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LSU-Arkansas Rivalry-Week Series Ends
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LSU players with the Golden Boot, I believe after last year's game.

LSU players with the Golden Boot, I believe after last year’s game.

I updated the records in my LSU/Arkansas blog and added a brief game summary for the game yesterday (this was originally published on 11/30).

I didn’t realize it until after the game was played (although I knew changes were coming), but this was sort of a bittersweet ending for the LSU-Arkansas “black Friday” tradition. Granted, it’s not much of a tradition as compared to Ohio St.-Michigan and so forth, but with LSU playing Arkansas at the end of the year (the day after Thanksgiving the vast majority of the time) the last 2/3 of my life is meaningful to me. I remember LSU playing Tulane annually, but I don’t remember that game being one to get excited about. (I was a toddler the last time Tulane beat LSU and barely a teenager when the annual series was canceled.)

Of course, I’m glad LSU won this last game, but I’m also glad Arkansas represented themselves well. It wasn’t good for my nerves, but it just wouldn’t have felt proper for this to be an easy win. I mention in my blog how often in the last 13 years it’s been a close game, so this was fitting. I wouldn’t mind if Arkansas got a good team again, but sometimes there are too many good teams in the SEC, especially as long as LSU has to play Florida every year along with the SEC West slate. The Gators will be back too.

I also liked that LSU usually played Arkansas in Little Rock since the campus was less lively with it being Thanksgiving weekend. I imagine LSU people who traveled to the games liked them being closer as well. The late great George Carlin did a bit about football vocabulary versus baseball. Baseball is played at a park. Football is played on the gridiron in places like Soldier Field and War Memorial Stadium (which is what they call the one in Little Rock). I went to my first game at the L.A. Colliseum last year. There is just something special about stadiums like that. “War”, as I understand the locals call it, was built around 20 years later, but it’s a similar type of severe concrete architecture. I think the Arkansas fans treated it as something special as well.

If I had my druthers, the last four SEC opponents would be Ole Miss (on or around Halloween), Alabama, Mississippi St., and Arkansas, but no such luck. Whether I like it or not (it has its good points, to be honest), Texas A&M and Missouri have joined the SEC, so now there is that to contend with. Before last year, when LSU played Texas A&M (back in the mid-1990s and before), it was in early September; but that doesn’t work now, especially now that we’ve often been playing one of the neutral-site kickoff games. (Next year, LSU will start the season against Wisconsin in Houston.)

I can understand it, and it will probably work out though. We’ve played Auburn (often in September, but Mississippi St. and the non-conference slate will bump them to the first week of October next season) and Florida (usually in the second week of October) early on in recent years, and we don’t need another big game so early in the year. Also, Texas A&M lost their traditional Thanksgiving game with Texas, so they have to play somebody. Missouri should be a good game today; but it’s not a bordering state, and there isn’t a meaningful history between the two schools.

As for Missouri, they’re really out of place being forced into the same division with Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina in particular, so giving them and Arkansas a close geographic annual rival makes a good bit of sense. Arkansas isn’t the most natural fit in the SEC West either. Their closest divisional opponent is Ole Miss, a six-hour drive away from the Arkansas campus. (Not that LSU is situated that much better in reference to other schools.) Also, interestingly enough, Tom Dienhart, who wrote to argue for Arkansas to join the Big XII seven years ago (he wanted them to kick out Baylor), got one of the match-ups he wanted after all.

Sometimes when I talk about realignment, I’m an advocate for disturbing certain traditions; but I don’t deny that it doesn’t always feel right immediately afterward even if the changes eventually work and the new reality can become an improvement. I mentioned Auburn, for instance. They didn’t have a rivalry with LSU to speak of before 1992 either, but it’s been a fun series too, and it will continue as far as I can tell. (Although to be honest, they might make more sense in the East.)

