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Howdy hope everybody is doing well and had a great holiday weekend. I'm not really sure where to start I'm kinda at a loss for words. Let me start by saying that I enjoy this site very much and I read alot of blogs and everybody does a great job, and over the years I have always enjoyed reading your blogs. I don't leave alot of comments because I don't follow the mainstream sports anymore specifically MLB and the NBA. With that being said I can't really comment because not following the sports anymore I don't feel I can make an intelligent comment on those subjects since I don't  know the inn's and outs and not to mention todays players. And as we all know the mainstream media is cramming their opinion down our throats weather we want to hear them or not.

I stopped watching MLB in 1994 the year of the last player strike. I have not watched a game live or TV since and never will again. I stopped watching the NBA after Magic/Larry Bird retired. I will also never watch the NBA anymore for a multitude of reasons which we will cover. ESPN radio crams the MLB/NBA down our throats on a daily basis. Back in the day Soccer, NASCAR, Austrailian Rules Football and the CFL put them on the map and it was all they had.

I grew up a sports fan in general football, baseball, basketball, golf and racing. Now all I follow is NASCAR, Pro and College Football and College Basketball and more Golf now that Tiger Woods has stopped playing as much.

The NFL is the most popular sport in America now and the lockout is approaching it's 100th day. I will go back it no matter what happens it has become one of my favorite sports. MLB  and the NBA also have CBA's up this year and to me it doesn't matter weather they get agreements or not. Not being a fan I don't watch them anyway so I don't really care one way or another. I hope that for all my friends here they get their act together for all of you.

I don't watch the NBA and MLB for alot of the same reasons. The major management at the national level doesn't want the small/mid market teams to succeed. With all of the money being paid by the major networks, the big market teams are going to find their way to the championship because it what the league/networks want. In MLB the Red Sox, Yankees and Dodgers have most of the money so they buy all of the players and the same is said for the NBA to an extent. But the Celtics/Lakers seem to be the front runners. Not to mention the fact that Stern/Networks have the games minipulated to get the biggest rating possible because of the money paid to the league. I get tired of hearing about how good Kobe Bryant is when he isn't the greatest Laker to even played. That honor goes to Magic/Kareem/West. Kobe would sitting on the bench back in the day. We also have Michael Jordon shoved down our throats as well and the best all-around players I ever seen were Magic, Bird and Oscar Robertson  whoveraged a triple-double for his career. People seem to forget that Jordan was actually suspended for gambling. (He played baseball for 1 1/2 years It was Sterns way of covering it up). Oh well it was his one-on-one play that ruined the NBA. You can see where they are now.

Thanks for reading my rambling and know that I love and respect all of your blogs and opinions. I will write about my NASCAR and Pro Football and time to time College Football and Basketball. I hope you have a great week.

Special K


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Welcome to this weeks edition of AROUND THE TRACK WITH NASCAR NEWS. There is alot of news in and out of the Garage Area so lets get down to it.

Patrick Carpentier will be in the #32 Ford this weekend at Kansas. The #32 is owned by former crew chief Frank Stoddard. He spent several years as Jeff Burton's crew chief at Roush racing. Other drivers this season include Terry Labonte, Ken Schrader and Mike Bliss.

This past weekend at the Indy 500 decals from Hendrick Motorsports were on the wings of Roger Penske's car #6 and #12. Could this be a partnership for 2012? Chevrolet is thinking of going to In dy car in 2012.

The bottom of the Top 35 in points looks like this. 31-09 Chevy of Landon Cassill 193pts +37, 32-#36 Chevy of Dave Blaney 191pts +35, 33-#13 Toyota of Casey Mears 190pts +34, 34-#32 Ford of Mike Bliss 183pts +27, 35-#21 Ford of Trevor Bayne 173pts, +27. On the outside looking in are 36-#7 Dodge of Robby Gordon 156pts -17, 37-#71 Ford of Andy Lally 143pts -30 and 38-#38 Ford of Travis Kvapil 141pts -32. For those of you who don't follow NASCAR the Top 35 in points are automatically locked into the race. All others must qualify on time or a past champion provisional.

