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Kentucky Derby Odds and Post Positions
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The Kentucky Derby is Saturday, and it's always a fun time for my family...We like to all pick horses and have a †fun family wager...I also like to make some legitimate bets as well...Her are the Horses, their Post Position, and their odds...

Post Horse Updated Odds
1 Black Onyx †(scratched) 50-1
2 Oxbow 30-1
3 Revolutionary 10-1
4 Golden Soul 50-1
5 Normandy Invasion 12-1
6 Mylute 15-1
7 Giant Finish 50-1
8 Goldencents 5-1
9 Overanalyze 15-1
10 Palace Malice 20-1
11 Lines of Battle 30-1
12 Itsmyluckyday 15-1
13 Falling Sky 50-1
14 Verrazano 4-1
15 Charming Kitten 20-1
16 Orb 7-2
17 Will Take Charge 20-1
18 Frac Daddy 50-1
19 Java's War 15-1
20 Vyjack 15-1

Everyone likes Orb...Hell, I did before they made him a 7-2 favorite...Not much money to be made there...

I like the 3 horse, Revolutionary(10-1)...He likes the rail, and so does his jockey...If he gets a clean start he'll do well...

Lot's of people don't like a horse that is way outside....I don't mind...That's why I like the 19 horse, Java's War...Strong horse there...

Then there is the 12 horse Itsmyluckyday...Just Like Java's War, he's 15-1...I like that...And this horse could very well be your winner...

If you're looking at doing a Trifecta, Exacta, Perfecta, that stuff...Make sure you've got Goldencents (5-1) in there...

As for long shots (50-1)...I don't know....Black Onyx seemed like the best long shot to me, but he was scratched today with a chip in one of his ankles...

have your lady wear a goofy at...Have some drinks...Lay down some bets...And enjoy the race!

The Beeze.

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Will you be watching the Kentucky Derby?

Will you be gambling on the Kentucky Derby?

This and That - 02/21/13
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Tags: Ben Pike University of Toledo Ashlee Barrett Kentucky Basketball Mitchell Marcus NBA All-Star Game shooting and Slam Dunk contests Jerry Buss

NBA weekend, Kentucky, Jerry Buss, all this and more in this weeks edition ofÖ

This and That

Sorry this is late. I worked 12 hours and just got home. Please excuse any grammar or spelling errors.

Ben Pike, a football player at the University of Toledo, has left the team so he could be with his fiancee as she undergoes treatment for leukemia. Pike is a foot, 3-inch 260-pound defensive lineman who would have been a starter next season. Ben was informed in January that his fiancee, Ashlee Barrett, leukemia had returned. Ben Pike thought it was more important to turn his attention to his future wife then to play football. A very noble thing to do.

Does anyone feel sorry for the Kentucky baseball program? Nah. They have have the number one recruiting class year-in-year out so why should we. Come to think of it How come Wiltier hasnít picked it up. He was the #3 center in the nation in his recruiting class. Then again Poythress was #3 as a SF, Goodwin was #3 as a SG. Noel wasnít going to make the Wildcats that much better.

Calipari, listen up, when you live by the one-and-done, you die by the one-and-done.

Congratulations to Danica Patrick in becoming the first women to win the pole in any Sprint Cup Race. Danica averaged 196.434 mph in winning the pole.

With winning the pole position, and how she conducted herself in interviews after the achievement, you can see that Danica is maturing as a NASCAR driver.

Coronado High School Basketball student team manger with special needs, Mitchell Marcus, played for the first time in his four years with the team during a game versus their rival team, Franklin High.

