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Are the Red Sox making moves for the future, or to get back in the hunt now, or both?

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It’s deadline day and I’m being selfish. Yes I’m being selfish. I don’t want prospects although I know it’s the way to go. It’s time to rebuild and my team is a seller because they are in the cellar. That’s fine sometimes even the previous years World Series Champ have to rebuild. Like the huge salary dump in 2012 getting ride of non contents for prospects and James Looney for Crawford, Beckett, Gonzalez and Nick Punto. The prospect Ruby Delarosa finally is pitching for the Red Sox not badly, not good just kind of middle of the road. ( I know Delarosa got some work last year as well)

I know it’s about prospects ,But Damn It if I’m giving up good pitching I want good hitting in return not the kid that will hit 3 years from now. I need a guy too hit now, If I give up John Lester I don’t need Bobby from Shits Creek Iowa that baseball perspective calls him a top prospect. A prospect is a prospect until he is not.

Which means he is an MLB player or he is working at an Insurance Company or a car dealership. I don’t want to wait for him and have the media tell me he is doing great in Portland and He has been called up to Pawtucket but there is a back log in Boston and I’m never going to see Bobby From Shits Creeek, Maybe old Bobby is a September call up and he gets me excited but in March I hear he isn’t ready and will be called up by the All Star break. Then he gets injured and struggles. Maybe he gets a shot the next September. Maybe he gets called every time they need a 4th or 5th Outfielder and the guy ends up logging more Miles between Boston and Pawtucket than Lou Merloni did the 45 minute drive up and down I-95.

I want major leaguers I want people in exchange for people. I don’t want to stockpile prospects so I can trade them for more prospects. I want players that will hit the ground running if only for few months until they find new homes for more money.. The Indians traded Cliff Lee to the Phillies for prospects(go head name them) You can’t and neither can anybody else. I want player for player.

Yesterday was a day of waiting for a deal to happen all day the Red Sox pulled John Lester out of the rotation last night against the Blue Jays they actually announced it Tuesday. I suspect they had a deal fo him somewhere but couldn’t pull it off. At this writing Lester is still a Red Sox and I’m guessing he won’t be at 4 pm this after noon but who knows. Anybody who tracks trades knows sometimes deals just can’t get done logically. Sometimes they do.

The deadline is closing in on us and it ain’t like the world is going to end but things happened and sometimes the deals that weren’t made we find out were better than the deals  that were made. It will be interesting day I’m kind of sick of the local news outfits getting carried away with Lester deal rumors.

Other Stuff

Lil Lanz plays in our town summer sandlot league just a fun league that keeps the kids playing 12 games no practices 2 games a week for six weeks. Last Night his Clemson Tigers were taking on the Miami Hurricanes. The Hurricanes hve several kids fom his Hockey team on it. Kid Jack was playing second base and Little Lan hits the hardest ball I ever have seen him hit. He broke the stitching on Jacks Glove. Just a line shot right at him. I actually thought he broke Jacks hand. Just the glove thank god. Even the other coach said I didn’t realize he can hit the ball so hard. Anyway I have never seen that before I thought it was wild.


Keep your eyes on the trade  talks today it will be busy.

Deep Thoughts 7-30-14
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Hello and welcome to another Wednesday of deep thoughts. This Wednesday is a bit more festive around our home as our son arrives home tonight from two months of playing baseball in California. Although his Aviators did not make the playoffs, I really do think that this summer was a great experience. He finished the summer hitting .294 with 6 doubles and a couple of dingers. It also appears that he has found his inner Benito Santiago, as he has been throwing runners out from his knees. I am not sure where this came from, but he says he has been consistently throwing 1.8s to 2B…which is pretty damn good. I wonder how his college coach will feel about his new throwing “style”. It won’t be long until he finds out…just a few weeks at home then he heads off to Ranger.






