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Slapshots and Hip Checks 3/7
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If you’re a hockey fan then you know there’s nothing more exciting than when the trade deadline approaches and everyone vying for a playoff run is looking to get the one missing gem to make it to the Promised Land. There was a move two days before the deadline that sent the overpaid and heavily shopped Roberto Luongo to Florida, his old address before going to Vancouver where he scored the huge contract they ended up choking on. Now I’ve heard some pretty dumb comments from athletes in my years, but Luongo tossed out one doozy once the trade was announced, he said, “ I was shocked, I never saw this coming”! Really? You didn’t know that for the last three seasons the Canucks have actively, and quite publicly I might add, been calling every GM in the league looking to send you packing? You missed the numerous headlines right after the season ended last year that again the Canucks were looking to get anyone to take you and that ridiculous contract and there were no takers because the very team that gave you that contract was being asked to kick in for a good chunk of it to take you off their hands? Sure, I can see how you may have missed all that, and I’m more than sure you didn’t hear about going to the Islanders last month either. Talk about denial. So good ole Roberto goes off to Florida and whose waiting to greet him there is none other than Tim Thomas, the very guy who beat him in the Cup finals in 2011, the same goalie who got in a verbal battle and said he didn’t really care what he had to say about the way he played the game, he wasn’t there to pump up your tires…I was hoping he could remind you in the locker room that he also never got pulled out of a game after getting shelled in that series, TWICE!!! Quite the ego you’ve got…you know what you can do with that contract Roberto, good luck in Florida and you won’t have to worry about hearing how badly you perform in the playoffs, they don’t usually go to them.


Luckily for Luongo, Thomas was sent to Dallas and Ellis was sent to Florida in exchange. So what we'll all get to miss is those fake looks of camaraderie, or hear that everything is all good when I wouldn't believe for a second that one would buy the other so much as a cup of coffee.  But the real blockbuster move came from the Rangers, sending captain Ryan Callahan to Tampa Bay for Martin St. Louis. The first thing I thought of when I heard this trade was my man Beeze and his reaction to it, I just knew he wasn’t going to dig this move at all, and he didn’t. Callahan and the Rangers have been trying to work out his new contract and the rumor was he and the team were apart on the numbers, to the tune of $200-$400K a year in a six year deal, until just now this is all we heard, then I get a text from Beeze and he's telling me that what was missing in this story last night was the no trade clause that Callahan also wanted...so that was the deal breaker, a guy who isn’t afraid to throw down, isn’t scared of laying down and blocking shots from the likes of a Zdeno Chara if it means saving a game for the likes of St. Louis, who at 38 is still an offensive threat and healthy only because he avoids the physical portion of the game. Don’t get me wrong, he’s a fine player, a good goal scorer, but with one-year left on his contract he’ll be 39 and looking for another deal, say 2 years and I’m not sure if the Rangers will be kicking in at that point. With Callahan they had a guy with longevity, (he’ll be 29 this  month), so I can’t say I blame Beeze and Ranger fans for dumping hard on this one.

Then we have the Canadiens, err… They scooped up Thomas Vanek from the Islanders. When I heard this one I immediately knew why too, they got Vanek because they know they’ll probably have get through Boston to further any hope of moving on in the playoffs and Vanek has always been a thorn in their side.  Eh…good luck to them with that is all I’ve got to say…no love lost here for the Habs and their hurt feelings…you know me, no warm fuzzies coming from Sully.

Jaroslav Halak, the goalie that has had a great season was sent packing earlier in the week to Buffalo for Ryan Miller. I hated this trade for a lot of reasons. But as I suspected Halak didn’t unpack, he was traded to Washington, so he at least will get a better shot at some playoff time, maybe he ends up being just what the doctor ordered. God knows the Achilles heal for the Caps has been between the pipes, but what Halak won’t have that he had in St. Louis is a team that plays stifling defense. No more will he see only 19 shots a game, he can forget about that, he’ll be lucky if the low is in the 30’s. These are the trades that stood out most to me, I won’t go into all the deals, I know there have been others who have or will touch on them too, and Beeze will undoubtedly be “Moaning” about it on Monday!


In other happenings, I see that Adrian Peterson is tweeting that he’d like Michael Vick to join the Vikings, that they could win with him at the helm. What makes him think that Minnesota can do with Vick that no one else has been able to do? The only thing different about Michael Vick is he’s older. He’s still injury prone, he still makes terrible decisions with the football and to think that he can just stroll through the door and be the answer to their QB problems is a bit ridiculous. If that happens…good luck with that, but you’ve been warned.  


