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Saturday's Showcase - 12/20/14
Posted by B.O.B. on Saturday, December 20, 2014 at 12:00:00 AM

No way to sugarcoat this, it’s been a tough week, and quite frankly, this is the most pissed (in real life) I’ve been in quite some time.

Is this America anymore?  Seriously, we give up our right to watch shitty movies at overpriced theatres because North Korea says so?  Just curious North Korea, where were you when 007 made a movie and JAG and NCIS had episodes about you?  Look, this movie was one of many rolled out each and every year that are stupid and cater to low hanging fruit here in America.  I’m certainly not a fan of whoever these alleged “stars” are in Hollyweird, but when we get to a point in our country that we are going to be influenced by a shadowy group to pull a movie (no matter how shitty) from theatres, then we’ve lost.  We’ve lost our freedom and it’s only gonna get worse from here. 

Hey Hollyweird, where the hell were you two years ago when the embassy or whatever in Benghazi was getting bombed out and our government went after a filmmaker claiming his movie had something to do with it when the truth was it was terrorists?  Glad to see you so “principled.”

And then to make matters worse, Hollyweird goes crawling to Al Sharpton after embarrassing e-mails?  Sharpton then goes public accusing Hollyweird of being racist?  Hey Reverend Al, Hollyweird is many things – hypocritical, a freak show, arrogant, self-delusional, manipulative, perverted, borderline criminal, all at the top of a very long list, but they are certainly NOT racist. 

We restart relations with Cuba because it’s politically expedient and helps Obama better deal with Guantanamo?  And by the way, where was all of this government intervention when SGT Tahmooresi was locked up in Mexico?

We’re done.  Free Speech is just a saying – it’s gone, unless you belong to one particular group of thinkers.  Religion is under attack from all sides.  Freedom of the press is a joke – that’s bought and paid for.  And who do we go to again from redress of grievances?  The military is being gutted - let’s just call all the military home and surrender.  We might as well be like France at this point – they seem to be our role models anyway – at least this government thinks we should be.

Oh, one last thing Hollyweird.  I absolutely LOVE how you talk about free speech and first amendment, I just wish you’d be a bit more tolerant of the majority of THIS country who doesn’t think like you. 

Cuba?  Obama is right – we’ve tried for 50 years to break em, and it didn’t happen.  So what’s the point?  What’s the saying “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.”  Get ready because I have a suspicion that not only is Obama going to close Guantanamo, he’s gonna give the entire base back to Cuba.

Oh, and nice try to the talking heads, who no sooner did the news come out did they go with the “I wonder which Cuban Baseball players can be picked off for MLB Now?  It’ll be so much easier.”  Not cool, you look like a bunch of vultures.

Watch for a very interesting news cycle between now and the time Congress comes back – Obama is gonna drop the hammer on a lot of shit and we are all going to be surprised.

San Francisco (NFL).  You would think that with 7-7 season (including being dominated by Seattle), no chance at the playoffs, coaching staff pretty much gone, and ownership/management VERY concerned about public image looking hard at EVERYTHING that the last thing a 49er wants to do is get into the news for yet another police/court issue.  Well, this just goes to show you that these players never gave a damn about the team:  Ray McDonald, he of the recent domestic violence charges is now having a search warrant executed on his home because ALLEGEDLY there was a recent rape there.

You think maybe that player behavior might just have a little something to do with Jim Harbaugh not really wanting to coach there anymore?  If I recall right, he wasn’t too pleased with that aspect of players activity.

Oh, and today they host San Diego in a game Colin Kaepernick said “we’re playing for pride.”  Pride Colin?  Are you freaking kidding me?  This team won SEVEN games DESPITE themselves and you want to wait until Game 15 before you break that term out?  Wake up dude. 

MLB Hot Stove.  By my standards, I have had an incredibly crazy week, but as I sit down to write this blog for Saturday, I’m intrigued by the thought that San Diego is the team that seemingly has done so well.  Matt Kemp (LAD), Wil Myers (TB), Justin Upton (ATL), Derrick Norris (OAK), and now Will Middlebrooks (BOS) all are coming to America’s Finest City.

Of course there are concerns – rampant rumors of arthritis in Kemps hips, and Upton’s struggles with productivity.  Both are coming in to a park that is notoriously stingy to hitters as well. 

But when you look at this team, they have the pitching, and as I said the benefit of a very large park to work in.  And by the way, San Diego is no slouch in Summer time.