There has been much discussion about the Ray Rice suspension. There is not much that I can add that others have not already covered, but I had to weigh in regarding Stephen A Smith’s one week suspension by ESPN. I am not a fan of Smith…actually, not even close. Smith’s comments about women not provoking an attack were ill timed and really rather dumb. But, I think most of us understand what he was trying to say. Maybe it is just me…but doesn’t a 7 day suspension for Smith seem as ridiculous as Rice’s suspension? I sort of go back and forth with regard to what Stephen A said…it was dumb, but was it something he should be suspended for? Or was it so dumb that he should have just been canned…period. Smith is paid to give his opinion and although it was not communicated very well, it was still his opinion. The job of those in front of a camera and microphone walk a very slippery slope today. Opinions are fine as long as they are within the confines of what their employer is comfortable with. But, there is more to this. What if ESPN was okay with what Smith said, but was forced to do something because of pressure brought from sponsors? Is this just the world we live in now?

On the way home from work on Tuesday, the local radio sports guys were kicking this topic back and forth. The question that they were discussing was whether it was ever appropriate to hit a woman. This is a topic that I truthfully have a tough time even discussing. I have never come close to hitting a woman, especially one that I loved. As I thought through this, I wondered if being a football player makes one more disposed to violence. The more I thought about this, the more I realized that this has nothing to do with football. I believe this is more about role models and family dynamics. I also think that this has something to do with a segment of our society that celebrates violence. Many of us enjoy our lives living comfortably in our suburban homes. Kids that grow up with little guidance and a lack of love gravitate toward something that appears to offer what they are missing. Gangs seem to provide love and support for those kids desperately seeking both. In truth, gangs are not about love, but about survival. The way that they survive is by brute force. Gangs demand loyalty and a willingness to commit violence against any that threaten their group. Kindness and understanding are viewed as being weak. Respect is earned by violent acts. Respect is very important for those that grew up never being respected. What many never understand is that true respect is earned by showing respect of others.

We may believe that our kids are not part of this group and as such are not influenced by this behavior…but I must disagree. Even though kids are loved at home they are not immune to the effect of popular music and actions of their peers.The words and actions of this culture are slowly creeping into our society. You only have to listen to a bit of rap music to realize that the message being broadcast is a troubling message indeed. With the violence that this music describes, is it any wonder that many young men react to confrontation with violence? This lifestyle demands respect, but offers little respect for others…especially women.  If you think about it, if you are willing to put a bullet into someone…slapping a girlfriend is no big deal. Domestic violence is a complicated issue, but one that the NFL and other sports must address. I think that all of us can agree that Roger Goodell has failed with regard to Ray Rice. Yes, the suspension was ridiculous, but equally as bad was the statement issued this week by the NFL regarding Rice.  Roger Goodell has made it clear to everyone that upholding the integrity of the NFL shield is extremely important to him. His actions with regard to Rice suggest otherwise. The NFL had an opportunity to make a strong statement regarding domestic violence, but chose another path. Roger Goodell had an opportunity to respond to the outcry of public criticism…he chose to hide behind the shield and send out a suit to defend the NFL’s punishment. Roger Goodell believes that he can do whatever he chooses to do. He believes this because he is commissioner of the most popular sport in our country. It appears that he thinks that the public is so addicted to his sport that he can get away with whatever he chooses to do. I believe that he is wrong.

Roger Goodell and the NFL faced a tough test with Ray Rice and they failed. But, there is hope that the publicity that this situation has garnered will begin to change some minds. There are many groups that have the ability to make a difference, but one I want to speak to specifically is coaches. Across our country, many coaches seem to turn a blind eye when their best players screw up. It is time for this to stop. Of course kids screw up in many ways, but one that we repeatedly hear is sexual assault or a violent act toward a woman. Perhaps they have witnessed this growing up, so it is imperative that they understand that this behavior is not acceptable. It is time for these athletes be forced to stand accountable for their actions. One coach that has embraced this philosophy is Charlie Strong. The new Longhorn coach has made it clear to everyone in Austin that he does not play. Six Longhorn football players have been shown the door, with 3 more teetering on being gone. I will be the first to admit that I really liked Mack Brown and his grandfatherly approach. But, watching Strong in action…I am sold on the man. I think that the core values that Strong stands upon are exactly the right answer. I think that any NFL should follow Strong's lead and take a stand against violence toward a woman. Any player guilty of assaulting a woman should lose their job for a year…and be required to petition the league for reentry. Strong’s words hit home with me…”when you take away something that a player loves, it sends a message’. This may seem harsh to some, but it is exactly the right thing in Austin…just as it is the right answer for schools all across the US. Yes…Texas may suffer a few additional loses this year, but is on the way to building something special. The sooner that athletes understand that hitting a woman is not acceptable, the sooner we will have a change begin to occur.





