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Hello and welcome to another Wednesday of deep thoughts. Okay, I get it…those couple of nice weeks we had in February was just Mother Nature’s practical joke. I know that I won’t get any sympathy from my friends up north…but damn our weather has sucked. I may have to go looking for that damn armadillo that predicted an “early” spring and give it a swift kick. This is how we do snow in Texas:








 The snow in north Texas had Ranger and Murray State scrambling for a new venue to play their scheduled baseball games…and San Antonio turned out to be the selected solution. Last Thursday, Julie and I took off an hour early from work and jumped on the toll road for a quick trip. The weatherman forecast a high of 59, but as usual...he was not all that close. We managed to find the field and walk up just as Blake rapped a base hit to left field. We huddled down in the stands and realized that it was freaking cold. Yeah…I know mid 40s is not all that cold…but with that wind gusting to 30 degrees, it was miserable. We managed to watch almost an hour of baseball, before we decided to go eat. I am sorry…baseball is not much fun when it is cold. Surely…the sun will shine again soon?




Image result for the media guilty until proven innocent



Can I ask a question? How can a reporter go on a talk show and talk about Dez Bryant assaulting a woman when there is zero proof that an assault has happened? Instead of being shamed for bringing this unproven story out, he simply ignores the lack of facts and discusses a video, that may not even exist. Hey, if any guy assaults a woman…he deserves the harshest punishment possible. But don't we need some proof before we judge? Is responsible journalism simply a thing of the past? What I have read about this story is that there is no evidence that Dez Bryant did anything wrong. The police investigated and found no wrong doing. But, supposedly…there is a Walmart video tape lurking. The funny thing is that the statute of limitations for misdemeanor assault in Texas is 2 years. This incident happened 4 years ago…what gives with this? I suppose that it may take slander charges being brought up against the media for some of these clowns to get it. We only have to look back to the Patriot incident with the deflated balls to realize why it is important to get the facts before reporting an event. What a joke…but that is the NFL today. Here are the details in the Bryant situation:





Image result for playing to lose




I read a story this week that just had me shaking my head…two high school girls basketball teams had both made the playoffs, but the loser of their game would be seeded in a less competitive bracket. According to reports…both teams were obviously trying to lose. One player was actually trying to shoot at the other team’s basket, but was stopped only because of a 10 second violation. When the school administrator has to come out of the stand to encourage the head coach to win the game…it is pretty damn bad. I read things like this and wonder how coaches have strayed so far from the purpose of team sports. This is unreal: http://ftw.usatoday.com/2015/02/riverdale-smyrna-tanking-high-school

Whatever happened to playing to win the game?

The good news is that both teams were deemed ineligible. Now, that is how you make a statement! Hats off to whomever made that decision.





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I understand that Curt Schilling is sort of an annoying guy. He has never been afraid to give his opinion and frequently is pretty obnoxious about it. Apparently, a couple of fans took to twitter to batter Schilling, but stepped over the line when they began to speak sexually about Schilling’s 17 year old daughter. After a bit of research, Schilling found out the real life identities of the twitter trolls and made the information public. Sean McDonald and Adam Nagle found out the hard way exactly what can happen when you act the fool on twitter. McDonald was fired from his ticket sales position with the New York Yankees and Nagle was suspended by the Community College that he attends. I ask again…when will people learn that too much twitter is a bad thing? Just because you can be a douche bag, does not mean you should.




That’s all I have today, but I will leave you with a bit of Jack Handey…


For mad scientists who keep brains in jars, here's a tip: why not add a slice of lemon to each jar, for freshness?

Before you criticize someone, you should walk a mile in their shoes. That way, when you criticize them, you're a mile away and you have their shoes.


