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While "stuck in my bachelor ways"...

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With Halloween over, it is now time for the Christmas season....err...excuse me?...what?...oh, please excuse this interruption...

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Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma. It is a type of brain tumor/cancer that unfortunately has a 100% fatality rate. Have you ever heard of DIPG before? I know I hadn't until I caught a news article/video about a 19 year old basketball player down in Ohio and now I'm likely to never forget her or DIPG.

I've been following the story of Lauren Hill for the last few weeks. Last Sunday, the culmination of all the articles that were written, video pieces produced and shout outs from pro athletes took place in the Cintas Center on the campus of Xavier University.

The Mount Saint Joseph University women's team basketball team took the floor against Hiram College and Lauren Hill was there to play. For Lauren it was "One Last Game" or as she asked the broadcasters to say "her first collegiate game". Here's a fantastic start to finish photo gallery from Susan J. Wilden on Sportspagemagazine.com. (all photos used here in this section are from the AP).

I had planned to watch the game online, but as luck would have it, power went out here twice due to a storm. While the power came back on, I wasn't going to risk my computer with the storm still raging. I was resigned to not seeing the game, but then my mother told me the game was on a Fox channel that we had. Hell yeah!

I did miss the start of the game but caught most of it. And for that I was happy. The broadcast team was made of a local broadcaster, the guy who actually did the initial story on Hill. The color analyst for the game was Debbie Antonelli. For those who follow women's college basketball, this was quite a thing. Antonelli broadcasts tons of games on the Division 1 level, but she made time for this game.

There were a bunch of WNBA stars in attendance at the game including Elena Delle Donne, Delisha Milton Jones and Tamika Catching. Buffalo Bills player Fred Jackson brought his family to the game too. LeBron James sent her a message on Instagram, and a number of athletes from the high school level to the pros took up her #Layup4Lauren Challenge.

Lauren took part in the pregame warmups and was introduced in the starting lineup. "OneMore4Lauren" was about to get underway.

One of the things that as a former coach is when a basket is fixed so a player can score or reach some milestone they might not have been able to do without an agreement between two parties. It just irks me. But in this particular case, I would've taken off my ex-coach's hat and just gone along. But I did read an article that said while Hiram College hoped Lauren would score, they would defend her.

Though I missed it when it occured, Hill did score the first basket of the game. She hit it as she crossed the lane and made it with her left hand (her coordination making it difficult to shoot with her dominant right hand). Now the defender got hung up on a pick, but again, the coach in me saw that she could've gotten by the pick easy enough. But enough of that. The basket was made (see the pic and video below), and the game stopped while there was a brief celebration.

Hill was removed from the game and spent most of the rest of the game on the bench cheering on her teammates. She had to wear sunglasses and headphones to block out some of the stimuli that you and I wouldn't even notice.

At halftime, she was presented with the United States Basketball Writer's Association Pat Summitt Most Courageous Award. The award was voted early, usually being presented at the Final Four. In a surprise move, Pat Summitt herself was on hand to help present the award.

With 26 seconds left in the game and the crowd chanting "We Love Lauren", Hill went back into the game. She took another shot that missed, but her teammate rebounded the ball, passed it back and Lauren took what will likely be the last shot of her college career...with her right hand...and MADE IT!

The final score was Mount Saint Joseph 66 Hiram College 55. And while Lauren's team won the game, everyone else got a bigger win. One of her teammates is a senior and had torn up her knee just a few weeks ago. She was more upset that she wouldn't be able to be on the court with Lauren than she was about losing her senior season. But come last Sunday, she got her leg taped up and she took the floor for the game.

After the game was over, she addressed the crowd from the floor and was presented with another award, this one being the Wilma Rudolph Courage award. It is a local Cincinnati honor.

Afterwards, she also took part in the post game presser.

You can read game stories HERE and HERE. ESPN produced a great video report about Hill, narrated by Tom Rinaldi, that you can see below.

A college player shooting 2-3 from the floor for 4 points isn't usually the type of thing that gets news headlines and tons of other forms of recognition. But something about the determination and grace displayed by Lauren touched everyone who saw her story. I can't even explain why the story moved me as much as it did. But move me it did.

A few days after the game, she was presented with an honorary version of an athlete's crowing glory: Her own Wheaties Box.

Oh and there was this too:

I know the doctors said she wouldn't live past December, but they obviously got that wrong. Given the outpouring of support, whether Lauren Hill is physically here or not, her memory will live on long after she has left us.

