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While bouncing back from kind of a crappy week...


I know this is supposed to be a powerful statement against sexism and such, but aside from that, I just couldn't stop laughing at this hilarious video.



It was quite the eventful week in college football and it really began last Saturday when former USC star LenDale White went on Twitter to blast AD Pat Haden after White got kicked out of the stadium. Reading the news article, White makes a case for why ex-players should never be allowed around a program once they leave the school.

It's been three years since the Jerry Sandusky scandal erupted at Penn State.'s Tim Layden went to Happy Valley to see how things have changed since then. You can read the story HERE.

The University of North Carolina has long had a strong academic reputation. But that reputation is not only tarnished now, it is in tatters. A report released this week revealed a massive cheating scandal over years that included over 3,100 students. That figure includes 1,500 athletes. While football players aren't the only sport indicted, they do seem to be a large part of it along with men's and women's basketball as well. You can read the story HERE.

Because athletes are involved, that is the angle most stories will carry. It is hard to argue with that notion, but it would be nice to see the 1600 "regular" students get their turn in the harsh media glare as well. As for the athletic department, you do have to ask why in the world they would do this. Okay, yes they need players to pass so they can play but there's two glaring problems with this school of thought. The first is that they aren't doing any real service to the students by letting them cheat. The constant handwringing about giving athletes a chance to change their lives by attending college kind of goes by the boards when it turns they didn't actually do any work in the first place. These same athletes that were being helped to stay eligible will be utterly bereft of further life opportunities that the top notch education they were SUPPOSED to be getting would have given them when their athletic careers end. It's like they want to turn out a generation of idiots who don't know how to do anything.

The second problem is that SECRETS ALWAYS FIND THEIR WAY OUT! Yes, it may take a long time but eventually all these scandals find the spotlight. You may get away with it in the short term, but the hammer is going to come down on your and yours HARD when you do get caught.

I know that the NFL doesn't allow players into the league until three years after high school, but they might want to change that rule. If only so that colleges stop letting people into the school that can't possibly do the work. Social promotion is a horrible excuse for turning out one moron after another. Either teach like you are supposed to do, or get out of the business of education. If that affects the won-loss record of your football team, so be it. You are the ones responsible for the bed you made, now lay down in it.

Yahoo Sports columnist Pat Forde had a great piece on the scandal. Check it out via this link.

Boston College - Before talking about the Eagles on the road vs. Wake Forest yesterday, I thought you might want to check out this article on quarterback Tyler Murphy.

The game against the Demon Deacons started out in the first half as an exercise in total domination by the Eagles. Boston College was up 17-0 at halftime with a total of 213 yards of total offense. 147 of those yards came via the run game. Conversely, Wake Forest had MINUS 3 yards rushing (6 yards total offense) for the half.

In the second half, Wake Forest didn't improve all that much on the ground (19 total yards rushing for the game), but their passing game took off and finished with 242 yards through the air as they pushed BC's seeming inability to get much going offensively. The Eagles held on to win 23-17 but some might say that the Eagles kind of rested on their first half laurels and almost paid a dear price for it.

In moving to 5-3, the Eagles got a superlative rushing defense (see below) that also saw them sack Wake Forest QB John Wolford 4 times. While the secondary did give up yardage in the air, it was DB Justin Simmons picking off Wolford that sealed the victory for the Eagles.

QB Tyler Murphy (pictured below) was an economical 11-15 passing for 165 yards, including a 37 yard TD pass to Shakim Phillips. Murphy also ran for 77 yards.

Freshman sensation Jon Hilliman (pictured below twice) ran for 101 yards and two touchdowns.

The Eagles are now one win away from becoming bowl eligible

You can check out the game highlight reel below.

Alabama - (To Be Edited in Later this morning)


Mass Maritime - The Buccaneers went on the road this week to play UMass-Dartmouth. I went to this game last year when Maritime hosted (brutally freaking cold that day). One of the coaches for UMD is a former basketball player I coached, which always makes me chuckle.

The game ended up resembling a Wild West shootout as the four game losing streak for Mass Maritime came to an end. The final score was 46-41. Maritime is now 2-5 on the season.