Christmas Music.  Here’s a few more carols for ya, as we speed towards the big day.  First off, I gotta go back to my childhood once again with the Peanuts and Snoopy for “O Christmas Tree”…

Secondly, you all know that I pretty much have no use for “the boss” (capitalization left lower case on purpose), but he sure did this song well.  So yeah Gabbers, Santa Claus is comin to town:

Finally today, since we are now well into Hanukkah, let’s give Adam Sandler a shout out:



Tuesday's Tantrum - 12/15/14
Posted by B.O.B. on Tuesday, December 16, 2014 at 12:00:00 AM

Hello my friends.  Whew, this past weekend was crazy, with another one coming.  Stay sane my friends, stay sane…

Hanukkah.  I want to wish a Happy Hanukkah to those who celebrate.  Tonight is the first night and it runs all the way through Christmas Eve.   

Army/Navy.  Don’t tell me this wasn’t a game worth watching.  Don’t tell me this game was about 6-5 vs. 4-7 with two antiquated offenses.  Don’t tell me that Army didn’t score an offensive touchdown.  Don’t tell me that it meant nothing.  What I saw was both sides leaving everything they had on the field, and quite frankly, I loved both teams defenses – you can’t play the triple option any better than these two did.  Navy won their 13th consecutive game over Army, but it was a damn dogfight – Army gave them everything they had and then some. 

And you know what, when I see the raw emotion post-game coming from both sides, but especially Army, it’s unlike anything I’ve ever felt in sports.

NFL.  I want to thank the Cincinnati Bengals for what they did Sunday.  Total dominance.  I don’t normally like the taunting, but when Rey Melaluga took 15 yards for getting right in Johnny Trademarks face with the money sign, I literally laughed my ass off.  It was clear to me that this kid was woefully underprepared!  He wasn’t ready for the speed of the game, and a desperate opponent who needed the game for playoff purposes.  How in the hell could he not be ready?  I get losing, but by 30 points and less than 100 yards passing?  Are you kidding me?  I hope this brought his arrogant ass down a peg.  Sorry, I know there are folks who disagree, but it’s how I feel.  Other stuff:

  • Hey SF, how embarrassing is it for you drama queens to be knocked out of the playoffs by Seattle?  I hope you take that sting with you into the off-season and let it burn.  Time for the GM to get to work.  Oh, and now the SF players are going to get loud w/their frustration?  Please, you are the ones who stunk it up.  Own it!  You wanna be pissed?  Get your asses to the gym off season, work together, and stop with all the bullshit drama.  In the meantime, you can make it up to the fans to at least beat San Diego come Saturday Night.
  • Is it really true that the only place Green Bay has NEVER won is Buffalo?  Thanks Aaron Rodgers for effing up my fantasy playoff game and congrats to the Steel City Dawgs. 
  • Minnesota sure gave Detroit a game.  Teddy Bridgewater had 300 yards on Detroit?
  • If I’m Cleveland and I have seven wins after 14 games, I’m happy no matter what.
  • I’m telling you now, watch out for St. Louis and Jacksonville next season.
  • I truly can’t believe that Andrew Luck has SEVEN pick-sixes in his short career. 
  • I know Peyton Manning was sick, but is it time to worry about him?
  • Dallas actually withstood the pressure?  Happy for Jeff – that is all.    Oh wait, DeMarco Murray broke his hand?  Uh oh…
  • Memo to Miami, might be time to question your Head Coach right about now?  Outscored 27-0 in the second half of a game you had to have?
  • That NFC Wild Card Weekend is gonna be something regardless of who plays whom.

Adrian Peterson.  What a shock – the union is filing a federal lawsuit against the NFL re/Peterson.  Are these idiots tone deaf?  Memo to the union:  It’s not good PR to defend AP.  Yes, one child died due to abuse from somebody else, and then he takes a switch to a second kid and bloodies him up?

Jerry’s travels.  Starting tomorrow, Jerry is gonna spend four days in Denver with his Football buddies from Sioux Falls celebrating their fantastic 11-1 season which was capped off with a dominant bowl win over Central Oklahoma in the Mineral Bowl down in Missouri.  They’ll be getting their party on and having a good time. 

NBA – Sacramento Kings.  Late Sunday Night, Head Coach Michael Malone was fired.  Sacramento was 11-13 and haven’t had this good a record in EIGHT FREAKING YEARS.  The reason for firing him was that they wanted to go uptempo – a style of play that the team as currently constructed can’t possibly run.  Clearly the ownership and management are going with style over substance.

