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That was me at dinner last night, only with wings.

Happy Wednesday, Gabbers.  Summer came back for the week. We got close to 90 here. According to the Pittsburgh news stations, we haven’t hit 90 yet. I think we have in places. Still, I won’t complain about a cooler summer.

Did you hear what happened again? A group of Alabama hunters caught another monster gator. A 5 person team pulled a 15 foot, 1011.5 lb beast out of the Alabama River. The good news is that could mean that the wetlands down that way are doing better if they can support any gators approaching that size.

Further on that topic, did anyone hear that people have been catching bull sharks in the Potomac River near D.C.?  One of the catches was an 8 footer. Let’s encourage Congress to go swimming!

The ice bucket challenge is huge now. Everybody is getting behind this trend and all the videos have generated millions for ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease) research. Former Tennessee Titan and Penn State player Tim Shaw recently posted a video with a twist; he announced he was forced to retire due to a positive diagnosis with ALS.

I met Shaw a few times. I played with his brother Peter Shaw at Albion. On average, people can live 3 years after being diagnosed. I know Tim, Pete, and that family will make strides to do a lot of good in that time.

On a positive note, the Tigers pulled out an 11th inning win well after I went to bed. When last I was awake, J.D. Martinez hit a solo shot in the eighth, which was quickly countered by the Rays later in the inning. It was looking like our bullpen would be shinning again, but we managed to hold into the 11th.

Kinsler led off with a triple. The next three batters were walked, plating Kinsler. Torii Hunter scored on a wild pitch. The final run scored on a sacrifice fly. Joe Nathan was brought in to close. He got the save, even though he gave up a run.

Did you guys happen to catch Nathan’s chin flick to the Tigers crowd? Apparently he was upset that fans had the audacity to boo him. Nathan apologized, kind of. He brought up his kids, but noted they were too young to know what was going on. I don’t get why he’s upset with fans pointing out the obvious: he’s having the worst season of his career.

That’s all for today. Thanks as always for stopping in. We ran into a guy casting for an NFLSHOP commercial at our local bar last night. You could see AFD hawking for the shield. I just hope they don’t want my wife to wear a Ravens jersey.



Deep Thoughts 8-20-14
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Hello and welcome to another Wednesday of deep thoughts. Although you are reading this on Wednesday, I had to write my blog a few days early as we are headed to Ranger Texas to drop off my son off at Ranger JUCO. This will be a big change for Blake as Ranger is so much smaller than UTPA was last year. For those of you who do not realize the difference between a D 1 schedule and JUCO’s…don’t feel bad, as until the latest journey began for Blake…I was right there with you. D 1 teams do not play games during the fall, while JUCO’s have about a 40 game schedule. JUCO’s utilize double headers frequently to eliminate the need for overnight stay (normally). Because of this change, I will be mixing in some JUCO baseball during football season. When you think about it…fall offers some great baseball weather for Texas schools. September is still down right hot, but by the time October and November arrive, the weather cools down to a very comfortable level. There are many November days that offer mid 70 degree weather and are honestly much more temperate than the early spring. Of course, an occasional cold front can arrive and make things chilly, but no more so than spring. One of the big things that Ranger and other JUCO schools offer players is a chance to display their skills for MLB scouts and 4 year college coaches. Next Friday, Ranger will be playing an inter squad scrimmage that will have coaches from UT San Antonio, Texas State and Lamar University. I suspect that because this Ranger squad is loaded with sophomores that there will be many coaches watching practice and games this season. As this is my first go around with JUCO baseball, I don’t any experience…but I promise to share as the season progresses.