You can learn donate to The Cure Starts now in honor of Lauren at http://www.thecurestartsnow.org/heroes/163/. You can learn more about everything related to this story on the Lauren's Fight For Cure Facebook Page.

Perhaps because I lost someone to cancer, perhaps because if I was still coaching and had a player dealing with this kind of prognosis I'd do anything I could to help, or perhaps just combining those things with my love of women's basketball. Whatever the reason, when certain publications are looking for a real candidate for their Sportsman/Sportswoman of the year, for me, as she leaves the stage, Lauren Hill is the best and only choice. She's certainly my choice.




Before I talk about the Patriots game from last Sunday, there was a pretty interesting interview with Arizona Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians on SI.com last week. You can check that out HERE. Also, former Buccaneers coach Greg Schiano was profiled here on his life out of football.

As for the Patriots 43-21 beatdown of the Denver Broncos, that was quite a game for Patriots fans, wasn't it? While dominating the first half the game, I was initially worried when the second half started. Denver went down the field quickly and scored with a TD pass to Julius Thomas. The reason that worried me was because it was exactly what Bill Cowher said the team needed to do during the halftime show.

But that was, for all intents and purposes, the real last gasp the Broncos had for the Patriots. While the Broncos had 472 in total yards to New England's 398, those yards went for naught when Denver failed to score. Peyton Manning passed for 438 yards with 2 TDs. But he also got picked off  twice (one by Rob Ninkovich and the other by Brandon Browner, pictured below)

Manning was sacked once in the game. Akeem Ayers (pictured below) got that sack and played nearly the entire game on defense despite having joined the team late.

The Patriots got a great performance from their run defense as they held the Broncos to just 43 yards on the ground. While the offensive line for New England didn't open up many holes for the ground game (66 yards), they kept Brady upright for most of the game (1 sack).

Tom Brady was 33-53 for 333 yards and 4 TDs. He got picked off once.

The QB found Rob Gronkowski 9 times for 105 yards and a TD.

Brandon LaFell (#19, pictured below) had 6 catches including one for a score. Shane Vereen wasn't able to make an impact as a rusher, but caught 5 passes for 38 yards and TD.

Along with Stephen Gostkowski's three field goals, the special teams unit had a really good day when combined with an 84 yard punt return for a touchdown by Julian Edelman (pictured below). Edelman caught 9 passes for 89 yards and another TD on the day.

So the Patriots are now 7-2 and have been just laying the smack down on their opponents the last two weeks. They are in control in the AFC right now but are going to face Miami and Buffalo again this season so they haven't sealed the division title just yet. I'd mention the Jets but when your fan base wears shirts like the one below, you know your season is OVER!


Another crappy week as I lost in both leagues. One of those losses was the league's biggest margin of defeat for the week.


Florida State decided to yet again display their hypocrisy when they kicked a reserve linebacker off the team yet kept letting QB Jameis Winston suit up. Here's my take on the story.

Boston College - While I don't have anything good to say about the BC football game, there was a bit of good news related to last week's win over Virginia Tech. DB Manny Asprilla picked up the ACC Defensive Back of the Week award. He was also profiled on ESPNBoston.com.

As for the Saturday night matchup vs. Louisville, the Eagles were simply outclassed. And a lot of that had to do with likely the worst performance all season by quarterback Tyler Murphy (pictured below). He was 7-15 for 149 yards passing. He did throw a TD pass, but that matters little when you stack it up against being sacked twice and picked off four times. At least two of the interceptions were exceptionally bad as you can see in the highlight film below.

Though the run game was pretty much even in total yards with Louisville (BC had 167 to the Cardinals 168), none of the rushers really separated themselves from the other. While Jon Hilliman ran for 2 one yard TDs, with the passing game effectively out of commission in this game, they needed to get more of a ground game going.

The BC defense didn't have much of an answer when it came to timely stoppages of the Louisville rushers. Between Reggie Bonnafon and Brandon Radcliff (pictured below) they had three rushing TDs.

Bonnafon (#7, pictured below), a QB by trade, also managed to complete 4 of 5 passes for 69 yards and 2 TDs.

Boston College drops to 6-4 on the season and this game has to be one of the more disappointing efforts this season. Even in a game they might've been likely to lose, you would've hoped for at least a better effort and not a game full of one error after another.

Alabama - The Crimson Tide spent most of their night on Saturday trying to figure out how to shake off LSU. They trailed late in the game 13-10 and had just 50 seconds in which to tie or win the game. Blake Sims (pictured below) finally was able to do something against the Tiger defense and led Alabama on a drive that got them a tying field goal. Alabama went on to win the game 20-13 in overtime to raise their record to 8-1.