The game featured almost 1000 yards in total offense between the two teams, and Maritime's defense tallied 6 sacks on the afternoon. E.J. caught 2 passes for 47 yards and a touchdown.


While it isn't OFFICIALLY the hot stove season in baseball yet, there were a couple of moves off the field that caught my interest.

Try as I might, the World Series isn't really holding my interest. I don't have anything against either team, but with the Boston Red Sox out of things, the largest part of my rooting interest ended at their game 162.

Speaking of the Red Sox, the team announced the hiring of Chili Davis as their new hitting coach. The former All-Star player was been the hitting coach with the Oakland A's the last three seasons, but worked as the Red Sox instructor at the Triple A level before that. He seemed to have a pretty good run of success with the A's, so let's hope he can get Yoenis Cespedes to have a better OBP next season. And it would also help if he could get some of the younger guys to at least look like they can hit major league pitching.

The far bigger news came on Friday when Joe Maddon opted out of his contract with the Tampa Bay DEVIL Rays. He had a year left on the contract but decided to exercise that clause. After the Rays executive VP of baseball operations Andrew Friedman left to join the Dodgers organization, this latest departure could be the harbinger of the Rays going back to being a non-competitive laughingstock. And it likely gives Maddon a chance to find a new managerial job with a club that actually spends money on players rather than solely draft players and hope for the best. You can read more about Maddon's departure HERE.


Yes, it is really me writing about the topic of golf. However, given my longstanding aversion to the activity, it won't come as too much of a shock when you see that I'm writing about something outside of the actual playing of the game.

On Friday, Ted Bishop, the president of the PGA, was impeached from his position (a month before his term was up anyway) because of comments he made first on Twitter and then expanded upon on Facebook. He was defending Nick Faldo against Ian Poulter (two players feuding with each other) and Bishop referred to Poulter as a "little girl" and then later "like a little girl squealing at recess".

As you might expect, the sexism card was played and though he was offered the chance to resign, he declined. The PGA's board of governors then voted him out anyway. He's losing his job, he won't be recognized as an honory president and won't be referred to by the PGA as a past president.

Seriously? All this over him acting like a two year old and throwing around relatively tame (or should I say lame ass) insults? I'm more offended that he couldn't come up with anything more creative to use to insult Poulter.

But I guess in this day and age, you can't say anything to anyone or about anyone without someone acting like you've just made a sin against all mankind.

You can read more (including some really pathetic cover your ass apologies from both Bishop and the PGA) HERE.


I'm nothing if not mediocre. Another week of splitting the two leagues I'm in with a 1-1 record for yet another week.


Mount Saint Joseph University - Last week's mention of Lauren Hill, the terminally ill player determined to play "One More Game" brought about a request to provide updates as the game gets closer. News about the game being moved to Xavier University's Cintas Center was followed by more news that the tickets were sold out in 30 minutes. It is a 10,000 plus seat arena! You can read the most recent report HERE.

Boston College Men - The season is still a couple weeks away but you can check out this brief interview with Olivier Hanlan. He talks about his work in the summer and why he came back for another season with the Eagles.

Missouri State - You can learn more about Lady Bear Tyonna Snow in this video piece. You can check out a shot of the Lady Bears basketball team from their Media Day event below.

Boston College Women - Nicole Boudreau and Kelly Hughes were the two players from the team that went to the ACC media day event in Greensboro, NC this past week. Along with coach Erik Johnson they met the media for season previews etc. You can see some shots of the two players from the event below.




There was a ton of rain to deal with in the area this week but some game action did make it in.

Wareham Boys Soccer - The Vikings lost to Apponequet 8-1.

Wareham Girls Soccer - The team lost to Apponequet 3-0. They also had Senior Night this week. My former player Brianna is the only senior on the team so congratulations to her for battling through all her various injuries to make it back to the field this season.

Upper Cape Girls JV Soccer - Against Old Colony, the jayvees opened up a can of whoopass and beat the Cougars 9-0. Ann Marie had 2 assists in the game.

