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NASCAR Update And Other Fast Stuff 6-28-14
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It's midnight as I write this Gabbers & others. Welcome to my NASCAR updates & other fast stuff. Was watching the Kentucky race this evening. No, not horses. It was cars. Keep seeing this McDonalds commercial and I don't get it. Actually I think I do but it's stupid. I'm sure you've seen it. There's a lady sitting at a bus stop and 4 guys make like a shield so a truck driving through the puddles doesn't splash her. That damn soccer stuff is every where. No motors. Not interested.


This week Jimmie, owner Rick Hendrick & The #48 team were at the White House. Obama honored Jimmie for his 6 championships and charitable contributions. His foundation has donated nearlt $7 million to schools and other charities.

Obama made a crack about Jimmie winning so much that he should have his own parking space but not his and don't be doing burn outs. He compared Jimmie to Michael Jordon. Because of his 6 championships in 8 years it made him the Michael Jordan of NASCAR.


Home Depot has announced that they'll be leaving NASCAR & will not be Kenseth's paint scheme at the end of the season. Not to worry, Dollar General has stepped up to 30 races next year. So JGR has to find sponsorship for 6 regular races and the All Star race.

Still no word on M&M's renewing with Ky Bu. After the Sonoma race last weekend Ky Bu was heard on the radio asking if M&M had signed the contract yet. The answer was no but you ran a good race.

So I'm sure he'll be Kenseth's team mate next season but sponsorship stuff is hard to nail down. I just can't see Carl Edwards becoming the face of M&M's if he were to join JGR next year. 


Speaking of Kenseth, this was his tire at Kentucky this evening. He said he felt it going on the track. Gave up 6th place but fought back from 26th to finish 4th.


Last Sunday was the road rage road course. It was definitely that. Cars bouncing off each other and tires and jumping over the curbing into each other. Allmendinger led the most laps with 35 but no W for him. Harvick's pit crew screwed up again and got Harvick mired in traffic on a restart. Result? Bowyer's tire was going down so McMurray booted him out of the way and right into Harvick. Vickers spun out Stenhouse. Stewart got a speeding penalty. What a rookie mistake. Despite a hard charging Gordon, Edwards took the lead with 20 to go and that was it.

Top 15 Finishers : Edwards - Gordon - Dale Jr - McMurray - Menard - Kahne - Johnson - Ambrose - Biffle - Bowyer - Newman - Ku Bu - Mears - Vickers - Truex Jr



Mr Keselowski had the pole and led a race high 199 laps in a dominating win. I certainly didn't expect it. He and his team mate Logano took turns leading the race. Ky Bu was the only other to lead a few laps at the end of the race. He thought he got away but Keselowski reeled him in. I'm interested to see if he passes post race inspection. Nobody could touch Keselowski all night. He passed every one with ease. Too much ease if you ask me.

Other high lights? Hamlin cut a tire down and slammed the wall on lap 29. Done. On lap 77 rookie Larson did the same thing. Done. Harvicks crew screwed up on pit road again. I thought he was going to explode. He did rally back to a 7th place finish. Wonder if the crew guys walked home? Gordon's crew had issues with an air wrench. He too battled back to a 6th place finish. Logano lost a cylinder in the last 25 laps but held on for a top 10.

Top 15 Finishers : Keselowski - Ky Bu - Newman - Kenseth - Dale Jr - Gordon - Harvick - Kahne - Logano - Johnson - Stewart - Ku Bu - Ambrose - Biffle - Menard


Next Saturday night is the Daytona Coke Zero 400. Mr Johnson won last year. Of course this is a high speed crap shoot just like Dega. It's any bodies race. Even The Danica could pull this one out of her helmet. I expect HMS power to be up front. Seven of the top 15 finishers at Kentucky were HMS motors. 

I'm sure Hamlin will continue his destructive ways. Not picking him. Harvicks pit crew needs a revamp. Not picking him. Bowyer & Vickers aren't driving up to expectations this year. Not picking them.Kahne is cursed. Was last year too. He's either brilliant or wrecking. Not picking him. Ku Bu is usually self destructing. So has his brother Ky Bu lately too. Not picking either of them. These are the top dawgs that are under performing or have an issue to over come. Every body else is good to go in my opinion. 