Unless you have been doing your best Rip Van Winkle…you have no doubt seen and read about the ALS ice bucket challenge. I know that my son was challenged by one of his ex-teammates and put the video on Instagram and twitter to document that he accepted the challenge. While this may seem silly to some, what is not silly is that the ALS Association has received $11.4 million dollars compared to $1.7 million dollars for the same time period last year. Almost $10 million dollars has been raised as a result of this challenge. Regular folks like my son have been instrumental in creating the viral wave of this challenge. Twitter acknowledges that 2.2 million tweets have been sent about the ice bucket challenge. In an age when we see so much stupid stuff going viral, it is great to see something like the challenge catching fire. This is something that a high school kid, Bill Gates and Conan Obrien can all do that makes a difference. I have been pleasantly surprised that the usual negativity and cynicism has not begun to emerge regarding this challenge. On Monday, I saw that Lady Gaga had accepted the challenge. I started to ignore the article, but I decided to check out Lady Gaga enjoying the ice bath…a bad decision on my part. Of all the challenges I have seen…Lady Gaga has to be the most odd. Of course, since it is Lady Gaga…why should I be surprised? What really troubled me were some of the comments on the article. Apparently there are some people that do not know what ALS is. While that is incredulous enough…I was stunned at the total douche-baggery within the comments. Some guy mistakenly takes the time to explain what ALS is and why the challenge was being done…and he gets ripped. Oh well, as we have all seen, there are trolls everywhere that love to do what trolls do. I say hell yeah to the ice bucket challenge. It is great summer fun, raising money for an awesome cause.

Here is the link:



                                                             Creepy indeed...but what else could we expect.




                                                                                Classic Earl Weaver...



One aspect of baseball that I love is the interaction of the players/coaches/fans and the umpires. It is a great part of baseball tradition and something that I worry that technology could ruin. I am not opposed to instant replay per se, but only a bit worried how far baseball suits will go with regard to usurping the control of umpires. Years ago, I wrote a blog on TSN about the Brave’s minor league manager Phil Wellman going bonkers. I have said many times that for me, one of the beautiful things about baseball is the absence of a clock. You arrive at a ballpark not knowing what sort of game you will see, especially if you are attending a minor league baseball game. Minor league baseball is a bit unique. Unlike high school, college and MLB games, the flow of the minor league game is just different. I think for this reason, some minor league managers are not as constrained as are their coaching brethren. I know you have surely seen the video of Phil Wellman. You know…he was the minor manager that threw the resin bag like it was a grenade.  That was the all-time manager freak out for me. Recently, I saw a minor league manager go that rivaled Phil Wellman. To have a classic meltdown, the manager has to do something that is somewhat unique. Leo Durocher and Earl Weaver used to kick dirt on the umps feet…Lou Pinella covered the base toss. Wellman’s signature eruption was the resin bag. Check out this video of Myrtle Beach manager Joe Mikulik. The argument began rather normal, but quickly escalated once the home plate umpire threw Mikulik out of the game. Mikulik has a reputation for being a rather vocal manager, but the show he put on was epic. His pantomime reminded me a bit of the classic ejection of Jim Leyland, but he took it to another level by sliding into home plate. For me however, what makes this a classic ejection is yanking off his shoes and shirt and placing them on home plate. For those few fans in attendance, they saw something that they will never forget. This was hilarious for me. Well done Joe!








                                                                     Wellman's meltdown just for old times...


You just never know what you will see at a minor league game. The season is quickly winding down, go catch a minor league game before it is too late.





Tony Randazzo Ejects Lloyd McClendon In Two Consecutive Games



One thing that many will miss in this video is that the umpires allowed Joe to do his thing. What I really appreciate is that the umpires realize that they ejected Mikulik and that his show was for his team and the fans. What bothers me about some MLB umps is that their egos are so large that they would never allow a manager to go off like Mikulik did. Take for example the major league umpire named Tony Randazzo. In my opinion, baseball would be better off bringing up the minor league guys and get rid of umpires like Randazzo. This past week, Randazzo ejected Lloyd McClendon in back to back games. The first ejection was because McClendon was arguing balls and strikes. The second day, Randazzo was at 3B and ruled a check swing by Alex Avilla to be no swing. McClendon disagreed and gave a little wave in disgust. Randazzo reacted immediately to McClendon’s wave by throwing him out of the game. There is some history between Randazzo and McClendon that you will see in the following link:


I got a big laugh in reading a few of the comments to this article. The one that really got me was the one from Bautista Thumbs Up:

My grandpa, who is a college ump here in Cali, was watching the game and texted me the following: "That ump in the Mariners game is a cocksucker."

