going to compete in the next Olympics. He’ll need some gold to rebuild that image.

The other big story continues to be the mishandling of a young, concussed QB by head coach Brady Hoake. AD Dave Brandon came out Tuesday with a statement that proper communication was to blame for QB Shane Morris returning to the field after suffering a possible concussion during Saturdays loss to Minnesota. Morris clearly stumbles following a big hit, but is left in the game. Morris is eventually pulled, but is sent back into the game later for one play. It probably wouldn’t be as big a deal if they hadn’t put Morris in just to hand the ball off. I’d have to think the third string QB could have handled that.

Calls were already rising for Hoake and Brandon to be fired. A controversy like this is the last thing Michigan football needed. The team is currently 2-3. They are well outside of the Big 10 Championship and won’t even sniff at a national title. Sure, they’ll get to some crappy bowl game, but what does that matter anymore? Also, why did it take 3 days for the AD to comment? This went down Saturday. People had the rest of the weekend to stew it over. Why was nothing ready Monday? It’s starting to look like these guys might really need to go.

The big news of the week is we are in October. We’ve got 10 teams left. As of this writing, it looks like the A’s are moving on, but it wasn’t a sure thing early on. I didn’t have a dog in this. I would say I’m for the A’s on the principle that the Royals are in direct competition with the Tigers all year.

Over in the NL, the Pirates host the Giants tonight. The Buccos called for a black out and everyone was out searching for black Pirates shirts tonight. I’m worried that the Giants have better starting pitching. Their starters aren’t the rocks they used to be, but they are considerably better than what the Pirates have. Still, I’m keeping the faith and giving this to the Pirates.

Now, I feel for the teams that come out of these games. The Bucs/Giants are stuck with the Nationals. It looks like the A’s get another series against the Angels. I give the A’s the best chance of pulling the upset. Those teams just know each other too well and have too much animosity. Still, I really like the angels, even if they have lost some of their starters.

As for the 2 and 3s, I like the Tigers in the AL. I am really worried about the O’s. Really worried. They have a staunch offense and we have a few shakey starters and our bullpen. We have a bit of experience, but these O’s have been here too. I think it comes down to our starters being that much better than theirs. I fully expect 5 games here and they should be great.

The NL gives us LA-St. Louis. Both teams have great starting pitching. They both have pop. I give the Cards an edge in the field. I still like the Dodgers. I think they’re ready this year. I expect a great series, but I don’t see it going 5. I think the Dodgers take this in 4. I still have no clue who to pick to win it all. The Dodgers are strong. I’m still a big enough fan not to rule the tigers out. I also like the Angels. Either way, if my memory from the Mets-Yanks series serves me, I really don’t want an all LA series. That will get old super fast.

Well, that’s it for me today. Thanks as always for reading. Get ready for some rough mornings with the MLB postseason here. Why do schools start so early? Ah well..


Why Does Brady Hoke Still Have a Job?
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Yes, I'm amazed that it is Tuesday afternoon, and Michigan Football coach Brady Hoke hasn't been fired...Not just because he's a horrible coach who lost to UTEP, and Minnesota at home...But because how he handled injured Quarterback Shane Morris...

As I said Monday, it is clear as day that Morris was knocked loopy...Dude had trouble standing, and wanted desperately to keep his eyes closed...Just unreal that they left him in for another play...But then they put him back in later...

Post game, Hoke only spoke of Morris' ankle injury...Monday, he said he "didn't believe Morris had a concussion."  Yet Michigan AD, Dave Brandon said Morris suffered a Mild Concussion...

Hoke has tried to blame the training/medical staff for allowing Morris back in the game...Never-mind he should have been pulled right at that point where he fell into his linemen and had to be propped up...Hoke went so far as to say he doesn't  "make decisions on who plays and who doesn't play."

Holy fucking shit on a cracker...I think this may have been the first time a head football coach has said such a thing...If you aren't making decisions about who's playing, then what the fuck are you doing? And why are you making millions of dollars? Brady Hoke just went from looking like a bad coach, to looking like a total fucking idiot...
Brandon went as far to say, that the responsibility of the players health and safety, ultimately falls to the head coach and the AD...Well at least some one at Michigan is trying to be honest and standup...He also mentioned Hoke's stubborn refusal to wear a headset on the sidelines, which could have possibly helped with the lack of communication amongst the staff...