Wareham Field Hockey - The Vikings got knocked off twice this week with a 3-0 loss to Westport and a 4-0 loss to ORR. They are 2-14 on the season.

Wareham Girls Volleyball - The team got swept 3-0 in their match against Apponequet. The team held a free clinic for younger potential players. You can read about that HERE.

Upper Cape Varsity Football - Last Saturday, the Rams blew out Holbrook/Avon 38-14 and my girlfriend's son Connor (who is usually on the JV team) was able to make his varsity debut for a few plays. Way to go Connor!

Wareham Football - Despite talk of how the Wareham defense had been improving over the last couple of weeks, the Vikings were completely annihilated by Apponequet on Friday night. They lost 61-6. Apponequet had 502 yards of total offense while Wareham managed just 84 yards.

Upper Cape Girls Varsity Soccer - I mentioned last week that UCT soccer player Krystle found herself 1 goal shy of the 100 goal plateau after scoring a career high six goals in a game. You can read about that game in this Wareham Courier article. (All photos by Adam K. Ellis of the Wareham Courier.)

On Monday of this past week, the Lady Rams faced Bishop Connolly and Krystle did indeed get her 100th goal (plus one more for good measure). Unfortunately they lost the game 4-2. The loss eliminated the team from postseason contention. A 7-0 loss to Norfolk Aggie left them with a 6-10-1 record.

You can can see Krystle's 100th goal on a PK, along with brief comments from her and her coach in this video link.

Some photos from the Bishop Connolly game as well.

The 100th goal kick:

With her team:



Books - I picked up the new Jon Land thriller Strong Darkness this week. It is the latest in his Caitlin Strong series. I can't wait to dig into it.

TV - Here's the recaps at this week's new episodes of The Flash and Arrow.

Movies - The trailer for the new Avengers movie "Age of Ultron" was "accidentally" leaked a week early. And as expected, it set the Internet ablaze. You can check it out for yourself below.

Problem Solved or Tip of the Iceberg?
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It's a situation that has the NFL's damage control squad scrambling as fast as the federal government is reportedly scrambling to hide ebola cases. And whenever something isn't being done in the open, you can feel the wool getting pulled over your eyes. It's gotten to be the norm lately.

So Percy Harvin has left Seattle, 'chemistry' being euphemistically cited as a reason. But clearly there's more. If this were happening in Jacksonville, it would be an easy job for the NFL and its media stooges. But these are the world champs. 

So what's going on? It's now known that the Minnesota Vikings dumped Harvin because he was an impossible detriment to team morale, among his transgressions a locker room campaign against then-quarterback Christian Ponder. Dissatisfied wideout with a big mouth. Ok, that's something we've seen before, especially on teams with a struggling offense.

But in Seattle? Against Russell Wilson? Clearly something extra was in play. Not just singular but multiple reports (and when you hear an admission of  'multiple', you know it's not two or three) had surfaced that he was at the forefront of a budding locker room division regarding Wilson. And when your star running back nearly refuses to board the plane, you know it's not just a bunch of scrubs venting their discontent at not playing. There really appears to be a rift, even after Harvin's departure. And, horror of horrors, it appears to be race-based.

How do you decide what to do?

It's so simple. Just do as Sherlock Holmes would have advised. Say "If our positions were reversed..." as the fictional sleuth did. It's the ultimate hypocrisy filter.

So, in our reversal, the Seattle Seahawks are still led by Russell Wilson. But he hangs out with a black, not white, entourage. The team is mostly white. One of the white players, despite his talent, is a league journeyman. Word has it he's been a malingerer. He leads an anti-Wilson insurrection among some, perhaps many, other white players on the world champs, at least part of the crux of it being that Wilson is "not white enough". He even picks a fight with Wilson. The organization realizes what's happening and dumps him.

What's the immediate media verdict? RACIST! Do the Jets trade for him? They wouldn't dare, upon risk of being impaled on the figurative pens of the press. But on the team, the trade has made things worse instead of better. Do the other players in the cabal skate? Possibly but not likely. As likely, Senate inquiry is threatened if the team (and the league) don't root out the 'hate' and expel every player involved. Don't rule out the umpteenth 'Executive Order' either. It's safe to presume that nobody suggests the players were simply jealous of Wilson's media attention.