Good luck with your picks.

I'll be working on July 4th. My employer said they expect high volumes but we can put ourselves on the waitlist. They'll visit it the day before to see if they can let people off. What ever. It'll be double time for me. Not like I can't use that. 

Any way, Happy 4th of July coming up. Thanks for all those that have served, and are serving this great country. I do love my ordinary existance. I went to the Dollar Tree and bought red, white & blue pin wheels and flags for my yard.....

Everybody stay safe. Enjoy your weekend.

And I'm outta here......




Musings From The Hoodwood 5-6
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Hey Tronna, thanks for softening up the Nets for us...oh you forgot we were still in the playoffs?


Greetings from the Hoodwood where we laugh at the number of idiots that have been coming out of the woodwork.

NBA: A Yahtzee of 7th Games

This past weekend was the NBA’s time to really shine. The first round of the 2014 playoffs were probably the most intense games I’ve seen in the postseason for a long time. You are used to seeing the kind of intense battles come late May or early June but in no fewer than 6 of the 8 first round matchups, you had all the drama of conference finals. Only the Heat who barely broke a sweat sweeping out the Bobcats cum Hornets 2.0 and the Wizards who shockingly steamrolled a punchless Bulls squad were not pushed hard.

Item: The Blazers and Rockets played for a six game series some of the most drama filled basketball, and with the Rockets hanging on to a 2 point lead near the end of game 6 Friday most figured that a seventh game would be on tap in Houston Sunday night. But Damon Lillard got loose on a double screen and furiously clapping for the ball got the inbounds and in all one motion caught squared up and shot.

The bucket went down, and so did the Rockets. Lillard for his part didn’t jump on a table or run wildly about. He turned like he expected the ball and expected the shot to go down. It was the Blazers first playoff series win since 2000! It was bitter coda for a Rockets team that many had as a dark horse to legitimately challenge the Spurs or Thunder for Western supremacy. Unfortunately Dwight Howard and the Rockets will have to watch the other 7 teams battle it out and wonder what might have been.

Item: The Raptors and Nets might have a built a real rivalry

I watched the 7th game of the Nets –Raptors first round matchup and was genuinely intrigued by their legitimately rowdy fan base. I mean I’ve known that the Raptors have been in the NBA close to 20 years but their rowdy crowds in and out of the Air Canada Centre where the 20,457 for the game inside were almost as loud as the equally large crowd outside.  The Nets were trailing 3-2 after losing 115-113 on Wednesday but the Nets routed the Raptors in the Barclays Center in Game 6 and raced out to a huge lead in game 7, but the Raptors fought their way back into the game and whittled the lead down to a single point, but couldn’t get over the hump. Kyle Lowry had the last shot but was denied by Paul Pierce and that was that, probably the best series you didn’t see. The Air Canada Centre crowd saluted their team with a standing O but it was the Nets who would be moving on to face the Heat. Pierce was effusive in his praise for the vanquished Raptors along with his teammates looked like they wanted no more of the Canadian club. This might be one of the better rivalries taking shape in the NBA…

Item: Spurs/Mavs end on an ill coda

By all right it was supposed to be a walkover the 62 win Spurs were supposed to brush aside the Mavs who just got in the playoffs on the next to last day of the season. The experts were saying 5 games tops most were saying sweep. But the cagey Mavs kept counterpunching and keeping the Spurs off guard. Vince Carter tossed in a buzzer beater in game 3 to give the Mavs a 2-1 lead, the Spurs won game 4 and 5 and the Mavs were down for the count seemingly but they staved off elimination with a thrilling game 6 win on Friday Night and pushed the Spurs to a 7th game where many said now the series was a tossup. Problem was the Spurs had one more punch in them and they hit the Mavs hard from the get go charging out to a 12 point first quarter lead and never letting off the gas. Duncan, Ginobili and Parker went for the kill shot early and the Mavs had no answers. Dirk Nowitzki gave it a go, but he was basicially on his own his 22 points wasn’t nearly enough as the Spurs sent the Mavs out the door with a 119-96 rout that wasn’t even that close. I thought it was a flat way for a great series to end.