                               These are the core values that Charlie Strong brought to Austin...Awesome stuff, Charlie!








I realize that the topic of domestic violence is pretty heavy. I had to share one comment I read this week that tried to bring a bit of humor to the issue of Ray Rice.  “We should give Ray Rice a break…that carry of his wife from the elevator was his longest carry of the year”.




I watched the MLB HOF presentation last weekend. It was a great tribute to three terrific players and three iconic managers. As I sat listening to the words spoken by each recipient, I could not help but think that there should have been one more speech being made. Craig Biggo deserved his day at Cooperstown and as an Astro fan, I felt cheated. Biggio is too classy of a guy to make much of a fuss about being excluded, but I have to believe that he was at home thinking the same thing. When I caught a headline earlier this week about the MLB HOF making changes, I was hopeful that the changes would be with regard to the voting practices of the hall. I was wrong; it was only wishful thinking on my part. The changes being made are simply to shorten the time a player can be on the ballot from 15 years to 10 years.  As noted by at least one person on twitter…this is simply to push the players from the steroid era off the ballot sooner. I love baseball, but will never be happy until changes are made with regard to who does the voting for the HOF. It is a damn shame…

In reading about the changes, I was struck by the comments made by a guy that calls himself Missouri Slim. I am going to use his words as I could not express the sentiments better:

“I have touched on this before and I raise the issue again based on this story. It is my position that if you are going to effectively bar certain players from the Hall of Fame, especially players who would be a "lock" otherwise, you should go all the way as in revoking their records and titles. If you are going to tout Barry Bonds as holder of the (single-season & career) HR records, then you have to restore his eligibility based on those records. If you don't want a Roger Clemens in the Hall of Fame, then you shouldn't acknowledge his Cy Young/MVP Awards, strikeout/ERA titles, etc., and in effect you must rewrite baseball history. Same with Pete Rose; if he's not eligible for the Hall of Fame, then his all-time hits record should be expunged from the record books; conversely, if that remains the standard then Pete should be eligible for the Hall. To me these things are by necessity linked to each other: either ALL or NOTHING. Personally, as long as the record books show Bonds and McGwire, Clemens, et al., being league leaders in various seasons and with high standing in lifetime stats, then I think they are Hall of Fame eligible, or should be. To list them as record holders and their stats as worthy of standing on the seasonal and all-time lists, then you've got to accept their "credentials". All or nothing; one way or the other. Otherwise, doesn't make sense.”

I have to admit to being troubled with regard to the steroid era. Here are a few things that have troubled me specifically:

- Selig and MLB for ignoring the issue of steroids, while allowing the blame to be placed solely on the players.

- Writers and others in the media turning a blind eye to the elephant in the room that was steroids in baseball.

- All players from this era being tainted by the suspicion of steroids.

- All of the records with none of the players being voted into the HOF.


Missouri Slim gets it right. It should be all or nothing. All of those records with none of the players in the hall makes no sense. I am not sure who Missouri Slim is, but I wish he would stop by the Gab.






                                                   I saw a tee shirt available that really cracked me up…anyone interested?






I saw that President Obama was visiting KC this week and eating BBQ at Arthurs. I looked carefully to see if BOB and son might be doing a photo bomb. Now that would have been a classic.




                                   Hey...it would have been easier for Kershaw if they used real baseballs...Kimmel is hilarious.




