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Kind of like the NFL collapsing Under deflate gate

The snow is heavy and the roof is about to collapse on the NFL. National Football Leakage. People from the NFL office keep feeding things to ESPN. They are feeding the piranha but there are signs everywhere not to feed the fish. It seems that folks from the leakages front office.  They are making shit up and throwing chum in the waters of Bristol Connecticut

They have the Patriots on double secret probation and nobody involved in the deflategate investigation is suppose to be talking. That is of course unless you work for the NFL and are considered a source for ESPN. Tuesday night a 27 year veterarn reporter for ESPN said that a Patriots locker room attendant tried to get an un authorized kicking ball into the game. I think he might have been (Mr. Twinkles but I’m not sure..) He handed to an alternate official who discarded because it didn’t have Walt Andersen’s mark on it. For all you folks hoping for another scandal against the winners of the Pro Footbal’s 49th Champions.   Guess again the alternate official as said early discarded the ball so it would have never made it into the game.

What the OTL reporter didn’t tel you as that ballw as handed to  Mr. Twinkles or Jim McNally  by a league official. Here is where it gets good. The league fired a guy that was in charge of Footballs, Kicked ones , under inflated ones and beat up ones, and over inflated ones as well because  the guy was in charge of  separating these balls and giving them to charity as they came out of the game.. Of course this was also leaked by the Leakage office. The guy apparently sold a ball to support his favorite charity himself. I’m not sure if the league brings these fine purveyors of craigslist and ebay to each game or only for the playoffs only.

AS the NFL draws at staws and continues to make themselves look bad. I believe there are still people in that office that simply have it out for the Patriots. Geez I’m sounding like Al Davis but this investigation has any more leaks  the roof will collapse on the NFL.

The other night I was watching the NFL Network not as many leaks on that side of the house I guess. They had one of those It’s aFootball Life with the 4 photographers that have covered all 49 Superbowls. If you think about it that’s an amazing feat in itself. One of these guys brought up a great point. I’m quoting loosely here He said that the game has changed and grown from a game to major event. He said what he misses most is shooting the game in day light in that incandescent light with shadows and the sunlight. Now everything is indoors or at night and photographers are confined to a section of the field. It was a pretty interesting take on the world’s largest event.

Other Stuff

Lakesides Report

The boys won one on Saturday well the other team was in a Tourney they forfeited. Sunday Blizzard Number 2 caused a cancellation to be made up at a later date. The boys played Yesterday afternoon. I got play by play at work via text. You couldn’t do that a few years ago. Lil Lanz banged one home from the left dot. Boys lost and than an about 6 of them including Lil Lanz went to their regular practice after the game. Game was at 2:30 (school vacation week) Practice at 5:20 36 miles away. I guess that was dedication. Laser got some coaching duties as the regular coaches had to work all but one.

Ole Lanz was talking to another dad from Lil Lanz’s Hockey team and he was saying he is playing in a fun hockey league and said they needed players. Next thing I know I’m signed up and on his team. I haven’t really played in about 10 years. However, I skate regularly or when ever I can and play some pond hockey with the boys. The guy said 4 team league and no idiots with the exception of a 70 year old guy who is a cheap shot artist and thinks he is Gordie Howe. So it will be fun.

More Stuff

The change of jobs hampered Basketball officiating this year. I was going to take the season off. Of course I received a call late last Wednesday Night to do 3 games in the next town. The games were on Saturday at 12, 1 and 2 made it out just as the snows came. 12 was a good game. The 2 I did by myself the partner in the 12 had just done 4 in a row. 1 O’clock game an 8th grade boys game. They are like a pack of wild dogs. I needed 12 sets of eyes. Both teams coaches were great and understanding . One guy is a cop and just stopped refereeing so he was awesome. I start the  game 3 I’m 5 minutes in no partner. So I’m up top  near  the top of the arc. I look in and there is another Ref standing on the baseline with his whistle in his mouth. I was glad to see him.

A basketball game is hard to officiate in the first place at any level but doing an up tempo game by yourself really sucks.


 Does anybody know how to get pics from MY docs into the blog?

