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Are you in favor of the one game MLB wild card playoff format?

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The New England Patriots brought me back to yesteryear this past Monday Night in Kansas City. The patriots came out with just a pathetic performance reminding of the pre BB years for that matter the pre BP years. This team has issues and yes I understand it was just one game and they still have Tom Brady if they can manage to keep him upright.

Bet we knew that side the offensive side of the ball had issues the inability block is the lead issue. If Brady isn’t protected you might as well have Paul Krugg back there.

Lets face a Quarterback with  a good offensive line can overcome many areas he is lacking. A Great Quarterback without an offensive line can look worse than his clipboard toting back-up who never plays. Let’s face it, Brady is getting older and yes I think he is slipping a bit but not so much that he still isn’t one of the better quarterbacks in the NFL.

The true measure that may be defined is how much is Brady slipping and how much is it the people around him. It starts with the guy who puts the team together. If there is a glaring need for an offensive lineman you don’t trade the guy that holds that together. If there is an a need for a second tight end and you have one you need to get him involved in the game. If there is a need for a tall receiver who can stretch the field for you you need to dress him. If your Quarterback doesn’t have time to check off what you have is a one dimensional offense and he ends up throwing always to th guy on the short route simply because  a play can’t develop.

A weak offensive line also largely effects a running attack if holes aren’t open and defensive ends and linebackers fill those holes your running attack is stifled. As was the case on Monday.

The defense was absolutely no better . This unit has kept New England in the game this year. They didn’t exist on Monday allowing over 300 yards of offense in the first half.The patriots have been exposed and the Kansas City Chiefs and Andy Reid just set the blueprint for the rest of their opponents. Of course as we all know what happened last week may not repeat itself next week.


Holy Amos Otis Batman the Royals are going to sunny LA to play the Angels. They have been a nice story. The Angels had everybody focusing on Oakland and they just took care of business. Not sure of the Royals have enough Offense to win but it will be interesting.

I like the Tigers over the Orioles not sure why. Just think the Tigers have more maybe I’m surprised on this one.

The Pirates got stomped by the Giants I was hoping they would extend their playoff stay to Washington  but that didn’t happen.Did Kent Tekulve look really old throwing out that first pitch last night. I like the Nationals over the Giants, I think they have too much talent.

The Dodgers and the Cardinals are the best match up. I think the Cardinals get it done because they always do.

Lil Lakesiders report

The boys got smoked this week. They skated hard but just struggled against a far better team. Lil lanz was all over the ice trying to make something happen.

Rules Question

The answer was False  NCAA Rule 7-3-2h exception

Basically the rule applies to only to the player who controls the snap or the backwords pass. In this case the back who caught a pitch not a backwards pass(Lateral) doesn’t get the same protection as the Quarterback so it is intentional grounding..

Good Job Jeff from Austin to get the False .

Ready for Another  I’m lobbing this one in.

What are the three options for a Kickoff or Free Kick that goes out of bounds. Yes it is a penalty and the receiving team gets three options. The third option on this is the most difficult.(remember NCAA Rules)

Zebra Tales

I had a big HS game this week it was actually a paid chain crew $62 bucks to watch Football and hold a stake isn’t bad.. It was a 2:30 game left the house at 12:45 to be on time. Fly down the highway  and get on the road the stadium is at bumper to bumper traffic. (same damn roa they want to put a Casino just outside of Boton) place is so built up the road can’t handle the traffic. I finally get to the Stadium a left turn on a divided highway and they have the turn lane blocked and the road blocked off. (It was a big homecoming game.)  I have a Ref shirt on a hanger hanging in the back window so I’m stopped at the red light and yell to the Cop . Game Official holding my shirt out the window . He wasn’t happy buyt he held traffic up for me and moved the horse to let me in.

Get in the Locker room the whole crew is in there changed included a couple other officials whow ere just at the game. Sorry guys traffic . we all left our houses at noon.

OH Thursday
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Let’s put aside the NFL off field drama and get back to the game on the field.

