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Wrestling Wednesday - trivia, trivia and more??
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Now its trivia time!!


1. In which States was WrestleMania 2 held? (Must answer it correctly. No partial credit)

2. Can You name the venues of WrestleMania 2? (Must answer it correctly. No partial credit)

3. In what year did Vince McMahon purchase the WWF?

4. Who was the first ECW Champion?

5. Who were "The New Midnight Express"?

6. Who were "X-Factor?"

7. Which individual held the WWF/WWE Tag Team Titles the most combined days?

8. Who were the participants in the first ever mixed tag team match?

9. Who was the Blue Blazer?
Blue Blazer. Fragnoli got it correct

10. When and were did The Rock say "If you smell what the Rock is cooking." 

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