It was Sims who threw a 6 yard TD pass to receiver DeAndrew White (pictured below making winning catch) to win the game. Sims finished the game 20-45 for 209 yards and 2 TDS.

The first TD was to Amari Cooper, who set school record for both the career and single season in receiving yards. He also set the school record for catches in a season. Cooper (pictured below) had 8 catches for 83 yards and that score.

The defenses were a big storyline in the game. While Alabama had the edge in total offense, they couldn't seem to do anything to stop the LSU run game. The Tigers actually out-rushed Bama 183-106. Unfortunately for Les Miles and crew, Bama shut down the passing game holding them to just 76 yards in the air while sacking QB Anthony Jennings twice and picking him off once.

For the Tigers, their defense did what no other team has done this year. They pretty much shut down the ground attack for Alabama. Yes, the Tide finished with 106 yards overall, but they didn't score a rushing TD and while T.J. Yeldon had 68 yards on the ground, the Tigers forced him into a costly fumble late in the game. That fumble led to the field goal that gave LSU that 13-10 lead.

In the playoff ranking system, Alabama is still on the outside looking in. I don't know how this game will affect their standing. Because you never know how people are going to react to a close win over anothe ranked team. But for me, fandom for Alabama aside, I think they belong in that Final Four playoff.

Mass Maritime - The Buccaneers picked up their third win of the season thanks to a 27-7 victory of Plymouth State yesterday. E.J. caught 6 passes for 29 yards, while Richie caught a 16 yard pass to go with 29 yards on 5 carries.

Cody didn't hit the box score for the game, but leading up to the game, he was profiled in the Boston Herald for his battle with cancer last season. You can check out the article reprinted on the school's website HERE.


Despite a fairly lengthy leash when he first started at Indiana, coach Tom Crean has not been able to return the Hoosiers to any real semblance of their glory days. Now, thanks to discipline and injury issues, Crean finds himself on a VERY hot seat. Meanwhile, despite a plea from Hoosier legend A.J. Guyton to former coach Bobby Knight, it seems the feud between Knight and the school is still ongoing. You can read more HERE.

Boston College Men - The Eagles opened their exhibition game slate with a 92-53 rout of AIC. You can learn more about a few players with the following interview pieces: Steve Perpiglia, Will Magarity and Idy Diallo. You can read even more player interviews on the team's news page.


Hartford Hawks - The women's team via a partnership with Team IMPACT has adopted 6 year old Zoey Brown. You can read the story HERE. (Thanks to Lynnepep for reminding me about this story).

There's also a video availabe which you can see below.

Tennessee Lady Vols - Isabelle Harrison has come a long way in her time with the Lady Vols. The team, according to this article is going to be counting on her continued improve play to help try and carry them back to elite program status. However, it is going to be harder than expected to start the season because coach Holly Warlick announced player suspensions related to academic issues (namely skipping a class, it seems). You can read more about it HERE.

It shows the disparity between the men's and women's athletic programs in college. Skip a class for the women, get suspended. Be a budding crimelord like Jameis Winston, watch the coach twist himself into a pretzel defending you so you can keep playing.

Boston College Women - The Boston College newspaper The Heights had a season preview look at the team. You can also check out this Q&A interview with team captain (and my personal favorite player on the team) Nicole Boudreau.


If you missed my blog post on the early start of the Boston Celtics from yesterday, you can check it out HERE.

Former Baylor star Isaiah Austin was slated to become an NBA player, but saw his dream die when pre-draft physicals saw him diagnosed with career ending Marfan's Syndrome. You can catch up with him as he begins a new life both in and out of basketball via this link.


During the New York City Marathon, the NBA took part with an all-star relay made up of retired NBA stars, commissioner Adam Silver and a few WNBA legends as well. New York Liberty assistant coach Katie Smith was one of those that took part. You can see a photo of her after her part of the relay ended below.


While the Red Sox offseason news will likely focus on their scheduled meeting with free agent Pablo Sandoval next week, I thought I'd take a second to mention that one of the key figures in the recent Red Sox success (with rings from 2004 and 2007) has retired. Yes, The Greek God of Walks aka Kevin Youkilis, has ended his career. His career didn't end the way you would've hoped it would, but he'll always be a member of the Red Sox to me.


The only high school sports team still active for me is the Wareham High football team. And sadly, they've become the team that other teams look to get better on. For the second straight week, their opponent has come into the matchup winless and left the Vikings with an asswhipping. This time it was Dedham putting a beating on the Vikings, 34-0.