Yet, every one of relatively few mainstream-media stories on the now-famous Seahawks situation, along with many online comments posted, focus on what the "real" story may be. The apologists are swarming out of the woodwork like worms. Even non-apologists are fearful of their wording. It can't be simple anti-white racism. No sir. There's a deeper lesson to be learned here. Deeper lesson?

Does anybody even doubt that black racism exists? Like any other form of racism it doesn't apply to everybody, but it exists. Seen the news lately? Apparently most of the media, despite providing the news footage, have their doubts. That, or the First Amendment has now been so compromised that nobody dares do anything but spin this repulsive situation into something... how would they word it?... less 'inflammatory'. As in 'more false'.

That... or double standards are just fine as long as they're somehow managed properly.

Apparently unless you speak in pure ebonics and act like Percy Harvin, you aren't considered racially kosher by a number of Seahawks regardless of your color. The terms 'Uncle Tom' and 'Oreo' haven't been cited, but that may only be because they are obsolete to this generation. The meaning is the same.

So there's a self-destructive rebellion against the meal ticket of the offense. Of course, as one news source tried to excuse the incident, it's certainly about jealousy to some degree. Wilson gets a lot of publicity and a lot of kudos. The defense may feel it doesn't get its due. But way too much has leaked out already for anyone with half a brain to swallow the 'jealousy' theory without adding a mouthful of salt. Marshawn Lynch doesn't play for the defense. Neither did Harvin. We know about Harvin. Lynch reportedly didn't want to board the plane for the Rams game... or at least made noises about it. And if it's really jealousy, why not just say Wilson gets 'too much credit for all our hard work' or something to that effect?

The situation is compelling enough nationally in an election year with forensic evidence about Ferguson just starting to trickle out, but it is compelling in sports too. What if the league simply tries to bury the rift in a landslide of apologies and red herrings instead of dealing with it as if they had an avowed (and mandated) policy against racism (which they do)? It certainly appears that a number of black players in Seattle feel empowered as racists, as empowered as any Jim Crow era Southerner felt years ago. If this situation doesn't illustrate that in terms loud enough to penetrate the sand encasing the ears of the worst ostriches, nothing does. The threat perceived by the league will be, of course, that the sentiment is spread around the league and is about to boil over, burying the league in racial conflict and killing the fatted calf. Are players in Seattle so unique?

The story is as ominous to the league as it is repulsive to any fair-minded American, if any are left. Yet no condemnation will result from this case. Incognito had his career ruined by allegations of 'bullying', despite the clear support of most of his teammates. Harvin simply hopped to a new team and will rake in more millions.

Can't you just wait for Bob Costas to climb on his pulpit Sunday night to explain it all to you in terms spun out of PC fabric? Here's hoping he shows an ounce of credibility on an issue the league clearly won't be conducting a crusade against. I'm not holding my breath. Don't wait for Joe Biden to get trotted onto your TV screen urging "step up and speak out!" either.

The earliest articles about the story were courageously posted, even then the authors tiptoeing on eggshells, clearly fearing the consequences of reporting what they believed to be true. The comment trails were sidetracked onto debates about how good Russell Wilson really is. Nobody seemed to get it. What country is this that I woke up to this morning?

I suppose a partial answer to that, too, is something we're about to get. Either we shun demographic bias --- racism, sexism, whatever --- or we don't. Pick one. One side can't get a free pass. We've been living in a world where scientists who report that 'global warming' has no data to back up the theory are vilified and in many cases have their jobs taken or their grants revoked. Nature and numbers are starting to take care of that problem. But nature alone can't fix this one.

Harvin got a pass from most Minnesota fans following his trade. One must assume they have reassessed their sentiments. But the underlying problems are a much bigger story than Harvin will ever be. If anyone ever dares to print them.