Item Pacers survive scare to move on but are they vulnerable

It looked sure as shooting that they would go down, the Pacers were down 3-2 to a spunky Hawks squad playing with house money. The Pacers defied the naysayers and routed the Hawks in both game 6 in the ATL and in game 7 before a roaring house in Indy. OMG, we had a Roy Hibbert sighting! The much maligned Pacer big man finally came out of his shell in game 7 and played a solid game. Paul George dodged a serious bullet when he almost caught a suspension for going on the court during a game 6 melee but he did play and led the Pacers with 30 and the Pacers rolled to the series clinching win. But the questions lingered if the Pacers supposedly the East’s top team had trouble with a 38 win Hawk squad, how much trouble would they have with a Wizards team that brushed aside the Bulls like so much an afterthought. The questions get louder after the Wizards took the Game 1 by a 102-96 score that wasn’t as close as the 6 point final margin. Are the Pacers worn out from their 7 game battle in the first round will we see a mammoth upset by the playoff neophyte Wiz?

Clippers and the Sterling aftermath

Much has been said and written about the sorry mess that is the Donald Sterling affair and I will not rehash it here other than saluting Adam Silver and his quick and decisive stance on the matter. One had to wonder if the Clippers as a team worn and battered by the unneeded attention and scrutiny would understandably wilt. To the high credit of the coaching of Doc Rivers and the steady hand of Chris Paul’ the Clippers instead were buoyed by the surprising support of the LA basketball community who rallied around the players and coaches of the squad and held them blameless for the stupid actions and comments of their disgraced soon to be former team owner. The Clippers battled a very good Warriors and won games 5 and 7 on their home court, the latter in a thrilling 126-121 battle. So for only the third time in their mostly forgettable history, the Clippers are moving on to the 2nd round, where facing a rowdy Chesapeake Energy Center crowd in OKC routed the Thunder 126-105 to take a 1-0 series lead. Watch out folks this team might be coming together at a time that no one in the West might be ready for.

More stupidity on the airwaves

I’ve never been a fan of Chris “Mad Dog” Russo cut from the know it all New York broadcasting cloth, Russo has that snarky, smarmy, I’m always right and you’re always wrong attitude of sports talk show hosts. Unlike Jim Rome or Scotty Ferrell who can be abrasive but are willing to listen to other points of view if you come correct, Russo has always been the loud braying voice. He was asked why there weren’t any black talk show hosts on his Sirius radio network Russo replied that there might not be any “black talent worthy of a national talk show” Russo backed off some of his strong statements saying that he wasn’t “overwhelmed with resumes” I worked in radio for nine years and as a black man know all too well that radio was an old boys club that eventually I wasn’t welcome in. Was Russo right in his comments, it’s not like the job field was that thin to begin with. I remember at 28 being told I was too old and wanted too much to just be a producer and I didn’t have the “experience” enough to be in front of the microphone though I was producing for a talk show host who was only few months younger than me and who’s day job was in the legal department of the area’s Jewish Chamber of Commerce. I knew what I was up against and pursued my dream of being an on-air personality till I was basically told that there were no positions that I could have at my asking price (with a young daughter to support at the time, I sure as hell wasn’t going to take minimum wage and free concert tickets) So I reluctantly left radio and the broadcast arts, but I hear morons like Russo bray that there aren’t any good talent out there. It’s apparent that they climbed the ladder and made sure that it couldn’t be followed.