TV - You can check out the recap of the latest episode of Arrow via this Pop-topia.com link. By the way, I tweeted out how much I liked the appearance of Charlotte Ross in the episode, and the actress hit the favorite button on the tweet.

Music - I am a fan of Irish and Celtic music singer Marc Gunn. He recently posted a streaming version of his science fiction song "Browncoats Keep Flyin'" on Soundcloud. As a big Firefly/Serenity fan myself, I loved the song. You can check it out HERE. You can check more of his sci-fi songs on his Sci-Fi Drinking Songs CD. Check out http://www.marcgunn.com for more information.

Queen released a streaming version of a new song that will be released. It was a song they recorded during the creation of their album The Works but it was never used. So yes for those rock fans paying attention, that means this is a new song featuring vocals by Freddie Mercury!


Q-o-t-D 11/6/14 Tags: MLB MVP
Who do you think should win MLB's AL and NL MVP?

Sunday Musings #171
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While back to being a single guy again...


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Did you see that epic beatdown last week? I know the Chicago Bears have been a team in a downward spiral of disarray the last few weeks, but damn they got their butts whipped. I don't think anyone can say that they expected to see the Patriots win 51-23.

Tom Brady had a fantastic day as he threw for 354 yards and 5 touchdowns as he just annihilated the Bears pass defense.

Hell, even backup Jimmy Garoppolo saw some playing time when Brady was given about 1/3 of the fourth quarter off. Garoppolo completed all three of his passes for 22 yards. He did get sacked once, but even that sacked ended up biting the Bears on the behind.

The guy who sacked the rookie QB was Lamarr Houston. He got up from the tackle and started celebrating like it was a huge deal, instead of the meaningless sack in a game your team is losing by 25 points (at the time). And Houston ended up tearing his ACL during the celebration and is out for the year.

Rookie running back Jonas Gray led the Patriots with 86 rushing yards, but it was receiver Brandon LaFell and tight ends Rob Gronkowski and Tim Wright whose names were called out most often by the TV announcers.

LaFell caught 11 passes for 124 yards and a touchdown, in his best game yet as a member of the Patriots.

Tim Wright had 61 yards receiving and a TD catch and is starting to look like he can be counted on as the second half of the tight end tandem with Gronkowski. The Patriots having the threat of a one-two punch at that position like they did before Aaron Hernandez decided to reveal how much of an ass he is will give the offense a lot of different looks to employ.

Of course, when you have Rob Gronkowski catching 9 passes for 149 yards and 3 touchdowns, you are pretty sure your team is having a good day. It was Gronkowski's strongest performance of the season and a sign that he is definitely "back". One of those touchdown catches was a beautiful display of brute force. After catching the pass and starting his run, he simply brushed off the first defender to lay hands on him. He then proceeded to get into the end zone carrying at least one other defender over the line with him.

Overall, the defense did a solid job of containing the Bears offense. Darrelle Revis picked off Jay Cutler to end the first half while Rob Ninkovich (#50 in photo below) recovered one of the two Chicago fumbles on the day and ran it back for a TD. The "D" also sacked Cutler three times.

But the Patriots rush defense is still a mess. Despite the 28 point victory, they can't seem to really stop or even slow down opposing team's running backs. Matt Forte ran for 114 of the Bears' 153 rushing yards. He also caught a 25 yard TD pass on a play where he just burned the defender.

As the weather gets colder, more windy and blustier, teams are going to end up putting the ball in the hands of the runners and if the Patriots don't figure out how to stop a rushing attack soon, the playoffs (should they come) are going to be short lived should they come up against a team that can run the ball and exploit their weaknesses even more fully than the Bears did.

By the way, as bad as things are going for the Bears right now, the New York Jets are even worse. After getting killed by the Buffalo Bills (a team missing their two best players), radio host Mike Francesca went off on the Jets in a rant that, as you might expect, went viral. You can see it below.


With his continuing the blind to the world around him defense of his players despite their numerous run-ins with the law, Florida State coach Jimbo Fisher has managed to, according to Yahoo! Sports columnist Dan Wetzel, become the most disliked coach in America.

The terrible season for Michigan has claimed its first victim. Athletic director Dave Brandon "resigned" this week. While reading this piece from SI.com's Michael Rosenberg, I couldn't help think that Brandon was a bigger gaping butthole than previously thought. Check out the article to see what I mean.