Your help is appreciated


Buzz from the Bleachers
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Despite the cold temperatures, we are getting closer to spring. I don’t know if anyone

else has noticed, but I’ve been seeing robins already. I started noticing them 2-3 weeks ago. I hear them in the morning, provided the wind chill isn’t too much for them. Did they migrate this year? Have migration patterns been screwed up by climate change?

People in Kansas City are thinking warm thoughts too. Heck, they have a formidable baseball team again. What’s not to be excited about? The Royals have a class A affiliate in Wilmington, Delaware that decided to stoke the frenzy. The team decided to sell tickets to opening day for the same price as the temperature outside. The day tickets went on sale it was only 4 degrees. Fans were able to get tickets for four cents. That was a roughly 99% discount. Granted it’s the minors so tickets are usually cheap, but this was great. Fans who didn’t buy their tickets in person were hit with a $5 handling charge. I’d still be psyched with a $5.04 ticket.

What’s even crazier about the story was the promise that the team didn’t have to keep. Officials claimed that if the temperature had been zero or below, they would have given tickets away.

This weekend brought up the age-old question: do we really need All-Star games anymore? Are they still watchable?

The NBA thought so, until their mid-season showcase came up against the SNL 40 year reunion. The ratings for the SNL reunion crushed the game. Approximately 23.1 million people tuned into NBC, while only 7.2 million tuned into the All-Star game. The game featured an unheard of final score of 163-158. There was no defense to be had. It also featured a laughable fashion show and halftime concert. Very little of the game seemed to concern basketball as we know or appreciate it.

All-Star games are supposed to be for fans. The trouble seems to be fans want to see the players they like, who might not happen to be the guys having the best season. Fans voted in Kobe Bryant. They also wanted to see Carmelo Anthony play. Mark Cuban, and many others, want the vote to be taken from fans. Others simply want to distill the fans impact on who starts.

The NBA all star game means nothing. Neither does the NFL or NHL. Only the MLB has that dubious claim. Therefore, the MLB is the only league that I am ok with hearing folks talk about keeping starting duties away from fan votes. The games that are still exhibitions should still be fan controlled. Fans want to see Kobe. Despite everything, Kobe has been a great player and is the kind of talent you would want to see if you sense his time in the league is coming to an end. The games may be hard to watch for most people, but they are for the fans. As ridiculous as voting in guys who haven’t played all season are, these are the guys they want to see.

If you are feeling cold, check these crazy hijinks from China:

That is all for this week. Thanks as always for stopping in. We’re starting to understand the joys of home ownership. We got all our appliances in the purchase. We just might not have checked enough. We found out this weekend that ur stove only warms to 350. Luckily, George Washington and Abe Lincoln wanted us all to celebrate their birthdays with never ending sales. We took advantage of this to get ourselves a new stove. Let’s hope that is all.

Musings From The Hoodwood 2-17
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Get ready for lots more like this...very painful for your humble scribe. I saw it firsthand.

This weeks hoodwood is a spec sheet as Ive barely have had time to look at sports much less bring you a full musings. 

Atlantic Coast
Conference Class-Power
Solid: Virginia, North Carolina, Notre Dame,,Louisville, Duke
Work to do:  Miami-FL, NC State, Pitt
Skinny on the ACC:  The Cavs and Dukies are still way safe but the conference is getting to be a hot mess. Im moving the Irish, Cards and Heels in. NC State and Pitt are close but Im still wanting more wins from these two to move them up...

Key Game: Miami @Louisville Sat 7p (ESPN) The Canes are looking for a signature win, getting one at the Yum! Center would do the trick.

Projected Bids:

Atlantic Ten
Conference Class- Major
Solid: Dayton, GW, VCU

Work to do: Rhode Island, UMass, Davidson, 
The A-10 Spec is: Im still going with 3 teams here though everyone here has been getting a case of the shakes none so mucj more than VCU but their numbers are still so good. I want the Flyers to get a signature win but they are missing opportunites

Key Games UMass @ Rhode Island Wed 7:00 Believe it or not this is a matchup of leaders in the conference, the winner gets a major resume boost.