Here we are 4 weeks into the NFL season, at the quarter pole as they say in horse racing and …

This is what impressed me most in week 4:

-The Cowboys total domination of Drew Brees and the Saints led by RB Demarco Murray


-Eli Manning becoming an effective “west coast” QB in a blowout win over the Redskins.

-Aaron Rodgers  just relaxing while leading the Packers to a  win over a good Bears team.


- Alex Smith picking apart the Patriots defense to the tune of 300+ 1st half yards enroot to a 41-14 win


Other points of interest:


The Raiders best chance of winning a game this season was probably last week in New England.

missing that opportunity, a coach is fired

The Vikings beat the high scoring Atlanta Falcons without Adrian Peterson and Matt Cassell.  QB Teddy Bridgewater and RB Mike Asiata put the question out there who are you, who who


Stat of the week: Andrew Luck;  20-41, 393 yds, 4 TD ,1 Int


Oldharry’s ¼ pole MVP:  Dallas RB DeMarco Murray

 4 games,  99 carries,  534 yds, 5.4 ypg,  5TD’s


Oldharry’s 1/4th of the way to the promised land

Power rankings:

1. Cincinnati     3-0 still unbeaten

2. Arizona          3-0 still unbeaten

3. Seattle           2-1 next real test is week 12 vs Arizona

4. San Diego    3-1 next real test is week 8 vs Denver

5. Denver            2-1 next real test is at 4:00 PM vs Arizona

6. Detroit            3-1 If Calvin Johnson gets healthy…on a roll

7. Houston          3-1 How long can you keep winning w/o a QB

8. Dallas               3-1 Romo learns to ride DeMarco

9. Philadelphia    3-1 Reality check in SF

10. Baltimore      3-1 can they stop the Lucky Colts this week?


11. San Francisco 2-2 If they get by KC & Stl. They meet Denver

12. Indianapolis       2-2 Will probably score 40+ every week, can they stop anyone?

13. Kansas City     2-2 RB Tandem of Davis and Charles…scary

14. Green Bay       2-2 Relax, the schedule doesn’t get easier

15. Atlanta               2-2 All those points and only 2 wins




Youngsters Derek Jeter, Arod and Nomar ( remember these three)



London calling The London fans were once again able to get their fix of American football when juggernaughts Miami and Oakland squared of with  Don Shula and QB Bob Gresie beating John Madden and QB Kenny the Snake Stabler  38-14 or at least todays versions of that classic matchup.


The NFL seems bent on putting a franchise in London in the next decade. The logic and logistics of such a move still escape me but what’s common sense have to do with it anyway?

Some day an aging Rob Gronkowski will get his wish when the red clad “little nutcracker dudes” from London come to Gillette to play the Patriots.

Think of the revenues that could be garnered from the selling of signs saying;

 “The British are coming” or

 “One if on the ground, Two if by air old chap”




Boys of October MLB playoffs:

The Wildcard play in games-

AL       Oakland      Kansas City


NL       Pittsburgh     San Francisco


Ditkahs rocked the lanes again

Wining two games and the total for a 6-2 night and a jump into 5th place overall in the 30 team league. I and mrsharry bowled our averages while my son bowled a 525 and our buddy Jake bowled  a 227, 216, 225 for a 668



Next week... Age and the QB...adjustments need to be made can Tom learn what Peyton knows?

Fall pictures

sunrise on Monday

my changing maples

mrsharry's pot o gold

support our troops, pray for those in harms way

fall colors


Don't forget to check out my NE brother Lanz right over there--------------->


Deep Thoughts 10-1-14
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Hello and welcome to another Wednesday of deep thoughts. What a time to be a sports fan. The football season is beginning to take shape and playoff baseball began with an epic game between the Royals and A’s. Honestly, I missed the first five innings. I went for a run and sat down to find the game and ended up taking a nap. Although I am mad that I missed part of the game, I cannot imagine that the beginning was anything like the ending. Do the Royals look like an old school team or what? 7 stolen bases, four bunts? It was hard to believe that this was an American League game. Brandon Moss did is part to bring the power normally part of AL games, but it was not enough to overcome the resilience of the Royals. I can’t remember 7 different players with a stolen base in one game.  It looked to me like Salvador Perez could be the goat in this game. He was 0 for 5 and had missed two opportunities to drive in a big run. Of course, the beautiful thing about baseball is that there are many chances to make up for missed opportunities. Perez came up with the big hit to win the game, but for me…Eric Hosmer’s triple was the biggest hit of the game. When Cain made the first out of the 12th inning, I texted my son and told him that now the Royals would have to hit to win. Otero had Hosmer’s number staying low and away. He missed his target just one time and Hosmer made him pay.