If you know you Bull Durham history, you know that there is one magic phrase that guarantees an ejection. For another umpire to use that phrase to describe another umpire, pretty much says it all. For my money, Tony Randazzo gets my douche bag of the week.





If you are sick of the Derek Jeter farewell tour…Joe Maddon is right there with you. There is no doubt that Jeter has been a great player, teammate and captain…but I feel for Maddon. Year after year, Maddon works to put a competitive team on the field…only to get little recognition from the home fans. It is no surprise that Maddon is than pissed off that the Ray fans sellout to say goodbye to Derek Jeter. He has to thinking to himself…where have you been? Joe Maddon may be my favorite manager in baseball, but he has to realize that half the population of Tampa used to live in New York. It is a shame how little recognition that Maddon gets for the job he has done in Tampa. I can’t help at wonder how great he would be managing a team like the Dodgers. Now, I am not trying to start any rumors…just saying.


That’s all I have today, but I will leave you with a bit of Jack Handey…



To me, boxing is like a ballet, except there's no music, no choreography, and the dancers hit each other.

Remember, kids in the backseat cause accidents; accidents in the backseat cause kids.



Thanks for stopping by and feel free to leave a few deep thoughts of your own…



Musings From The Hoodwood 8-19 NFL Preview Pt.2
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Greetings from the Hoodwood where the locals said a tough goodbye as we saw Princess Katie depart for Arizona. That’s the toughest part of my summer.

More of the NFL Preview Lets look to the South in order of predicted finish

AFC South

Indianapolis Colts

2013: 11-5 Division Champs lost to New England in Divisional Round

Coach: Chuck Pagano 22-10 in 3 seasons in Indianapolis (23-12 overall)

Man on the Hot Seat: Trent Richardson is needing to assert himself as the team’s top running back with Ahmad Bradshaw pushing hard to take the

Fast Facts: The Colts have only missed the playoff once in the past 12 years

Pagano’s 22 wins are the most by a Colts Coach in his first two years since Tony Dungy

Hoosier Football: The Colts are the class of a very weak division, as long as Luck has his health, the Colts are the team to beat in the AFC South.

Tennessee Titans

2013: 7-9, Missed Playoffs

Coach: Ken Whisenhunt, 1st Season in Tennessee 49-53 overall in six seasons in Arizona

Man on the Hot Seat: Jake Locker has no more excuses, he is the starter and had better hit the ground running.

Fast Facts: The Titans five year playoff drought has matched their longest since they moved to the Volunteer state

Titan Talk: The Titans are a puzzle, no one can figure what structure their offense is supposed to be in. If they’re supposed to be a running team or develop a passing game under young Jake Locker. Ken Whisenhunt is a coach that can win, he made the moribund Cards fairly respectable but this team needs a direction and fast, if they start slow they could be watching the Colts gallop away fast


Houston Texans

2013: 2-14 Missed Playoffs (worst season since 2005)

Coach: Bill O’Brien 1st Season

Man on the Hot Seat: Ryan Fitzpatrick, the well-traveled vet has to fuel a turnaround of a team that has potential but fell hard under a bad season

Fast Facts: The Titans lost their last 14 straight games, the longest losing streak in Houston football history.