Projected Bids: 3



Conference Class-Major

Solid Temple, SMU

Work to do: Cincy,Tulsa
All-American Spec: The Mustangs throttled UConn in front of a happy home crowd on Saturday and are getting closer and closer to lock status. Temple has suddenly turned into a shot caller after housing Cincy and whipping a sad sack East Carolina.  THe Bearcats are looking mighty suspect after the aforementioned whipping by Temple and getting zapped on a buzzer beater by Tulane before a stunned collective in Cincy (including yours truly who saw the game at Fifth Third Arena) and have more bad losses to dodge than good wins to collect down the stretch. The Golden Hurricane are teetering dangerously toward falling off this list and I cant defend the Huskies any longer they are off the list

Key Games Xavier vs Cincinnati 7:30p (ESPN2) These two school are separated by about 5 miles and aside from this one game co-exist in the Queen City, but this game has high stakes for a quality win

Projected Bids: 3


Big East 
Conference Class-Major
Solid: Villanova, Butler

Work to do: Xavier, Providence, Georgetown, St. Johns, Seton Hall
Big East Skinny: Nova is still way safe, Butler dodged a  mammoth upset bid by Creighton and I feel good about making them solid, Xavier just keep mucking up every chance that they get to move up. Georgetown and Providence are the two teams that have the best shot at moving up for now. I cant take St. Johns or Seton Hall seriously.

 Key Game: Xavier at Cincinnati Wednesday 7 (ESPN2) The Muskies need this win over their in-city rivals to keep their fledgling tourney hopes up

Projected bids: 5

Big Ten 
Conference Class-Power
Solid: Wisconsin, Ohio State, Maryland
Work to do: Indiana, Michigan State, Iowa, Purdue, Illinois
The word on the Big Ten is: Maryland is still safe and ill give Ohio State the benefit of the doubt again after getting zapped by a Valentine in East Lansing which may make the Spartans safe. Illinois wasted a great chance to move more to the solid line but got housed by Wisconsin who is super safe. The Hoosiers are just running out of chances to

Key Game:  Purdue at Indiana Thursday 7p (BTN) The Hoosiers and Boilers both need this win to solidfy their respective resumes

Projected Bids: 6

Big 12
Conference Class-Power
Solid: Kansas, West Virginia, Iowa State, Oklahoma
Work to do: Baylor, Oklahoma State, Texas
Skinny from the heartland:  Ok Mountaineer fans, WVU is up to solid. Stop badgering me about me not saying I thought they were not totally legit. Their thrilling win over Kansas solidifies their chances. Iowa State comes uptown as well. But Ill wait on Baylor and Oklahoma State both having taken bad losses

Key Game: Texas @ Oklahoma Tuesday 9p (ESPN) The Longhorns are getting close, Ill admit it, winning at their hated rival gets them closer

Projected Bids: 

Conference USA 
Conference Class-Mid-Major
Solid: Louisiana Tech
Work to do: UAB, Western Kentucky

Oh Say Can You C-USA Spec: The Bulldogs are in the drivers seat…for now. Im close to moving this conference to the single bid line

Key Game: Louisiana Tech @ Charlotte Thursday 7:00 (CBSS) The Niners are going nowhere but Halton arena has long been a house of horrors for conference leaders.

Projected Bids: 1

Missouri Valley
Conference Class-Mid Major
Solid: Wichita State, Northern Iowa
Work to do: Evansville
Missouri Valley Skinny: Both the Shockers and Panthers are circling each other till warmup showdown at the end of the month.  The Redbirds are off but the Aces are on and need to keep winning to get noticed.

Key Game: Drake at Evansville Wednesday 8:00 (ESPN3) The Aces had better not overlook the Bulldogs in advance of their potential resume making showdown with Wichita State

Projected Bids: 2

Mountain West
Conference Class-Major
Solid: San Diego State
Work to do: Boise State, Colorado State
Spec from the Mountains: San Diego State is in the drivers seat, Boise State is in real trouble, and the Broncos need to get a signature win

Key Game: San Diego State at New Mexico Tuesday 9:30p  (CBSS) The Aztecs had best be careful, a loss in the Pit is a bad one to take this year

Projected Bids: 2

Pacific 12
Conference Class-Power
Solid: Arizona, Utah
Work to do: UCLA, Stanford, Oregon
Spec from the left coast:  Arizona (yawn, snore) is still safe. Yes, Utah. You are safe now. Im not really sold on UCLA and Oregon just flunked their latest test.