Forrest Gump’s mom always said, “Stupid is as stupid does”.  A 54 year old woman in Oklahoma called police to complain that her crystal meth was laced and she wanted to make a complaint. Police were only too happy to come by to take a look. Seriously…this is a true story. Take a look at the video in the link as it is damn funny.




That is all I have today, but I will leave you with a bit of Jack Handey…



I wish outer space guys would conquer the Earth and make people their pets, because I'd like to have one of those little beds with my name on it.

I think a good product would be "Baby Duck Hat". It's a fake baby duck, which you strap on top of your head. Then you go swimming underwater until you find a mommy duck and her babies, and you join them. Then, all of a sudden, you stand up out of the water and roar like Godzilla. Man, those ducks really take off! Also, Baby Duck Hat is good for parties.



Thanks for stopping by and feel free to leave a few deep thoughts of your own…





Musings From The Hoodwood 7-29
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Three more in the hallowed halls of Cooperstown...

Greetings from the Hoodwood, where we're just grinding away...

Rice Gets 2 games…seriously?

Ray Rice, has been a steady dependable running back for the Ravens and has been so going back to his days at Rutgers, I was seriously disappointed in his actions where he was in a physically abusive altercation with his then fiancé now wife. Rice, to his credit owned up to the deed. But the NFL gave him a two game suspension, consider that Albert Haynesworth got 5 games for stomping on an opponent during a game, a coach got 6 games for his involvement in Bountygate, Odell Thurman was out multiple seasons. The most suspect of suspensions was the 5 game dock that was given to Terrelle Pryor for his involvement in the tattoos for memorabilia that ultimately brought down the reign of Jim Tressel at Ohio State. Sheriff Goodell has hand a long history of being heavy on those miscreants that he feel has violated the conduct standard that the NFL holds strict to. The phrase “Protect the Shield” has rung long and often by officials and former players. But this suspension is a joke, and NFL VP Adolpho Birch went on Mike & Mike Monday Morning in a feeble attempt to defend and justify their actions. Greenberg and Golic lit in to him and repeatedly tried to pin him down on giving a justifiable reason for such a puny disciplinary action. He couldn’t and I applauded Mike Greenberg for his sharp criticism of the suspension and the words of Mike Golic who pointed out that had either of his football playing sons had been the focus of the suspensions for those actions, that they would face a lot worse discipline from him than a coach or league.


Hall of Fame gets a classy class

Cooperstown got a real class group this year. Four I thought were no doubters and two I was never big fans of but the numbers are just too good to ignore. The four no-doubters are Tom Glavine, long time ace of the Braves, Greg Maddux the Clark Kent clone who seemed to crank out wins and strikeouts as the years went by. Managers Joe Torre and Bobby Cox who managed lots of places but were most famed for winning with powerhouse teams in the Yankees and Braves respectively. The two I shrugged on were Frank Thomas and Tony LaRussa.

In depth: Glavine won 20 or more games 5 times and netted 2 Cy Youngs, never an overpowering pitcher, he always was on point with his control and was a reliable pitcher. Starting in 1991 he had 13 consecutive winning seasons. Glavine was nothing if not consistent and he won. He passed the 300 win threshold in 2007 and might be the last pitcher to win 300 games.

I wanted to despise Greg Maddux, because he was so good and I detested the Braves. But Maddux looked more like Clark Kent or an accountant than a beastly pitcher. Like Glavine, Maddux took a couple years to get his sea legs then became a model of consistency. Look at his season by season numbers and you might not be impressed until you see that they cross 23 years spanning 3 decades. He only won 20 games twice once as he was hitting his free agent year with the Cubs and the first with the Braves where he spent the bulk of his career. He won four Cy Youngs in a row from 92-95. Maddux won 15 or more games each season from 1988-2004 and struck out 100 or more batter for 21 consecutive seasons from 1987-2007, that’s the hallmark of consistency. He was an innings eater and workhorse stopper. Don’t let the specs fool ya, he was a game competitor who took pride in his craft, fielding (he won 13 consecutive Gold Gloves, missed a year then won 5 more) and batting.