Boston College - The Eagles headed to Blacksburg yesterday to play Virginia Tech. A win would make BC bowl eligible. How'd they do? Well before we get to that, I wanted to mention that thanks to a performance that featured 10 tackles (including 2 sacks), the ACC named Eagle defensive end Kevin Kavalec the conference defensive lineman of the week.

Also, it seems people are really starting to take notice of the thus far outstanding rookie campaign of running back Jon Hilliman. Jack McCloskey of ESPNBoston.com has a good piece about the freshman HERE.

As for the game against the Hokies, the Eagles seemed to think they could coast to the finish after building up a 23-10 lead in the second half of the game. It was like they were doing their damnedest to give the game away.

After Virginia Tech scored first, the Eagles rallied back to take a 14-10 lead going into halftime. The Eagles held Virginia Tech to just 14 yards rushing yards in the first half. Once the Eagles took that 23-10 lead, their defense began to get picked apart via Hokie QB Michael Brewer who finished with 345 passing yards. The Hokies scored 2 touchdowns to take a 24-23 lead. After Boston College kicked a field goal to go up 26-24, the Eagles got the ball back and seemingly capped off the game when QB Tyler Murphy ran for a 57 yard TD (pictured below). But Va. Tech rallied once again, scoring a touchdown to set up an onside kick attempt.

But the kick was recovered by Boston College and they went on to win 33-31 in a game they really should've had in hand for most of the second half. The win moves them to 6-3 on the season. They are now bowl eligible for the second straight season under coach Steve Addazio (pictured below).

Offensively, the Hokies outgained BC in total yards 414 to 368. But the BC defense held stout against the run and only 69 of those yards for Virginia Tech came on the ground. They collected three sacks and linebacker Matt Milano recovered a fumble (pictured below).

Tyler Murphy was 8-15 for 110 yards and 2 touchdowns on the day. He hit running back Marcus Outlow for one score while receiver Charlie Callinan ( #83, pictured below) caught the other TD pass. Murphy also finished as the lead rusher on the day with 122 yards. He broke Doug Flutie's record for career rushing yards by a QB during the game.

Running back Myles Willis (pictured below) had a beautiful 68 yard TD run on his first carry of the day but he finished with just 79 yards total. Meanwhile, the Hokies managed to stop Jon Hilliman, who finished with 8 carries for just 6 yards.

I don't know exactly what the deal was with the Eagles, but the coaching staff can't be pleased with the team's inability to hold a lead. Becoming bowl eligible is a good thing but they will need to figure out how to toughen up against the pass if they want to continue their winning ways and get into a good bowl game. And it would be nice if it was a bowl game where they had a chance to win instead of being the sacrificial lamb to a team their defense can't possibly hope to stop.

And you have to give credit to Virginia Tech. They could've packed it in for this game but they saw a challenge and rose to the occasion, particularly when they saw that the Eagles pass defense had no idea how to stop or slow them down all that much.

You can see the game highlights below.

Mass Maritime - Yesterday afternoon, the Buccaneers hosted Framingham State. It was senior day for Mass Maritime as the game was their regular season home finale. Unfortunately, Framingham State just put a beating on MMA and won 45-0. E.J. caught just 1 pass for 2 yards in the game. Richie got some playing time in the game and carried the ball five times for 25 yards. The Buccaneers are now 2-6 on the season.


It was another crappy week for me this week as I lost in both leagues. I'm really glad I don't do this as a means of making money. I'd be broke.


New York Liberty assistant coach Katie Smith is going to be one of the participants in the NBA's All Star Relay during the New York City marathon today. It should be interesting considering she posted on Twitter how she hasn't really done any running in the last year. Also, Smith posted on her blog this week. It is the second part of her tale of her dog Logan. You can check it out HERE.


Thanks to one of the best pitching performances in postseason history from Madison Bumgarner, the San Franciso Giants knocked off the Kansas City Royals in the deciding 7th game of the World Series this week. TV ratings were in the toilet (I didn't watch much action at all myself), but it was a tension filled series throughout and the Giants can now lay claim to the "dynasty" term. Congrats to the Giants.

The Boston Red Sox made a little off the field news this week when the club announced the re-signing of closer Koji Uehara. It is a two year 18 million dollar deal.

In managerial news, Yahoo! Sports is reporting that Paul Molitor will be named the new manager of the Minnesota Twins.

And the Chicago Cubs fired Rick Renteria after 1 season so they could hire Joe Maddon in his place. I know Maddon is the most sought after candidate the Cubs could've hoped to land, but I have a problem with at least part of Theo Epstein's statement announcing the firing of Renteria (pictured below).

