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Glitch Update 6/3 Tags: Spruz glitches

Okay Gabbers, here's the update on the cursor issue. You may have noticed the spell check is now turned off...and from some of the typos I've read, I take it you're all not aware of it... 

This shutting down the auto-correct fixed the problem the best we can tell, the only problem it leaves is, turning it back on will make the problem return. When I asked why we couldn't get this resolved now that we have it narrowed down to the cause I was told the editor we use is from a third party and they would need to provide an update that will fix it. My next question was this...if we are having this issue and you're telling me that others have but it's not that many why not just contact the 3rd party and tell them to fix the glitch. It's obvious from the reply that this is about money. They told me there was a small number of other sites dealing with this...personally I don't believe that and that they are just being tight asses. 

The best I can do for now is suggest you be very careful when typing your comments and for blogs just use Word and then paste it into the editor...this way you'll able to use the Word spell check for your posts and know that at the very least you've spelled everything correctly. I use it all the time anyway...too many times I have been bitten by the time out bug or made an error where I lost all I've written and had to start over...let's face it...that just sucks! 

I wish I had better news....Tim and I are currently working on some things and will keep you updated as we go along. In the meantime, I'll continue to check with the server complany and see when it's going to be updated and turned back on...I get the feeling if I don't stay on top of it we won't get it back, so hounding them will be my next order of business. 

Gabbers- PLEASE READ!!!! 6/2 Tags: Spruz Glitches

Okay folks...we may have this cursor issue pinned down. Have any of you had any issues with typing since you got on the site this morning? The fix was implemented around midnight EST so anytime after that is when you should have noticed a difference. I am currently NOT experiencing this problem, but had it happen to me about 5 times trying to type a sentnce on IHM's post and I took screenshots of all of them and submitted them to support so they could see what it was doing. 

If you have had a cursor jump, does it do it when you are typing the first sentnence and the cursor is at the halfway point of the editor? (about where the box for SIZE Is located) I ask that because that's where I see it happening 99% of the time. 

I need details of exactly what's happening if it's still ocurring, if it's not and you reported to me you had a problem PLEASE tell me in the comment section. I've spent a lot of time on this over the weekend and I'm trying to help you all out and get this glitch fixed, but I need feedback!!! 


Gabbers...Need Some Help Tags: Glitches Spruz

Folks...we really need some help from you all that are experiencing problems. We need screenshots so we can show tech support what's occurring. If you're getting coding below the comment bx then we need a shot of it, or if the cursor is typing over a previous sentence we need that too. 

If you don't know how to take a screen shot he's a link to show you on may have yo Google your specific Windows version to snapshot, but it's easy too do and then you can just upload it from your files to an email to the Gab email on the left. We'll do the rest.



Hey Gabbers! 

Aa you all know by now we've had some timing out issues along with some cursors hopping around on sentences that you've ready typed. After I first heard about it I started gong into ever blog looking to see if I could reproduce it. I know Jeff had been running into numerous issues of one kind or another but it really had nothing to do with what we're dealing with now. At first, I was being timed out, but at the end of last week I had the cursor bouncing all over on me. The next time I dealt with any of this was when I posted the blog the other day where I said in caps for Gabbers Please Read...I type that one two or three times. My post on Friday last week had time out  twice, but since I use an newer iMac version I only needed to backspace and the post was still in the editor so I lucked out there. I will now just write in Word and copy and paste it to avoid the chance, but I took a snapshot per the request of the server techs and this was after I had sent a lengthy message describing every issue I knew about  (I couldn't help but get the feeling they thought I was making this shit I write this I've been time out twice)  and as they sent fixes I did them but still have had problems. 

If you're experiencing the cursor jumping around on and typing over sentences, then clear your entire cache, then restart your computer and try to comment again and see if  that eliminates  the problem. As for the timing out, not many of you have had that problem but if you do tro to snapshot the page with the pop up that says the SSRV has time out, snapshot it and email it to me the Gab email on the homepage, you can upload on the eaiml and then I can submit tto the server techs, same thing foe for anything that gets typed over.

Regardless of the issue tell me what it is, how long it's' been on and any proof you can proved, even if it's just a description in the comment section below. 

Thanks for your patience and    and all the help... hopefully we're close to getting this all resolve shortly. 


Hey folks...I've spent the better part of the last 3-4 days working with tech support trying to figure what the fuck is going on. What I need from you all today is to write down if you're still having any other problems so I can narrow down what's left to fix. There have been fixes implemented, what I'm finding on my end so far is that I'm not being timed out anymore, but yesterday, after the fixes were made I was still having the cursor moving on me. I was replying to IHM about 10 times, typed the same exact sentence and and in the same place the cursor jumped and typed over what I wrote. 

If any of you are having that problem still I need to know about it. 

To fix some of these issues what you need to do first is clear your entire cache and restart your computer.  The downside of doing this is it clears out all of your passwords so make sure you've got them saved if use you don't use the same one everywhere. But it did fix the timing out issue...or so it seems. 

If you're still experiencing issues please tell me and if you haven't already told me what browser and the version of it your using please do so below. This is really important. The more help I get the faster I can narrow down what's going on and know whether it's fixed or not, or, if the fix is only working on certain browsers. 

Thanks for the help!

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