Christmas Music.  Here’s two more that really get me pumped up for the season.  The first one, I go back to the Boston Pops with a pretty nice video and a Christmas Medley:

The second one is a bit more progressive with the Mannheim Steamrollers version of Carol of the Bells:



Saturday's Showcase - 12/13/14
Posted by B.O.B. on Saturday, December 13, 2014 at 12:22:11 AM

Welcome to the weekend version with your host, the Bad Penny himself…UNCLE B.O.B.   This weekend should be the big Christmas Parties (work and home) weekend for many.  I wish you all an enjoyable and safe time if you partake in the parties.  

Today is a very busy day for the ole hermit known as myself as I will be attending the Wreaths Across America ceremonies this morning, which is honoring vets by putting holiday wreaths at the graves of veterans.  I will also be putting the finishing touches on tomorrow’s town VFW Kids Christmas Party, and participating in the town parade doing some advertising.  

Before you all head out to start your weekend, let me drop a few tidbits on ya:

Weather.  Yes, the “Storm of the Year” hit us here in NORCAL, and my house wasn’t without damage.  Heavy winds blew off shingles and exposed wood, and the rain got in and caused water leak in my bedroom.  Small price to pay I suppose for getting water out here.  Need a new roof anyway and I expect we’ll be getting that in the next few months.  For the time being, temporary fixes are in order.

Ugly Sweater Craze.  Before I start, This ugly sweater fetish has got to stop.  People look like damn fools and in a few years they are gonna regret getting their picture taken.

Sons of Anarchy.  I kept hearing about this show, about a biker gang located in Northern California, so Tuesday I finally took a peek at what it was all about.  Well, it was the series finale of all things – a two hour show.  What got me interested was the references to the areas (cities and towns specifically – Stockton, Lodi, etc.) near where I live. 

I watched it and it was definitely better than that garbage reality show “The Devils Ride”.  Wasn’t too keen on the ending, but it is what it is. 

Pretty good show with Peg Bundy, her rack, and Jimmy Smits, and others.                 

UFC.  C. M. Punk saw how bad the direction in WWE was going so it makes sense that Phil Brooks goes to the UFC.  And why not?  Lesnar, Lashley, and Bautista all tried it to varying degrees of participation and success.  But at age 36, can he hang with the Middle and Welterweights who are bound to be much younger?  My understanding is that Brooks/Punk holds multiple black belts in jiu-jitsu and practices kenpo.  Question is, does he have real wrestling in his repertoire?  I’m not a UFC guy, but I think I’ll watch this just to see how he does. 

WWE.  Vince McMahon going on Stone Cold’s Podcast and publicly saying that his talent basically sucks and needs to step up is a cop out – perhaps Vince and HHH need to take their own advice and step it up.  The talent is there – it’s creative that’s the problem the same ole shit week after week is what’s driving people away.  How many weeks in a row do we have to start off with 20 minutes of talk and end with the same ten guys charging each other in the ring.  It’s the same shit and people are tuning out and not going to shows like they used to.  Take the chance, feature Cesaro more and if he sucks on the mic, work with him – hell, bring the Rock in to teach him.  More Cesaro and less Big Show and Mark Henry is a good thing!

It’s like anything else in business nowadays, leaders blaming workers rather than stepping up their own game, thinking outside the box, improving their leadership and communication skills, and skillfully influencing employees to do better, and making things better for everybody – apparently it’s easier to remain with the status quo – which increasingly has a short shelf-life and publicly call out your workers and throw them under the bus.  News Flash Vinnie Mac:  The Rock, Stone Cold, HBK, and the Undertaker aren’t coming through that door - Work with what you have. 

Memo to WWE:  When Sirius XM has a two hour wrestling show and all they talk about is Ring of Honor and how much better their product is than yours, it pretty much tells you all you need to know about your product.


NBA.  Well, I guess Tragic the Myopian (err Earvin Johnson) is at it again, adding his voice to something that isn’t really welcome (what else is new with this clown?).  He actually had the audacity to say that losing is the best option in the NBA and that he advocates the Lakers losing so that they can get a high draft pick.  That ought to make Commissioner Adam Silver real happy - one of the greatest players of all time advocating losing.

That Carmelo Anthony is such a badass eh?  Threatening to kick his teammates asses after games?  Uh yeah tough guy.  Hey Melo, just admit you signed with the NY Tricks for the money then planned to engineer a trade.  It's easier that way then having to go through all your drama - yet again.  


  • I wasn’t really that in tune with what was going on with Darren Sharper, but damn.  The State of Lousisiana AND the Feds want some of this guy for Date Rape, and just this week he was indicted?  WOW.  Dude could have a life-long reservation at the Graybar Motel? 
  • Was horrified Tuesday to hear of the car accident of Cam Newton.  That’s scary, and it has nothing to do with Football.  Best wishes to Mr. Newton for a speedy recovery.
  • How funny was it to see Kaepernick get into a verbal w/Oakland LB Sio Moore and Kaep telling him “I’m coming for you in the 2nd half?”   Hey Colin, how bout focusing on your own play rather than letting opponents get into your freaking head?
  • Adrian Peterson's appeal was denied.  So what, he gets paid and he's fresh for next season, wherever he ends up.  Seattle?