Arkansas was sort of a replacement for Tulane (even though they overlapped a few years) anyway, and LSU wouldn’t have been playing the Razorbacks every year if it weren’t for the previous SEC expansion. It became a fun, back-and-forth, competitive series like many of the more long-term and consistent rivalries seem to be. I’ll miss that, along with the other quirks I mentioned.

Maybe something similar will develop from the Texas A&M series. The one this year was better as an LSU fan, but maybe there will be some more like last year to entertain the more neutral fans. I hope they make it at night after all the NFL games end. One thing I didn’t like about the Arkansas series was when it was played at home for LSU, it was often one fewer night game. I also wasn’t thrilled that this season’s game against Texas A&M was during the day, not that I wasn’t satisfied with how that one went.

Also, it’s not like LSU will stop playing Arkansas. That game is set for November 15 next year, apparently in Fayetteville. It could still be an important part of the schedule for either team. Not really relevant to LSU, but I also thought it was interesting that the Hogs will play the Aggies in Jerry World in late September.

So I guess this will be the new Thanksgiving week alignment for the SEC teams; I hope it will stick:
LSU-Texas A&M (Thanksgiving Day)
Mississippi St.-Ole Miss
Georgia-Georgia Tech*
Florida-Florida St.*
Clemson-South Carolina*
(* = non-conference game)

Many of you probably know where to find my other blogs (such as more detailed rankings discussion) by now, but if you need specific directions, let me know.   Everything is published there first.

NASCAR Update And Other Fast Stuff 7-6-13
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Good morning and welcome Gabbers and others to my NASCAR updates and other fast stuff. Hope everyone had a safe and grillin' 4th of July. I know it's been a tad on the warm side lately for some. Me too. Had to wait till like 7:30 for the sun to go down a bit so I could mow my lawn Friday. Just too damn hot till then. Will have to tackle the weeds on Monday. They seem to be invincible.


Seems there are 3 buyers inquiring now. Still the mystery buyer hasn't identified themselves yet. Then there's Terry Labonte. You know, big brother of Bobby and you might know him as the Iceman. Maybe you saw his backward spin & win off the bumper of one Dale Sr at Bristol back in the day? Brother Bobby is happy for Terry.

Then we have Harry Scott who is co-owner of a Nationwide team (Turner Scott Motorsports) that is expressing his interest for the purchase. I certainly hope someone comes forward with the money and can keep it going. The more teams the merrier I say.


NASCAR inspectors caught 16 Cup teams with illegal roof flap spacers at Daytona and made all the teams switch out and hand over the illegal ones. Then they went to the Nationwide cars and found 15 more. There were 31 teams total that were caught. 

The spacers support the hinge bar on the roof flap. The flaps deploy during a spin to help keep the car from going airborne. The spacers were machined down to make them lighter which saved 3 oz of weight on the roof. This by itself isn't going to give you a whole lot of advantage but if you can shave off a tad here and a tad there , well you know it will add up to an advantage at some point. 

The rule book states......"the hinged air deflectors must be installed as specified in the instruction sheet supplied with the hinged air deflector kit".

Now this is a specific kit supplied to the teams that NASCAR has mandated they use. AND it's a safety feature on the car. Safety being something NASCAR has become very adamant about working on. I would say penalties are coming and they will be of the monetary, points and suspension kind. Some of the drivers may lose their crew chief for the rest of the season because some are already on probation. 

The teams in Cup involved are, McMurray, Keselowski, Logano, Ambrose, Almirola, Mears, Hamlin, Kyle B, Kenseth, Edwards, Biffle, Stenhouse, Bowyer, Waltrip, Truex & Bayne. 

Now this involves everybody but the Hendrick and Stewart Haas guys. The officials aren't saying how they knew to look at the spacers either . That isn't something that is looked at in detail. Hhhhhhhmmmmmmm.....I wonder who told? I know where my money would go for that bet.