Hoke is an idiot...I hate you Michigan...You really didn't need to give me another reason...But thanks...I had been lacking some anger towards you since you've been an embarrassment to football...Now, because of Hoke and his staff, you're just an embarrassment to all mankind...

Hoke, quit...Or choke on a ham sandwich...Brandon, fire that fat fuck!

Oh, and the NCAA, ban the fat fuck from coaching!

The Beeze.

Musings From The Hoodwood 9-30
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Was I there? You betcha!


Greetings from the Hoodwood where the locals are preparing for Princess Katie’s 18th Birthday


I am one of the first to lambaste the lemming like followers of Ohio State, but I had the chance to head to the belly of the beast this past Saturday. I got tickets to see my beloved alma mater take on the fearsome Ohio State University in a rare night game in Ohio Stadium. Yes the Bearcats were better than 2 touchdown underdogs, they were well represented fan wise in the massive crowd filing to the imposing 100k-plus arena in the heart of the Columbus campus. I have been to Ohio Stadium a number of times, but usually with a press pass, so though I would be on the field I had to be a neutral observer. When the Bearcats played in Columbus in 2004 and 2006 they were hammered both times, the games never close. This time, I had my tickets I had my gear on and was ready for my Bearcats to shock the world.

The game started auspiciously for the Bearcats, they received the opening kickoff and three plays into the game, Gunner Kiel dropped back and went deep, Chris Moore had a step on his man and hauled in the pass. Moore steamed into the end zone and 84 seconds into the game…the scoreboard looked like this and the boisterious Buckeye crowd sat blinking as the scoreboard looked like this

The Bearcats came out looking less like Kent State who looked and played like a patsy and more like Virginia Tech who came ready to play and win. The problem was the Bearcats defense was virtually non existent, the Bucks drove right back down the field and 2 minutes later had the game tied. Where it looked like it would be a tight game even with the Bucks pulling ahead with 4:30 left in the first when Ezekiel Elliot crashed over from a yard out, the game looked like it would be a dogfight but the Bucks forced the issue with a massive hit on Kiel on the Bearcats subsequent possession which caused a fumble the ball bounded toward the end zone where it was batted out of the end zone which was a safety. The Bucks took the free kick and roared back down the field where JT Barrett found Devin Smith on a crossing pattern and Smith scampered in from 19 yards out, it suddenly was 23-7 at the end of the first and the Bucks looked dangerously close to making the game a joke before the sun had went down in the western sky and when Evan Spencer hauled in another TD strike from Barrett the game was disintergrating into a rout. I sat in my upper deck seat in shell shock, the Buck fans around me taunting me with glee. The Bearcats weren’t any better than Kent State in their eyes and they were already making dinner plans

But a funny thing happened, the Bearcats hung in. Kiel found Johnny Holton on a go route cutting the lead to 16(yawn snore go the Buck fans many of whom were already calling for the Bucks to score another 30 points in response.) and late in the half , Moore found a seam, Kiel zipped the ball to him and it was off to the races and a nine point deficit. The score at the half was 30-21 (yawn but no snore, the crowd seemed to take more delight in the halftime show taking potshots at hated rival Michigan than anything. The Bucks took the 2nd half kickoff and again sauntered down the field but for the first time a drive stalled. The Bucks had to take a field goal and were up 12, the Bearcats took the kickoff and after a first down pass again went long. Kiel went deep to Moore whos 3 catches were all for touchdowns and were for a mind boggling 223 yards. My UC math has that as a 74.3 yard per catch, that’s an NCAA record and earned Moore conference player of the week. The score was now 33-28 and while the scattered Bearcat fans celebrated, I stood tall and screamed “We’re still here! Oh yes we are STILL HERE!” The yawns and snores were gone. It was a five point game This is where the Bearcats had a chance to make their bones and really make a game of it. I opined to my friends that if the Bearcats were leading or within 5 to start the fourth, the Bucks would crumble from panic thinking “Oh no, its Va. Tech all over again.” The Bearcats again went deep but the pass fell short and a flag was down, offensive pass interference was called and Bearcats head man Tommy Tuberville came close to popping a gourd in protest. The Cats were pushed back to 1st And 25, the Bearcats went meekly and only gained 5 yards and punted. Bucks fans grinned conspiratorially as the knew that they got a favorable call. The Bucks steamed back down the field and Dontrae Smith was wide open in the end zone for a score and the roof more or less fell in. The Bucks added a late score in the 4th to finish a 50-28 rout. The Bearcats gave up over 700 yards of offense and 45 first downs. The Bearcats were defeated but played the Bucks tough and I was proud that they competed. The game was played in front of the largest Ohio Stadium crowd ever. Not for a Michigan game, not for Penn State or Sparty against Cincy. 108,362 were in attendance. One of whom…was your humble scribe.  