MLB Winter Meetings.  Just wanted to try to keep it about stuff we haven’t already talked about.

  • I don’t know about the rest of you, but I absolutely LOVE the Nelson Cruz to Seattle signing.
  • I’m trying to understand San Diego wanting to trade Yasmani Grandal plus some for Matt Kemp.  San Diego should be looking at Kemp’s many, MANY injuries.
  • And once again the threat of “New Stadium, or the team moves”.  This time its in Tampa.  If I’m the politicians there I just laugh at that prospect, call their bluff and say “Did you see what a new stadium did for Miami?”.  Story is right here.
  • Apparently Jon Lester is going to the Cubs and a ton of people are saying that the North Siders are “winning the offseason.”  Well, let me introduce you to a quote from former MLB Pitcher and now SF broadcaster Mike Krukow:  "I heard someone say the Cubs are winning the offseason. Well, when the Hell have you ever seen a parade for winning the offseason?"

Christmas Music.  DJ Uncle B.O.B. is back with a few more video carols for your pleasure.  The first is in honor of our Boston contingent here at the Gab:

Let me say this, I love when the Pops do this, but I also found a version performed by the United States Marine Corps Chamber Orchestra here, so I’m putting the same song on twice: 

One final one is R&B, may I present one of my favorite songs from Mr. Donnie Hathaway:



Tuesday's Tantrum - 12/9/14
Posted by B.O.B. on Tuesday, December 09, 2014 at 12:00:00 AM

Hey Gabbers.  I saw this picture from California Highway 1 in Northern California and I thought I’d share. 

Speaking of my home, we FINALLY got some (a lot of) rain here, and it was so freaking welcome.  It was just a drop in the bucket (no pun intended) to what we need, but it’s better than nothing and at least the dams and lakes got some water in them.  To my California friends down in the Bakersfield area, you got a lot of rain in that last storm, and boy do I hope it helped at least temporarily.  You see, some communities in that area are completely bone dry and have to have rationed water shipped in.  My teammates parents live down there and those folks get less than 10 gallons of water a day per person. 

Hoping for a wet winter in the valley, and a snowy one in the mountains, but at the same time, I hope the rain is slow and steady enough so that it doesn’t trigger more mudslides or floods.  Thoughts and prayers to those in the LA area who got hit with the mudslides after bad fires in the Summer.

As for later this week, we’ve got a HUGE (once in a couple of years) storm coming in Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.  We definitely need it, and I’m sure the Christmas skiiers are getting totally amped up for it.

Date Night w/Mrs. B.O.B.  We have far too few of these, but Saturday Night we were given comp tickets to watch my beloved Sacramento Kings host Orlando.  The Kings lost and didn’t look particularly good doing it, but it was so much more than that.  Dinner at the Texas Road House, the game, and on the way home drove downtown and caught “the Fabulous 40’s”, a zone of houses from 40th to 48th street in mid-town Sacramento that are all lit up for the holidays.


NFL – SF.  Hey SF, you were so busy talking shit to Oakland that you forgot one thing - you had to play the game!  Once again, another team got into your domes and punked you, and this time it was a formerly 1-11 team.  Congratulations SF, your fall is complete, you lost to the Oakland Raidahs and gave up a passing TD to a 6-7 350 pound O-Tackle.  Damn, last week it was Richard Sherman, this week it's Oakland, and next week?  Yep, Dick Sherman again - this time up there.

San Francisco is D-O-N-E and apparently has assumed the title “Factory of Sadness.”  It was interesting to note a newspaper article from here that quoted Marcus Lattimore the recently retired SF 49er and great RB out of South Carolina as saying the players absolutely love Jim Harbaugh.  If that is true, then the players sure have a funny way of showing their support for him.  Hey SF, if a Rob Ryan defense can hold you down, and Oakland can hold you to under 250 yards of total offense, you’re clearly doing something wrong.

I said it last week SF, it's all about heart and pride.  Do you have it?  Do you have the self respect and dignity to stand up and fight.  Hell, Arizona does, and they have far more problems than you do.

NFL.  Pretty evident that the separation has begun.