NFL: Caught in the draft

I can’t take it anymore…will someone please start the fuckin’ NFL draft already? I’m tired of hearing every so-called expert say who they think will be picked and where Johnny Manziel, Teddy Bridgewater, Blake Bortles, Jimmy Garapollo and Derek Carr will go. I like Todd McShay of ESPN, I’ve always liked the astute observations of John Clayton (the man likes old school funk too as well as Slayer) he’s got to be an alright dude, yeah? Mel Kiper annoys me as well as the knuckleheads on FS1 who are so much Johnny come latelys, NFL network has basically oversaturated the football landscape. Don’t get me wrong, I love football. I write on it often but there comes a point where it’s too much. The 3 months between the Super Bowl and the draft has dragged on to the point where the speculation has turned into overkill.

Phat Dap/Head Slap

Phat Dap

I don’t know (or much care) where former Alabama QB AJ McCarron will go in the aforementioned draft but he’s got a big fan in the Hoodwood after I peeped out the story of how he befriended a young cancer patient by the name of Starla Chapman. Chapman was battle acute myeloid leukemia a rare disorder that starts in the bone marrow and affects the blood the chemo that little Starla was receiving was weakening her heart so bad that it was just functioning at a mere 6% capacity. McCarron met Chapman who gave her an Alabama cheerleading uniform, while Chapman gave McCarron a bracelet with the phrase “Just Trust” something that she said to her very worried parents before she started chemo. McCarron vowed to wear it constantly and did so as the Tide won the national title in 2012, little Starla has gotten better, with her cancer in full remission and her heart returning to full health. She and McCarron have grown close and McCarron is her godfather now. You have to tip your cap to the simple act McCarron did that meant a lot to a little girl.


Head Slap

To the idiot Bruins fans who took to twitter last week to crudely slur Canadians defenseman PK Subban after his rocket blast shot in overtime found the back of the net and handed the Habs a stunning game 1 over the Bruins in the Eastern Semis. Now I know that the Bruins and Habs have had a long, bitter acrimonious rivalry that has spanned decades but the level of vitriol was vicious and nasty. Subban is black and the tweets that were focused on him were the vilest of racial hatred that one could think of. These taunts coming from some fans who forget that the Bruins drafted and have his younger brother in their minor league system. But all these chuckleheads saw was that Subban had beaten their teams and they were going apeshit about deriding him. One idiot went so far as to post a picture of a noose. Now I love my teams and support them win or lose. I hate when they are beaten but would never go as far as to post slurs of any kind and to do something racially motivated is below the belt. This is a nasty blot to the populace of a proud fanbase. The Bruins themselves were quick to repudiate the actions of the tweeters and quickly denounce and distance themselves from it, which I applaud. Do the games mean that much to some that they have to reduce themselves to the lowest common denominator? I for one am rooting for Subban to have a great series, just to spite the asshats that are using that LCD to justify and intimidate.

Quick Musings

I had Money Mayweather 117-112 on my card and each of the last 7 rounds

The greatest of all time Muhammad Ali, wants to see a fight between Money and Pac...why cant this happen?

I picked California Chrome to win the Kentucky Derby, but I cant get on the hype for him winning the triple crown, if he win at Plimlico then we'll talk.

Durant will win the MVP, and he came up big against the Grizz but he should be a more dynamic leader.

I think Manziel doesnt get past Cleveland at #4 and Im hoping that my beloved Vikes take Blake Bortles

​Until Next Post Fellow Sports fans!


Kentucky Derby Odds...and My Shitty Picks
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Derby Day is almost here...Get out your stupid hats ladies...Drink up another Mint Julep...And don't forget to place your bet...

Here are the horses and their odds, listed by post position...

1. Vicar's in Trouble (22-1)

2. Harry's Holiday (41-1)

3. Uncle Sigh (21-1)

4. Danza (10-1)

5. California Chrome (5-2)

6. Samraat (16-1)

7. We Miss Artie (25-1)

8. General a Rod (27-1)

9. Vinceremos (42-1)

10. Wildcat Red (14-1)

11. Hoppertunity (scratched)

12. Dance With Fate (16-1)

13. Chitu (26-1)

14. Medal Count (16-1)

15. Tapiture (29-1)

16. Intense Holiday (10-1)

17. Commanding Curve (23-1)

18. Candy Boy (16-1)

19. Ride On Curlin (13-1)

20. Wicked Strong (9-1)

21. Pablo Del Monte (scratched)

Now every year the wife, kids, and I pick horses, and have a family bet...But I like to place a couple real bets as well...That said, I'm out of the loop this year...So this year I'm going solely off of the studying I did over the last couple hours...No science here...Just some old fashioned reading, and guess work...