The 2014 YouGabSports fantasy baseball league if fired up, if you’d like to ply just sign up on the post I put up yesterday, and I’ll get an invite right out to you. If we fill this up quickly and there’s enough interest to play I’ll start another league.


Enjoy the weekend…Out!

Deep Thoughts 2-19-2014
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Hello and welcome to another Wednesday of deep thoughts. After spending the weekend in Edinburg watching college baseball, I feel almost as if I have been at spring training. Bright sunshine and blue skies was exactly what the Dr. ordered. We hit the road early Friday afternoon and managed to walk into the stadium as the lineups were being announced. After months of being without baseball…the wait was over. The Friday night game was simply great baseball. UTPA’s ace Sam Street was matched against A&M Corpus Christi’s Matt Danton. The Corpus Christi Islanders scratched out a run in the 2nd inning and that is where the scoring was until the 7th inning. A lead-off double by Alberto Morales looked for the world like it would leave the yard…and in most parks it would have. Pan Am’s field is big by any measure, but made larger by the tall green walls that border almost the entire outfield. The only reasonable path for a dinger is down the left field line….into the bullpen. Bronc 2B Bryan Ramirez was up next and he found the bullpen with his line drive to give the Broncs their first lead of the game. Danton pitched a whale of a game, allowing only 4 hits and 2 earned runs in 6 innings. The Bronc’s played add on in the 8th inning, which proved to be the difference in the game…3 to 2 was the final. What a great game!

Here are a few pics and videos from the weekend...




















                                                                             Blake's first college base hit.














Saturday was a double header, with Blake getting his first collegiate start in the first game. It is difficult to describe the experience of seeing your son reaching another step in his dream. To be honest, words really can’t explain how exciting it was. He played pretty well, going 1 for 2…but was picked off of first on an attempted sacrifice. Blake was a bit anxious to advance to 2B and when the hitter pulled back the bat on the bunt, he slipped going back into 1st. Not happy was the head coach… Blake’s Sunday start was shelved as a message. Being a freshman is not without challenges, but it really is going to be fun to watch. The Bronc’s split the series 2 and 2. I am excited about the talent on this team. Remember the name Alberto Morales. The kid looks like a young Albert Pujols, for real.


The Broncs travel to Austin next Tuesday to play the Texas Longhorns. It will be a tough test as the Longhorns are determined to put the disappointment of last year behind them. I watched Texas dispatch the Islanders play Texas Tuesday night and the Horns look to be a different squad this year. I will have details next week.


I was reading an article by Chris Jones in ESPN the Magazine. He tends to write rather interesting things…he was writing about his younger days and how he idolized Hemingway. In his words, “I followed in his footsteps in ways that I never could as a writer.” He ran with the bulls in Pamplona, traveled the streets of Paris, and visited the bars of Havana. During one of his visits to Havana, he suddenly asked himself what he was doing. Upon closer examination, Hemingway was no hero, but a rather a “human wrecking ball.” Hemingway was left behind, but so too were his other heroes…no more Carlton Fisk or Patrick Roy. Jones thinking that it was better to “betray our heroes before they get the chance to betray us.” This struck me as especially poignant today as so many of our heroes have fallen on hard times. From Ryan Braun to Lance Armstrong, it is difficult not to become very cynical. But eventually Jones realized that being bitter and cynical is no way to live life. His words struck a chord for me…”But I will tell you that the poorest years of your life will be when you don’t believe in anyone. One day though, if you are lucky, and if you have not already, you’ll come back. You will realize that perfection is a lot to demand, especially from a stranger. You will get better at taking the parts of someone you need and overlooking the parts you don’t. You will grow less certain, not more and in your doubt, you will return to your old anchors.”


In our world of instant information, there are very few secrets. Although perfection is impossible to obtain, we somehow expect our heroes to do the impossible. Chris Jones is right that the “old anchors” are what serve us best. For sports fans, there is no older anchor than baseball. It is indeed the one sport that manages to survive. It is my hope that as we approach spring training that those fans that have turned their back on the sport are able to find their way back. With talk of peds and big money, it is easy to overlook the part of the sport that we fell in love with. If this is you, I hope that this is the year that you find your old anchor….whatever it may be.


Here are a few things that I found funny this week:


You may or may not remember Tim Byrdak. He is a well-traveled 40 year old left handed reliever that is now looking for work…in an unusual way.