NASCAR Update And Other Fast Stuff 10-26-14
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Hey Hey My My. Rock n roll will never die. I'm counting on it. Welcome Gabbers and others to y NASCAR updates and other fast stuff. That up there is Bubba Wallace. He won himself a Martinsville Grandfather clock in his truck. Yup. That's the trophy. Imagine trying to get that home without ruining it. I guess the team hauler delivers too. 

Beautiful day here in PA. The temps keep going up and down. Really hoping this week is nice. I got that homestead clean up list but I also got me a photo list. There's real nice decorations in the neighborhood and some cool looking trees. It's time for me and my camera to take a walk before those nasty dark clouds come back. I try to keep it hid in the car just in case a really cool opportunity pops up whilst I'm out and about. No breath taking cheetahs roaming the neighborhood but I think I can make due.

As I mentioned in IHM's blog my youngest grandson had 2 ambulance rides this month for asthma attachs that came out of no where. He turned 1 on the 24th. He's wearing a heart monitor for now till we can get him to an allergist. He's taking it surprisingly well. Was play fighting with a pillow. I'm guessing he's not as bothered by it as we are. Time to get air cleaners for the house.

There was a night time 5K run that ran by my house. The race wasn't so bad but the flashing lights on the cruiser outside my front window for 2 hours were a bit much. My cats were spooked. The high school marching band even came down through at one point. I live 2 blocks from the school. I guess I could think of this as dinner entertainment.


Back in 2012 after a severe wreck at Talladega Dale Jr began to struggle with moodiness, anger, not wanting to be around people and brain fog. His crew said he had a vacant stare. So after a doctors visit he was sent to the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. There he was taught brain excersises to get him back on track.

Now you can see a video Dale Jr made for the Sports Medicine Concussion Program at that university. Other professionals like baseball player David Ross made videos too.

You can go to to see these videos and learn more about the types of concussions and what can be done for those that get them.


He'll still be reporting on NASCAR races, doing his NASCAR podcast with ESPN Magazine senior writer Ryan MaGee and writing his articles for but his duties will be expanding to cover Pro & college football, basketball and other sports.

"I'm so fortunate to have a challenging, rewarding job that allows for creativity and to have colleagues and bosses that believe in my approach and my ability."

He goes on to say that he's appreciates the opportunity to diversify and still maintain his passion for motorsports. And he's not taking this lightly.

Congrats to Marty. I love his podcast too.


On October 24, 2004 Rick Hendrick and the whole HMS organization were rocked by a very tragic plane wreck. Rick Hendricks son, Ricky along with 9 other people boarded one of HMS private planes bound for Martinsville and crashed into the Bull Mountain in Virginia. There were no survivors.

On that plane besides Ricks son, Ricky were his brother John Hendrick - President of Hendrick Motorsports. John's twin daughters Jennifer & Kimberly. Jeff Turner - HMS  General Manager. Randy Dorton - HMS Engine Builder. Joe Jackson - DuPont executive. Scott Latheram - Pilot for Tony Stewart. Richard Tracy & Elizabeth Morrison - pilots of the plane.

Rick didn't know if he could keep going but some how he got back to HMS HQ and told his employees that things would go on in memory of those lost.

Rick still has Ricky's black Tahoe Z71 and every year he uncovers it during this week and drives it home. He says he feels closer to his son in that vehicle.


Vickers had the pole but didn't get to lead past the parade laps because Mr Johnson took over at the green flag drop.

Right away it's reported that McMurray is leaking oil. Why he didn't get off the track is beyond me. By lap 21 Harvick starts drifting to the back because he has a windshield full of oil and can't see well. Hello NASCAR. There's a black flag just for occasions like this. McMurray is still out there.

My Most Handsome Knight of the Mobile 1 even leads 5 laps. Good to see him.

On lap 75 we see Dale Jr to the lead and Jr Nation goes wild.

On lap 103 Ky Bu gets damage from a big wreck. It's back to the garage and he does get back out but not in enough time to salvage a spot in the Chase.

In the end we had 2 Green/White Checkers and Keselowski wins his way into the next phase of the Chase. Johnson, Kahne, Dale Jr & Ky Bu are out. 