  • I for one am not surprised Oakland beat SF. 
  • Carolina and New Orleans decided they wanted to try their hand at UFC.  Psst, y’all ain’t shit.
  • I find it incomprehensible that Kansas City has not thrown ONE touchdown to a WR all season.
  • Minnesota winning Sunday may be the absolute final nail in Rex Ryans NYC coaching coffin.
  • Seattle is just dominating again.
  • Arizona finds ways to win and overcome adversity.  SF should take notes.
  • Hard to believe that it was Buffalo who held Peyton Manning without a TD pass in a game.
  • Miami has to run the table, but that ain’t gonna happen if players are screaming at their Head Coach.
  • I guess New England has pretty much wrapped up the #1 seed in the AFC.
  • Cleveland, you’ve improved but you can’t be giving games away.  Damn.  I was hoping Hoyer could hold out, but it seems the Dawg Pound wants Manziel in there.

CFB Playoff.  (1) Alabama vs. (4) Ohio State in the Sugar Bowl and (2) Oregon vs. (3) Florida State in the Rose Bowl.  I gotta believe that Alabama and Oregon just run right through their opponents.  A very good and respectful debate in the Facebook page, where we all agree that this was about who could bring in the most $$$ to at least some degree.  I just wish the powers that be would admit it.

CFB Playoff Selection Aftermath.  Like I told Beeze yesterday, I can’t get past this nagging thought that Wisconsin laid down for Ohio State to get them (and the conference) in the playoffs.  Ohio State is far better than Wisky (who mentally can’t play in a big game) and I'll never say that they shouldn't have won, but nobody is going to convince me that OSU is 59 points better than Wisky ever, especially considering that O-Line and Melvin Gordon.

The Big 12 certainly without a shadow of a doubt made a TON of miscalculations here, but it seems that they got the message on Sunday morning, with their awful commish talking about how their teams MUST do better on OOC scheduling and trying to petition the NCAA to get a waiver so they can have a Championship Game with just ten teams.  

Personally, if I'm the Big 12:

  • I'm eliminating "Co-Champions" immediately.  The truth is that Baylor is the Big 12 Champs.  TCU blew a big lead to Baylor and they lost.  Sorry TCU, but it is what it is.
  • I'm going recruiting and on my list would be Boise State, North Dakota State (who has beaten both K-State and Iowa State in their houses), BYU, or maybe even Houston or Rice so that at the very least you can bring more talent in and get a conference championship game.
  • I'm recruiting the hell out of the non-SEC power conferences to start playing home and homes, particularly the Big 10.  Bring back Nebraska, go out and get Ohio State.  Think about this for a second, had Baylor played two NON-cupcakes out of their three, there would have been no way Ohio State could have snuck in the back door - an make no mistake that's what they did.  Certainly there would have been no way the Playoff Committee could have justified Ohio State over Baylor.  
  • I'm taking a hard look at the leadership in this conference.  How can you not convince the committee to get a team from your conference in?  Ohio State and their holier than thou fans (specifically ESPiN) pointed to Baylors schedule to sell their case.  Who stood up for the Big 12?
  • I'm taking a very hard look at showcasing my conference much better than it is.  The Big 12 is really the Big 2 (Texas and Oklahoma), with one (Texas) who is in it for themselves.  During the rare bad seasons for the Big 2, all of a sudden Kansas State, TCU, and Baylor look pretty good to the conferences?  That's where the Big 12 loses their argument.  Part of life these days is advertising - this conference must sell it's tradition, but at the same time it has to showcase ALL that it has to offer.  
  • Finally, I put Iowa State on notice - The Big 12 can't have this type of sustained poor play in their conference, especially when they are losing to FCS teams.  Lost in all the talk over the weekend was how TCU got hurt by playing Iowa State last.  Really?  If that's the case, then does it really matter when you play I-State?  I-State is being used as an excuse and that works to the detriment of the conference.  

But I continue to repeat this about the Big 12, and it's a fact of life for them when it comes to CFB:  They have to do it far better than the other four power conferences.  They have to go undefeated AND (unlike the other conferences) they can't have any cupcakes.  Of all the power five conferences, the Big 12 is the one that has no margin for error, unless we are talking about Texas and Oklahoma.

CFB Bowls.   I see a few games that I might take a peek in on:  Navy/San Diego State in the Poinsettia Bowl.  I always like the Sun Bowl for some weird reason and watching Arizona State/Duke isn’t a bad matchup.  Oklahoma/Clemson is yet another, as is Notre Dame/LSU.

But one of my memories as a kid was always the Orange Bowl which this season will be Mississippi State and Georgia Tech – one of the better matchups they’ve had recently.  One thing I noticed is that the Orange Bowl will be played on New Year’s Eve.  That’s very different from what I remember.  I guess I’m a traditionalist at heart - Usually it was the Orange Bowl Parade on 12/31 with the game (and much more prestige) being on New Year’s Night. 