Mr Kenseth was your winner for Kentucky. Don't know if the roof flap discrepancy had anything to do with his win but he did come in first. It was supposed to be a Saturday night race but rain ruined any chance of that. So Sunday it was.

Dale Jr had the pole and was trucking along when Hamlin had a flat tire. He got to the access road but the oter shell came off and went out onto the track and Dale Jr hit it. Cracked his splitter and caused other handling damage. He was able to get some fixed but a win was out of the question.

Lap 48 saw a red flag. Kurt B tapped Keselowski who bounced off Kvapil, Biffle, Menard, Cassill and the wall. He did get back out later after repairs many laps down but no DNF (did not finish).

On the restart it's Johnson, Kenseth, Edwards, Gordon & Harvick for your top 5.

Caution #6 on lap 107 for debris gets Kyle and Johnson almost penalized. They played chicken. Pretending they were going into the pits and right at the commitment cone they swerved back onto the track. The problem? They were in front of the pace car. That's a no no. Johnson runs off with the lead again.

Lap 132 it's Johnson, Logano, Bowyer, Hamlin, Kenseth. The danica is complaining that Mears is not playing nice. Her crew chief says that she'll find a way around him.

Lap 148 is a caution for Hamlin hard into the wall. The styrofoam pieces in the middle of the safer barrier wall had to be replaced where he hit. Edwards beats Johnson off pit road but can't keep the lead.

Caution #9 on lap 240 for Vickers scraping the wall. Danica gets the Lucky Dog. She's now on the lead lap  in 26th. Kahne & Stremme are caught speeding on pit road. Now sent to 22nd & 23rd. Kenseth did not pit. Says he believes he can maintain the lead if it's just 1 restart.

Kenseth some how takes the lead and Johnson spins the tires and gets sucked back and spins. There's a caution due to Johnson spinning on that restart. He needs tires now & he starts in 22nd. Ouch.

 Kenseth keeps the lead to the end and some how Johnson makes up ground for a 9th place finish. Should've taken 4 tires on caution #9 and he would've won I bet.

Top 15  finishers - Kenseth - McMurray - Bowyer - Logano - Kyle B - Kurt B - Truex - Gordon - Johnson - Harvick - Kahne - Dale Jr - Ambrose Newman - Almirola



Saturday night race again. It was just what I thought it would be. That #48 was your winner. Nine of the top 10 were veterans.

The unofficial top 15 was Johnson - Stewart - Harvick -Bowyer - Waltrip - Kurt B - McMurray - Dale Jr - Mears - Newman - Stenhouse - Kyle B - The Danica - Yeley - Gilliland.

Hamlin wrecked big again. He hit the wall head on then got T boned. Dude needs to get out of the car. He says he's finishing the season. 

Kahne and Gordon both had wrecks. Hope you're all staying away from these 2 in your fantasy leagues. 

Did anybody notice that McMurray was 2nd at Kentucky and 6th this week? Yeah!!!! 


Here's another guy on the move. A 9th this week. Was in and around the top 10 a lot during the race. More on Daytona next week.

It's now 1:30 am and I'm ready for my pillows. Happy Sunday. Try to stay cool best you can. After my snooze it's breakfast with my grandkids and if it's not too hot I'll be grillin' some chicken. Mmmmmmmmmmmm. Hey now. Take care, be safe, stay cool, hydrate and......

I'm outta here.......





NASCAR Update And Other Fast Stuff 6-30-13
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Good morning. Hope your all having a super day. Welcome Gabbers and others to my NASCAR updates and other fast stuff. This is your pole sitter for the rain delayed Kentucky race. Was supposed to be Saturday night but it's noon time Sunday. HOOOOOORAY!!!! After working all week I'm just too beat to stay up for these night races. Used to love them and I still do but they've added way too many this year. I just can't hang like I used too. Maybe I need some Nos or RedBull. Ok, lets kick it.


Boy just don't know when to shut up. He was asked which driver would you like to have dinner with and why. 