I'm still pissed that NASCAR didn't levy a points penalty for the temper tantrums at Charlotte. NASCAR officials were actually measuring the black marks he left in the garage area and looking over the parts he scattered with his car. A NASCAR garage is very busy after a race. You have fans trying to get a last minute autograph, sponsors walking around and team members loading up the haulers to go home. Burn outs have no place in the garage area. Especially at a night race. He's so very very lucky he didn't hit any one with his car or the parts he hit.

Top !5 Finishers - Keselowski - Kenseth - Bowyer - Cassill - Newman - Kvapil - Ku Bu - Ambrose - Harvick - Mears - Logano - Kahne - Dillon - Sorenson - Whitt

The 8 Chasers - Logano - Harvick - Newman - Hamlin - Kenseth - Edwards - Gordon - that order

Of the 8 Chasers, Newman & Kenseth have yet to win a race. Wouldn't it be a bite in the ass if one of them won the Championship with not a single W? Since this format is supposed to be one that rewards wins, it would be very interesting to see that outcome. In fact I'm now the biggest Kenseth/Newman fan going forward. 


This is a short track. A lap around here is .526. That's a half mile. This is an up close and personal - How you doin'? type track. In fact Mr Logano dumped Danica at Charlotte and he says he has talked to her and considers the issue closed but you know, if I were him I'd be watching my bumper. His team mate Keselowski didn't make a whole lot of friends that night at Charlotte either. He starts 6th. Hamlin, Stewart and Kenseth are right there in the top 5 up close and personal even. Hmmmmmmmmmm.... Oh yeah. I'm lovin' it.

Johnson - Starts 7th. I do believe it's time to at least make a showing before the end of the season. I'm putting a stamp on a top 10

Dale Jr - Let a W at Dega slip through his racing gloves. Those pink skeleton gloves are on auction for breast cancer right now by the way. He says he's got a good feeling about this race. He starts 23rd. Big hurdle at this track. Mmmmmm top 15

Harvick - Starts 33rd. Not the place you want to be at this particular track to start your bid for a championship. He was top 5 in fastest practice speeds. OK....Top 10

Gordon - He's got 8 of those Grandfather clock trophies. Starts 13th. Top 10

STEWART - Been a long time since I seen my most Handsome Knight of the Mobile 1 rock it. Starts 4th. Promising. I say top 10

Newman - Starts 9th. He's a bull in a china closet and extremely hard to pass. Doesn't just give up spots easily and this is his type of track. Top 10

Kenseth - Starts 3rd. If he's going to win a race I think it's this one. Top 10.

McMurray - Pole position today. I'm thinking top 10

Larson - Starts 16th but this rookie has been hotter than expected this year. You just can't rule him out of a top 10. So I won't.

Logano - Starts 2nd. Top 10

Keselowski - When Logano does good Keselowski usually doesn't. In the March race it was Logano with a 4th and Keselowski with a 38th. He pissed too many people off at Charlotte. 

Top 15 at the March 2014 Martinsville race - Ku Bu -Johnson - Dale Jr - Logano - Ambrose - Kenseth - Harvick - Almirola - Bowyer - Menard - Allmendinger - Gordon - Edwards - Ky Bu - Dillon

Good luck with your picks.

We had a Gab member on business in Japan. WOW WOW WOW times 10. What an awesome exotic location and great food I'm sure. I don't plan on going any where for my days off. Just the clean up and seeking out great photo opportunities. Hope every one else gets out and about before the cold winds start blowing and enjoy the Fall weather. If you're not so inclined to get out because you're in recline than aim that remote at the TV and watch your favorite games. 

And I'm outta here......