Lone Star Football: Bill O’Brien has to reconstruct a once up and coming franchise who just imploded badly last year and needs to get its collective mojo back, Matt Schaub got more or less run out on a rail and Ryan Fitzpatrick picks up the thread


Jacksonville Jaguars

2013: 4-12 Missed playoffs

Coach: Gus Bradley 2nd Season 4-12 overall

Man on the Hot Seat: Chad Henne, how long he will he be able to keep the starting job with heir apparent

Fast Facts: The Jags are one of four teams to have never played in the Super Bowl

Life on the North Coast: I’m waiting for the Jags to LA talk to pop up again, with the Jags already headed to London again, the interest in this franchise has never been lower in its 20 year history and unlike the feline expansion cousin the Panthers they have yet to play for a Super Bowl and have no real franchise direction. Drafting local bred Blake Bortles is a nice step but will he spend his halcyon days in North Florida, SoCal or London?

NFC South

New Orleans Saints

2013: 11-5 Wild Card lost to Seattle in Wild Card Round

Coach: Sean Payton 73-39 in 6 seasons in New Orleans 79-43 overall

Man on the Hot Seat: Pierre Thomas, given the Saints pass happy offense clicked right back on with Payton’s return. Thomas must do enough to keep defenses honest

Fast Facts: The Saints have won 10+ games in each of Payton’s last four seasons

Big Easy Gridironers: The Saints are a dangerous team, if Drew Brees stays relatively hale this team can easily be playing in Arizona come February, blessed with a solid receiver corps and the indispensable Jimmy Graham at TE the Saints offense can put the points up. Their defense may be the most underrated in the game, if this team stays healthy I could see a deep run

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

2013: 4-12 missed playoffs

Coach: Lovie Smith 1st season in Tampa;  84-66 overall in 9 seasons in Chicago

Man on the Hot Seat: Mike Glennon can he run the up-tempo offense that new coach Lovie Smith is implementing

Fast Fact: The Bucs play 3 late or prime time games in the season’s first 11 days then their remaining schedule is all 1p kickoffs

Bayfront Football: Lovie Smith takes over a team that was in full revolt after the disastrous reign of Greg Schiano and has plenty of young if unheralded talent at his disposal. Doug Martin looks to bounce back to his breakout status of 2012 after a poor 2013 that didn’t even have him lead the team in rushing, I like the Bucs to be a surprise team in the rugged NFC south

Carolina Panthers

2013: 12-4 Division Champs lost to San Francisco in Divisional Round

Coach: Ron Rivera 25-23 all in Carolina (25-24 overall)

Man on the Hot Seat: Cam Newton, after a solid season and getting the Panthers an unexpected division title he pressure is now on to keep the Panthers elite

Fast Facts: The Panthers 12 wins in 2013 matched a franchise high set in 1996 and matched in 2008

Marvin Lewis hold the team record for wins and losses

Big Cat Football: The Panthers took a massive leap in 2013 rolling to an unexpected division title by outdueling the Saints, but this scribe is still not really sold on the play of Cam Newton or the suspect running game. The defense is rock solid but I just see a team taking a step back here

Atlanta Falcons

2013: 4-12

Coach: Mike Smith 60-37 in 6 seasons in Atlanta, (61-40 overall)

Man on the Hot Seat: Steven Jackson came to the ATL in a hyped move but looked like a shell of his days in St. Louis if the Falcons want to be taken seriously he need to have a bounce back season

Fast Facts: The Falcons had a streak of 5 straight winning seasons, their longest in franchise history snapped with the 4-12 2013 campaign                                                                                                                                       

Mike Smith hold the team record for wins

Dirty South Pigskin: Injuries derailed the Falcons from the word go, and they never got on any kind of roll. A lack of a solid running game will hurt a good offense but the defense seems to have more questions than answers now. This is a deep and tough division and a team with that many questions on defense is in trouble from the jump and if Jackson is slow to comeback from a balk hamstring, you are asking too much from the redoubtable Matt Ryan.