But the one that really caught my attention was the Arkansas/Texas matchup and I just know Jeff is gonna yak about that tomorrow, and quite honestly, I hope to be able to catch some of it. 

MLB.  This pic is from Raley Field right here in Sacramento, post storms.  The timing was interesting because it tied in to a twitter request I got this week, which was to vote on the best MLB ballparks.  Because it was an Sporting News and ESPiN poll, I would have expected the votes to be stuffed in favor of certain places, but in a nod to how MLB has grown, that wasn’t the case and I was pleasantly surprised.  The vote goes by AL and NL and was now in the final eight.  In the AL it was between Boston and KC, Baltimore and Minny, while in the NL, it was between Pittsburgh and Milwaukee, Wrigley and SF. 

Apparently, there seems to be a lot of agreement at least with me and the voters to this point.  If it were up to me, I would say Minny and SF, but that’s just because those are the ones I’ve been to, and like I said in the Summer, if you happen to be in the Minny area during MLB season, do yourself a favor and go.  And really, what needs to be said about AT&T? 

Bowling.  Been a busy week on the bowling front.  I joined a travel league and will start in January or February, was invited to a local tournament where I placed 2nd and qualify for the biggie come June, and still have my Monday league.    

Douchebag of the Week.  Well, I blasted Rolling Stone on Saturday, but today I’m going after Time Magazine.  ALLEGEDLY they are putting out the trial balloon that their “Person of the Year” could be the Ferguson protesters.  Let that sink in for a minute…

Late addendum to this:  As it turns out, the Ferguson rioters WILL NOT be the Person of the Year.  Fortunately, some folks came to their senses and the Prime Minister of India apparently won the readers poll of Time's Person of the Year with 16% of the vote.  The protesters were second place w/9% of the vote.  

Christmas Music.  Can you believe we are down to the last three blogs before we start tracking St. Nick on the NORAD tracker?  We are now starting to head into the Christmas party season, and as has been my habit, I add a few of my favorite carols during the weeks leading up to Christmas.  Here are two to kick off the season:

Speaking of Music – Mariah Carey.  Apparently the Kate Upton of the music business (yeah, you guys know where I’m going with that reference – just watch the video below) took some heat for her poor rendition of her song at Rock Plaza in NYC last Wednesday in front of a TV audience.  I say piss on that.  For all her ALLEGED diva antics and ginned up tabloid stuff, this chick can belt out a tune like no other – and she had a bad night, so what?  Anyone that can get flash mobs to do her song repeatedly year after year deserves props and respect.  Hell, I’d rather have flash mobs singing and dancing to her rather than looting and destroying.  So I’ll recognize her for the great voice she is with her 2012 performance:


College Football Report - 12/7/14
Posted by B.O.B. on Sunday, December 07, 2014 at 12:04:56 PM

Here are my conference rankings:

  • PAC 12.  Well, Oregon swatted away Arizona Friday Night 51-13.  Jerry was in the stands enjoying the game at Levi’s and he said it was a blast.  
  • SEC.  So, Alabama jammed up Missouri.  What a shock.  They’re in.
  • Big 12.  TCU ran up in Iowa State 55-3 or whatever and trust me, while I absolutely HATE running up the score, it was absolutely needed - but the bottom line here is they lost to Baylor, who apparently beat K-State which had the talking heads yapping all night long.  But again, what are we looking at here in this conference?  Baylor is the Champions - there is no such thing as "Co-Champs" when one team wins head-to-head.  Pull your head out of your ass Big 12.
  • ACC.  Once again, Florida State got by a very tough Georgia Tech team.  Question is will that squeaker be enough to keep thim in the top 4.  It kills me to say this, but if we're gonna penalize teams for scrub schedules, Florida State should be held accountable too, and really while it would hurt me as a fan in the short term, it might actually force that program to evaluate a whole lot of crap in their program, especially their schedule.
  • Big 10.  Ohio State literally destroyed Wisconsin - big shock there right - they had to?  Look, here's the question with the Big 10 - when are the rest of the programs going to figure out that the one thing that will help them immediately is speed?  Urban Meyer may be an opportunist, but he saw the opening and new he wasn't going to lose in the Big 10 if he instilled his speed offense in Columbus.
  • "Lower Six".  Props to Marshall, Northern Illinois, and Boise State for winning theirs.  Memo to NCAA D-1 - if the "Power Five" are gonna have a playoff, why not the champs of the "lower six"?  