I know that many fans have been critical of the one game play in that the new playoff format created. As I watched this game, I had to believe that it would not have been possible to create the drama of this game with a 5 game format. I really dig the one game playoff and believe it is here to stay. This was a game for the ages and is what is so awesome about playoff baseball. Is it unfair to the A’s to play all season and then be done so quickly? Perhaps, but they brought this upon themselves with their second half collapse. I know what I will remember is the great baseball played to open the 2014 MLB playoffs. The Royals are a long shot at making the World Series, but they live to continue their quest. We can only hope that Wednesday night’s game between the Pirates and Giants is half as entertaining as this game.




                                                  There will only be one Big Donkey. Thanks for the memories Adam!


With Oakland’s loss, Adam Dunn will be retiring from baseball. He will join Paul Konerko and Derek Jeter in hanging up the spikes. While Dunn was not in the class of Konerko or Jeter, the “Big Donkey” had perhaps the best nickname of his generation. I always found Dunn to be somewhat of a unique player. It seemed that his at bats were one of three options: a prodigious blast, a walk or a strikeout. 462 HRs, 1317 BBs, and 2379 Ks. Many do not realize that Dunn was recruited to play QB at the University of Texas, but chose to play professional baseball instead. Watching him lumber now, we forget that he once stole 19 bases early in his career. Paul Konerko broke my heart in 2005 with the grand slam in the World Series that beat my Astros. He finishes his career with 439 HRs and 410 2Bs putting him a club shared by just 9 other players in baseball history. You may recognize a few of these names: Jimmie Foxx, Lou Gehrig, Albert Pujols, Eddie Murray, Jeff Bagwell, Fred McGriff, Carlos Delgado, Jason Giambi and Rafael Palmeiro. Konerko also joins Don Sutton and Phil Neikro as the only players to play 16 years or more for one team and less than 100 games for two others. He was selected to the All Star team 6 times during his career. For my eyes, he may fall just short of the HOF, but he had a great career nonetheless.





                                           When I hear the name Paul Konerko...I think of a tough minded guy. A blue collar hero.


While Dunn and Konerko’s final season may surprise some, Derek Jeter’s final season has received plenty of recognition. I have watched baseball fans react to this final season “hype” with mixed emotions. Most baseball fans understand that Jeter is one of the special players in baseball history. Others choose to ignore a career that will surely end in a first ballot selection to the HOF. I believe that for those that have disdain for Jeter, it is because he played in the pinstripes of the New York Yankees. I have thought long and hard trying to understand how a true baseball fan could not like what Derek Jeter has represented. He played the game the right way and lived his life the right way. He declined the spotlight, but was well spoken when his duty as captain required him to speak. We never heard his name associated with steroids or any other illegal activity. Jeter was a winner as a player and as a man. Yes, because he played for the Yankees he received notoriety, but is this his fault? If this is reason to hate a player, then you would hate Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Joe Dimaggio or Mickey Mantle if they played today. In fact, there are a couple guys in this group that would be crucified today for how they played outside the lines.





                                           This quote perfectly explains how Derek Jeter grabbed success...hard work.

We live in a world that has become jaded and I think results in some becoming cynical of anything or anyone that receives acclaim. When many hold something up as good, there seems to be others that want to play contrarian and look for a reason to disagree. Baseball fans today simply do not seem to recognize greatness and perhaps it has always been that way. Is it possible that we are only able to recognize our best players after they are finished playing? If you watched the final game for Derek Jeter in Yankee stadium, you will understand why Jeter decided to allow the farewell tour. It was not for him or the Yankees, but for baseball fans. This is a guy that understands and appreciates what the fans mean to the game. The farewell tour was his way of saying thank you and goodbye to the fans.