Ill add more as the day goes. Until next post fellow sports fans…




Tuesday's Tantrum, 8/19/14
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It honestly seems like just yesterday that we all were celebrating the 4th of July.  Now, I’m starting to actually think of a COSTCO run and what I need to get for Labor Day Weekend BBQ.  Wow…

Middle B.O.B.’s excellent adventure.  This week she came home from Madison with a whole bunch of cheese and cheese curds, some really good mixes, and next week for her final week, she’s gonna pick up some more, mostly Green Bay Packer stuff for some Packer fans out here. 

A 2014 Goal achieved.  I’m a socially awkward SOB, yet one of my goals in 2014 was to get out of the bunker and expand my comfort zone.  I’ve volunteered at the local chapter of the Veterans of Foreign Wars to be their “Communications Committee Chairman.”  I will build their website, create a quarterly newsletter, and start up their social media areas to work to get our message out.

But that pales in comparison to going out last Wednesday and visiting veterans and those connected with veterans at the senior center in the next town over and spending time with them, having cake and ice cream, and just yapping.  I heard some very interesting stories from a WW2 vet from Midway Island and the Philippines that didn’t start off so well, but ended up being one of those crazy Navy only “less than PC sea-stories” in the end.  Props to my 90-something year old brother vet, and it impresses me that this Navy SEABEE still had a “can do” attitude at his age walking around pretty damn good.  Others told me of their memories of their kids going off to war in Vietnam.  God Bless him, God Bless them all, and God bless those doctors, nurses, and support staff there!  Talk about doing God’s work…

But it’s a two way street - they are also helping me.  For whatever reason, I can’t get over being so damn uncomfortable in public (especially in hospitals), and these folks made me feel welcome.  We look forward to going back next month, this time with Mrs. B.O.B. who really wants to go.

MLB Races.  Hey folks, I mocked ESPiN last week when Baltimore went up 5.0 games, but guess what now?  They’re up 7.0 – hey suits, stay away from shower rods!  Meanwhile, Detroit is screwing around and Kansas City now is up one game on them, and as for Oakland, well, their bats better wake up because Anaheim has caught em and Seattle has closed it to six games.

Over in the NL, all of a sudden the Nats are getting hot up 6.0 games, Milwaukee swept a series from the Dodgas this weekend and are up 3.0, and those dirty water thieves somehow can’t run away from a fading Giant team – they’re only up 3.5. 

MLB – Oakland.  I think we have enough sample size to work with here, and I think my first reaction to the Cespedes/Lester trade was right – it hasn’t worked for Oakland yet, though Lester is doing his part. 

MLB - Atlanta.  I always question ESPiN's scheduling of Sunday Night games, but last night watching Oakland at Atlanta, I gotta actually ask myself if Atlanta even remotely deserves a professional franchise in any sport outside of Football.  Sunday Night National Game against the team with the best record in all of baseball that you just took three straight from and nobody wants to show?  Why on Earth would the folks in Atlanta want to build another stadium when the fans won't support this team?

MLB – Miami.  It’s the last part of August and Miami is sitting at 62-62, and while that alone should be cause for celebration, it’s also nothing spectacular, but nothing outrageously bad either.  Is it possible that this team may very well be on the right track and be a team of the future?

  • Pitching.  I can’t help but wonder where Miami would be if Jose Fernandez hadn’t gone out with that Tommy John stuff – they’d almost certainly have five more wins under their belt and be in MAJOR contention for the Wild Card.  Henderson Alvarez is having a good season (9-5, 2.43 ERA, 3 CG in 23 games).  He’s not much in terms of a SO machine, but he’s quite serviceable.  As a team, they do well in not giving up home runs, being #5 in MLB in that stat (89).  Steve Cishek has 31 saves, but a 4-5 record with a 3.78 ERA.  They need help in the pen – he can’t do it all by himself.
  • Hitting.  Miami sits in the middle of the pack when it comes to hitting, though they lead the league in striking out.  Casey McGehee has been a great surprise for them (.303 BA, 60 RBI in 121 games).  All world Giancarlo Stanton (.293 BA, 32 HR, 84 RBI, and even 10 SB).  I sure hope Miami can find a way to keep him away from the Yanks and Sawx who will make big time runs at him during Hot Stove.  Christian Yelich isn’t doing that bad either (.276 BA).  They need some plate discipline though, but that’s expected with such a young team.  