One of Two Games Redskins MUST Win!
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In any football season, there is always a few games that jump out at you as a fan as must-see TV.   For any Redskin fan, that list includes the Cowboys games where even in lost seasons - and we have had no shortage of those - a win over the Cowgirls is always welcome.   This season, the Cowboys are off to a great start at 6-1 and first in the Now-Not-The-Worst-Division NFC East.  The Redskins are limping along at 2-5 with wins over 2 teams of similar abilities.  First of all, we do not know whether Dallas' record is the real deal or a mirage.  Pre-sesaon, nobody saw a strong team in Big D - what the hell happened?!  Are they really a 6-1 team - one that beat Seattle on the road no less, or will they fall comfortably back to earth and finish 9-7 or even 8-8?  We shall see...they have to play the meat of their schedule in December, where they have been horrid with 4 of 6 games on the road to finish up after their Thanksgiving matchup with the 5-1 Eagles.  No matter the case, they have at least made NFC East football interesting to watch again.

And as for the Redskins, I thought an 8-8 season would be a good outcome for the team, but that seems a bit optimistic at this stage...but beat the Cowboys, get to 3-5, 5-5 does not seem out of the realm of possibility.  But we hate the Cowboys, and besides this game, the other game I will watch no matter what is on December 28...maybe the Skins can ruin Dallas' season with final blow!  In the mean time, I search for this T-shirt...

As you know from my last post, I have been in Japan for the last week.  The weather was not that great (until I was leaving today of course), so I did not get to do any photography but the business purpose was a big success.  (My company is trying to treat their national affliction, cedar allergy, and we had a meeting with their FDA to get permission to start a clinical study.  We were told it couldn't be done, but they loved us!  So it is back to the Island in least the Frequent Flier points are racking up!)   I think Imentioned this before, but it is worth repeating.  A Slingbox is a MUST-HAVE if you travel.  Direct internet feed of your home TV anywhere in the world is just to great a gift, especially to the sports fan.  Here's what I had for casual viewing....Golf from Europe, Japanese  gymnastics (men's) and some did help me fall asleep!


How about those Royals?  I thought the Giants might sweep after Game 1, but they have really shown their resilience.  It is hard not to pull for them.

The NO FUN LEAGUE reestablishes itself as the leader in Killjoy Peyton Manning is leading the cheers whineing about the video operation having a little fun getting the crowd revved up.  Once again, the League and now its head cheerleader forget that IT'S SUPPOSED TO BE A FUN's entertainment, guys.  

Well, that's all for now...I will try to get my jet-lagged body back on Eastern Daylight time!





Weekly Grumble with IHM 10/25
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  Hello folks, and welcome to this week’s Grumble. This week, we’ve got football in London (for some ungodly reason), rivalry week here in the murder mitten, and a whole lot more, so let’s get right down to business…

  Honestly, it’s been a long freaking week for yours truly. The boy has been home sick all week… we had to take him to urgent care on Saturday and then again on Sunday because of the pink eye he caught at school, and an ear infection the next day. Because of his Autism and Cognitive Impairments, the eye drops we were given to help get rid of the pink eye are kind of like trying to baptize a fucking cat! So we’ve been battling that all week now, and I’m honestly looking forward to him just getting better and getting back to school so I can relax for a day! This has been one hell of a draining week, but it is finally over, and hopefully so is the battle with pink eye!

  So the Lions play at 9:35 AM this week in London, England… and somehow it counts as a home game for them. Initially when this came out, I was under the impression that the Falcons were being given a home game… but evidently that was NOT the case. Now, the Lions get seven home games in a season where they are actually competing for not just a Wild Card spot but the fucking division title… and how in the hell is that fair? Because the Sherriff wants to push the “NFL Global” agenda… because he wants to be the next David Stern? Guess what, the NFL has already tried to grab a piece of the European market… it was called NFL Europe… and it was a massive flop! Ask your predecessor, Paulie T, Roger. Europeans prefer their footballs to be round, and on the ground… while Americans evidently prefer whatever in the hell the main stream media tells them to, because soccer (football to those whacky Euros) is becoming popular here all of a sudden thanks to the millennials that plague our future. Now THAT’S a bunch that needs some kind of new plague to hit them… maybe something transferred through skinny jeans or iPhones.