Thanks for stopping by and feel free to leave a few deep thoughts of your own…




Musings From The Hoodwood 3-3...the latest spec sheet
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This weeks column is dedicated to the enduring memory of my grandmother Lorene Hare (1925-1993) who was the foundation of Hoodwood before anyone really knew what it was or what it could be…

The countdown to selection Sunday is on 12 days…this is most intense time of the year. People always go crazy about the tourney, but it’s the mad scramble to get a dance invite in which I find the most fascinating. The games are more intense and the stakes are never higher. The mid-majors and smaller conferences are ramping up for their respective conference tourneys where in many conferences only one berth will be gained. With apologies to the holiday and football bowl season. This really is the most wonderful time of the year. There will also be listed the dates and locations of Conference tournaments and in coming days teams will start earning their tourney bids and these will be noted as well.



Atlantic Coast
Conference Class-Power
Going: Virginia, North Carolina, Louisville, Duke, Notre Dame
Hoping For The Best: Miami-FL, NC State, Pitt, Clemson
Skinny on the ACC:  Virginia becomes the first team not named Duke or UNC to win back to back ACC regular season titles since NC State in 1973-74 in spite of a horrid first half in the Carrier Dome. The hoping group all right now sit at .500 in the conference the schedule sits just perfect where these teams will face each other in the regular season and possibly in the first or second round of the ACC tourney so a lot could shake out here soon.

Key Games: NC State @ Clemson Tuesday 9p (ACC Net\ESPN Full Court) Miami @ Pitt Wednesday 9p (ACC Net\ESPN Full Court) These may very well be elimination games for the last ACC berth, The Pack head into Death Valley to face the Tigers first then the Miami has to deal with the rowdy Oakland Zoo, winner stay in contention, loser drop to in it to win it status

Projected Bids: 6

Atlantic Ten
Conference Class- Mid-Major
Solid Dayton,VCU

Work to do: UMass, Rhode Island, Davidson
The A-10 Spec is: Are the Rams in trouble? After the Flyers roll into Richmond and come out with a hard fought win, you might think so but there still a three way log jam atop the A-10. I still see only four coming out here though UMass is making a late if futile push

Key Games Rhode Island at Dayton U Tuesday 7p (CBSSN) Winner here is in the drivers seat for the top seed line in the A-10 tourney VCU at Davidson Thursday 9p (ESPNU)  If  Davidson win the log jam atop the A-10 goes to the final day if VCU wins they stay within striking distance of the A-10 lead but will need help to win it.

Projected Bids: 4



Conference Class-Major

Going SMU,  Tulsa, Cincy

Hoping For : Temple, UConn

All-American Spec: The American has three maybe four bids to garner and suddenly there are more teams than bids. SMU got zapped by UConn and are now out the American lead. Cincy is looking better as they have won their last three, they are tied with Temple and with UConn making a late push this conference is getting really messy and intriguing. Tulsa is now the king of the hill but now has a tough final pair of games; by sheer luck of schedule the top 6 teams in the conference are facing each other in some combination of their last two games
Key Game: Cincinnati at Tulsa Wednesday 9p (CBSSN) Suddenly thrust into the king of the hill role the Hurricane cant afford to look ahead to a high stakes showdown with SMU next Sunday as they first have to deal with a resurgent Bearcats squad who desperately want to stay out of the 4/5 quarterfinal tourney game slot

Projected Bids: 4


Big East 
Conference Class-Major
Solid: Villanova, Providence,  Butler

Work to do: Xavier, Georgetown, St. Johns
Big East Skinny: Nova went into Cincy and after spotting X a big lead stormed back for a conference clinching win, Providence is ranked and safe. Of the Muskies, Johnnies and Hoyas the former two are the safest. I just cant believe the hype the Hoyas are trying to sell especially after the Johnnies just housed them in MSG

Key Games: Georgetown at Butler Tuesday 7p (FS1) The Hoyas are running out of chances to make a good impression on the committee going to Hinkle and winning would go a long way to the end

Projected bids: 5

Big Ten 
Conference Class-Power
Solid: Wisconsin, Maryland, Purdue, Ohio State

Work to do: Indiana, Iowa, Michigan State
The word on the Big Ten is: I think that both the Boilers and Bucks are now safe, but I cant give a pass to Michigan State or Iowa. Indiana should be thankful that they are still on this list after their last shameful loss to Northwestern, they have alternated wins and losses since late January. That’s no way to impress the committee.