I have always loathed the White Sox, though for some reason I’ve always liked their colorful play by play guy Hawk Harrelson, he was the one that gave the quiet slugger Frank Thomas his nickname “The Big Hurt” Lord, that man could hurt ya. He swung like he was trying to hit the ball into Lake Michigan when the Sox played at Comiskey and more often than not hit he’d hit it hard. Say what you want about the so-called steroid era, Thomas was legitimately strong. My relatives down south used to call it country strong. Made his debut in 1990 and everyone knew he was gonna be special, from 1991-1998 he knocked in 100 or more RBI’s every year; he hit .300 better in all but one season from 1991-2000. He won 2 MVP’s and was a consistent long ball threat. I wasn’t a fan of his, and didn’t think much of his numbers till I looked at them over the course of his career. He was good and where 500 homers is shrugged at now as no big deal, he still had 521 homers and few every doubted that he earned them, he was always a home run hitter and for a while was the frightening combo of power and average

On the Managerial side, all three skippers have won World Series rings. Bobby Cox managed like forever for the Braves and cranked out divisional titles in assembly line style. Though his career started forgettable with Braves in the late 70s and was replaced by some guy named Torre (but we’ll get to that forgettable guy later) He resurfaced with the Blue Jays and made them steadily better but was haunted by his team blowing a 3-1 lead in the ALCS to the Royals, he returned to the Braves as GM and then returned to the bench in 1990 and after a rough 40-57 conclusion to that season began to win and win and win. From 1991-2005 the Braves never had a losing season and made the postseason every year. Read that last part again… Every year that there were playoffs from 1991-2005, the Braves were there they won 100+ games 6 times, 4 NL Pennants and the 1995 World Series. Cox was seemingly always getting tossed from games, but his players loved his straightforward style and played hard for him consistently.

Cox got replaced in his first stint as Braves Manager by Joe Torre. Torre won a division title with those Braves in 1982, but not much else his first three managerial gigs with the Mets and Cards and when he was hired by the Yanks in 1996, the papers derided the decision with one paper blaring the headline “Clueless Joe” But Torre instead proved to be the perfect buffer between the players and the Boss, he could parry with the media who held him in high regards and backed with Yankee money skillfully managed the Bombers to 12 consecutive playoff appearances and Five AL pennants and four World Series titles, rings that eluded him as player he got as a skipper and the call from Cooperstown that also was just out of his grasp as a player was a no brainer as a manager.

Finally there is LaRussa, whom I was no fan of. I thought he was egotistical and the media always lauded over how great and smart he was. Yeah I get that he managed 33 years and won better than 2700 games, 6 pennant and with Sparky Anderson was one of two managers to win World Series in both leagues but I look at the fact that his teams won 100 or games 4 times and never won a World Series. I remember how he got outcoached in the 88 and 90 World Series and was cannon fodder for the 2004 Red Sox. He did go out with a bang, retiring after his Cards won a thrilling 2011 Series but I never was a fan of his.


McGwire: Too good for Canseco

Mark McGwire was a protégé of LaRussa and played almost all of his career under his stewardship, I find it humorous that the overly pious McGwire is um bashing Jose Canseco for his expose into the tawdry world of PEDs McGwire says that he will never speak to Canseco again and refused to do so during a 25th anniversary fete for the 1989 World Series champ A’s. I find it funny that McGwire acts like he was so pure and Canseco was the cheater when it seemed that he has that PEDs taint on himself too. Canseco who never came close to making the Hall of Fame looks like his usual hustlin’ for a buck self while the pious McGwire is the hitting coach for the Dodgers which I always found funny a .260 hitter teaching hitting.


Can Scott return the Lake Show to primetime?