                                    Here is the tweet that Byrdak sent asking for work...truly Byrdak is a left handed pitcher...




                                          Here is Byrdak pretending he is in the Winter Olympics..."driving his wife crazy."





Last week I wrote about the amazing game that Kevin Grow had. Grow made the news again when he was given a 2 day contract with the Philadelphia 76ers.



                                                                         The 76ers just won another fan...












That is all I have but I will leave you with a bit of Jack Handey…


Better not take a dog on the space shuttle, because if he sticks his head out when you're coming home his face might burn up.


I wish outer space guys would conquer the Earth and make people their pets, because I'd like to have one of those little beds with my name on it.



Thanks for stopping by and feel free to leave a few deep thoughts of your own…








NASCAR Update And Other Fast Stuff 2-15-14
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Whoa howdy and welcome Gabbers and others to my NASCAR updates and other fast stuff. That picture looks like my neighborhood. Well, maybe not that pretty but snow snow snow. Running out of room to put the stuff. I actually dug out a shelf in the snow bank at the end of my driveway to put my trash. Hope everyone in the Gab family is doing ok after all that ice, snow and chilly winds. I'm really sorry for those south of Virginia. Most probably never saw snow in person before. Driving in it is an acquired skill set. Hell, there's people up north that never acquire it. Just the same, I hope all power has been restored to peoples homes and everyone is home in the warmth.

In my internet travels I found a video of an ex Olympic skier. He went down the Super G course without poles and holding a camera. Not a GoPro helmet cam mind you. This guy was holding his camera and skiing down that course at a not so safe speed and talking about each part of the course as he went. You got to look this guy up.......Graham Bell on Rosa Khetor. 

While you're at You Tube looking that up you should check out the newest body modifications video for the well dressed hip Gabber. These guys channel is Good Mythical Morning and the video is....6 Unbelievable Body Modifications. People are truly getting STUPID or brain dead or brainless. Whatever it is, I hope it's not catching.


​Don't know about you people but coming right on the heels of the Net Neutrality debacle this scares me. WHY? Because not only do these 2 have the conduit that runs to our homes but they own the content too. AND AND AND with this merger it creates the biggest broadband provider with 33 million broadband connections. Can you say WE OWN YOUR ASS BOYS AND GIRLS? Because that's just what is happening. If the government doesn't step in and put their foot down on this deal there's going to be big changes to the way you consume your internet and of course a monopoly never works in the consumers best interests. 

People are leaving cable in droves. Now they're going to make their money by charging you to go to websites that are popular. If you want to go to Netflix or Facebook you'll pay extra. Maybe a package deal like cable channels are now. They'll have the ability to throttle back your speed to keep you from things. Control what news you see. This may sound hypothetical now but believe me it's on their agenda. Scary stuff.

A long time ago when cable was just starting out the FCC let the cable companies have control of the content to help them get started with the understanding that it would be revisited later. Well, it never got revisited. 

HELLO!!!! Hey FCC. Hey White House. Any body home? Any body going to stop this crazy train before something bad happens? 



That cute little scooter in the picture that Stewart had to traverse his way around life for a few months while his broken leg healed is going to be auctioned off by Barrett Jackson come April 11-13 in Palm Beach, Fla to benefit the Darrell Gwynn Foundation. They provide help support and wheel chairs to those that are paralyzed. To sweeten the package Stewart is adding a signed photo of himself on the scooter, a Bass Pro Shops firesuit also signed, a trip for 2 to be guests at the July 3-5 Coke Zero 400 in Daytona, round trip airfare, 3 nights hotel stay, garage passes and 2 seats on top of the pit box to watch the race. Also Stewart said he'll match up to $50,000 more of the bid to be donated to the foundation.

Darrell Gwynn used to race top fuel dragsters until he wrecked in an exhibition in England. He hit the wall at about 240 mph. Lost his arm and was paralyzed. Him and his wife founded this foundation to help those less fortunate. $30,000 is a lot of money for a motorized wheel chair or scooter. I hope the auction brings in a good price for that scooter.


Look at that. Nice new wrap for KY BU. Tomorrow I'm heading for the CVS down the street for the marked down Valentines candy. Mmmmmmm Yummy. Yeah, I know I should be trying to whoa up on that stuff but chocolate is very alluring you know. 


Wow. 64 years in the sport. Can't believe these guys are still fielding cars. Despite his muscular disorder, Trevor Bayne will still be in the #21 Motorcraft/Quicklane Ford. Good luck guys.