Bob Parsons the CEO of expects Danica Patrick to move to NASCAR full-time in 2012. He contact with Andretti racing in Indy car expires this year as well as her contract with JR Motorsports in the Nationwide series. He is also currently in negoiations with Rick Hendrick to sponsor Kasey "I'm mediocre" Kahne in the #5 in 2012.

Several drivers will be tire testing at Kentucky Speedway tomorrow Jue 1st in preparation for the Inagural Cup race in the July the Quaker State 400. Those include Greg Biffle in the #16 3M Ford, Klassless Harvick in the #29 Budweiser Chevy, Brad KeseClownski in the #2 Miller Lite Dodge, Travis Kvapil in the #38 Long John Silvers Ford, Joey Lagano in the #20 Home Depot Toyota, Mark Martin in the #5 GoDaddy Chevy and David Crash Reutimann in the #00 Aarons Toyota.

David "Sideways" Stremme has unfortunetly returned to the Cup series in the last several weeks. Future plans of Inception Motorsports are to run oval tracks only. With only 7-8 guys working on the cars they are trying to avoid "burnout". Stremme is menace on the track and is a danger to the other drivers. He lacks speed and the ability to get out of the way.

Brian KeseClownski whose brother Brad is in the #2 Miller Lite Dodge for Penske Racing is considering changing manufacturer's for his #92. He has been Doidge since childhood but isn't get the necessasry support. The guy barely made Nationwide races last season and isn't any better with Cup. He needs to go back to ARCA and leave big-time racing alone.

NASCAR The game is now available on the Wii gaming system.

That should get you caught up so you won't be caught a lap down.

Have a great week..

Special K

Around the World with Madman
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  Been thinking of late, and yes that in itself is quite dangerous, of what will it take to make this Nation of our a great Nation again? Is it the money? We have quite a bit of debt and as a nation we are being devalued on several stock exchanges (please see previous posts). Is it our freedom? This has been altered and manipulated over several years to where we really are not free. We live in a strictly controlled environment that allows us certain controlled privileges, but not freedom. The system is too unjustly skewed for the rich and powerful that climbing that ladder encourages others to beat down the rival at all costs. We have certain days to celebrate on the calendar mainly because the businesses want to manipulate it to sell goods and services to consumers. It was not always like that, but since most of our GNP is based on how much we spend as a nation it has to be.

Chrysler has reported a first quarter earnings of 116 MILLION dollars net income since bailout of 2009 (yes it has been two years). All of the Detroit automakers have now reported a profit. But wait, They have also gotten back in bed with the same groups, although different names, that lead to the collapse of several years ago. Give back stop taking.

Bin Laden is dead and was killed the same day that the remains of Pope John Paul the II where exhumed for his beatification. Now the Catholics are taking credit for killing Bin Laden. So far Bush, Clinton, and even some peeps from Reagan administration have attempted to take credit for Bin Laden left eye shot while McDonald’s is attempting to patent/trademark Seal Team Six. Yes, corporate America are ran by devils.

Ok you this is one for the tip of the hat greed. Regardless of what you personally feeling are it is well know that smoking, dipping etc. is bad for your health. Any way you want to slice it is fine, it does not change that it is a carcinogen that destroys the body.  One out of every three cigs are smoked in China. Now here is how they did it:

“China’s leaf tobacco imports increased 18.7% in 2006 to a peak of 82,390 tons, and the value rose 26.2% to $409 mn. It now appears that the value for China’s leaf tobacco imports may be about $500 mn during calendar 2007. Purchases of US tobacco in the first half of 2007 had already reached 8,200 tons valued at $51 mn, a level near that for all calendar 2006. Imports have increased because of efforts to produce more quality premium cigarettes. China’s tobacco crop was relatively steady during 2004–06 at 1.8 mn tons dry weight. Cigarette output has shown slight gains recently, although dramatic changes are underway concerning the structure of cigarette manufacturing and marketing. ”

China National Tobacco Corporation is state owned so they received profits from taxing AND selling to the people of China which accounts for roughly 7% of the government’s revenues so when China passed a law for a smoking ban that is NOT enforced and has no fines if broken they clearly let their people know there place.