Key Game:  Iowa @ Indiana Tuesday 7p (BTN) Is this an elimination game? It just might very well be as both teams are squarely on the bubble.

Projected Bids: 5

Big 12
Conference Class-Power
Solid: Kansas, Oklahoma, West Virginia, Baylor, Iowa State
Work to do: Oklahoma State, Texas
Skinny from the heartland: Iowa State with a thrilling comeback over Oklahoma moves into 2nd here and to the opposite side of the Big 12 tourney bracket for the moment. Texas fans stop barking that they should be in, a grimy win over Baylor in OT at home doesn’t get you a move uptown, they will need to get at least to Saturday in Kansas City to get consideration. The Pokes are just about done after a shameful loss against cellar dwelling Texas Tech

Key Game: West Virginia at Kansas 9p (ESPN2) The Jayhawks can clinch the #1 seed in the Big 12 tourney with a win

Projected Bids: 5


Conference USA
Conference Class-Mid Major
Solid: Louisana Tech, Old Dominion
Work to do: UTEP
Oh Say Can You C-USA Spec: I took this conference off the big list, thinking it was a one bid but they could earn two bids. I think the Bulldogs are home free, meanwhile there is a massive log jam for the 2 spot to avoid LA Tech until the finale

Key Game: Southern Miss at LA Tech Sat 8p The Bulldogs can clinch the #1 seed in the C-USA with a win

Projected Bids: 2

Missouri Valley
Conference Class-Mid Major
Solid: Wichita State, Northern Iowa
Work to do: Evansville, Illinois State
Missouri Valley Skinny: The Shockers win the MVC regular season title and you can bet that the Panthers will be waiting for them next week in the Arch Madness finale

Missouri Valley Confernce Tournament: March 5-8 Scottrade Center St. Louis

Projected Bids: 2

Mountain West
Conference Class-Major
Solid: San Diego State, Boise State, Colorado State
Work to do: Wyoming
Spec from the Mountains: The safe teams are still just that, though Colorado State sits closer to the fence line than they would like but I still think that they are safe.

Key Game: Utah State at Wyoming Wednesday 9p Both teams need the win to get better seeding for the MWC tourney

Projected Bids: 4

Pacific 12
Conference Class-Power
Solid: Arizona, Utah, Oregon
Work to do: UCLA, Stanford, Oregon State
Spec from the left coast:  No real changes here, UCLA isn’t in and wont be at least until they make the Pac12 Semis in Vegas. Stanford is running out time and chances to impress and Oregon States meager chance may have evaporated after getting housed at Cal but then again…

Key Games: Oregon @ Oregon St Wednesday 11p (ESPNU) The Beavers have just about run out of chances but beating their hated in-state rivals might buy them more time short of winning the whole thing in Vegas

Projected Bids: 3

Conference Class-Power
Solid: Kentucky, Arkansas
Work to do: LSU, Texas A&M, Georgia, Ole Miss
Spec is Down South:  No real change here, UK is marking time as a marked team. Arkansas is quality but just not ready and will be uite happy to sit opposite of the rampaging Cats until the finale in Nashville. 

Key Game: Kentucky at Georgia  9p Tonight (ESPN) Kentucky’s last true road game, the Dawgs instantly go uptown with the biggest resume win of them all.

Projected Bids: 4

West Coast 
Conference Class- Mid Major
Going: Gonzaga, BYU
Hoping for the Best: St. Mary’s
West Coast Spec:  Leave it to BYU, to throw a massive monkey wrench into the works. The Coogs rolled into the Kennel and handed the Bulldogs a bittersweet sendoff for the Gonzaga seniors and prevented a clean sheet WCC skein. The Coogs now have the momentum to steal a bid outright as WCC or least stay in the conversation legitimately as a contender for an at-large.