There are only five players in baseball history that have more hits than Derek Jeter: Pete Rose, Ty Cobb, Hank Aaron, Stan Musial and Tris Speaker. These names you will recognize as baseball royalty, which is how I view Derek Jeter. For those fans that look for the negative in good things, it is obvious to me that they suffer the same problem as the Grinch…they have a heart that is several sizes too small. Here is something that hopefully will swell that heart and allow them to enjoy the good as it comes along.









Last weekend, the Texas JUCO baseball played a series of all-star games in Austin to recognize the best players for the spring season the year before. Since so many coaches and scouts are in town, they also do a showcase on Sunday morning. Although Blake was not eligible to play in the all-star game, he was able to participate in the showcase. After his workout, a coach from Houston Baptist came by to talk with Blake. He gave him a packet and indicated he would be contacting him. It is funny…I recognized the coach, but could not place his face. It turns out that his name is Xavier Hernandez and he pitched in the majors for the Astros, Rangers and a few other teams. This got me to thinking about how many former players end up being able to stay in the game in one capacity or another. We typically don’t hear what happens after they finish playing, but it is always cool for me to run across someone that I remembered as a player. I am not sure how things will work out with Houston Baptist for Blake, but it is good to have options. Houston Baptist plays in the Southland Conference along with Sam Houston State, Lamar, University of New Orleans, Lamar and a few other schools. Last year, the conference had 18 players drafted in the MLB draft. As they say, sometimes when God closes a door, he opens a window. We will see what happens, but it sure was fun to see our son play again…it seems like forever since we have had a chance to see him behind the plate.








Dallas Cowboys are celebrating the huge win over the Saints and a 3-1 start to begin the season. To be honest, I am surprised. Like most football fans, I expected the Cowboys to struggle this year. Losing big names off of their defense from last year, it was a foregone conclusion that the defense would be worse (and they were really bad last year). A funny thing happened to the unit that lost Ware and Hatcher…they got better. How is it possible for a team to lose two high profile players and improve? Is this a situation where less is more? Well, I think it is. The Cowboys defense that was literally punked by the Saints in New Orleans returned the favor in the rematch in Dallas. Granted, the Saints are not usually a great road team…but anytime you beat Drew Brees, it is a big deal. So what is the difference in 2014? For one, removing big names on the defense meant that the entire unit had to shoulder the load. The addition of Henry Melton and Rolando McClain has been huge. Also, the Cowboys got back to what made them successful during their Super Bowl seasons…running the ball. I think that Jerry and Co. became enthralled with Romo’s right arm and forgot that successful football begins upfront…on both sides of the ball. It is no coincidence that Dallas has better blocking after they invested early draft picks to shore up the offensive line. Yeah, Johnny Manziel might be a sexy pick in the draft, but a player like Zack Martin truly makes a difference. Martin is a guy that can play at a high level for 15 years or so. Given the fact that Romo is coming off surgery, it is no small deal to be able to keep him upright. Dallas has chosen to focus on running the ball, which has allowed the defense more time on the sideline. If Murray can stay healthy, this could be a season to remember.


But, it is a season that is only 1/4 complete. Yes...Dallas is 3 and 1. How about those Cowboys and all that! Yeah…that is great. But, I am looking ahead now to games against the Houston Texans and a road game in Seattle. I will continue to temper my excitement as I know that there is a long road ahead. Please pardon my lack of excitement as I have been to this rodeo before. It is great to play well in September and October, but championships are won in November and December. I will be watching each game and enjoying the victories, but until I see the late season success…consider me a doubting Thomas.