Ohh NBA finals start tonight….

Tuesday's Tantrum - 5/31/11
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Scottie Pippen, Ohio State, Miami Heat - These subjects are turrible, just not worth the time to rant. Frag is right, time to move out of the comfort zone... 

Welcome back to the tantrums of Tuesday boys and girls, where Memorial Day Weekend has passed, and incredibly we’re now to June, so as I’m prone to do as we head into the slower part of the sports calendar, I thought about what’s coming up this new month.  


But first, I have a question -  just how can a Memorial Day Weekend tradition such as the Indy 500 become so irrelevant? Why have we turned away from the race? I pride myself on knowing a little bit about sports, but I had no idea that it was the 100thrunning of the race. That fact alone should have been celebrated rather than this unhealthy obsession with Danica Patrick.  Unfortunately, she seems to be the main link to the race and I think that’s wrong.  She’s ONE driver who markets herself above the sport and 100 years of racing history.  Find a better way to market this race - Hell, the leader rolls right into the wall on the last turn of the race, and Dan Weldon BARELY beats the damaged, sliding car?  Celebrate stuff like that - not some chick whose a part-time driver and part-time model!    




We talk a lot of sports here, but let me tell you that Beach Volleyball is something that I sorely miss playing.  In fact, it was probably be one of my favorite sports to play.  But then again, who am I kidding:


Watching is just as fun.  You’re welcome Beeze and Madman!

NHL.  The Stanley Cup being between two cities whose fan bases are incredible!  I’m honestly going to enjoy this series.  I ask the Hockey boys on here, do the Vancouver Canucks represent they way Hockey was designed to be played?  I mean, the offense, the speed, and the shut down defense…

NBA.  The NBA Finals are going on,  but I find myself disinterested.  Bashing Miami is old, but the fact they're playing Dallas doesn't leave a very good feeling for me.  On top of that, June has the NBA draft which is about worthless this year.  When the consensus #1 pick is a Dookie who played what, 10-12 games all year?   What does that tell you about the state of College Basketball?

Not only that, we'll have to spend most of June listening to the same CBA type crap that the NFL is doing.

Finally for June in the NBA is the start of the WNBA season.  Oh, that’s right those douchebag Maloofs dropped the team here in Crack-town a couple of years back.  One more thing to bash to LV playboys about.

June could be a very bad month for the NBA...


NFL.  As for the month of June, the NFL will contribute a bunch of courtroom antics and general overall douchebaggery.   BHey NFL, look at what your douchebaggery has allowed.  Now Raider fans are stuck with this rather than spend their welfare money on tickets to the Black Hole.  Get it fixed - FOR THEIR SAKE.  MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU!!!

Of course, the Steelers will continue to whine about the new rules which prevent their defense from skirting the line on their hits of opponents.  By the way James Harrison, STFU you cheap shot artist. 

Tennis.  Meanwhile, Tennis will be in all its glory with two of its Majors this month with the French Open finishing and Wimbledon starting June 20th, yet nobody in North America will give a rats ass!

NASCAR.  NASCAR has races, but from what I can tell, no majors.  I’m no expert, but why can’t the Daytona 500 be moved from February to late June, or heck, put the Coke 400 the last weekend of June, and put the Daytona 500 on 4thof July Weekend, rather than have three straight February races in February from Daytona.

Golf. Well, Golf has the U. S. Open from Congressional at Bethesda June 16-19. Eldrick might be struggling, but there’s a lot of talent in the PGA right now and I think it’s good that they are getting their chance to shine, maybe the talking heads might even give some of these players some love.

Hey PGA, why isn't your Memorial Tournament held on Memorial Day Weekend? It doesn't make sense to me...

