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Saturday Coffee With The Hoov--Dec 20, 2014
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The Hoov's Holiday Wish List

After an eight year hiatus, it’s a pleasure to be back and have a regular weekly writing gig!  For my first post as a Saturday Feature on You Gab Sports—and given the season—I thought I’d revive one of my old holiday blogging traditions, and create my fantasy Christmas list: the (tongue in cheek) things I’d most like to see this holiday season.  So let’s assume I’ve been good this year (no small leap, that) and cut right to the chase: here’s my 2014 list for the man in red.

  1. CHIIIIIEEEEEFFFFSSSSS!!!  I’m a lifelong Chiefs fan, and nobody has enjoyed the Chiefs renaissance more than me.  But with improvement comes higher expectation and frustration.  I know it’s only season two of the Andy Reid era, but I LONG for some professional consistency.  How can you pound the Patriots by 27 (it wasn’t that close), and lose by 16 to Tennessee (it wasn’t that close)?  How can you lose to Oakland at all?  How can you run the ball all day long on whomever you want, and when you get inside the five you call the most listless and uncreative series of rollouts and non-descript pass plays?  And darn it, I LIKE Andy Reid, but I wish he were more decisive in the red zone, and I wish he didn’t look like a four year old about to wet his pants when it gets to the last two minutes of every game.  I know, I know…it’s just nice to be relevant again.  But relevance is relative.

  1. Indiana basketball.  Again, I’m a lifer.  I know they’re just kids, etc., etc.  But the incident earlier this year: when sophomore Devin Davis and freshman Emmett Holt were out after midnight and drinking, and the latter hit the former with his car…putting Davis in the hospital with a head injury...c'mon man.  This behavior is out of bounds in my book virtually any time for college athletes.  But this was the night before the first intra-squad scrimmage.  The first time you—as a freshman—are going to wear the jersey of one of the most storied basketball programs in college history in front of your home court fans…and you’re out getting drunk? Underage?  Driving? That’s stupid in any scenario…but do you understand what a privilege it is to have your talent, and to get this honor? Unfortunately this has not been an isolated incident; I’m certain it’s not reality, but it feels like this group of Indiana players has had more “character issues” in the past nine months than in the collective history of IU basketball.  I wish this team had more respect for its school, its fans, and the opportunity they have.  I’m hopeful this has been a learning experience and that they get it now. I also wish IU basketball were more relevant, but as you know relevance is relative.

  1. College football playoffs.  Why is it that football at every level—from pee wee to high school to every level of college except FBS—can figure out how to have playoffs and a meaningful championship, but they can’t get it done for FBS?  Mind you, the NCAA (an entity that could be a whole wish-list rant unto itself) does this at every other level of football it plays, save FBS.  Today (Saturday, Dec 20th) at 4 pm Minnesota State Mankato takes on Colorado State Pueblo for the Division II championship; they’ve played four games each after the regular season to get there.  So you can’t figure it out for the FBS?  A couple more games?  Don’t use more practice as an excuse—the bowl teams are practicing anyway.  And don’t tell me school work; first off, most of them are off school for the holidays at that point…and as I’ve heard somewhere before the bowl teams are practicing anyway.  Figure it out you idiots.  Gimme a real FBS playoff already.

  1. College football playoffs, part two.  Please tell me this talk of a super conference is lunacy.  Please tell me you’re not going to take the 64 best teams in college football and create NFL, Jr.  Don’t you get that the upset—Appalachian State beating Michigan, Boise State beating Oklahoma, Florida Atlantic beating anybody—is what makes sport interesting?  What keeps it alive and fun for both fan and player?  If you think this approach works, ask the state of Indiana how their high school basketball tournament is doing since they retooled to “class basketball” after the 1996-1997 season.   How’s it going now that the Milan High School’s of the world are beating Versailles and Osgood and Montezuma, and don’t get the chance to take out Muncie Central for the most storied state championship in sport history? (Author’s note: these small schools don’t exist anymore and Muncie Central is irrelevant—and much smaller itself—but I’m making a point…)  Never mind, I'll tell you: this former iconic American sporting event is now dead, irrelevant; (do I need to talk about relevance again?) and "Basketball State Champ!" signs are more common across the state of Indiana than corn stalks.  Do me a favor college football powers, and check out David and Goliath in the Bible.  The ultimate upset.  Today you’d have David squaring off against the Philistine’s best rockslinger in the under 125 pound class; and Goliath would be battling the number three ranked Sumerians, or maybe Alabama.  Drop this super conference ridiculousness and let’s exchange this “gift” for socks, or maybe a tie.