As surprised as we have been by the play of the Cowboys, I think equally surprising is the poor play of the New England Patriots. Last Monday night, the Patriots laid an egg in Kansas City. Each season, we see early struggles from the Patriots become late season success. So fans are used to seeing the Patriots adjust to early adversity. But, we have never seen the Patriots implode as they did on Monday night against the Chiefs. I have said on several occasions that I thought that Belichick the GM might have missed the mark by allowing Wes Welker to leave. But, given his track record…it is difficult to second guess the moves of Belichick the GM. Patriot after Patriot have been allowed to leave before they were completely done. By taking the best years and not paying for the declining years, New England has remained at the top of the AFC. This may seem cold hearted, but in a league with a salary cap…this “Patriot Way” has proven to be very successful…until this year. I think the struggles of New England’s offense can be directly traced to the trade of Logan Mankins. The 6 time pro bowl guard seems to have been the glue that kept the offense together. As we have seen in Dallas, a good offensive line helps the entire team. By running the ball, it takes pressure off of the QB and keeps the defense off the field. Tom Brady does not look like a QB that has had NFL success. Without time to throw, Brady looks nervous in the pocket and led to comments from Rodney Harrison that Brady looks, “scared to death”.  While I think reports that the Patriot dynasty is over are a bit premature, unless Coach Bill can fix the problems that GM Belichick created…this could be a long year for fans in New England.



Have you ever had a chance to take a picture with a famous person? Would you have the balls to do this?



                                                              I don't care who you are...that is funny right there!






That is all I have today, but I will leave you with a bit of Jack Handey



"Is there anything more beautiful than a beautiful, beautiful flamingo, flying across in front of a beautiful sunset? And he's carrying a beautiful rose in his beak, and also he's carrying a very beautiful painting with his feet. And also, you're drunk."

"What is it about a beautiful sunny afternoon, with the birds singing and the wind rustling through the leaves, that makes you want to get drunk?" "And after you're real drunk, maybe go down to the public park and stagger around and ask people for money, and then lay down and go to sleep."



Thanks for stopping by and feel free to leave a few deep thoughts of your own.




Musings From The Hoodwood 9-30
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Was I there? You betcha!


Greetings from the Hoodwood where the locals are preparing for Princess Katie’s 18th Birthday


I am one of the first to lambaste the lemming like followers of Ohio State, but I had the chance to head to the belly of the beast this past Saturday. I got tickets to see my beloved alma mater take on the fearsome Ohio State University in a rare night game in Ohio Stadium. Yes the Bearcats were better than 2 touchdown underdogs, they were well represented fan wise in the massive crowd filing to the imposing 100k-plus arena in the heart of the Columbus campus. I have been to Ohio Stadium a number of times, but usually with a press pass, so though I would be on the field I had to be a neutral observer. When the Bearcats played in Columbus in 2004 and 2006 they were hammered both times, the games never close. This time, I had my tickets I had my gear on and was ready for my Bearcats to shock the world.

The game started auspiciously for the Bearcats, they received the opening kickoff and three plays into the game, Gunner Kiel dropped back and went deep, Chris Moore had a step on his man and hauled in the pass. Moore steamed into the end zone and 84 seconds into the game…the scoreboard looked like this and the boisterious Buckeye crowd sat blinking as the scoreboard looked like this

The Bearcats came out looking less like Kent State who looked and played like a patsy and more like Virginia Tech who came ready to play and win. The problem was the Bearcats defense was virtually non existent, the Bucks drove right back down the field and 2 minutes later had the game tied. Where it looked like it would be a tight game even with the Bucks pulling ahead with 4:30 left in the first when Ezekiel Elliot crashed over from a yard out, the game looked like it would be a dogfight but the Bucks forced the issue with a massive hit on Kiel on the Bearcats subsequent possession which caused a fumble the ball bounded toward the end zone where it was batted out of the end zone which was a safety. The Bucks took the free kick and roared back down the field where JT Barrett found Devin Smith on a crossing pattern and Smith scampered in from 19 yards out, it suddenly was 23-7 at the end of the first and the Bucks looked dangerously close to making the game a joke before the sun had went down in the western sky and when Evan Spencer hauled in another TD strike from Barrett the game was disintergrating into a rout. I sat in my upper deck seat in shell shock, the Buck fans around me taunting me with glee. The Bearcats weren’t any better than Kent State in their eyes and they were already making dinner plans