Key Games: UCLA @ Arizona State 9p (ESPN2) The Bruins had better watch themselves in Tempe, they have no room for screwups

Projected Bids: 4

Conference Class-Power
Solid: Kentucky, Arkansas
Work to do: Ole Miss, LSU, Texas A&M, Georgia
Spec is Down South: Marking time till they head to Indy, the Wildcats are a deadbolt lock. There are still no real bona fide locks in this conference beyond Arkansas who becomes the 2nd ranked SEC team and haven’t done anything to not be included. All the working teams are still needing major work on their respective resume to get anywhere near safe.

Key Game: LSU @ Texas A&M 7p (SECNet) Both teams are needing this win to get closer to lock

Projected Bids: 5


West Coast 
Conference Class- Mid Major
Solid: Gonzaga
Work to do: St. Mary’s, BYU
West Coast Spec:  The Bulldogs (I refuse to call them them the Zags) are #3 in the country and are going to be a tough out in March. They are marking time till then. The Gaels are flunking every big test that the otherwise weak WCC is presenting them. BYU is at 20 wins but may need to win out to get a bid
Key Game: Gonzaga at St. Marys Saturday 11p (ESPN2) As luck would have it the Gaels host the Bulldogs, and the Bulldogs can clinch the WCC #1 seed with a win

Projected Bids: 1

There are others in the mix to be sure. Teams from the always dangerous Colonial and Big South always are in the mix and can send multiple teams. Of course the champions from the following conferences get an automatic bid: Amer. East, Atlantic Sun, Big Sky, Big West, Horizon, Ivy, MAC, MAAC, MEAC, Northeast, Ohio Valley, Patriot, Southern, Southland, Sun Belt, Summit, SWAC and WAC projected bids from these conferences will be posted here starting February 24st

Since this is still early spec, nothing here is solid and we haven't even brought up the possibility of upsets. But those never happen, right?

Next Spec Feb 19


Snow Makes Me Sad
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The last few weeks have been nothing short of brutal.  Snow upon snow, upon snow.  In the first month or so of winter, we had nothing.  In fact, by January 20, I stood in my front yard, looked at the green grass and thought to myself that maybe we’ll get our of this winter relatively well.


A little over a week later, it started...and it just doesn’t seem to have stopped.  January 28th.  The night of the Super Bowl.  February 5.  February 9.  And again this weekend.  Just more freaking snow after more snow.  I’ve lived in this house now for 13 years or so, and this area is consistently one of the parts of the country that gets the most snowfall, and yet, I’ve not bought a snow blower.  For 13 years I’ve shovelled everything by hand.  Until this weekend.  


I had enough.  I went to Lowes.  They had nothing.  I checked Home Depot’s website.  Nothing. For 50 miles there were none to be had.  The Sears Outlet website had one - the closest available one was in West Orange, NJ - 167 miles away. I’ve driven further for less, but something even less probable happened.  While I couldn’t find a snowblower anywhere closer than a 4 hour car ride, upon my Facebook newsfeed a used blower appears.  It seems (get this) my neighbor’s mom bought his dad a new one (where the hell did she find it??), and he was selling his old one.  26”, 9 HP?  $150?  Done.  “Don’t you want to haggle?”  No.  Take my money.


It starts on the first pull.  It’s 9 years old, but has been cared for well.  It’s everything I need.  Here I was prepared to spend $900 - anything to make it stop.  This thing even had gas in it - 89 octane, no less.  I picked it up Saturday, spent 4 hours clearing snow.  It was great.  Know why?  Because it snowed again Saturday night into Sunday.  Another 8-12” or so.  ANd it was good to have a snowblower.  


If I never use it again, if it were to simply explode and be utterly unusable ever again, it would still be $150 of the best money I’ve ever spent.  That said, I hope it doesn’t come to pass like that...because it’s supposed to snow AGAIN tomorrow.  Another 3-5”.  It would make a weaker man cry.  Me?  I just sobbed a little into my pillow.