Clearly, California Chrome is the favorite...Favorites suck...No money to make there...Screw that horse...I'm taking 6. Samraat (16-1) to win...A couple people in the know really like this horse...And there's good money to be made...I'm all in...20. Wicked Strong (9-1) to place...Good horse...Good name...Moves into the 19th post position with 11. Hoppertunity scratching...A lot of people liked that horse, but a possible foot injury has taken him out...to show, I'm going with 12. Dance With Fate (16-1)...hey, when you're guessing at horse racing, how can you not take a horse with that name...He should run well, I just hope he'll hold off 5.California Chrome (5-2)....

For a longshot...I like 15. Tapiture (29-1)...I'll probably throw a couple bucks on 17. Commanding Curve (23-1) as well...

Good luck!

The Beeze.

LSU-Arkansas Rivalry-Week Series Ends
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LSU players with the Golden Boot, I believe after last year's game.

LSU players with the Golden Boot, I believe after last year’s game.

I updated the records in my LSU/Arkansas blog and added a brief game summary for the game yesterday (this was originally published on 11/30).

I didn’t realize it until after the game was played (although I knew changes were coming), but this was sort of a bittersweet ending for the LSU-Arkansas “black Friday” tradition. Granted, it’s not much of a tradition as compared to Ohio St.-Michigan and so forth, but with LSU playing Arkansas at the end of the year (the day after Thanksgiving the vast majority of the time) the last 2/3 of my life is meaningful to me. I remember LSU playing Tulane annually, but I don’t remember that game being one to get excited about. (I was a toddler the last time Tulane beat LSU and barely a teenager when the annual series was canceled.)

Of course, I’m glad LSU won this last game, but I’m also glad Arkansas represented themselves well. It wasn’t good for my nerves, but it just wouldn’t have felt proper for this to be an easy win. I mention in my blog how often in the last 13 years it’s been a close game, so this was fitting. I wouldn’t mind if Arkansas got a good team again, but sometimes there are too many good teams in the SEC, especially as long as LSU has to play Florida every year along with the SEC West slate. The Gators will be back too.

I also liked that LSU usually played Arkansas in Little Rock since the campus was less lively with it being Thanksgiving weekend. I imagine LSU people who traveled to the games liked them being closer as well. The late great George Carlin did a bit about football vocabulary versus baseball. Baseball is played at a park. Football is played on the gridiron in places like Soldier Field and War Memorial Stadium (which is what they call the one in Little Rock). I went to my first game at the L.A. Colliseum last year. There is just something special about stadiums like that. “War”, as I understand the locals call it, was built around 20 years later, but it’s a similar type of severe concrete architecture. I think the Arkansas fans treated it as something special as well.

If I had my druthers, the last four SEC opponents would be Ole Miss (on or around Halloween), Alabama, Mississippi St., and Arkansas, but no such luck. Whether I like it or not (it has its good points, to be honest), Texas A&M and Missouri have joined the SEC, so now there is that to contend with. Before last year, when LSU played Texas A&M (back in the mid-1990s and before), it was in early September; but that doesn’t work now, especially now that we’ve often been playing one of the neutral-site kickoff games. (Next year, LSU will start the season against Wisconsin in Houston.)

I can understand it, and it will probably work out though. We’ve played Auburn (often in September, but Mississippi St. and the non-conference slate will bump them to the first week of October next season) and Florida (usually in the second week of October) early on in recent years, and we don’t need another big game so early in the year. Also, Texas A&M lost their traditional Thanksgiving game with Texas, so they have to play somebody. Missouri should be a good game today; but it’s not a bordering state, and there isn’t a meaningful history between the two schools.