CFB Playoff Official.  Well, here we go:  (1) Alabama vs. (4) Ohio State in the Sugar Bowl, which is in essence a home game for Bama.  (2) Oregon vs. (3) Florida State in the Rose Bowl, which is pretty darn close to a home game for Oregon.  

It's clear to me how this thing is gonna work - the big name programs get the benefit of the doubt, the up and comers don't.  It's also clear to me that ESPiN has major lobbying power in this thing and it concerns me.  When nearly all of ESPiN is going on TV and radio all night Saturday screaming that Ohio State deserves to get in, then you've got a problem.  Who advocates for the up and comers and the Big 12?

The Big 12 got screwed - but they had a hand in it themselves, and while Herbstreit is a hypocritical SOB, he's right - the cupcakes are what is killing teams.  Everybody plays cupcakes, but the Big 12 schools ARE NOT gonna get the benefit of the doubt over the established programs.  But I wonder - what if it was Texas and Oklahoma rather than TCU and Baylor how the committee would have ruled.

Memo to talking heads, games in the early part of the season should be counted - so ESPiN, stop spinning that Ohio States loss was "a century ago" - the fact is they lost to a 6-6 team, and the ONLY reason Ohio State got into the dance was based on name and legacy.

CFB – Army/Navy.  I talk about this year after year, and everybody has their “go to” CFB rivalry game.  But for my money, this is THE rivalry in CFB.  It has contributed so much to the history and tradition of CFB.  Yeah, I know in general that neither team is attractive since prior to 1970.  And this year it’s worse as Navy is only 6-5 and Army is awful, but for one game, we get to go back in time and watch a bit of history and at the same time honor our future leaders.



Saturday's Slant on Rants - 12/6/14
Posted by B.O.B. on Saturday, December 06, 2014 at 2:18:29 AM

Before I start today, I want to wish Sully a very happy vacation up in Bahhhhhhhhhhston.  Love the pic of Lanz, Mo, and Sully.  Nice to faces to the names.  As for me, you might see my ugly mug Tuesday, as tomorrow night I will be in Arco Arena cheering on my Sacramento Kings as they face Orlando.

Meanwhile, let me get some blasts off, and have a take on CFB tomorrow:

Rolling Stone Magazine.  Hey Rolling Stone, you ignorant buffoons, this should be the final nail in your commie coffin.  At least I hope so.

Hey Denver, eff you!  It’s official – I now hate you – not as much as I do Lower Alabama (err, Los Angeles), but I still hate you!  You have no respect for anything or anybody, so piss off. 

CFB.  Congratulations to Oregon who for sure locked up one of the four playoff spots last night, and judging by the ranking last week, it appears that they are on track to face the #3 seed, who my guess is going to be the Big 12 Champ.  

In the meantime, Alabama should have no problem with Missouri, TCU should have zero problem with Iowa State.  Where the fun begins is with Baylor/K-State and Florida State/Georgia Tech.  

Let's assume for the moment that Ohio State gets by Wisky because like I keep saying, Wisky can't win the big one.  

Hippies, Anarchists, or just plain dumb asses?  I got to thinking that with all this unrest, is this the last gasp of the hippie movement, are we looking at a new generation of hippies rising up all over again, but this time with more anarchist tendencies?  Or are we looking at the dumbing down of America?  I’m a history buff, which means I know nothing, but I wanted to see if the 2010’s are the newest version of the 1960’s, counterculture and all.

Let me start by saying I was born in 1964 – the last defined year of the baby boomer generation.  It also means that I have no real memory of what the hippies stood for, so I have to go to the dictionary and reference material to understand.  Thefreedictionary.com defines “hippie” as A person who opposes and rejects many of the conventional standards and customs of society, especially one who advocates extreme liberalism in socipolital attitudes and lifestyles.”  The definition went further to state “A young person of the 1960s who rejected established social mores, advocated spontaneity, free expression of love, and the expanding of consciousness, often wore long hair and unconventional clothes, and used psychedelic drugs.” 

I think a lot of the hippie attitudes were wiped out with the 1980’s.  Why?  Because a funny thing happened to the hippies of the 60’s…they were forced to grow up and face harsh realities, like having to earn a paycheck – they realized that like Dean Wormer in Animal House said “Fat, drunk, and stupid is no way to go through life.”  That also meant they couldn't go shower challenged and live in a smoke-filled VW Bus for their entire lives.  Many went into civil service, community organizing, and some into politics – Obama being an example, and most got called “Sell outs.” 