He said, ''We saw it as a unique opportunity and faced a clear dilemma: be loyal to Rick or be loyal to the organization. In this business of trying to win a world championship for the first time in 107 years, the organization has priority over any one individual. We decided to pursue Joe.''

I'm sorry, but if you don't show loyalty to an individual, you aren't showing loyalty to the organization. An organization is made up of individuals and if you expect to have those individuals show their loyalty, it should be returned in kind. I know that the team "HAD" to pursue Maddon, but Epstein's statement read as being so sanctimonious, it affects the believability of the whole charade.


The Celtics opened up their season on Wednesday (they had a game last night as well) against the Brooklyn Nets. No one is really happy with how the offseason's quest for a big name free agent came up empty. An expectation of a playoff berth is something so far in the back of anyone's mind, that it seems almost foolish to even write about that here.

But for a first game, the team actually looked pretty good. I was only able to watch the first quarter of the game, but the Celtics took things right at the Nets and controlled the contest from opening tip to final buzzer. Rajon Rondo actually played. Originally he was going to be out to start the season but then in the days leading up to the season opener, he started playing it coy as to whether he might be ready to play from Game 1.

And play he did. He finished with 13 points, 12 assists and 7 rebounds. And he wasn't the only player to give a very positive first impression of themselves. Eight of the ten players who saw the floor scored in double figures. Kelly Olynyk led with 19 points and Jeff Green added 17 as the Celtics buried the Nets 121-105.

As always, one game does not make a season. However, it was a nice breath of fresh air to see the Celtics open up with a win.


Mount Saint Joseph University - Today is the day. Lauren Hill is scheduled to take the floor for MSJU and play her first and only college basketball game. WNBA star Elena Delle Donne announced this week that she is going to attend the game to show support, while other WNBA players have been posting videos online and donating money to the charity started by Hill and her family. The game is at 2 pm today, so I'll have to write about those events next week. But if you read this early on Sunday morning and want to try to watch the game yourself, there are a variety of options available. You can get the full list of them HERE.

Hill has also started a challenge similar to the Ice Bucket challenge that swept the country this summer. You can read about her #Layup4Lauren HERE.

And there is another new article about Hill and today's game you can read HERE.

Tennessee - Though she can't play until next year due to the NCAA's transfer rules, Diamond DeShields is still making her presence known with the Lady Vols as they get ready to start their season. You can read about her decision to transfer from North Carolina and more HERE.

As for the Lady Vols as a team, they are ranked #4 in the preseason poll. GO VOLS!

Missouri State - You can get to know more of the players on the Lady Bears squad this season via the following links: Nijay Gaines and Hilary Chvatal, Lexi Hughes & Rachel Swartz  and Onye Osemenam and Liza Fruendt, Riley Israel & Lee Ann Polowy. Fruendt is pictured below.

The Lady Bears were picked to finish 6th in the MVC conference this season.

ACC Men's Basketball Media Day - Media Day for the men's basketball teams in the ACC conference was held this week and thanks to the erupting academic scandal at North Carolina, questions about academics as well as other off the court topics sent a number of coaches running for cover. You can read more about the lack of "leadership" shown at media day in this Yahoo! Sports article by Pat Forde.



Upper Cape Girls Varsity Soccer - The final game of the season for the Rams was against Holbrook. Thanks to two goals from Krystle and two from her sister Amber, the Rams took the match 4-2. They finish the season with a 7-10-1 record.

Wareham Football - With the convoluted playoff setup for Massachusetts football now underway, the Vikings have a variety of unfamiliar opponents for 3 out of their last four games. Up first was the winless Coyle-Cassidy team. Well, winless no more after Coyle-Cassidy put a 35-14 beatdown on Wareham. The Vikings are now 1-8 on the season.

Meanwhile, I can't wait for high school basketball season to start up in about a month. I know that I'll be visiting 3 schools for sure this season, with a fourth one likely. I'm not sure about the fifth one because I don't know if that former player of mine will be suiting up this season. There will be more on the upcoming season in future editions of Sunday Musings.


Great Resignation over Principles - Dave McKinney is a writer for the Chicago Sun Times. Or I should say, he was. He resigned from the paper on October 22nd after a series of events that really left him no other choice. He posted his resignation letter online and it is a brilliant expose and takedown on the state of modern journalism. You can read it HERE!