As for Missouri, they’re really out of place being forced into the same division with Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina in particular, so giving them and Arkansas a close geographic annual rival makes a good bit of sense. Arkansas isn’t the most natural fit in the SEC West either. Their closest divisional opponent is Ole Miss, a six-hour drive away from the Arkansas campus. (Not that LSU is situated that much better in reference to other schools.) Also, interestingly enough, Tom Dienhart, who wrote to argue for Arkansas to join the Big XII seven years ago (he wanted them to kick out Baylor), got one of the match-ups he wanted after all.

Sometimes when I talk about realignment, I’m an advocate for disturbing certain traditions; but I don’t deny that it doesn’t always feel right immediately afterward even if the changes eventually work and the new reality can become an improvement. I mentioned Auburn, for instance. They didn’t have a rivalry with LSU to speak of before 1992 either, but it’s been a fun series too, and it will continue as far as I can tell. (Although to be honest, they might make more sense in the East.)

Arkansas was sort of a replacement for Tulane (even though they overlapped a few years) anyway, and LSU wouldn’t have been playing the Razorbacks every year if it weren’t for the previous SEC expansion. It became a fun, back-and-forth, competitive series like many of the more long-term and consistent rivalries seem to be. I’ll miss that, along with the other quirks I mentioned.

Maybe something similar will develop from the Texas A&M series. The one this year was better as an LSU fan, but maybe there will be some more like last year to entertain the more neutral fans. I hope they make it at night after all the NFL games end. One thing I didn’t like about the Arkansas series was when it was played at home for LSU, it was often one fewer night game. I also wasn’t thrilled that this season’s game against Texas A&M was during the day, not that I wasn’t satisfied with how that one went.

Also, it’s not like LSU will stop playing Arkansas. That game is set for November 15 next year, apparently in Fayetteville. It could still be an important part of the schedule for either team. Not really relevant to LSU, but I also thought it was interesting that the Hogs will play the Aggies in Jerry World in late September.

So I guess this will be the new Thanksgiving week alignment for the SEC teams; I hope it will stick:
LSU-Texas A&M (Thanksgiving Day)
Mississippi St.-Ole Miss
Georgia-Georgia Tech*
Florida-Florida St.*
Clemson-South Carolina*
(* = non-conference game)

Many of you probably know where to find my other blogs (such as more detailed rankings discussion) by now, but if you need specific directions, let me know.   Everything is published there first.

NASCAR Update And Other Fast Stuff 7-6-13
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Good morning and welcome Gabbers and others to my NASCAR updates and other fast stuff. Hope everyone had a safe and grillin' 4th of July. I know it's been a tad on the warm side lately for some. Me too. Had to wait till like 7:30 for the sun to go down a bit so I could mow my lawn Friday. Just too damn hot till then. Will have to tackle the weeds on Monday. They seem to be invincible.


Seems there are 3 buyers inquiring now. Still the mystery buyer hasn't identified themselves yet. Then there's Terry Labonte. You know, big brother of Bobby and you might know him as the Iceman. Maybe you saw his backward spin & win off the bumper of one Dale Sr at Bristol back in the day? Brother Bobby is happy for Terry.

Then we have Harry Scott who is co-owner of a Nationwide team (Turner Scott Motorsports) that is expressing his interest for the purchase. I certainly hope someone comes forward with the money and can keep it going. The more teams the merrier I say.


NASCAR inspectors caught 16 Cup teams with illegal roof flap spacers at Daytona and made all the teams switch out and hand over the illegal ones. Then they went to the Nationwide cars and found 15 more. There were 31 teams total that were caught. 

The spacers support the hinge bar on the roof flap. The flaps deploy during a spin to help keep the car from going airborne. The spacers were machined down to make them lighter which saved 3 oz of weight on the roof. This by itself isn't going to give you a whole lot of advantage but if you can shave off a tad here and a tad there , well you know it will add up to an advantage at some point. 

The rule book states......"the hinged air deflectors must be installed as specified in the instruction sheet supplied with the hinged air deflector kit".