Steve Montador, a journeyman defenseman known most for the Calgary Flames run at the Stanley Cup - losing to the Tampa Bay Lightning in the season before the NHL lost the entire season - was found dead over the weekend.  35 years old.  The official word is that it would appear to be natural causes.  What I found interesting about the story though - beyond the fact that a 35 year old man in better shape than most people reading this would simply drop dead - is that a friend found him at 2 am.  What friend just finds you at 2 AM?  He was out of hockey, had his bell rung a few times.  One can’t help wondering if he may have overdosed accidentally or otherwise.  The New York Post suggests he was depressed after a career ending concussion, which would support the idea that perhaps natural causes were not at work.


Anthony Mason, on the other hand, is 13- years older than Montador and played basketball for 13 years, suffered a heart attack last week.  As it happens, he was experiencing tightness in his chest, and went into the hospital for tests - he literally had his heart attack in this hospital.  Beside the obvious questions around these athletes who have been in world class physical shape - albeit perhaps not currently, but at various points in their lives these dudes were in absolutely fantastic condition, and their bodies simply failed.  Mason is looking at a heart transplant.  Consider for a moment, the crummy things you regularly do to your body.  That’s scary to think that these dudes, world class athletes, could meet this fate.  Makes me want a hot dog.


Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather have agreed in principle to a $250-Million fight.  Let’s really think this through for a minute.  $250 MILLION.  NRG Stadium in Houston cost $352 Million, and I think we could assume a usable life span for that building of 30-years.  So you can get a Stadium - even a couple of Super Bowls - for $100 Million more than a fight.  Is boxing even that lucrative?  I mean, I can’t tell you when I may have seen a fight last.  Hell, the Yankees may be regretting it now, but they got A-Rod for 10 years for $250-Million.  All of which looks grotesque when a soccer player picked up a yellow card for taking off his shirt.  It turns out he was promoting awareness of world hunger.  Of note, two years ago,  Zlatan Ibrahimovic - the player in question - made clear he was keeping his entire salary and not donating it anywhere.  This year he’s making 15-Million Euro (A little over $17-Million).  Publicity stunt or actual awareness building?    Oh, and Michael Jordan is worth $1-Billion.  A BILLION.  


Let that sink in for just a moment.  


One last parting shot: For the week just after the NFL Championship weekend, all we heard was “DEFLATEGATE” and how the Pats cheated.  Troy Aikman, Joe Montana, Jerry Rice, and Mark Brunell all had things to say against the Pats.  Donovan McNabb, Colts players even, said it was a non-issue.  We’ve learned a few things along the way, but here’s a little something: I haven’t heard anything in a week or so, so I Googled “Deflate, Patriots, NFL.”  Know what I got? Bob Kravitz backpeddling, and two week old articles.  Radio silence.  Well, except for Belichick saying something about “getting the investigation next month” to Letterman.  Next month?  Seriously?  Where are the blood thirsty mobs?  Maybe the NFL just has more pressing scandals going on: “Text-Gate”, “Bring the Noize.”  Now, maybe I’m harping on it because I’m a Pats fan, but I like to think it’s because I like to point out the hypocrisy and the herd mentality out there.  

Well, Because I'm working today, I’m off to prepare for getting stuck in Reagan National Airport, or JFK...or maybe never actually getting out, because, well, winter.

NASCAR Update And Other Fast Stuff 2-15-15
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DAY-AM IT'S WINDY OUTSIDE!!!! welcome Gabbers and others to my NASCAR updates and other fast stuff. We'll just stay inside for that. I'll be waking up to minus 2 degrees tomorrow when everyone reads this and maybe my house won't be in Kansas or any where else near by. Right after work the snow started swirling and the wind was screaming. I went to the grocery store because if I'm going to be stuck in the house I need coffee, creamer and some chocolate for Valentines Day. Picked up a dozen dark chocolate covered strawberries. Ate them for supper. Saaaaaaaaahhhhh-weet and juicy. 

Saw in the news that Michele Ferrero passed away on Valentines Day. Why is that a cool thing? He's the wealthiest chocolatier in the world worth billions according to Forbes. He was sick for a couple months and at 89 passed away at home with family. His company is known for Nutella and Ferrero Rocher chocolates. 

So get your Nutella out and spread some love on a piece of toast. R.I.P. Michele.