KURT SAID" Maybe Newman and I need to have a sit down because we're both out there charging hard and trying to get into the Chase and we're both looking for rides."

OOOOOPS!!!! That wasn't supposed to be out there. It's been no secret that SHR has been having a hard time getting sponsorship for Newman's car. In fact last year Stewart even told Newman flat out he could look for another ride. Some how sponsorship pulled through for this year.

Newman has talked to Barney Visser of Furniture Row Racing which is Kurt's car owner and team to see if he'll be putting out a second team in 2014. He's talked to Richard Childress to see about the #29 which Harvick is vacating to go to SHR in 2014. Richard says Newman is at the top of his list for the #29 seat. Newman has also talked to Earnhardt Gnassi Racing. Although I don't see McMurray or Montoya leaving. And Michael Waltrip says that Brian Vickers is our guy for the #55 Aaron's Dream Machine next year. 

So I guess that Kurt should shut up and ask where do I sign because it looks like he's stuck at Furniture Row Racing till something opens up. That is if Barney is still interested in signing Kurt. His big mouth may have gotten him booted.........again.


James Finch owner of Phoenix Racing made the announcement that The Brickyard at Indy would be the last race. No sponsorship means out of pocket and he can't do it any more. He announced this week that a buyer who fits the criteria (One who has lots of money) has come forward. Tentative sale is for July 15th. 

James has 18 employees and was trying to find jobs for all if a buyer couldn't be found. No word if the buyer has his own idea of who will drive and no word on who this mystery buyer is. AJ Allmendinger is slotted for this weekends race at Kentucky, Daytona, New Hampshire and Indianapolis. 


Lionel Racing (official die-cast of NASCAR) and Joe Gibbs Racing are teaming up to bring a special sie-cast car of the FedEx #11 with LefTurn on the door. All profits will go to the Charlie Dean Trust Fund set up for Jason's son. 



A first of it's kind. A patented process. Used racing tires from Dale's car will be ground up and used to print on t-shirts. It's a process that makes it look like Dale Jr did a burn out on your shirt. 

I'm wondering just how authentic it will look. Will it have tiny stones embedded in the rubber? I want to see pictures. Sounds cool though.


Kyle was talking about Danica this week saying she will never be a race car driver. He explained further by saying there's a difference in driving fast and racing. She's a marketing machine.

Danica says.....You'll always have detractors. I do the best I can every week and Go Daddy is happy so far.

Verdict? Kyle knows he wasn't the greatest driver himself and he can take the slings and arrows. But you know The Danica wins. She has Go Daddy and Tony Stewart in her corner. Kyle has a microphone in a broadcast booth and a pony tail. He has a nice motorcycle and that cool Victory Junction Camp too. Best to just let The Danica alone.



Martin Truex wins. WOO HOO!!!! Finally. Glad to see it. Very happening race before the race even got started. Bobby Labonte losses his oil cooler and dumps a few gallons of oil in front of Harvicks pit. He's pushed back to the garage for a new radiator and oil cooler. Also when the cars were moving off pit road Reutimann stopped but the cars behind him didn't. No brake lights means you have to pay attention. Paulie Harrake #52 hit Alex Kennedy #19. Heavy front end damage to the #52. Then Jacque Villeneuve ##51 has gear issues. All this before the race gets started.

It was a slugfest from the drop of the green flag. Cars bumping each other and spins a plenty. Ambrose leads the first 15 laps. Then it's Kurt. Danica around in turn #7. Rain is threatening. Gordon tries to sneak to pit road but a caution comes out and he gets nailed by the red light at the entrance to the pits. To the back.

Kurt stays out and keeps the lead.  Kurt - Ambrose - Bowyer - McMurray - Montoya

Caution #3. Kyle and Hamlin too fast entering pit road. To the back. Kurt keeps lead.

