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Itís Thursday again here at the Gab, time flies when your having fun or when your extremely busy. It was a crazy weekend between Hockey and Basketball. We had senior night Friday where the 8th graders compete in various basketball skills, Sunday it was as we refer to it Super Sunday where the Championship game is played for each grade level starting with first and second grade girls at 8:30 am and ending around 6Pm with the 7 and 8th grade Boys Championship. Itís a long day but a fun town event. There is about 1,000 kids in the program.


Here it comes the NHL Update

This says it all about the NHL of late


A few weeks ago Tom Brady restructured his contract to create cap space.for the Patriots which works out to be 7.2 million. Many here believe he did this so the Patriots retain Wes Welker. I think if Welker tests the free agent market he will be gone. Of course this will allow the Patriots to go get a big receiver a Randy Moss type tall and quick. Of course I have a feeling a deal with Welker is in place or nearly in place. However Welker has had some grumbles some justifiable some not but according to afew news outlets he has got beyond the fact that he didnít start opening day and only caught 5 passes that day. It isnít clear if his grip is with Bellichick or Josh Mcdanniels.

Bradyís restructuring probably pissed a few people off in the union and no doubt a few agents as well. Brady is doing for the team. He has more money then he will ever need and I believe he married money as well.

That all being said I know Joe Flacco isnít the most popular Quarterback but does anybody really blame the guy for taking the money he got in his new contract. I guess especially in Football guys have to make it when they can and as much as they can. If somebody is willing to pay , canít blame a guy fo taking the cash. If the guy doesnít live up to expectations is it his fault or the guy that over paid him. Maybe the guy had one good season and the GM or the Owner thought he would be a good fix. The guy doesnít work well in that system or the good year was a fuke. Who knows but I just canít get on a player in any sport for making huge money.

Itís Conference Tourney time and my Northeastern Huskies are the number one seed in the CAA. If they win the CAA they get a tourney bid †they may sneak in anyway.I usually look forward to the Big East Tourney. This year Iím really looking at the Big Ten. The games have been unbelievable.

Lil Warriors Update.

The boys lost 3-1 on Saturday but we were down 3 players. They were in basketball semi finals. That ended a 4 game winning streak. The guys had chances and should have walked out with a 1-1 tie. The second goal the ref blow the whistle when Jake our goalie rolled to get up the puck was a cross the line it was called a goal. Not sure but I think Jake moved the puck when he got up and the play should have been dead. The third goal was a fluke we scored on ourselves. Kid tried to backhand it out and it the post of the net and bounced in.Their season was supposed to end Saturday but the league just added 5 more games in March.

Lil Lanz has a big mouth, he went into the locker room Saturday saying he was going to the Hockey East Game between BU and Vermont. It was suppose to be just me and him everybody else was busy. IT†ended up myself and the two other coaches brought our sons and another kid on the team to the game. We had a blast. It was really funny between periods one of the teams we played a few times played a mini game. Our guys were like why arenít we out there. The second place Warriors play the first place team this week. Who we are 0-1-1 against. The boys at practice last night want this.

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