But a funny thing happened, the Bearcats hung in. Kiel found Johnny Holton on a go route cutting the lead to 16(yawn snore go the Buck fans many of whom were already calling for the Bucks to score another 30 points in response.) and late in the half , Moore found a seam, Kiel zipped the ball to him and it was off to the races and a nine point deficit. The score at the half was 30-21 (yawn but no snore, the crowd seemed to take more delight in the halftime show taking potshots at hated rival Michigan than anything. The Bucks took the 2nd half kickoff and again sauntered down the field but for the first time a drive stalled. The Bucks had to take a field goal and were up 12, the Bearcats took the kickoff and after a first down pass again went long. Kiel went deep to Moore whos 3 catches were all for touchdowns and were for a mind boggling 223 yards. My UC math has that as a 74.3 yard per catch, that’s an NCAA record and earned Moore conference player of the week. The score was now 33-28 and while the scattered Bearcat fans celebrated, I stood tall and screamed “We’re still here! Oh yes we are STILL HERE!” The yawns and snores were gone. It was a five point game This is where the Bearcats had a chance to make their bones and really make a game of it. I opined to my friends that if the Bearcats were leading or within 5 to start the fourth, the Bucks would crumble from panic thinking “Oh no, its Va. Tech all over again.” The Bearcats again went deep but the pass fell short and a flag was down, offensive pass interference was called and Bearcats head man Tommy Tuberville came close to popping a gourd in protest. The Cats were pushed back to 1st And 25, the Bearcats went meekly and only gained 5 yards and punted. Bucks fans grinned conspiratorially as the knew that they got a favorable call. The Bucks steamed back down the field and Dontrae Smith was wide open in the end zone for a score and the roof more or less fell in. The Bucks added a late score in the 4th to finish a 50-28 rout. The Bearcats gave up over 700 yards of offense and 45 first downs. The Bearcats were defeated but played the Bucks tough and I was proud that they competed. The game was played in front of the largest Ohio Stadium crowd ever. Not for a Michigan game, not for Penn State or Sparty against Cincy. 108,362 were in attendance. One of whom…was your humble scribe.  

Though I find out later that my moms neighbor who is a diehard Ohio State alum and fan tells me on Monday that she had been looking for me, as she had a pair of extra lower deck tickets that she was looking to bestow on me for free…arrggh.

Phat Dap

To Jordan Zimmerman of the Nationals, who finished the MLB regular season with a no-hitter preserved by AAA player of the year Steven Souza who entered as a defensive replacement and made a spectacular catch for the final out. The Nats have home field advantage in the NL playoffs and will be a tough out in the postseason.

Head Slap

To the Michigan Football team, who got housed by Minnesota 30-14 to lose the Little Brown Jug for the first time since 2005, the Wolverines have 3 losses before the 1st of October for the first time in school history. Brady Hoke is likely seeing for sale signs outside his house. I overheard Buck fans at the game Saturday in real fear that Hoke will be fired and Michigan will go after and hired embattled 49er coach Jim Harbaugh a former Michigan player. That might not happen but that would even the playing field in the OSU-Michigan rivalry in a hurry.

Quick Hits

Dennis Allen the now former head coach of the Raiders. Allen got the gate after the Raiders were routed by Dolphins in London. Allen was 8-28 in 2+ seasons in the East Bay. The Raiders are on a 10 game losing streak. Allen was a scapegoat of a larger problem, this is the Raiders 10th coach in the last 20 years a sad mark of a once proud franchise.

Charlie Weis got the gate from Kansas 6-22 in 2+ seasons, hes more a coordinator than coach

Steve Smith had a real grudge against the Panthers the Ravens took his lead and took the Panthers back of the woodshed

Goodbye Gardy, the Twins give the longtime skipper the gate after 13 seasons. The Twins have had all of 2 managers in the last 29 years.

Bucs get hammered by the Falcons, then turnaround and stun the Steelers at Heinz Field no less…

Im still proud of my Bearcats…

Until next post fellow sports fans…

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