Halloween - How did your Halloween go? It was a pretty busy year for me this year. I had 268 people at my door. I had plenty of candy and comic books to give out to them. In fact, I had way too much of both. I ended the night nearly 300 comics still left over and the bowl of candy was full after I dumped what was still in the bags into it.

For the most part, the people coming to the door were better behaved than in years past. But the lack of effort on the part of the older kids (most of whom shouldn't have been out trick or treating anyway) in terms of coming up with a costume rankled me. This year I only gave out one special prize for a good costume.

My sister and her boyfriend came over this year and saw first hand how the night goes with me passing out stuff.

The younger kids were very excited about the comic books. I even got told "You're awesome" by one little guy. Of course, I responded with "I know I am".

You can see a photo that my sister took of just some of the 552 comics I had available last night below.

Books - I picked up a couple of new books this week. The first is a new Star Trek: The Next Generation novel by author David Mack. It's called Section 31: Disavowed. The other book is the David Baldacci thriller The Target, the most recent paperback installment of the author's Will Robie series.


TV - Here's the Pop-topia recaps for this week's new episodes of The Flash and Arrow.

Movies - Keanu Reeves is back on the big screen in the action film John Wick. Here's the Pop-topia.com review.

There's a couple of new movie trailers to check out this week. The first is the final trailer for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1.

The second clip is a teaser trailer for The Avengers: Infinity War Part 1 and Part 2. The odd thing about this one is that the first part isn't due out until May 2018 with part 2 due May 2019. The trailer was captured via a fan's cellphone during the big Marvel presentation this week where the company unveiled their "Phase 3" movie plans including films on the characters Black Panther and Doctor Strange.

Here's the trailer for the new Fast and the Furious movie Furious 7.

Music - And finally for the week, I have my long-gestating review of the brand new Accept CD Blind Rage is now available to read via this Pop-topia.com link.

All Saints Day for Sports Fans
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All Saints Day follows Halloween and so it seems like a good time to take a quick look at the current Saints in the sports world starting with my 2013 Team of Destiny, the appropriately named team from New Orleans.  The Saints have risen to a mediocre 4-4 record, but that is good enough in the suddenly awful NFC South for First Place.  Going into this season, it seemed like the NFC had its Power Structure in good order, but halfway through the season, we have chaos.  All, that is except for my 2014 Team of Destiny, the Detroit Lions, who are quietly crusing right along in the NFC North.  While in the AFC, all seems right in the world as the usual powers are just that in 2014...and then there's Saint that gave us an excellent mid-season mini-classic is none other than that normally devilish NFL Schedule Maker who set us up with a Broncos - Patriots match up for Sunday afternoon.  Bless you, my son!

Here are a few other Saints in my book from the current world of sports....

>>  Jay Gruden, for pulling off that Monday Night Miracle for the Redskins...and for making up for the sins of his brother in the broadcast booth who was particularly hiduous behind the mic last week;

>>  Joe Madden, for willingly taking on the role of Cubs Manager and perhaps finally providing deliverence for all those lost souls who are Cubs fans;

>>  MadBum, who delivered a Fall Miracle to San Francisco as the Giants won another World Series...and for everyone else who lives in baseball purgatory waiting for Post Season Glory, well, there is always next year (spoken like a true Cub fan wannabe).

>> Gordy Howe, Mr. Hockey who is recovering from a stroke, belongs in Hockey Heaven but here's hoping he stays with us just a bit longer so we can say "thanks for the memories" at least one more time

Got a few Saints that need to be on the List...post 'em up here and give them their due!  

Have a great Saturday...good day to sit by the fireplace, it seems, and watch football!


O H Thursday
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Back at it preparing for Thursdays OH. I’ve got a large DD’s Ice Coffee and a back ache from bagging leaves on Saturday and a sore set of ribs from cleaning my chimney and fireplace

I wonder when I’ll learn...

That’s what sons are for!

Sunday the wife and I went to the early service at our church and then she went out to run errands and visit her sisters while I crawled up to the TV and watched Football from 10:30AM until, well I guess it was about 10:30 PM

I watch Detroit win a game in London that they should have lost, I watched Brady dismantle the hapless Bears and then Roethlisberger throw for 522. I followed that up with the Saints beating the Packers. What a day of football.

Rex Ryan’s job had been saved last week by playing the Pats tough in a 27-25 loss on Thursday and his team signing the great Persey Harvin on Friday, Rex is back on the coaching hot seat after being dismantled by the Buffalo Bills in new Jersey 43-23.