Last year due to the number of Ryan Newman's top 10's Outback Steakhouse gave out over 400,000 Bloomin Onions on Monday. This year the deal is the same only it's connected to Kevin Harvick in the #4. Any time Kevin gets a top 10 you can walk into an Outback Steakhouse and get a free Bloomin Onion all day Monday. 


Gordon has 4 championships in the years '95, '97, '98 & '01. Why does this not make him happy? They're all from when Winston sponsored the Cup Series. He really wants a Sprint Cup championship trophy. Then he can retire. 

Don't ask me what the difference is. Maybe it's the size. I'll have to look up what a Winston trophy looks like. Been years since I saw one. But any way, you go Jeffy.


Dale's mother Martha Earnhardt commenting on the return of the #3

"I have mixed feelings because I was told that I would never see a #3 on the race track after Dale died. I can understand it to a point. I know it was Richard's number when he drove and this is his grandson and I understand that. As long as they don't make it look like the #3. If they paint it a different color, I can sort of deal with it but I don't want to see the black #3 just like Dale's. But that's not my decision."

I personally would be sickened by the sight of the Good Wrench black #3 car if I were her too. I watched that race and knew instantly something was wrong. I hope Childress respects her wishes and doesn't paint that car up in the black for old times sake.


Stewart, Patrick and Bobby Labonte all blew their motors in the 2nd practice. It's ok though. Daytona is a single car qualifying race. That happens today. Hope whatever they did to those cars, that they learnt from it and not adjust in that direction again.

Didn't watch the Sprint Unlimited but I read it was quite eventful. There was a wreck that caused a red flag. My most handsome knight of the Mobile 1 was in it. Bummer. Another reason to go get my marked down Valentines day candy. 

Any way, there were only 8 cars left for the last 5 laps. Your top 5....Hamlin - Keselowski - KyBu - Logano - Harvick. 

So next week is the Daytona 500. WOOOOO HOOOOOOO!!!!!! Way more than a 75 lap show case. 

But until then Elvis Presley's bachelor pad in Palm Springs, CA is up for sale. Just $4 million. It's very dated looking but nice. Maybe I'll look into that. Wonder if they get....snoooooooooow?

So any way, safe travels all you Gabbers and others. Walk like a penguin on the ice, change those flash light batteries and don't forget that there's marked down Valentines candy. Chocolate. I love chocolate.

And I am outta here......




Deep Thoughts 2-12-14
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Hello and welcome to another Wednesday of deep thoughts. I usually struggle to write a blog this time of year. Football is over and baseball has not yet begun. But this year is a bit different. The Longhorns are playing good basketball this year, so I have been paying a bit more attention to college basketball. Basketball is a great spectator sport. Unlike any other sport, there is no barrier between the players and fans. I must admit that in my youth, I have been guilty of being a “spirited” fan. My senior year in high school, we used to head over to the Longhorn’s Gregory gym and cheer on what was becoming a very talented Texas team. We loved to sit behind the basket and cheer loudly. Since some of you only know the modern gymnasiums, it is tough to describe what the atmosphere was like at “old” Gregory. Capacity was probably only 6000, but the fans were very close to the action…and damn it was loud. The last game I attended at Gregory was against the Texas Aggies. I guess everyone has seen the Aggie yell leaders, dressed in all white with matching buzz cuts. There was a group of 4 of us behind the basket that were giving it to the yell leaders the entire game. What we were yelling was pretty silly really…stuff like I can’t see, get your ears out of the way. Does your Mom cut your hair? Do you shop at the same men’s store? No profanity, but a constant chatter. What was funny to us is that we got the crowd around us involved in the Aggie yell leader heckling. One guy in particular was getting upset, which of course only egged us on more. The game was a tight game that saw Texas pull away late. Freshman Ron Baxter stole the ball late and slammed the ball home with a rim rattling dunk. One of my buddies stood up, pointed at our yell leader friend and said…that one is for you. He took two steps toward my buddy before the other yell leaders pulled him back…sputtering and red in the face.



                                                                                                     "Old" Gregory Gym


While in the pep band at SMU, our main job was to play and make a ton of noise. Of course, since we prepared for the games with beer at a place called Cardinal Puffs…the making noise part was pretty easy. I watched some great basketball and really loved being so close to the floor. Heckling was part of the deal, but the players understood that was our job…and in most cases, they seemed to enjoy it. The best heckling was done in a clever way. Our unspoken rule was no profanity and it wasn’t really good unless it was funny. Basketball can be a very intense game. The best games are often settled at the end of the game. During the final moments, the volume of noise is amazing, but I am not telling you anything that you did not already know.