Now this is a specific kit supplied to the teams that NASCAR has mandated they use. AND it's a safety feature on the car. Safety being something NASCAR has become very adamant about working on. I would say penalties are coming and they will be of the monetary, points and suspension kind. Some of the drivers may lose their crew chief for the rest of the season because some are already on probation. 

The teams in Cup involved are, McMurray, Keselowski, Logano, Ambrose, Almirola, Mears, Hamlin, Kyle B, Kenseth, Edwards, Biffle, Stenhouse, Bowyer, Waltrip, Truex & Bayne. 

Now this involves everybody but the Hendrick and Stewart Haas guys. The officials aren't saying how they knew to look at the spacers either . That isn't something that is looked at in detail. Hhhhhhhmmmmmmm.....I wonder who told? I know where my money would go for that bet.



Mr Kenseth was your winner for Kentucky. Don't know if the roof flap discrepancy had anything to do with his win but he did come in first. It was supposed to be a Saturday night race but rain ruined any chance of that. So Sunday it was.

Dale Jr had the pole and was trucking along when Hamlin had a flat tire. He got to the access road but the oter shell came off and went out onto the track and Dale Jr hit it. Cracked his splitter and caused other handling damage. He was able to get some fixed but a win was out of the question.

Lap 48 saw a red flag. Kurt B tapped Keselowski who bounced off Kvapil, Biffle, Menard, Cassill and the wall. He did get back out later after repairs many laps down but no DNF (did not finish).

On the restart it's Johnson, Kenseth, Edwards, Gordon & Harvick for your top 5.

Caution #6 on lap 107 for debris gets Kyle and Johnson almost penalized. They played chicken. Pretending they were going into the pits and right at the commitment cone they swerved back onto the track. The problem? They were in front of the pace car. That's a no no. Johnson runs off with the lead again.

Lap 132 it's Johnson, Logano, Bowyer, Hamlin, Kenseth. The danica is complaining that Mears is not playing nice. Her crew chief says that she'll find a way around him.

Lap 148 is a caution for Hamlin hard into the wall. The styrofoam pieces in the middle of the safer barrier wall had to be replaced where he hit. Edwards beats Johnson off pit road but can't keep the lead.

Caution #9 on lap 240 for Vickers scraping the wall. Danica gets the Lucky Dog. She's now on the lead lap  in 26th. Kahne & Stremme are caught speeding on pit road. Now sent to 22nd & 23rd. Kenseth did not pit. Says he believes he can maintain the lead if it's just 1 restart.

Kenseth some how takes the lead and Johnson spins the tires and gets sucked back and spins. There's a caution due to Johnson spinning on that restart. He needs tires now & he starts in 22nd. Ouch.

 Kenseth keeps the lead to the end and some how Johnson makes up ground for a 9th place finish. Should've taken 4 tires on caution #9 and he would've won I bet.

Top 15  finishers - Kenseth - McMurray - Bowyer - Logano - Kyle B - Kurt B - Truex - Gordon - Johnson - Harvick - Kahne - Dale Jr - Ambrose Newman - Almirola



Saturday night race again. It was just what I thought it would be. That #48 was your winner. Nine of the top 10 were veterans.

The unofficial top 15 was Johnson - Stewart - Harvick -Bowyer - Waltrip - Kurt B - McMurray - Dale Jr - Mears - Newman - Stenhouse - Kyle B - The Danica - Yeley - Gilliland.

Hamlin wrecked big again. He hit the wall head on then got T boned. Dude needs to get out of the car. He says he's finishing the season. 

Kahne and Gordon both had wrecks. Hope you're all staying away from these 2 in your fantasy leagues. 

Did anybody notice that McMurray was 2nd at Kentucky and 6th this week? Yeah!!!! 


Here's another guy on the move. A 9th this week. Was in and around the top 10 a lot during the race. More on Daytona next week.

It's now 1:30 am and I'm ready for my pillows. Happy Sunday. Try to stay cool best you can. After my snooze it's breakfast with my grandkids and if it's not too hot I'll be grillin' some chicken. Mmmmmmmmmmmm. Hey now. Take care, be safe, stay cool, hydrate and......

I'm outta here.......





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