Lap 35 new leader...Truex. Kurt decides to pit. Too fast entering. He must do a pass thru penalty. Holy sheet, too fast again!!!! Now he's a lap down in 38th. Truex still leads.

Some how 11 laps later Kurt has made his way to the front and passed Truex to get his lead back. What a car. What a driver. I don't know.

Caution #5 Stewart taps Hamlin. Around they go. Stewart says he didn't wreck Hamlin. Replay didn't look good. Logano takes lead.

Lap 75 McMurray has spun off course. Dude needs a lucky charm. Top 5 is Logano - Dale Jr - Gordon - Kenseth - Kahne

​Caution #7 Edwards taps Kyle and off he goes into the tire pile. Heavy damage and a tad bit pissed.

Truex back on point. Cars are still spinning. Kyle then Burton then Stewart and Stremme and I'm getting dizzy. Kurt has marched to 9th. 

10 to go it's Truex - Montoya - Edwards - Gordon - Ambrose.

Last lap. Truex still leads. Montoya runs out of fuel coming to the flag. He was in 2nd place. Truex wins and Montoya coasts in on fumes. His back tires get over the finish line and he comes to a halt in 34th but still on the lead lap. 

Top 15 finishers - Truex - Gordon - Edwards - Kurt B - Bowyer - Kahne - Ambrose - Biffle - Johnson - Harvick - Logano - Dale Jr - Vickers - Menard - Newman



Dale Jr is on point. Can he keep it? Another tough track. The drivers say lots of character. It's bumpy. It only has 2 real grooves. It's been raining in Kentucky and that track holds water. Even when it's dry it will have weepers all over the track oozing water. Lots to contend with. Kyle says the cars have to be built stronger to withstand the constant bumps. 

Last year Stewart had EFI issues (fuel injection) and was 36 laps down at the end of the race. Newman lost a motor. Kyle had shock issues. Actually a broken shock mount and was bouncing his way around the track. Cool to watch but I bet it was a be-otch to drive. Edwards had to pit very late for a splash of fuel. 

Top 15 finishers - Keselowski - Kahne - Hamlin - Dale Jr - Gordon - Johnson - Kenseth - Truex - Allmendinger - Kyle B - Harvick - Menard - Ambrose - Montoya - McMurray

So here we go. I checked my Yahoo and you can still change your drivers around. Not so with the ESPN one. That is as of Saturday night at 10 pm. I don't know about now.

Hamlin. is pretty much done for the Chase unless he wins. He's in 25th and coming in 23rd, 30th and 34th have done him some serious damage to his chances. He knows what it takes here but can he is the question. 

The Hendrick team came in 2-4-5-6 last year. Dale Jr has pole and Jimmie starts 3rd this Sunday. Do you trust Gordon or Kahne? They should do it again.

Edwards was in 3rd till a couple laps to go and had to pit for a splash & go. Top 10.

Bowyer got a raw deal when Newman got into Logano who got into him. Damage ruined his finish but not his team mate Truex. Both guys...top 10.

RCR tested here. They have some what of an advantage. Maybe. Harvick could sneak in for a top 10. Menard  and Burton for top 15.

Kenseth and Kyle are top 10 guys.

Stewart and Newman have issues. Stewart is distracted by his winged sprint car racing and sponsorship woes. Newman is looking for a ride. The Danica is.....well, Danica. Off on cloud 9 hanging out with Go Daddy.  They all should be up there but will they is the question. Put them with Gordon and Kahne.

C list picks. You have a bunch to pick from. Austin Dillon drives the #51 this week. He has 2 wins in Nationwide. Does it translate to Cup level? Can't say but he's an option. AJ Allmendinger is in the #47. Bobby Labonte's consecutive race start streak is now broken at 704. Brian Vickers will be in the #55. Other good picks would be Ricky Stenhouse #17, Casey Mears #13, travis Kvapil #93, David Gilliland #38 and David Ragan $34. 

