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Another Kid Touching Creep....
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 Unreal...It seems we can't go a couple weeks without some public figure in the sports world being outed for being a kid toucher...I saw it on DEADSPIN today that this fat ass Philadelphia Daily News Sports Columnist made a habit of getting his creep on with kids...Family members' kids, friends of his kids...Boys and girls both...

When I first saw him on ESPN's "The Sports Reporters" I knew right away, I hated him...I just assumed it was because he was a Philly guy...We all know how I hate Philly sports/fans...So their reporters have to be assholes as well, right? I guess so...At least this one...It doesn't matter what the fuck he ever wrote about sports in Philly...Read those accounts in Deadspin, and you'll hate the fat bastard too...

And for the parents who found out, and just gave him a stern warning, and kept their kids away from him from then on...You're assholes too...The damage was already done, and you didn't do enough...How you don't get the police involved, I just don't understand...Actually, I don't understand why no one killed him...Let me make this clear...Anyone ever messes with any of my kids, they're dead...And no one will ever find the body.

Later, The Beeze. 

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