Jets GM John Idzik (also on the hot seat at the goodship J-E-T-S) said he won’t commit to Rexy beyond this season. Izdik said of himself,

“I need to get better at everything I do as a GM”

That’s true John but hardly possible. I ask you, as hard as they tried did:

- That leopard change his spots to stripes?

- Tim Tebow become a better passer?

- Did Heavy weight boxer Mike Tyson become a better husband

- And did quintessential bigot John Rocker become a volunteer at an inner city soup kitchen?


I think the conversation in NY is, what GM/HC tandem makes sense?

this action needs to happen fast, maybe not wait till the end of the season.

Maybe just maybe actually pay professionals to do the job. I know this is crazy but how about hire a proven GM and have him hire the HC...

Most importantly... how do they pull this off and not look like the…NY Jets

Because believe me;

Weeb Ubank,

Bruce Coslet,

Herm Edwards

or Rich Kotite are not walking thru that door.


NFL milestones

Tom Brady played his 100th regular season home game and now has a record in those games of 87-13.

Brady has closed to within 267 yards of Bronco great John Elway with the Bronco’s next up for the Pats on Sunday.


Demarco Murray has rushed for 1054 yards in 8 games a new NFL mark that he adds to each week. He currently leads #2 rusher Arian Foster (766), by 288 yards


Ben Roethlisberger passed for 522 yards and 6 TD’s on Sunday. Ben becomes the only NFL QB to have two 500+ yard passing games in history.


If the Season ended today the NFL playoffs would look like this


1. Denver 6-1 and the first bye

2. Patriots 6-2 and the second bye

3. Cincinnati 4-2-1

4. Indianapolis 5-3

5. San Diego 5-3

6. Buffalo 5-3

Just out side Baltimore and Pittsburgh both 5-3



1. Arizona 6-1 and the first bye

2. Detroit 6-2 and the second bye

3. Dallas 6-2

4. Carolina 3-4-1

5. Philadelphia 5-3

6. Green Bay 5-3

Just out side San Fran and Seattle both 4-3

In case you live under a rock you know Denver (6-1)vs

New England (6-2)game of the week


Manning vs Brady episode 16


With Peyton Manning passing Bret Farve in the career TD pass stat category of endless stats the conversation around the office and bowling lanes has been again:

Who’s better Brady or Manning.

We do this every year, it is a ridiculous argument. Both are great, both are HOF bound, arguments can be made and supported for each being the best of all time. I won’t engage in a wordy argument…I still have Joe Montana at the top of the totem pole of great NFL QB’s

I could go on and give you the Tale of the tape with Manning and Brady and point out what you can finds out in multiple places this week, TD’s playoff wins, yards and hot wives…so I’ll leave that to others and just say

Manning/ Brady

          …even steven

This weekends game will be all hyped all the time but once kickoff at 4:25 PM Sunday

 at frosty windy Gillette. Two good teams will square off in an epic battle for that #1 seed. Denver has been the better team, only loss was that OT loss to Seattle early on. The Pats started 2-2 with those ugly losses to Miami and KC before righting the ship (Offensive line) and watching vintage Brady reel off 4 straight impressive wins.

This game will be a rematch of last seasons AFC Championship game. Denver took that one in Denver 26-16. The Patriots won the regular season match up last November 34-31 in OT.

The Key to victory is the battle and chess game between Denver’s offensive maestro Peyton Manning and the Pats Defensive genius Bill Belichick.

Not to diminish Brady’s play or the Denver’s defense, Brady will put up points… this will come down to the Pats D stopping (or limiting) Manning and could come down to a game winning FG into the wind or with it on this cold November evening in Foxborough.

Oldharry’s pick…New England 31- Denver 28


World Series, San Fran and Kansas City all tied at 3-3 as of this writing and I won't have time to give you the final...but you don't depend on me for scores and facts anyway. Jake Peavy won a WS last year with the Red Sox couldn't get out of the 2nd inning in game six in a 10-0 loss to KC.

After enjoying the traditional duck boat prade in Boston, Southern boy Peavy bought a duck boat and brought it back to the Alabama homestead and put it in his personal pond. If San Fran wins he says he's buying a trolly car.

and maybe put some tracts around that pond.

Jake Peavy and his duck boat at home


The DITKAH’s stayed atop the league standings by beating the second place team at the position night matchup. I love handicap leagues, they clearly out bowled us but once you add those Hc’s in we win 6 of 8 points and remain on top with a 48-16 record. Eat a couple of sauages and drink some beers guys...

That's all for this week, don't forget to fall back one hour this weekend and don't miss Lanz to my right!

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