Though I find out later that my moms neighbor who is a diehard Ohio State alum and fan tells me on Monday that she had been looking for me, as she had a pair of extra lower deck tickets that she was looking to bestow on me for free…arrggh.

Phat Dap

To Jordan Zimmerman of the Nationals, who finished the MLB regular season with a no-hitter preserved by AAA player of the year Steven Souza who entered as a defensive replacement and made a spectacular catch for the final out. The Nats have home field advantage in the NL playoffs and will be a tough out in the postseason.

Head Slap

To the Michigan Football team, who got housed by Minnesota 30-14 to lose the Little Brown Jug for the first time since 2005, the Wolverines have 3 losses before the 1st of October for the first time in school history. Brady Hoke is likely seeing for sale signs outside his house. I overheard Buck fans at the game Saturday in real fear that Hoke will be fired and Michigan will go after and hired embattled 49er coach Jim Harbaugh a former Michigan player. That might not happen but that would even the playing field in the OSU-Michigan rivalry in a hurry.

Quick Hits

Dennis Allen the now former head coach of the Raiders. Allen got the gate after the Raiders were routed by Dolphins in London. Allen was 8-28 in 2+ seasons in the East Bay. The Raiders are on a 10 game losing streak. Allen was a scapegoat of a larger problem, this is the Raiders 10th coach in the last 20 years a sad mark of a once proud franchise.

Charlie Weis got the gate from Kansas 6-22 in 2+ seasons, hes more a coordinator than coach

Steve Smith had a real grudge against the Panthers the Ravens took his lead and took the Panthers back of the woodshed

Goodbye Gardy, the Twins give the longtime skipper the gate after 13 seasons. The Twins have had all of 2 managers in the last 29 years.

Bucs get hammered by the Falcons, then turnaround and stun the Steelers at Heinz Field no less…

Im still proud of my Bearcats…

Until next post fellow sports fans…

Tuesday's Tantrum - 9/30/14
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Welcome to October, my favorite month of the year.  There’s literally so much going on between sports, so many freaking outdoor festivals, harvests, Haunted House weekends and Halloween. 

The days are getting noticeably shorter now and temps here are slowly coming down from 100 to 80s.  But it looks like Summer doesn’t want to quit just yet as we are staring down the barrel of yet another heat wave after a few refreshing days.  Indian Summer indeed, though we did finally get some rain on Thursday, and Saturday Mrs. B.O.B., just 20 miles away at work got hit with a lot of rain (nearly flash flooding!) where at the Casa, we saw not a cloud.  Sunday I visited her at work and it was freaking chilly as heck – 20 degrees cooler then at home.  

Last Tuesday, we went to Nevada for the night and had a GREAT time and a few Ben Franklins hitched a ride home with us, more than rode up and that’s always a good thing, certainly rare for us.  The point of this isn’t to brag about another trip, but that on the drive over the mountain, even here you can start to see the beginnings of the color change in the aspens mostly at the 8000 foot level and above. 