Peter Morales, Coronadoís head coach, stated that "Mitchell has been a big part of this team and this team's success," said Morales. The only way he could reward Marcus was to give the senior something special: He wanted Marcus to suit up. "It was going to be a surprise for him, so during our shoot-around Tuesday, I gave him a uniform, and his eyes just sparkled. He was ready for the moment," said Morales. "That would have been enough," said Amy Marcus, Mitchell Marcus's mom. So with the team leading by 14 points coach Morales put Marcus into the game. "We were so grateful the kids got us a big enough lead that everyone felt comfortable letting Mitchell in, which was amazing," said Amy Marcus. "It gave you chills and just to hear the crowd go Mitchell, Mitchell, Mitchell," said Morales. "There aren't words to describe it. But the entire section, the whole Coronado section was standing up and cheering. There was not one person sitting down," said Amy Marcus. Coronadoís players kept giving Mitchell the ball and he just kept missing. With time winding down the ball was in rival Franklins possession. But in the classiest act of the year, Jon Montanez, a Franklin player had the ball, he then passed the ball to Mitchell. Mitchell took the shot and he made it. "That was just the most incredible sportsmanship I've ever seen," said Amy Marcus. The crowd rushed the court, lifting Marcus onto their shoulders, chanting, "Mitchell! Mitchell!" "To put away the rivalry for a persons special moment in his life, was just amazing," said Morales, who also credited the Franklin team, coach and officials for their sportsmanship. "I was bawling, just bawling. Every mom around me was bawling," said Amy Marcus."The kids from both sides did everything possible to make Mitchell's night be beyond anyone's expectations, with such a rivalry between the two schools, everyone dropped the rivalry," she added.

There needs to be a change to the NBA All-Star game. It has no real shooting. Yeah they shoot a little three pointer here and there or another outside shot every 6 minutes to make the purists happy. But, for the most part it is simply a slam-a-jam contest, that quite frankly is getting boring.

Sorry to say, but to make it more competitive, the NBA all-star game is going to have to do what baseball did, and that is the winning conferences best team gets home court advantage for the NBA finals.

Ah, but to make it more interesting the following rules should apply:

All teams must be represented. If a team is not represented by a player as a starter then they will be selected as a substitute So if one team has 3 starters on the team and one from two other teams, then a player from each team (total of 12 players) should be added to the team for a total of 17 players. If the other conference has only two starters from the same team and three player from three different teams then they can have 12 players added from other teams, but at least one player from every team must be represented.

All players must play a minimum of 3 minutes.

I like the shooting competition because you at least have to shoot the ball around the three point line. The dunk contest sucks because for the most part its the same type of dunk.

How about passing skills? Have garbage cans lined up in different positions and different heights and angles (something like the NHLís shooting skills contest), . Have a timer of 45 seconds and see how many basketballs a player get put in the garbage can. For each successful pass $1,000 goes to the players charity. The winner of the contest will get $100,000 for their favorite charity.

A legend, in the world of owners has passed away. Los Angeles Lakers owner, Jerry Buss died at the age of 80 of kidney failure. In the steal of the century Jerry purchased the Lakers, Kings, The Forum and 13,000 acres for only $67 million (that was a lot back in 1979). Turning his reign the Lakers won 19 Division Championships, appeared in 16 Finals and won 10 NBA Titles.

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This and That
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Tags: Gas pumps Kansas City Chiefs Jovan Belcher Cleveland Browns NY Giants Eli Manning SD Chargers Phil Rivers A-Rod Kentucky Northern Illinois

Kentucky has fallen, so has A-Rod, who got the better of the Rivers/Manning trade? All this and more in this weeks edition ofÖ..

On the March 24, 2011 edition of ďRants and RavesĒ I posted a question..

Why is it that when you go to the gas station and use your credit card to pump gas, the gas pump doesnít stop until your carís gas tank is full.

Are you still paying attention, but, when you pre-pay, the gas pump slows down with about 50-cents to go and it then takes almost a minute or two to finish pumping? Any gas experts???

WELL, I finally got an answer to that question. I was pumping gas at my local gas station, when I noticed a mechanic working on one of the gas pumps. When I was finished pumping gas I walked over to the man and asked him that question and he politely answered the question as suchÖ

When you use your credit card you have control on how much gas is pumped and how much you actually might want to spend so if you want to fill it up the pump wonít stop until the gas tank is full. But, when you prepay you want to only pay a certain amount, so to make sure the pump does not go over the prepaid amount the gas attendant presets when the gas starts slowing down as to not go over the price amount.

This has not been a good week for the NFL.

First Kansas City Chiefís linebacker Jovan Belcher kills his girlfriend, the mother of his daughter, then goes to Arrowhead Stadium, talks to GM Scott Pioli and Coach Romeo Crennel, thanks them for all they have done for him and then commits suicide. Now there is a 3 month old child, Zoey Michelle, without a mother and father.

If that wasnít enough, and this went unnoticedÖ.

Eric Eucker a member of the Cleveland Browns ground crew also committed suicide by hanging himself in the equipment shed.