 Yeah, I’m stretching, so let me get to what’s really important in June –

MLB.  What’s not to like?  You’ve got Boston going bezerk on offense, Cleveland on an unbelievable roll,  St. Louis overcoming being more of a MASH unit not to mention Albert Pujols’ slump to be in first place,  Jose Bautista on an incredible power run, and now Arizona is starting to pick up steam.  Oh yeah, I'm in first place in two of my three fantasy leagues.

Well, I've thrown enough on the table, let's talk about it...



Musings from The Hoodwood 5-31 Chillin at the Grill
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Not my grill, but thats about how much I usually put on for friends and family


Greetings from the Hoodwood, where the Barbeques are already going strong.


This week Im doing the musings a bit different, those that have read my pieces from wya back remember when I did a piece from the grill. I grew up in a family where grillouts were the family gatherings where stories were told, conversation was always great and the food was the centerpiece. I'll evoke the spirit of those grillouts in this weeks column. If you want pull up a chair, pour yourself a cold one and kick back.

Both myself and my Mom are taking turns putting food on and pulling food off the grill. The Lady Bandit is fixing salad and baked beans, Princess Katie is fixing her killer good potato salad. Princess Jasmyne is playing with the Lady Bandit's kids Tori and Austin and most everyone from the Hoodwood is either chatting about this and that or grubbin on steaks or ribs. Here is some of the chatter

Mom: Did you see that poor boy get his leg broken on that collision in that baseball game the other night? Watch those steaks so they dont get too crisp

Buster Posey of the Giants took a frightening hit the other day in a bang-bang collision with the Marlins'  Scott Cousins at the plate and will be out at least 6-8 weeks with a broken lower left leg and a sprained ankle. There is talk now that Posey might be out for the rest of the season.  Cousins, who was very emotional in speaking with Posey later said that he meant no harm in the collision. It was by my reckoning a hard but clean play. When you play the catching position, you know that you are in for some tough hits. The Giants are losing a solid hitter and a strong clubhouse leader. There is some talk about trying to "protect" the catcher, but he wears a lot of armor and more often than not the person that is would otherwise slide has no choice. If you protect the catcher, make it so he cant block the plate.

Lady Bandit: I bet you are laughing about what Ohio State's going through. Did you say that they are getting investigated by the Feds? What did you do with that dressing?

The woes and troubles continue for THE Ohio State University as Edward Rife a, Columbus tattoo parlor owner has been charged with money laundering and drug trafficking and is getting federal scurtiny. This is the same owner who is at the center of the so-called Tattoo-Gate that is threatening to cripple the proud Buckeye football program. This is not the kind of attention that the Buckeyes need as they are getting more and more curious inquisition by the NCAA. Though it seems that would could have been a devastating pile-on by former WR Ray Small is being quickly backtracked as Small is denying that he has knowledge of other Buckeye players selling gear as he had done. I think that there may be some behind the scenes work going here to shush Small up to lessen any punishment that OSU might get. I personally chortled to see the latest cover of ESPN Magazine which had "Busted" in place of the iconic Ohio State logo on a red sweater vest...who were they referring to?

But of course it gets better with the (forced) resignation of the once thought untouchable Jim Tressel. It seems that the allegations may have been a little too much for the Ohio State administration. Could there be more in the way of coverups and lies that Tressel told that are coming to light. It seems a host of chickens are making their way to the 614 area code to roost and a program that has long thought to be the standard bearer for what is clean good and right may be exposed for all that the Buckeye despisers like me have long suspected they really are.

Princess Katie: So let me get this straight, Ohio State is in trouble and the NCAA didnt let USC off the hook? Im gonna need another bowl I think everyone ate all the potato salad.

The USC Trojans got the cold shoulder from the NCAA in their appeal of the ruling that is reducing their scholarships (30 over the next three years) and bans them from the newly created Pac-12 title game this season. Most of the players being punished now were still in grade school or Junior high when Reggie Bush, the focal point of the trouble that USC got into, was playing for the Trojans. The BCS is also considering vacating the 2004 title that the Trojans won. I always considered vacating a title or an award to be stupid. Are we supposed to just forget the jaw dropping runs that Bush made or the tough as nails defense that the Trojans played all that season? I mean, I agree that USC should be punished and reducing scholarships will make it hard for USC to get the kind of caliber player that they have been accustomed to but the principals of what got the Trojans into this are in the NFL. As much as I detest Lane Kiffin, he and his players shouldn't have to bear the brunt of Pete Carroll and Reggie Bush's crimes.