  • Future.  As with San Diego, Miami has a TON of pitching on the farm.  Down the line Miami’s #2 prospect Tyler Kolek is a guy I believe Jeff has mentioned before. says he’s not coming until 2018, but this 19-year old #2 pick has some great stuff.  Another pitcher closer to being ready may be #4 prospect Justin Nicolino (11-4, 2.85 ERA at AA in 2014).  #7 prospect is a Catcher, J. T. Realmuto (.290 BA, 6 HR, 52 RBI, 23 2B at AA), as is #16 Austin Barnes (.302 BA, 8 HR, 44 RBI, 25 2B).  I didn’t see too many sitting at AAA though… 

When you look at Miami, you see something is working slow but sure, and while asking Miami fans to have patience isn’t exactly fair, they do seem to build through the farm and it does tend to work on occasion.  Remember, they have won TWO World Series in the past.

NFL Preseason – Seattle.  Glad to see Seattle is doing what they do best, playing the victim.  A big deal was made about the emphasis on defensive holding, so right on cue Seattle players are bitching during sideline interviews calling it “the Seattle Rule” – in essence claiming it’s a conspiracy against them, and their media is all whining, most notably that noted homer Brock Huard - a main cog in the whiniest of all media markets.  What more does Seattle want from the NFL?  Between replacement refs giving you a game against Green Bay and last season, they have more than paid you back for that screw job in Super Bowl 40. 

Look victims (I mean Seattle):  This whole thing is like driving over the speed limit in a group of cars – you get away with it, but when you push your luck and go faster on your own, Johnny Law is there to whack you.  Same goes here:  when you blatantly violate the rules far and above what anybody else does, did you really think the NFL was going to let you get away with it a second year?  Just like every other franchise does each and every time the NFL adjusts, so you need to as well.     

We’re starting to get an idea of how Seattle is going to combat this emphasis on DB contact that’s going to affect  them, their WRs are flopping and initiating contact to get the call against their opponent.  I swear if the NFL goes NBA and Soccer, I may have to find something else to occupy my time…

But then again, what does it matter when San Francisco plays like stir-fried dookie in their first two pre-season games?  Right now, Seattle would blow these jokers out of the water.

NFL – San Francisco.  Hey Jim Harbaugh, what the hell was that on Sunday?  I get losing to the Donkeys, but 34-0?  In the dress rehearsal in your brand spanking new stadium?  Same mistakes as last year, lots of mental errors, just horrific.  There had better be a major turnaround next weekend.

NFL – Jimmy Graham.  I don’t know what got into this fool Saturday Night, but his deciding to celebrate post-TD KNOWING he’d get hit w/a 15 yard penalty and yet continuing to do it pissed off no-nonsense head coach Sean Payton who is one guy that you seriously don’t want to piss off. 

Hey Jimmy, I know what you’re doing, I know it has to do with your contract and your unhappiness, but let me clue you in on something – you ain’t shit without Payton and Drew Brees.  Pull your head out of your ass, do things the right way and don’t penalize your team because you’re pissed!

New York AFC Team and Fireman Ed.  How desperate and pathetic do they look here taking Fireman Ed to lunch and asking him come back and do the annoying chant?  To his credit, he told the team this:  “I said no because it was the same problem, I couldn’t take my kids to the game.  I told them I wouldn’t come back.”  Translated:  He knew his act wore thin, it rubbed many people the wrong way, and he’s moved on.  Let’s be honest here, the guy was as much of an attention whore as any Kar-trash-ian (including Bruce or whatever she calls herself now), but at the same time, he didn’t deserve ALL of the treatment he got from New York “fans” either. 