West Coast Conference Championship Tournament Mar 6-10 Orleans Arena, Las Vegas
Projected Bids: 2

There are others in the mix to be sure. Teams from the always dangerous (Projected winners in Parentheses) Colonial (UNC Wilmington) and Big South (Coastal Carolina) always are in the mix and can send multiple teams. Of course the champions from the following conferences get an automatic bid: Amer. East (Albany) , Atlantic Sun (Florida Gulf Coast), Big Sky (Sacramento State), Big West (Cal-Davis), Horizon (Valpo), Ivy (Harvard), MAC (Central Michigan), MAAC (Iona) , MEAC (North Carolina Central), Northeast (St. Francis), Ohio Valley (Murray State), Patriot (Bucknell), Southern (Wofford), Southland (Sam Houston St) , Sun Belt (Georgia St), Summit (South Dakota St) , and SWAC (Alabama State) WAC (New Mexico State)

Since this is still just spec, nothing here is solid and we haven't even brought up the possibility of upsets. But those never happen, right?

Next Update: Friday



Wrapping Up My Sunday Basketball Games
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Five of the basketball teams I follow were in action on Sunday afternoon and evening, but the first bit of news I wanted to share was that Boston College men's basketball player Olivier Hanlan being named the ACC Player of the Week.

You can check out the photo below to see exactly why he got the award.


The Celtics had won 7 out of their last 10 games going into last night's game against the NBA's top dog team the Golden State Warriors. And the Celtics started off the game on fire as they opened up a 26 point lead on the Warriors.

And that's why the team going on to LOSE 106-101 engendered such a feeling of disappointment in me. I just don't understand how in the world Boston could lose this game after building up such a big lead. And those that would make the argument that the disparity in the team's records might account for why Golden State was able to come back and win need to shut the hell up! The loss drops the Celtics to 23-34 so obviously the two teams have very different records.

I just can't understand how one team can simply stop playing or get beaten after building up that lead. What happened to their momentum? Or their defense (they gave up 37 points to Stephen Curry)? Or, HELLO, their offense.


Isaiah Thomas led the Celtics with 20 points. Tyler Zeller added 17 points and 6 boards.

Brandon Bass (pictured below) finished with a 15 point, 12 rebound double double. Marcus Smart (10 points, 6 rebounds) and Jae Crowder (9 points and a game high 17 boards) also contributed.

Evan Turner (pictured below) rounded out the big contributors for the Celtics in the game. He had 10 points, 9 rebounds and 6 assists.

By the way, Isaiah Thomas was named the Eastern Conference Player of the Week on Monday.


It was Senior Day for all four of my women's college teams yesterday.

Hartford - The Hawks hosted Stony Brook and got a 17 point 12 board performance from Cherelle Moore (pictured below) on their way to a 56-49 victory. The win puts them at 14-16 (8-8 in conference) as they move into the post season America East tournament.

Deanna Mayza added 15 points in support of Moore while Morgan Lumb finished with 14 points.

Here's a look at the four graduating seniors (L-R: Amber Bepko, Katie Roth, Cherelle Moore and Shanise Bultron).

You can check out highlights from the game and postgame comments below.

Missouri State - Before the Bears game against Drake, the Springfield News-Leader ran a story on backup guard Kori Farmer (pictured below) that you can read HERE.

As for the game itself, the Bears won their sixth game in a row with an 86-57 defeat of Drake. With two games left to play in the regular season, The team is now 14-13 (11-5 in MVC play).

The offense was led by 16 points and 6 assists from Kenzie Williams (pictured 1st). The lone senior on the team this year was NiJay Gaines (pictured 2nd). She finished her final regular season home game with 11 points and 6 boards. Tyonna Snow (who was named MVC Player of the Week) added 10 points and 5 boards.


Tennessee LADY VOLS - On Senior Day, the Lady Vols blew out Vanderbilt 79-49 behind 26 points (including 8 three pointers) from Ariel Massengale (pictured below). The win leaves the team at 25-4 (15-1 in conference) as they head into the SEC tournament.

Jaime Nared (pictured below 1st) had 17 points while Cierra Burdick (pictured 2nd) and Andraya Carter (pictured 3rd) scored 12 points each.