Happy fantasy league picking. As always, I hope this helps and it's time for some grillin' & chillin' with the ones you love, or by yourself. I'm off to breakfast with my grandkids as usual. Don't forget to trade in your Hernandez shirt. Wish I had one. I'd trade for a Tony Stewart shirt. Think they'd go for it? Hey, take care folks and.....

I'm outta here.......







Solving the SEC Scheduling Dilemma
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We are now more than halfway through the college football off-season. I hope everyone hasn’t forgotten about me.

I’ve had a few minor things in other sports I wanted to write about in isolation, but I might do a bigger blog about other sports in the next few weeks.

To make the blog friendly to people who aren’t avid college sports fans (or at least might not have been for the last 20+ years to the same extent I have been), I think some background is in order. Before 1992, the SEC was 10 teams and had been that way for nearly 30 years (after Tulane and Georgia Tech had departed in the 1960s). There were not formal divisions, but there were teams that traditionally played one another and other teams that did not.

I know more about LSU, so I’ll use them as an example. LSU has played Florida every year since the early 1970s, but fans would drive (or fly) past Auburn (who very rarely appeared on LSU’s schedule) on the way there. The two teams of Tigers rarely met before the division system was implemented. (The division system entails playing every team in your division every year, and LSU and Auburn were placed in the same division, so they began playing annually at that time.) LSU has remained a permanent opponent of Florida despite being in another division, but since there is only one permanent inter-divisional opponent, LSU stopped playing Kentucky yearly, and Florida stopped playing Auburn yearly.

Until Missouri and Texas A&M joined within the last year, everyone seemed content with the system, which had been on a set rotation for about 10 years. The previous 10 years were operated with two permanent inter-divisional opponents, but this meant large stretches without playing any given teams of the four other teams in the opposite division. None of the teams seemed too traumatized by losing their #2 inter-divisional opponent, and I thought it was more exciting as a fan to play the other teams on a more regular basis.

The makeshift schedule that operated last year and will operate next year–and perhaps years into the future–is a “6-1-1″ format. This means 6 divisional opponents (each division expanded to 7 teams when Missouri and Texas A&M were added), one permanent opponent, with the other 6 conference teams rotating to round out the schedule. This reintroduces the problem that existed under the 1992 to 2002 format with a number of teams rotating around one spot, except that now it’s 6 teams instead of 4.

There is a proposal favored by LSU, Texas A&M, and South Carolina that the SEC forget about the permanent inter-divisional opponents entirely and simply move to a 6-2 format, six in your own division, two from the other division on a constant rotation. The Advocate newspaper reports that “several” SEC coaches have said that the teams are split over whether to go that route or maintain the same format that is being used now (or perhaps a slightly modified version). I would think Florida probably leans toward 6-2 as well, given that the Gators probably place the same priority on playing LSU every years as LSU does on playing Florida every year, which is to say, they don’t find it important at all. At least not as compared to a more equitable schedule. Missouri may also prefer it, but perhaps not as long as Missouri is in the SEC East. Missouri is not a natural match-up for Florida, South Carolina, and Georgia, but it may make up for it a bit if Missouri can begin an annual series with Arkansas. (This has not been implemented yet under the current temporary format. Arkansas is still playing South Carolina, and Missouri is playing Texas A&M.) Texas A&M and South Carolina don’t want to be forced to play one another every year as left-overs. South Carolina had been playing Arkansas, which didn’t make sense historically or geographically either.

There is a third major option that no one apart from Alabama (specifically Nick Saban) favors, which is to move to a 9-game schedule, with two rotating inter-divisional opponents and one permanent one. There are a few problems with this, even though it seems to be where most of the other major conferences are going. It creates an imbalance where some teams will have 4 conference road games and others will have 5. It would also make it more difficult to schedule out of conference. It would also likely reduce the chances of an SEC team winning the national championship due to difficulties in remaining undefeated after playing 10 games against SEC teams (including the championship game) and due to the fact that the SEC as a whole (if not the individual team) may lack other quality opponents that establish how good the SEC is. A home game is not easily parted with in the SEC, given that football helps fund the other sports and in some cases even helps fund other university expenses. 100,000 seats, even if there is a weak opponent, can command a tidy sum of money.