This week there was an incident in Lubbock, Texas that has ignited a firestorm of controversy. Oklahoma State suffered a last second turnover and Tech raced up the floor for a game clinching dunk. Marcus Smart attempted unsuccessfully to block the dunk and ended up partially in the stands. Words were exchanged with a fan (Jeff Orr) and Smart gave Orr a shove. Those are the facts, but not the entire story. Jeff Orr, may or may not have used a racial slur toward Smart. Some think that what Orr said in some way changes the act of shoving Orr…it does not. Players do not go into the stands and confront fans, they just don’t. I laugh when I hear someone say, if the fans said that or this that I would knock him out…no you wouldn’t. The difference between you and a college player is that they know that they are held to a higher standard than a dumb ass fan. Marcus Smart knows better than to do what he did and so does each collegiate player in the country.


From all I have read, Marcus Smart is a really good guy. He is not doubt frustrated by the recent play of his Cowboys and criticism that he is king of the floppers. To watch the turnover against Tech and know that OSU was going to lose another conference game surely had to hurt. A fan calls him a piece of crap and he snapped. What many are missing in all of this is what this will mean for other players considering coming back to school. Marcus Smart turned down a chance at the NBA last year to return to Oklahoma State and play another year of college basketball. Nobody does this, but Smart did. Damn it makes me proud for him even though I don’t know him. This is a good kid that made a mistake. Smart will learn from this and use the experience for what it is…a life lesson.


Hopefully, Jeff Orr will learn something from this as well. While I have patience and understanding for a kid playing the game…I am less inclined to give Orr a pass. Jeff Orr sat in the same seat in college that I did, playing in the band yelling for his team. But that was long ago. There is a bible verse that says “when I became a man, I put away childish things.” It is difficult to explain why Mr. Orr drives hundreds of miles to cheer for his alma mater. I suspect that Thomas Wolfe would have something to say about this behavior. Wolfe’s words about not being able to go home again seem very appropriate here. Hey Jeff Orr, college is over. I get that it was incredibly fun, but what was okay for a college kid is not okay for a grown man.


Let’s not miss the truth of this matter…there are Jeff Orr’s all across our country. They are at college and professional games and sadly probably at high school events as well. For some, it is the reason that they choose not to bother attending sporting events. Why subject yourself or your family to idiots?  I don’t have an answer for this behavior, or a solution. I know that in Philly that they set up a judge to actually bring fans in and have them booked at the football games. Increased security helps, but obviously does not eliminate the boorish behavior. In England the hooligans got so bad at soccer games that they developed a network to identify and ban said hooligans from soccer matches. England is also putting teeth to the charges of hooliganism…as in prison time. It more or less broke up the gangs by keeping them away from the matches and putting offenders in jail. Maybe it is time that schools begin to identify these rabid fans and begin to invite them to stay home?


What is more troubling to me is the behavior of the general public. Once again, it is react instantly and assume the worst. In case you have not heard the ESPN magnified recording, it clearly has the voice of Jeff Orr calling Smart a “piece of crap”. Perhaps Marcus heard something else or maybe he realized that he needed a good reason for the shove. Whatever, the reason…the truth seems to be exactly as Orr said it was. I am not sure if everyone is on edge because of the harsh winter or what, but there seems to be quite a bit of hostility oozing from many. It is a very good thing that our court system does not operate like the court of public opinion. I got to thinking that maybe everyone just needs a song to make them feel better…







The words of this song are simple and also very true. Why look for the negative in everything? While this is prevalent in all aspects of life, I have noticed that it is particularly evident in the sports world. Everyone wants to bash the Olympics because the venue is not perfect. For many of these Olympic athletes, they are having the time of their life. This sort of reminds me of American golfers when they have to go to Europe and play. They complain like crazy because the US golfers are not used to playing on courses that are a bit rough. The Europeans are used to playing on courses of questionable condition…so they just compete. Has Russia done a great job preparing for the Olympics? Hell no, but the conditions are the same for everyone. These are the Olympics and for many athletes, the high point of their competitive careers. Relax and enjoy these fine athletes competing like crazy…because that is what is so cool about the Olympics and sports in general.


While on the Olympics, I have to give a nod to the creativity of one Russian athlete. Snowboarder Alexey Sobolev put his phone number on his helmet. Although the IOC heavies eventually made Alexey put tape over the number, it was too late. Sobolev received so many nude pictures and texts that his phone literally quit working. Sobolev finished 12th in the slopestyle competition, but many would say he was the big winner in these Olympics.