MLB.  Before I somewhat get to the playoff teams and picks, I gotta say that I think Minnesota made a mistake by letting go Ron Gardenhire as their skip yesterday.  Six division titles in 13 years is a pretty good achievement, and while I understand, isn't it just possible that the issues are deeper than the skip?  I mean, who provided Gardenhire with that pathetic pitching staff (2nd worst in ERA/worst in the AL, and by far the worst in strikeouts)?  And good lord, I took a look at their top 20 minor league prospects and every single one of them has an issue, huge injury, a major gamble, project, or poorly performing in MiLB, or some combination of all.  Is the GM gonna keep his job?

But it seemed to me as though the team was putting it together a bit and the youth certainly looked like it was playing better and are flashing some talent.  Hell, they finished 11th in MLB in BA and 8th in RBI's, so while they had a rep for not hitting, what hitting the did get was timely, sorta.  Certainly seems as if Detroit is glad to see Minnesota gone for another year.  

I'm sorry if I sound like a Minny homer, but I can see some light at the end of the tunnel IF the GM can get some pitching in Minny, and let me tell you all something that I've said before - there should be absolutely NO REASON WHATSOEVER that a GM can't recruit players to come to Minny:  Fantastic ballpark, not overly hot weather, an up and coming bunch of bats, and a ridiculously supportive fan base who live and die by their team.  

A special shout out to foul-mouthed Hunter Pence who went psycho with the f-bombs on live TV post-game when they got into the playoffs:  Dude, consider this a formal invite on behalf of the owners of to come in anytime.  I’ll gladly give you my Tuesday spot for your tantrum.  Just get in here and drop some knowledge on us! 

MLB Playoffs.  So we have the SF/Pittsburgh winner facing Washington, while St. Louis draws Los Angeles. 

In the AL, it’s Oakland/KC winner facing Anaheim, with Baltimore and Detroit slugging it out.

I guess I’ll call my shot here too:  Washington over Baltimore in the World Series (in 7 games).

NFL – 10 questions/thoughts.  A weak week. 

  1. Pittsburgh lost to Tampa at home?  Stop it – y’all are lying to me.
  2. Hey Oakland, if you let Miami punk you like that, there’s no hope.
  3. Is Teddy Bridgewater for real, or what is a bad Atlanta defense? 
  4. Has the NFL found their team for London?  Because it sure seemed like the Londonites were serious Oakland fans.  Must be the Pirate/bad boy persona.
  5. J. J. Watt beat Buffalo at their own game, returning interceptions.  Just wait IF Clowney comes back, Watt is going to be even more of a beast!
  6. Jared Allen lost 18 pounds battling pneumonia?  That’s freaking scary.  Get well soon my man!!!
  7. Ndamukong Suh wants to play in the Big Sewer (NYC) next season?  Could you imagine this fool playing for Tom Coughlin?  Better yet, what kind of crap would he pull playing for Rex Ryan? 
  8. Anybody else sensing Jim Harbaugh is gone from SF after this season? 
  9. What does Rob Ryan think he has to bark about – he’s a horrible coordinator and always has been.
  10.  Absolute props to Dallas who just destroyed New Orleans.

CFB – 10 thoughts.  Not much of a week in terms of excitement, though a couple of thoughts here:

  1. I told you so – Florida State struggling in Raleigh is not a surprise – they are 4-5 their last nine there.  They had better shake it off, some name teams are coming up including the Domers.
  2. Was Texas A&M off, are was Arkansas a pretty good up and comer who just didn’t understand how to close out a game late? 
  3. Arkansas WILL upset somebody in the SEC West and screw up the SEC’s plans – I just don’t know who, but for some reason LSU keeps popping into my head.  It’s in Fayetteville and I think LSU above all others could get hurt by a ball control offense.
  4. Baylor has a crazy efficient offense, but let’s see what they do when they play tougher teams.  Grab your popcorn for that November 8th game at Oklahoma.
  5. Nebraska, the most unimpressive 5-0 team you’ve ever seen?  The most impressive part of this is the old fart season ticket holder who blasted the stadium for playing that “hip-hop hogwash.”
  6. Thank you Northwestern, you saved us from having major rantage about a 5-0 Penn State team.
  7. What in the word is going on in South Carolina and North Carolina?  
  8. Oregon @ UCLA on 10/11 is going to be HUGE for both programs, probably more so for Oregon because the Pac 12 North is screwing up.
  9. Fat Boy Charlie Weis got sent packing from Kansas, and Brady Hoke should be next in Ann Arbor. 
  10. Minnesota may have played a (bleep) schedule to date, but after beating Michigan they now draw Purdue, @ Illinois then home for Iowa which could make them potentially 7-1 before the roof caves in and they get Ohio State, @ Nebraska, and @ Wisky.