Full blog, including map...

Monday Moaning 5-6-13
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Did you watch the Kentucky Derby? Would you always watch horse racing if the jockeys looked like this...

Maybe you'd like them to wear something that the wind can blow through....

Saddles are overrated too....

I could post pics of chicks with horses all day...And I could find them doing kinkier stuff too...But I'm just stalling...Yes, stalling....Stalling to say that the best I could do this year with the Kentucky Derby was pick the horse that finished third...

Did I spend too much time studying horses this past week, which has led to my disappointment? Or did I not spend enough time? Listen, I was throwing money down on Orb, (the winner) who ran a great race...He came in as the favorite...The big money wasn't there to be made on him...I took my shots on Revolutionary, Itsmyluckyday, and Java's War....I played with a couple different Trifecta's...But nothing...

In our family bet, Little Beeze said fuck you dad...He put his money on Orb (winner, winner, chicken nugget dinner)...Molls went with her Uncle's pick and took Verrazano (14th place)...My oldest daughter had Revolutionary (3rd place)...I had Itsmyluckyday(15th place)...My wife had Mylute (5th place)...Yeah, studying up did me a whole lot of good...Fucking schooled by them all and their lack of knowledge and nonsensical ways of picking horses...

-I'm also stalling because I don't want to talk about the NHL playoffs...Especially my New York Rangers being down 2-0 to the Washington Capitals...Saturday they lost 1-0 in OT...That's a tough one to take there...I expect Lundqvist to play great...But the way Holtby has played through the first two games is unreal...The next two games at MSG...The Rangers need to take them both, and then play the best of 3...

There is something else that I have been noticing in the NHL playoffs...I noticed it the past few years...The physical play, and chippyness has intensified...The NHL playoffs are always more intense then the regular season...The urgency is always cranked up...And the physical play always seems to go up a notch...But the last few years it seems like it has gone to another level...And this year, there are games where it seems like 'Well it's the playoffs!' is just being used as an excuse for the physical play, chippyness, and penalties, and some players just being total dickheads! (See The Montreal Canadiens/ Ottawa Senators and Vancouver Canucks when looking for major dickheads!)

-Any Lacrosse fans out there? I don't watch Lacrosse on a regular basis, but if I'm flipping around the channels with nothing to do, and there's a college Lacrosse game on, I'll watch it...It's got a bit of a hockey feel to it...So, the NCAA Tournament is about to get underway, so I thought I'd give you the seeding for the tourney...

(1) Syracuse (Big East) vs (16)Bryant (Sunday @7:30)

(8) Penn State vs (9)Yale (Saturday @2:30)

(5) North Carolina vs (12)Lehigh (Saturday @Noon)

(4) Denver vs (13)Albany (Saturday @7:30)

(3) Ohio State vs (14)Towson (Sunday @3:00)

(6) Maryland vs (11)Cornell (Sunday @1:00)

(7) Duke vs (10)Loyola (Sunday @5:15)

(2) Notre Dame vs (15) Detroit (Saturday @5:00)

As a shock to no one, I'll take Notre Dame...And for the record, to show how goofy college sports are, North Carolina is currently the top ranked team in the polls, yet they are the 5th seed...WTF!?!

This will also be the first time since 1971 that Johns Hopkins won't be in the National Tournament...

Last week there was a complaint about there being no new pic of Molls...So with the horse racing theme we started with...Here she is trying on some riding boots that are too big for here....


That's all I have right now...I've been dealing with some other stuff that I'm sure I'll write about soon...Have a week...

The Beeze.



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