The Lake Show finally has a coach. After 3 long years of Kobe running the team, he has finally decided to let an established coach with real playing credentials take the helm. I’m sorry, the pair of Mikes in the seemingly petrified Mike Brown who seemed frightened to even correct Kobe and the clueless Mike D’Antoni whose offensive style was ill-suited for the Lake Show and seemingly was getting more and more ignored by the player as their disastrous 27-55 death march season ground on, don’t count. Byron Scott was named head coach of the Lakers over the weekend. Scott is well traveled as a coach having had stints in Cleveland, New Orleans and most successfully in New Jersey where he lead the Nets to their only Finals appearances where they were sacrificial lambs to the Lakers and Spurs respectively. Scott would at least have the attention of Kobe who was a briefly a teammate of his for a season when Kobe was a rookie and Scott was at the end of solid career where he garnered 3 rings as a member of the Showtime Lakers. The Lake Show might have he first coach since Phil Jax that has the street cred and playing weight to put and keep Kobe in his place. Will the Lake Show be anything more than 3rd best in their building for a while? No, but I still think that Scott is a decent choice and gives the team a decent credibility bridge from its halcyon days of the 80s Scott is the 6th former Laker to coach the team (Mikan, West, Riley, Johnson, Rambis.)


Phat Dap

The Red Sox have long had to labor under the immense shadow of their hated neighbors the New York Yankees  but the Red Sox can hang their hat on the fact that in this Century they currently have a 3-1 lead on the Bombers in World Series titles. So it would be a bit surprising that a Yankee fan would return a Red Sox World Series ring but Luigi Militello, owner of Luke’s Bar and Grill in NYC, found the ring worth close to $30K belonging to Drew Weber who is the owner of one the Red Sox minor league affiliates. Weber who said that he hardly ever wears the ring left the ring in the men’s washroom and Militello found the precious bauble when Weber who had searched his domicile in vain for the ring called the eatery as a last resort, Militello reported he had found the ring after some good natured razzing. Weber who frequents the restaurant returned the next day. Militello refused any kind of reward money, but Weber did hook him up with tickets to the final games of Yankee Captain Derek Jeter’s career which will be play at Fenway.


Head Slap

ESPN for dropping the ball in the debate and discussion over abuse and the NFL’s handling of such matters. ESPN’s and First Take did a quick though weak repudiation of the loquacious of show debater  Stephen A Smith’s comments that were made Friday which came off as sounding like that a woman provoked a fight and deserved the abuse. Smith, to his credit, did apologize and make an attempt to correct his comments while reiterating that he does not condone abuse in anyway. But instead of using that as a springboard for a thought provoking debate and discussion with First Take host Cari Champion or possibly Michelle Beadle who rightfully called Smith to task for his comments as misconstrued as they could have been, instead turned away from the topic to opine about LeBron James’s jersey number switch. ESPN and the powers that be at First Take blew a golden opportunity to take the lead on the discussion of the topic itself, not is so much Smith and his mea culpa which I attribute to poor phrasing and word choice in an attempt to sound more bombastic than his debate partner than braying hack that is Skip Bayless. The show proceeding First Take, Mike & Mike in the Morning were very eloquent in their opinion on the matter and were very clear on their stance as I pointed out. That was the kind of lead in and alley-oop that First Take should have hit 5 miles and slammed home. Bravo to Ms. Beadle who bravely called out a colleague but the Head Slap goes to First Take who missed a perfect opportunity to follow in the words of their show “Embrace Debate”


 Quick Hits

Sterling’s bid to block the sale of the Clippers has been tossed out…bye Felicia

Kevin Love decides against playing for the national team due to the trade concerns…ummm yeah.

Johnny Football jersey sells for $100k…for real?

Gordon wins the Brickyard…again

Derrick Rose feels good…how long is that going to last?


Thats the View From the Hoodwood, Until Next Post Fellow Sports Fans!


Monday Moaning 7-28-14
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Welcome to Monday Moaning...And look what I found...If anything should happen to Mrs. Beeze, God forbid...I know who the next target on my list...Look at that...Good body...You know I love the red hair...And look at the skills...Clearly this gal is a dick-wrecker...Just pull it out, stand behind her and see how long you last...Just imagine what else she can do with that body...Wrecking dicks left and right!