With the heat that Russia has taken over their screw ups, apparently they figured that a distraction was needed. So…we get the distraction of beauty. I am torn between laughing and being distracted. Here are a few samples…




Another Option...








                                                                                         Is this the same person? Wow...





I saw this late and had to add...the Canadians have devised a clever way to keep other athletes out of their beer. The passport scanner. Only Canadians are allowed in the beer cooler. Very cool...








Michael Sam announced to the world this week that he is gay. I think for most of us, we read or heard this and shrugged. Okay, no big deal…right? If you do not believe that what Sam did required courage, you probably are like other players and most fans. If the guy can play, then who cares about his sexual preference? The question has long been asked…is professional football ready for an openly gay player? The truth was revealed after Sam’s admission. The players may be ready, but apparently management is not. Hidden behind the veil of anonymity several GM’s and assorted management types have concluded that the NFL locker room is “too fragile or immature” for a gay player. Another anonymous quote was even more puzzling…“This is a lot more okay in society than it is in lots of locker rooms. Some locker rooms are still stuck in the ’50s.”s? I have a difficult time believing this to be true. It is more like the suits running the NFL are stuck in the 1950s. I don't believe that Michael Sam should be compared to Jackie Robinson, but apparently some in the NFL are stuck in this time period. What Jackie Robinson did took great courage. But, in one sense, I guess Sam does have something in common with Robinson...he is the first acknowledged gay in the NFL, just as Robinson was the first black in baseball. Thankfully, most of society has moved way beyond the 1950's mentality. It sad and embarrassing that football executives refuse to evolve. If I was a team owner, I would have to ponder my choice in personnel if this was the thinking of my management team. Grow up guys...





Apparently, Congress has decided to enter the conversation regarding the Redskins team name. Sen. Maria Cantwell (D-Wash.) and Rep. Tom Cole (R-Okla.) delivered a letter to Roger Goodell that chastised the league for allowing the use of a racial slur (Redskins). It was also intimated that the NFL’s tax exemption might come into question if they could not “get on the right side of history”. First of all, why does the NFL receive a tax exemption? It is a farce that the NFL makes money hand over fist, but is not held to the same standard as millions of other business owners. Goodell has previously pointed out the Redskins name has been used for 80 years and has actually honored Native Americans, instead of slandering them. There does not appear to be any quick compromise to this matter. The Washington Redskins responded to this threat in this way… "With all the important issues Congress has to deal with such as a war in Afghanistan to deficits to health care, don't they have more important issues to worry about than a football team's name? And given the fact that the name of Oklahoma means 'Red People' in Choctaw, this request is a little ironic." Actually, the Redskins make a very good point.



I love cleverness…in books, movies, jokes, advertisements and even business. I saw a picture this week that literally exudes the definition of cleverness. I got a big laugh and figured I should share…








The feel good story of the week has to be the story of Kevin Grow. Grow is senior student manager for the Bensalem Fighting Owls. Despite having Downs’s syndrome, he was called upon to take the court with 2 minutes left in the final home game. It was obvious that the opponent helped Kevin initially, but as Grow warmed up…he needed no help at all. In his 2 minutes Kevin knocked down three 3 point shots and ended with 14 points in all. Just an awesome story!







That is all I have today, but I will leave you with a bit of Jack Handey…


I think a good product would be "Baby Duck Hat". It's a fake baby duck, which you strap on top of your head. Then you go swimming underwater until you find a mommy duck and her babies, and you join them. Then, all of a sudden, you stand up out of the water and roar like Godzilla. Man, those ducks really take off! Also, Baby Duck Hat is good for parties.


I remember that one fateful day when Coach took me aside. I knew what was coming. "You don't have to tell me," I said. "I'm off the team, aren't I?" "Well," said Coach, "you never were really ON the team. You made that uniform you're wearing out of rags and towels, and your helmet is a toy space helmet. You show up at practice and then either steal the ball and make us chase you to get it back, or you try to tackle people at inappropriate times." It was all true what he was saying. And yet, I thought something is brewing inside the head of this Coach. He sees something in me, some kind of raw talent that he can mold. But that's when I felt the handcuffs go on.



Thanks for stopping by and feel free to leave a few deep thoughts of your own...





Wrestling News - Following three will be inducted into the WWE HOF
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The following will be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame:

Ultimate Warrior

Jake "the Snake" Roberts



there will be more announcements in the future

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