Princess Jasmyne (crying):  Daddy!!! Austin took my macaroons and saying that LeBron sucks...make him stop!!!

Jasmyne loves her some basketball and thinks that LeBron James is the best thing since sliced bread and right now the Heat are living large having disposed of the 62 win Chicago Bulls rather rudely in 5 games. Lebron James right now does not suck having more or less making MVP Derrick Rose's basketball life miserable. James seems to be fast shaking the rep that he cant close games. Though there are some wonks out there (Skip Bayless) who are still deriding James as a coattail rider. I think that LeBron is just entering the peak phase of his career where playing into June will be a regular occurrence.

Austin: (Lady Bandit's 2 year old son, with a mouthful of a Macaroon): Dirk Rules!!!

Pardon me while, I pry Jasmyne's priceless macroons from Lady Bandit's precocious son. But he may have a serious argument about  Dirk being at the top of his game at the right time. Nowitzki just about destroyed the youthful OKC Thunder with a menagerie of spinning driving off balance jumpers that just seemed to more often than not find the bottom of the net. I was chatting with some folks at the Hoodwood Barber Shop about the Mavs chances and more of them say that they have no chance against the so-called juggernaut that is the Heat but I think that this could really be a good series.

Tori: (Lady Bandit's 7 Year old Daughter) Mr Bandit, why are they playing hockey in May? Dont you need a frozen lake to play Hockey? And why does everyone playing have a beard?

Tori is a bright, sharp and inquisitive girl yet cant figure why there are still two teams playing a wintertime sport, but the Canucks and Bruins are the two teams left to fight for Lord Stanley's Cup. The hockey purist in me thinks that its just about right that a team from Canada will be playing against one of the Original Six for the Holy Grail of Hockey. The Bruins make their first Cup Finals appearance since 1990, when they were shoved aside in five games by the Edmonton Oilers in the last vestiges of their dynasty, showing that they could win without Gretzky. The Canucks are happy to make a Cup Finals and not be facing a team of destiny from New York. I note that both teams last Cup appearance saw them watch the Cup being handed to Mark Messier of the opposing team on the road.  Im expecting this series to go the full seven games with the enormous pressure of both the Bruins long suffering fans who have been denied in the last three Cup Finals appearances and the Canucks looking to be the first Canadian team to win the Cup since 1993. To be honest this series is too close to call.

The food looks almost done so I'll finish with the Phat Dap and Head Slap before the food gets snapped up.


Bears draftee JT Thomas who escorted 8thgreader Joslyn Levell to her 8thgrade end of year formal. Thomas had initially surprised the Bears fan with an inperson greeting then learned that Levell who has spina bifida had been turned down to go to her formal by several boys. Thomas escorted Levell to the dance. Mad kudos to the former West Virginia player who made a young girl feel super special


To the legion of Buckeye fans that have already come screaming to their now deposed coach Jim Tressel's defense. I personally think that what the players did should not have been regarded as that big a deal. It was a punishable offense to be sure, but not something that should have resulted in as big a scandal as this. It seems that Tressel thought he could cover it up or lie about it and not get caught. The NCAA is a lot of things but they are nothing if not thorough. Hey Tress, ask SMU how they fared trying to do an end run on the NCAA, or better still go ask USC a team that you looked down on for their breaking of the NCAA rules. Like I said before the once sainted OSU program is looking real shabby right now.


Mom: The steaks corn and ribs are done...lets eat!

Everyone: Yaaaaaay!

That's the view from the Hoodwood, pull up a chair and get ya some grub, though you'd be best advised not to touch Jazzie's Macaroons and watch out or little Austin will steal your food, that boy has a bottomless pit for a stomach

Until Next Post Fellow Sports Fans!

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