  1. Accountability.  At every level.  Kids in school, parents at home.  Parents at little league.  Little league coaches.  Cops on the street.  People on the street interacting with cops. Idiots who think looting or setting fires or blocking traffic is a sensible form of protest.  Race baiters who think it’s ok to use the same flaw you’re criticizing to create issues where oftentimes they aren’t.  Congress in general.  Come to think of it I’d pretty readily give up numbers 1 through 4 of the list above for a healthy dose of accountability across the board. Unfortunately it’s right up there withWorld Peace on the likelihood scale…

  1. Toys.  C’mon this list can’t be all serious-like.  We all know how it is to open that beautifully wrapped package to find underwear or a sweater, for cryin’ out loud.  How ‘bout a GI Joe?  The USMC version, with the scar under his right eye and the silver suit and the Mercury Space Capsule—still my single favorite Christmas present ever, back in 1968.  Or Hot Wheels? Or Barbie?  (that’s a nod to my female demographic out there…not for me personally)  Maybe even a sled if you have snow, or a bike or wagon if you don’t.  Christmas.  Toys.  Make it happen Santa.

So there you have it, The Hoov’s Christmas Wish List 2014.  I’d add one more thing: that each of you have a joyous holiday with the ones you love, or in whatever way that makes you happy; and an appreciation for whatever you can be thankful for, big or small.  Put a smile on your face and enjoy the season!  For my part, I’m thankful to Jeff Thomas for thinking of me for this Saturday feature spot on You Gab…it’s great to be back!  Happy Holidays! 

Storminnorman's Sports Blog 12/20
Category: FEATURED

Hello everyone, it's been a pretty busy week around the house and it's only going to get busier today, so I thought I would get a little bit of a head start on my blog as not to rush around later on today trying to finish it. First, I want to wish each and everyone safe and Merry Christmas, as you spend it with your families...

When I was growing up and to this day, remains one of my favorite Christmas shows as I watch it with Noah and Taylor everytime it comes on television. However, it seems little Noah soon to be the proud owner of an Xbox 360 is being a little bit of a Grinch today, as he still doesn't feel well enough to go to school...

I understand though, the little dude has been going through some issues at school lately so I am working on the counseling thing with someone outside the school. However, it seems like someone else decided to be a little bit of a Grinch to the basketball fans of Boston, by trading Rondo to the Mavs. Hate to say it, but I am glad they waited until after they played the Pistons to pull off this trade. Merry Christmas Rajon, at least you now play on a team that won't be in the lottery at season's end........

The one Christmas wish I have is that Jimmy Clausen spends a lot of time running for his life on Sunday, and the Lions clinch a playoff berth.,,,,

My other wish is a Christmas miracle in Tampa, and the Lions clinch the number 2 seed, making the game in Green Bay meaningless......


Well it's off to Xmas shop, this ought to be real fun.........NOT! 


Well now that the fun is over, sort of we are on to the next journey of our day, attendance court for my daughter Taylor. Shouldn't be too bad, but you just never know and if my son doesn't behave and stop following the so-called bad seed then he will be joining her soon....

Bowl mania is starting today, with three games none for which I can remember so they must not be too important too me for whatever reason......

My short Christmas wish list for my friends on the Gab.....

All of you remain in good health

May your families continue to grow

May you continue to prosper

The Red Wings, and Lions continue to have success

May the Tigers finally make their mind up about signing Max Scherzer

A World Series win for the Tigers, a Stanley Cup for the Wings

A few more wins for the Pistons, even though they are a lottery team at best

Q's favorite driver wins a Nascar championship

Old Harry, DVT, IHM, Lanz, AVD, Moz, Tag, Scott, B.O.B. and Bandit may you have a great Christmas with your families.

And to Sully and the Beezer, may you have a great Christmas with your families, and thank you for giving us a place to Gab...

Saturday's Showcase - 12/20/14
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No way to sugarcoat this, it’s been a tough week, and quite frankly, this is the most pissed (in real life) I’ve been in quite some time.