I can say the Giants got the better of the deal with the Chargers for Eli Manning. There is no comparison. As we all know by now, Phil Rivers was drafted by the New York Giants with the 4th pick in the 2004 NFL draft, while Eli was drafted number 1 by the San Diego Chargers. Manning did not want to play for the Chargers they had a 25 year-old quarterback named Drew Brees running the plays for the team. The Giants traded Rivers along with three picks (which San Diego used to draft Shawne Merriman, Nate Kaeding and Roman Oben) to get Manning. Now Rivers, Kaeding and Merriman are great players, but, they have not won any Super Bowls with the Chargers, while Manning guided the Giants to two Super Bowl victories.

8 years and 12 games stat info for Phil Rivers

112 games of which he started 108, 27,254 yards, 181 Yds and 93 Ints. 4 Pro Bowls

8 years and 11 games stat info for Eli Manning

132 games of which he started 130, 30,469 yards, 200 Tds and 140 Ints, 2 Pro Bowls

Alex Rodriguez might miss time due to a second hip surgery. It is reported that A-Rod could miss the first half of the 2013 season. He will have to have his left hip to repaired to fix a torn labrum, bone impingement and the correction of a cyst. It could take four to six months to recover.

To some, they were expected to repeat (donít tell that to Indiana fans), to others a top 5 team, but now the sky has fallen as Kentucky fell last week from #3 to #8, and this week fell off the map and outside the top 25, by losing to Notre Dame and Baylor. This is the biggest single weekly drop from the ranking since they went to a 25 team ranking in 1990.

Donít make excuses that Kentucky is a young team, because Kentucky was a young and unproven team last year and they won the National Championship. I must also mention that Kentucky had the top recruiting class in the nation.

The first members to be inducted into the baseball Hall of Fame have been announced. Former Yankees owner Jacob Ruppert who purchased the team in 1915, bought Babe Ruth from the Red Sox, and built Yankee Stadium. Also elected into the Hall were umpire Hank OíDay and barehanded catcher Deacon White.

I am rooting for Northern Illinois to beat Florida State. I want to see an occasional underdog, or Cinderella story every once in a while. If I was FSU I would not take NIU lightly.


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Georgia should not represent the SEC East
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I was reading a blog by one of the few people who has bothered to comment on a wordpress blog of mine. He wrote a blog illogically denouncing the SEC and he has Georgia as the SECís best team. In reflecting upon how wrong this is, it occurred to me that Georgia should not even be considered the best team in the East, particularly if both Florida and Georgia finish with one loss apiece. Iíve now left two comments on his blog to discuss this.

Just to avoid any idea of bias against them, I actually like Georgia. After Kentucky and Vanderbilt, who I mostly favor as regular underdogs, Georgia has been my favorite team in the East. I canít think of a recent instance where I didnít cheer for them against Florida, Tennessee, or South Carolina. I guess Iím more neutral with Tennessee now, but I remember being very annoyed on the Bulldogsí behalf that Tennessee won the SEC East in 2007, and I was definitely for Georgia before that. So Iím being consistent now that the team I like less deserves to play in the game and will not be able to.

As an aside, I also like newcomer MissourióI remember cheering for them many times as underdogs against teams like Nebraska and Oklahomaóbut I knew no matter how many losses there had been by A&M and Missouri, the first time one of the two got a breakthrough win, people were going to say, ďAha! The SEC defenses arenít so good after all. Look at that Big XII team go!Ē And thatís exactly what happened when Texas A&M, despite falling flat offensively against LSU and Florida after going out to early leads, finally managed to win such a game against Alabama. So Iím not quite in solidarity with the new Tigers and the Aggies just yet.

There is a fan interest that has made me passionate about this issue, and thatís being a fan of LSU. As you may have noticed, Florida has been pretty good for about the last 25 years, and theyíve played LSU in all of those years. Every single one of them. Does LSU get any consideration if they tie for something as a result of this? Win or lose, the answer is no. So when I see that a team like Florida, who played LSU and Texas A&M, is being passed over by Georgia, who instead played Ole Miss and Auburn, I sympathize with Florida even though I like Georgia much better.

Georgia earned a win over Florida, donít get me wrong, but donít forget South Carolina beat Georgia handily. The only reason weíre not looking at a 3-way tie right now is that unlike Florida, South Carolina didnít win its game against LSU.

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