Johnny Freaking Football.  I really REALLY wanted to leave this spoiled punk alone, but he just makes it too easy.  Congratulations son, it took exactly a game and a half for the rest of the NFL to figure out how to push your buttons.  Oh, and just so we're clear you moron, Heath Evans of NFL Network is right, thinking that being late to meetings and flipping off opponents isn't a big deal means that you aren't "getting it."  Get ready for heckling from hell - if you think Washington was bad, just wait until Baltimore, Pittsburgh and Cincinnati are lining up against you.  Oh, and you aren't exactly lighting the world on fire playing QB either.

Hockey take.  February 21st, Levis Stadium is going to host one of the many outdoor games w/San Jose vs. LA.  Couple of thoughts here:  First a talking head asked a very pertinent question – where are we gonna get the water from?  Secondly, when it comes to Northern California, particularly in Santa Clara, we aren’t talking about a Winter Wonderland – it’s usually sunny and not terribly cold in Late February as we are all planning for Spring Training and stuff.  Fans will come, but I’m just not sure on this one.


Douchebag of the Week.  Quite honestly, there were so many candidates, but sometimes you just gotta smack your own for being a bunch of dumb shits, and Florida State, you just hit the freaking Douchebag of the Week lottery.  You seriously asked Famous Jameis to be a part of a Twitter “#askjameis” live session?  Gee, I can’t imagine what could have gone wrong there.  Holy crap, I wonder how many Publix, crab, or weak ass rape jokes were on there?  From what little I read – a lot…

Monday Moaning 8-18-14
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Well, I had to start this week with a good pic...As College Football season nears, my Notre Dame Fighting Irish seem to have a problem...

This past week news broke that Notre Dame had an internal investigation looking into allegations Academic Misconduct...When 4 players were noticeably absent at practice, it was easy to figure at least some of who was involved...LB/DE Ishaq Williams, CB  Keivarae Russell, WR Davaris Daniels,and LB Kendall Moore...Daniels had just come off of suspension for his GPA dropping...Moore, a 5th year senior has slipped on the depth chart during Spring and Summer...Russell is the top CB on the depth chart...And Williams, while not officially being a bust, has not lived up to expectations, and the Irish were hoping to see him reach his full potential this season...

The players have not been dismissed from the team or University...But they are being withheld from practice and games until the investigation complete...And while the Notre Dame haters are licking their chops, dying to blast us Irish fans who hang our hats on the academic standards, this is the same School that threw their starting QB out shortly before the start of last season for academic violations...

It is reported that a faculty member brought the allegations to the University, feeling that work turned in by these players (and possibly other students) was not their own...There is also speculation, but no confirmation that academic advisors could be involved...What makes me happy is the University took it seriously right away...They didn't try and hush it up, or sweep it under the rug, in the name of football...And the Athletic department, and head coach Brian Kelly put up no fight over...It's also reported that none of the coaching staff was aware of any of this until it was brought to their attention...(so far)...They are all in with finding out what happened and who the problem people are...

I really like what Brian Kelly had to say in his press conference Saturday...



Another sign of how serious Notre Dame is taking this...They brought in Maurice Clarett to speak with the staff, and players Sunday...


Shit, if there's a guy that knows about the pitfalls college athletes can fall into, it's him...Seriously, if you haven't seen the ESPN 30 for 30 about him and Jim Tressel, you have to see it...You'll gain a lot of respect for Clarett, and you'll lose even more for Tressel...What a fake, piece of shit that guy is!

I guess, I don't really have much to say about this yet...Mainly because we know very little...I just know that I'm happy with how Notre Dame is handling it so far...As more information comes out, I may change my mind...I mean these are the guys that thought Manti Te'o had a girlfriend they never saw, then gave him a football to bury with her when she died, you know, whenever he got back to Hawaii to bury her pretend body!

That's it for now...Stay tuned...

Have a week...

The Beeze.

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