The longest running family feud it would seem is now over. The Hatfields & McCoys have signed a contract ending their long standing feud and starting a business as partners. 

They'll be producing a libation of the alcoholic kind called Drink Of The Devil. Of course it's moonshine. The legal kind. They'll be making it in West Virginia from the original recipe from family patriarch William Anderson "Devil Anse" Hatfield. 

So if you're on the east coast and have a hankering for something evil to drink than I think this would fit the bill. I personally would love to buy one just for the bottle. Just wondering how long till another feud breaks out.


DW stood up in front of President Obama, the Dalai Lama and 4000 other people from other countries at the National Prayer Breakfast. He spoke of his days starting out in racing and about how he'd changed from an arrogant, loud mouth, annoying guy to the new man he is today. 

I watched his keynote speech on You Tube. Interesting how I find so much cool stuff to watch on there. The President grimaced as DW talked about the fact that he thought he was a nice guy but that nice guys go to hell if they don't have Jesus as their lord and savior. I didn't see the Dalai Lama at the table with the president. Don't know where he was. All in all it was a nice speech filled with racing stories of course.


Disney has announced that the Disney Speedway where The Richard Petty Driving Experience operates will be closing to make way for transportation improvements which they wouldn't elaborate on.The speedway is located south of the Magic Kingdom parking lot.


The lawyers have made their closer aguements and speeches. Now it's time to wait for a desicion. Does Kurt have to go for a psychiatric evaluation? Will SHR have to impliment their plan if Kurt is stuck in court or in jail or a counciling center during a race? What is their plan any way? Nobody knows. They're not saying but Kurt is happy that SHR is supporting him and he feels he told the truth.

Mean while somebody dug up an email Patricia wrote in August. It talks about her training as a psy-ops war training. It was needed during Tony Stewart's issues last year to help his PR team to minipulate and control the media. She went on to say she helped to save congressmen who do stupid things with this training. 

This chick sounds like she's a tad bit over the edge.


Saturday night was the Sprint Unlimited Race under the lights at Daytona. Since I dont have cable and that would mean I must go to my parents house to watch, I stayed home. Best to be stuck at home in my warm house and sleep in my own bed. So while the wind was howling outside and the snow was a swirling, I did watch my Twitter feed off & on. I do like that too. 

Paul Menard had the pole for the 75 lap event. Martin Truex Jr won the first segment. During the last segment my most handsome Night of the mobile one was hit by Kyle Busch. He spun and hit Biffle and then Kurt Busch hit Biffle & Stewart. Red Flag. 

The race went on with 12 out of the 25 original drivers. With 2 laps to go Logano moved up and hit Harvick, putting him in the wall. Kenseth comes home with the win and we have fodder for finger pointing to begin our season.

Dale Jr said he had 4 pieces of trash on his grill and it ruined his motor. He wondered if it was karma for all the times he littered. His Daytona 500 car is faster than this one he says.

Danica was talking on her radio and said the Penske boys have something coming to them. 

Logano says of Harvick...It's the same old crap. No big deal.

Harvick says of Logano....Everyone is racing aggressive but you can't take your head off and put it in the floorboards.

Is that against any NASCAR rule? I'll get back to you all about that one.

Gordon had too many guys over the wall on his last pit stop so he had to restart last. That would be 12th. That's all the cars left to race at the end.

So the finish was Kenseth - Truex Jr - Edwards - Mears - Larson - Logano - Gordon - Ky Bu - Dale Jr - Danica - Harvick - Newman...everybody else wrecked out.

Well folks, it's 7 days till the Daytona 500. I can't wait. Hopefully it doesn't snow me out of getting to a TV like it did Saturday night. It even thundered a couple times. Since when does it thunder during a snow storm? Just heard a snow plow drive by. 

Sorry there's no pictures again this week. The program won't let me post any. Either my macbook is now rendered obsolete or it's a glitch. Not sure what's up. The wind is effecting my internet connection though. Can't watch You Tube.

Everybody in the northeast hang on to your hats and duct tape yourself fast to a telephone pole. We're in for some weather. F you Punxsutawney Phil. Happy Valentines Day to all.

And I'm outta here....


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