The three seniors honored before the game were Massengale, Burdick and Isabelle Harrison. Harrison was lost for the season a week or so ago, but was briefly inserted into the game to be on the court during her final regular season home game.

Boston College Women - Shayra Brown and Victoria Lesko (who I don't think played all season) were honored before the game. This was also the game that my former player Gabby was going to be in attendance for. I picked up 5 tickets for her back on Thanksgiving night. She took 3 of her friends and her mother went as the chaperone. Here's a pic of them from the game. (Gabby is on the far left, while another ex-player of mine, Kendall, is on the far right).

As for the game, it all came down to the most fundamental of necessary skills. Boston College trailed 47-40 late in their game against Virginia Tech, but they went on a 9-0 run to end the game. The run was capped off by freshman Katie Quandt (8 points) hitting two foul shots with 2.5 seconds left to give the Eagles the 49-47 victory.

Kelly Hughes (pictured below 1st) led BC with 17 points. Emilee Daley (pictured 2nd) had 8 points and Nicole Boudreau had 5 rebounds and 4 assists to go with her 8 points.


The Eagles finished the regular season 13-16 overall and a 5-11 ACC record. The Eagles will play Wake Forest in the first round of the ACC tournament on Wednesday.

You can see highlights of the game and the post game press conference below.




Monday Moaning 3-2-15
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It's Monday and the NHL Trade Deadline is fast approaching...and while some teams made minor moves last week, like the CRIPPLE_FOR_A_CRIPPLING_CONTRACT_TRADE,  but I expect some big activity Monday...Although my New York Rangers got started Sunday...Trading defenseman John Moore, very elite prospect, Anthony Duclair and a 1st and 2nd round draft picks to the Coyotes for the defenseman most teams would like to add, Keith Yandle, and defenseman Chris Summers, along with a 4th round draft pick...The Coyotes are also retaining 50% of Yandle's contract which has one more year left on it...

The Rangers then moved Lee Stempniak to Winnipeg for Carl Klingberg...As well as acquiring James Sheppard from San Jose for a 4th round pick...I expect to see San Jose dump a couple more players as it seems they are throwing in the towel on their playoff hopes...Unlike the Rangers who are all in, Cup or Bust...

Other trades that have taken place so far...

Washington added some more grit mixed with skill acquiring Curtis Glencross from Calgary for a 2nd and a 3rd'er...

Chicago landed another very talked about Coyote, Antoine Vermette for defenseman Klas Dahlbeck and a 1st round pick...The Blackhawks also landed Kimmo Timonen from Philly for and 2nd and 4th...

Florida overpaid New Jersey with a 2nd and 3rd for old man Jaromir Jagr...

Pittsburgh added some bulk with Daniel Winnik for a prospect a 2nd and a 4th...

-In other Hockey related news...Many Americans fell in love with watching T.J. Oshie in the Olympics...He plays the game well in all aspects...And he does some other cool stuff...Just watch!

We don't get to see enough of these stories in the sports world...We get far too many stories of domestic abuse, drug use, DUI's, assault, and other idiot shit....Hell, I've heard more about a tape that may exist involving Dez Bryant, in the last week, then I have about athletes doing good deeds in the last 6 months...So is the problem the athletes? the Media? Or our voyeuristic need to catch people doing bad shit?  Probably a combination of them all...

I know in my posts I hit on the negative more then the positive...So I'm going to start looking and searching some of these positive stories...

But that's after I do my Beatles Research...I saw this Sunday night after getting home from work...

I always blew off all the Beatles "Hidden Messages" stuff, but now I figure I'll be up until 3:00 AM digging into all of it...

That's it for now...

Have a week...

The Beeze.

QOTD - 3/2/15 Tags: NBA

NBA:  Blake Griffin is out with an injury and it appears that not only are the LAC playing MUCH better, DeAndre Jordan is just going off which has led to a lot of speculation based on lots of issues.  If it comes down to LAC being able to keep only Jordan OR Griffin, who should they keep?

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