Have I objectified women enough yet?  Hey, that's my bread and butter people...the words in between the T&A is just quality filler! And why do I start each Monday Moaning post with an image of an attractive or clearly talented lady (like the one above)? Because it draws eyes to the blog...And once they get past the ass, the read my ranting and raving post, and hopefully it made people laugh, or smile, or think, or even pissed off...As long as it does something for ya...

Am I objectifying women by doing this...Sure, I guess so...Is that wrong? No...Why is it not wrong? Well, lets just start with the gal at the top of this post...She stood in front of some one with a camera and did this...And put it on the internet...So if you put it out there, how have I done anything wrong?  And the same goes for when I use a model's image...They put it out there...I'm just spreading the love they shared...

People have commented that I have daughters, how could I objectify women...Well, I'm a man...I'm a horny all my fucking life, man...I like attractive women...If some guy posted pics of my daughters I'd be pissed...I can't lie about that...If they were done without my daughters knowledge, I'm killing the mother fucker...If my daughter put it out there herself, she'll have to deal with the consequences, including me being pissed at her...

So why is this the topic I'm writing about this week? Because ESPN's Sam Ponder decided to throw  out a tweet that insinuated guys like me who post pics of women on blogs can't be mad with the NFL's weak stance towards Ray Rice beating the shit out of his wife...WHAT!?!  Are you fucking high you idiot bitch!?!  Never have I come out as pro-wife beating...I don't pictures of women being choked, and fisted...I've never written, 'Make the world a better place, punch a bitch in the face!'

Posting an attractive woman's picture and some how jumping to 'They're all about beating women' is just fucking ridiculous...Some guy posts my daughters picture on a blog, that she put on the net will piss me off...Some guy punches my daughter, and they'll never find his fucking body..."Objectifying" women and beating them are different worlds dummy...

Oh, and how did Sam get her ESPN Job? Her job, standing in front of horny college guys, trying to string together a couple sentences about football that make sense....


Oh, that's right...She looks good...She was objectified by the ESPN suits....


Seriously, if I had that ass, blonde hair, and those boots, I'd be killing that Game Day job!....I hate to come across as a total, male pig, but she only has that job because she's good looking...Because college guys get all horned up for her...Like this classic sign from last year...


Oh, and Sam is not alone...WEEI in Boston just suspended a Radio host, Kirk Minihane who trashed Erin Andrews after her piss-poor performance at the All-Star game...Dude called her out for what she is...A bad reporter...A bobble head with a good body, and if it wasn't for her looks she wouldn't be where she is...Why did WEEI take so long to suspend Minihane in this day and age of PC bullshit, and quick to fire because some one was offended crap?  Well, they actually stood by him until FOX pitched a bitch, and pulled all their advertising from the Radio station...

Fox....Fox Sports that regionally pushes it's merry band of hotties at Baseball and Hockey games...


FOX....FOX Sports1 which features and promotes its stars....


I'm sorry FOX buy I'm calling bullshit...You lead the league in objectifying women...You have the elite crew of ex-sideline "reporters"...You know, the hotties that asked the coach idiotic questions as he ran to the locker room for halftime...You have a cream of the crop of bobble-headed, bleach blonde news readers...Get off your high horse...Dude called your girl out for being the hack she is, and it was funny...Tell her to shut-up, and get naked in front of another camera, because that's all she's good for...We've all seen her commercials...She sucks at those too!

Oh, and as for my official stance on Ray Rice...The NFL is full of shit...Smoke weed, 6 games...Smoke weed again, the season...Punch the fuck out of a women, 2 games...Fuck the NFL....Ad as for Ray Rice...He needs to be pistol-whipped! That's how I feel about fuckers hitting women...

Now be a good girl and go get a hula hoop and get that ass in game-shape!

Have a week, The Beeze.


(how many women did I just piss off?)

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