IF the playoff selection committee is on the up and up, you can pretty much start to identify the specific big games that will decide who plays in the playoffs:  Florida State/Notre Dame, Oklahoma/Baylor, Oregon/UCLA are three for sure.  You can also see where teams losing to other teams are going to kill certain teams.   Alabama desperately needs Virginia Tech to be better than they are, and they’re not and it may cost em.  Notre Dame (and more importantly Sparty) lose critical style points with Michigan stinking it up.  

West Hills Update.  Well, the boys went to 4-0 with a 40-14 win over Monterey Peninsula.  They have now outscored their opponents 174-49, and Jerry’s players are getting looks from lots of D-1 schools, most notably Oregon State.  One kid has racked up THREE standing scholarship offers, and others are getting calls as well.

My son came up after the game last week and while here he had to grade his players, and it amazed me how technical coaching has become with grading his players play by play on line into a database that included video. 

Golf.  A lot of things go into golf:  Accuracy, patience, improving on the links though you’ve probably been drinking like crazy, putting up with “the pros” who don’t like the way you’re playing and demand you let them go through you.  Well, let’s add animals to the list.  Here it’s deer.  In Florida (and Happy Gilmore) it’s gators, and apparently in Canada, the Bears decided to get in on the act:

Just a thought.  Is it me, or with each passing year does Jerry Seinfeld look more like Gilbert Gottfried?

“The best stories aren't on the cover. They're the kid at the end of the bench, the fan who snuck into the game, the coach who shouldn't be alive. They're the ones that are hardest to find, and hardest to forget.”  -- Rick Reilly

Good Story (X3).   Can it be anybody other than the Walkill Panthers Mighty Mites?  After going viral because they couldn’t break through the paper, they got a second chance on NFL Network Sunday and the kids blew through it while the buffoons at NFL Network cheered em on live.  It was cool and it fired me up!

Thanks to Larry Brown Sports, I actually have a second one and that’s the Ohio State Strength and Conditioning Coach and former LB who bodyslammed some liquored-up (I’ll violate my own rule here because it’s deserved) SUCKEYE fan who thought it would be cool to hit the field.  Check it out here.

Thirdly, during the Miami/Oakland game in London, some chick sang “God Save the Queen” and the fans sang along loud and proud.  Where do you hear us fans singing the National Anthem here loud and in unison?

Douchebag of the Week (DBOW).  Let me keep it on the field this time and that’s to the U. S. Ryder Cup Golf Team who lost the Cup to the Euros.  Dammit Fellas, you don’t lose to the Euros in anything, I think it’s written somewhere in law.  That's flat out unacceptable.

DBOW Honorable Mention?  The Dodge Dart "don't touch my car" commercials.  Keep it up boys, you’re gonna win the prize soon enough.

2014 YGS Fantasy Hockey Draft Tags: NHL Fantasy Hockey draft

Okay Gabbers...the draft is set for this Friday at 7:30pm EST. Everyone as far as I know is in, if you haven't gone into the league and clicked on your team to activate it from the invite I sent you then you need to do so, my adding your team does not activate it, you must click the link in the invite to get in...if you don't have it, or can't find it under SEARCH in your inbox from ESPN then comment below and I'll resend it so you can do so. Everyone that played last season is in this league, all I did was email you all invites to the new league since we didn't do a keeper league. Does anyone have any interest in doing a keepr league of one or two players? If so, let me know and I'll change it before the draft, but you must chime in for me to do so.

Any questions put them down and I'll get back to you! 

Good luck this seaosn....Sully


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