Is this America anymore?  Seriously, we give up our right to watch shitty movies at overpriced theatres because North Korea says so?  Just curious North Korea, where were you when 007 made a movie and JAG and NCIS had episodes about you?  Look, this movie was one of many rolled out each and every year that are stupid and cater to low hanging fruit here in America.  I’m certainly not a fan of whoever these alleged “stars” are in Hollyweird, but when we get to a point in our country that we are going to be influenced by a shadowy group to pull a movie (no matter how shitty) from theatres, then we’ve lost.  We’ve lost our freedom and it’s only gonna get worse from here. 

Hey Hollyweird, where the hell were you two years ago when the embassy or whatever in Benghazi was getting bombed out and our government went after a filmmaker claiming his movie had something to do with it when the truth was it was terrorists?  Glad to see you so “principled.”

And then to make matters worse, Hollyweird goes crawling to Al Sharpton after embarrassing e-mails?  Sharpton then goes public accusing Hollyweird of being racist?  Hey Reverend Al, Hollyweird is many things – hypocritical, a freak show, arrogant, self-delusional, manipulative, perverted, borderline criminal, all at the top of a very long list, but they are certainly NOT racist. 

We restart relations with Cuba because it’s politically expedient and helps Obama better deal with Guantanamo?  And by the way, where was all of this government intervention when SGT Tahmooresi was locked up in Mexico?

We’re done.  Free Speech is just a saying – it’s gone, unless you belong to one particular group of thinkers.  Religion is under attack from all sides.  Freedom of the press is a joke – that’s bought and paid for.  And who do we go to again from redress of grievances?  The military is being gutted - let’s just call all the military home and surrender.  We might as well be like France at this point – they seem to be our role models anyway – at least this government thinks we should be.

Oh, one last thing Hollyweird.  I absolutely LOVE how you talk about free speech and first amendment, I just wish you’d be a bit more tolerant of the majority of THIS country who doesn’t think like you. 

Cuba?  Obama is right – we’ve tried for 50 years to break em, and it didn’t happen.  So what’s the point?  What’s the saying “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.”  Get ready because I have a suspicion that not only is Obama going to close Guantanamo, he’s gonna give the entire base back to Cuba.

Oh, and nice try to the talking heads, who no sooner did the news come out did they go with the “I wonder which Cuban Baseball players can be picked off for MLB Now?  It’ll be so much easier.”  Not cool, you look like a bunch of vultures.

Watch for a very interesting news cycle between now and the time Congress comes back – Obama is gonna drop the hammer on a lot of shit and we are all going to be surprised.

San Francisco (NFL).  You would think that with 7-7 season (including being dominated by Seattle), no chance at the playoffs, coaching staff pretty much gone, and ownership/management VERY concerned about public image looking hard at EVERYTHING that the last thing a 49er wants to do is get into the news for yet another police/court issue.  Well, this just goes to show you that these players never gave a damn about the team:  Ray McDonald, he of the recent domestic violence charges is now having a search warrant executed on his home because ALLEGEDLY there was a recent rape there.

You think maybe that player behavior might just have a little something to do with Jim Harbaugh not really wanting to coach there anymore?  If I recall right, he wasn’t too pleased with that aspect of players activity.

Oh, and today they host San Diego in a game Colin Kaepernick said “we’re playing for pride.”  Pride Colin?  Are you freaking kidding me?  This team won SEVEN games DESPITE themselves and you want to wait until Game 15 before you break that term out?  Wake up dude. 

MLB Hot Stove.  By my standards, I have had an incredibly crazy week, but as I sit down to write this blog for Saturday, I’m intrigued by the thought that San Diego is the team that seemingly has done so well.  Matt Kemp (LAD), Wil Myers (TB), Justin Upton (ATL), Derrick Norris (OAK), and now Will Middlebrooks (BOS) all are coming to America’s Finest City.

Of course there are concerns – rampant rumors of arthritis in Kemps hips, and Upton’s struggles with productivity.  Both are coming in to a park that is notoriously stingy to hitters as well. 

But when you look at this team, they have the pitching, and as I said the benefit of a very large park to work in.  And by the way, San Diego is no slouch in Summer time.

Christmas Music.  Here’s a few more carols for ya, as we speed towards the big day.  First off, I gotta go back to my childhood once again with the Peanuts and Snoopy for “O Christmas Tree”…

Secondly, you all know that I pretty much have no use for “the boss” (capitalization left lower case on purpose), but he sure did this song well.  So yeah Gabbers, Santa Claus is comin to town:

Finally today, since we are now well into Hanukkah, let’s give Adam Sandler a shout out:


December 20, 2014
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