  I can see trying to get a piece of the global market, but three fucking games over in London this year? The novelty is going to wear off, Sherriff. And putting a fucking team over there, or worse yet, a Goddamn Super Bowl? That is complete and total sacrilege! People interested in the NFL overseas will pay for the satellite channel to see games; the rest would rather watch a bunch of fun boys run around a field for 3 hours and barely get one fucking goal on a 24 X 8 foot net! Me, I prefer men’s sports thanks.

  As for the actual game, the Lions D should be able to handle the Falcons attack. The Falcons have issues running the football, but do have Roddy White and Julio Jones on the outside; we’ll see if Matt Ryan can get some quick passes off before the Lions’ suddenly formidable pass rush closes in on him. The secondary has been better this year, but when your front seven is playing the kind of football the Lions’ has been, it covers up a LOT of ugly. The Falcons D has been maligned this year, and hopefully the Lions can exploit that enough to pick up a W and get the hell out of England… fucking Goodell.

  Around the rest of the NFL, how about those Titans… going from Locker to Whitehurst to Ashton Kutcher… I mean, Zach Mettenberger! Did you see the dude’s Farrah Do? The headband? But aside from the fashion report, Titans players rave about his delivery of the football and poise in the huddle… so we’ll see if he can give Tennessee fans their first viable quarterback since freaking Steve McNair!

  Former Bears MLB Brian Urlacher says that Jay Cutler is an elite QB “in salary only”! What do you have to say about that, Mettenberger… I mean, Kelso?

  Peyton and the gang were still on their game as Thursday night rolled around, and they rolled the Chargers by a final score of 35-21. Peyton threw three more TD passes (513 and counting…), all three to former Steeler Emmanuel Sanders. Phillip Rivers had an off night, throwing two picks in the loss.

  Looks like Joe Maddon will finally have a decent payroll to work with, as he has opted out of his contract with the Rays. Looks like Don Mattingly is going to be sleeping a little less easy the next few nights with this guy available and his failures in the postseason the last two years!

  The Royals and Giants pick things up where they left off in San Francisco this weekend, with games 3-5 upcoming. The Royals had better hope they win either game three or four, because you sure as hell don’t want to face Madison Bumgarner AND elimination in the same game!

  Miguel Cabrera underwent surgery to repair bone spurs and repair a stress fracture in his right ankle. These injuries nagged him all season, and likely led to the drop in his power numbers this season. Hopefully he gets fully healthy and is ready for 2015, because this team needs a hell of a lot more out of him.

  The Sawx brought in Chili Davis to be their new hitting coach. Not that I particularly care about the Red Sox… just always been a fan of Chili Davis! Great name, solid player.

  Back to the gridiron, it’s rivalry week here in the Murder Mitten, as the hapless Michigan Wolverines get ready to invade East Lansing, Michigan and take on their second biggest rivals in the Michigan State Spartans (conversely, Michigan IS Sparty’s biggest rival). #8 Michigan State had better win and win big if they want a shot at that college football playoff, so this is a bigger game than it looks like on paper.

  Only two ranked vs. ranked matchups this week… the biggest of the two features #3 Ole Miss heading to Death Valley to face the #24 ranked LSU Tigers. With two losses already, this is probably LSU’s last shot at a decent bowl game, so they’re playing for their lives, while the Rebs are still in the running for the college football playoff.

  Over in the PAC12, the #19 Utes host the #20 U$C Trojans. We’ll see if they can keep themselves in the conversation by beating USC, although the win over Michigan doesn’t quite carry the kind of weight it would have in previous years given the train wreck that team has become!

  Looks like Steve Nash is done for the year already, and perhaps done for his career. This just seems to keep happening to guys who chase titles late in their careers… injuries take hold and the titles never quite happen. Nash has had a great career, especially given the fact that he was a #15 overall pick and didn’t come with a whole lot of expectation as a South African born Canadian kid out of Santa Clara University! He is #3 all-time on the NBA’s assists list, a two-time MVP and 8-time All-Star, he should have little trouble getting into the Hall of Fame if this is, in fact, the end for him.

  That’s it for me this week, folks. Thanks as always for reading and for any comments you leave on the way out. Enjoy your weekend, Gabbers!

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