Well, they sold out all right, they sold all of us down the proverbial creek without a paddle.  You see hippies, I think its great to have dreams, hell I think its great to dream of utopia, so long as you realize that it’s not realistic and that many don’t share your vision.  Unfortunately, we are now in an era where the hippies/yuppies are in charge and they honestly and truly believe they can drag us kicking and screaming into their version of utopia.  Morons.

But then again, whose fault is that?  We sheep elected these morons – even when we were warned exactly what they were gonna do.  But as with anything old, the hippie movement becomes new again, and I believe that it’s no coincidence that 50 years later, we are seeing a new counter-culture.  Why?  Because the next generation doesn't have time for the status quo and playing the game the way it's been played for 50 years.  They're tired of the bullshit, and they want things fixed and fixed now.  And really, why not?  Who actually trusts governments, lawyers, banks, the medical complex, the cops, or the courts anymore?  Sound familiar?  Sound like life back in the 60's?

Just look since 2008:  Jobs were lost, savings were wiped out, businesses went from a 65/35 full-time/part-time ratio to pretty much 65/35 part-time/full-time ratio - when they weren't sending jobs overseas.  The rich got richer (look at the incredible run of the stock market) and the poor got poorer.  Nobody addresses the true issues regarding medical care.  Nobody addresses the issues related to what I call “lawsuit-mania.” The media fills our heads full of non-sensical bullshit, teachers, administrators, and college professors worry more about tenure than actually getting kids the skills they need to survive, you know, reading, writing, math, science.  Do schools even have vocational training anymore?

Worse yet for “the establishment”, the middle class are sliding down towards the poor – and I believe that is still the case to this day, and it’s pissing a lot of folks off.  Ferguson, NYC, Chicago, Detroit are the tip of the iceberg, and I think we may be seeing the 60's all over again.  Where leaders screwed up is that now everybody is suffering and they can’t figure out how to fix it.  The status quo ain’t working and we are looking at even more disdain and distrust of things, and really no wonder.  Youth are taught – go to college to get that good high paying job.  Guess what?  Not even close - businesses don't want to pay.  They go to school only to find that they can’t get a job and are saddled with debt while stuck with limited options which if they’re lucky is something like a part-time job.  Even worse than the 60’s the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. 

Or is what we are facing now just being caused by a severe lack of common sense?


Tuesday's Tantrum - 12/2/14
Posted by B.O.B. on Tuesday, December 02, 2014 at 12:00:00 AM

If there is a better weekend than Thanksgiving, I seriously can’t think of it.  The food, family, friends, and football are always incredible.  Add in putting up the inside Christmas decorations Saturday Night and it’s been great.  I’ll say it again, I am indeed a very lucky man.  

NFL – Part Two.  Best wishes to Kansas City Chief Eric Berry who is battling a form of Cancer.

Unfortunately however, I have something I need to get off my chest and it involves my football team:

NFL - SF.  What happened in Levi’s Stadium Thanksgiving night was a disgrace and pretty much enraged even the most loyal SF fans, and rightly so.    This was the picture of the stands in the 3rd Quarter (a picture which I've noticed every home game at Levi's), and it says it all:

Don't say shit SF - in fact, I don't want to hear a word come out of SF players mouths all week.  Seattle punked you out, treated you like jailhouse booty, and then traded you for cigarettes while they went looking for bigger game.  Hell, they don't even consider you a challenge anymore.  Hey SF players - Jimmy McGinty was right - show some damn heart!!!  You've got a lot of work to do to regain the respect of your fans, let alone Seattle.

I hate Dick Sherman, but he’s right.  He’s on national TV (in between turkey bites on the SF logo at midfield which was bad enough) telling you he knows SF’s game – hell, he’s not even watching the WR’s.  He knows the routes and he jumps em – he knows what Kaepernick is gonna do before even Kapernick does it.  You think maybe you can change up a bit SF?

Hey Harbaugh, stop being stubborn and get back to SF Football of two years ago.   Go back to basics and get back to how San Francisco made their name:  smash mouth run it up the gut, game management, with a sprinkle of the read-option, and making their TE a feature of the offense.  Then, and only then, can you open it up for the WR’s.  It worked for Alex Smith before Kaepernick, right?  They tried to get cute and turn Kaepernick into a pocket passer (he’ll never be that) with an O-Line that is suited for the run (not the pass) game.  Kaep needs the freedom to run and keep defenses off balance and honest.  And how do you not make better use out of Frank Gore and Carlos Hyde?

And by the way O-Line:  Where the hell have you been?  You were once the strength of this team and now you get beat down.  What the hell?

Fuck it SF, I'm revoking your man card.  Seattle not only owns SF, they don’t RESPECT SF and they took your freaking manhood, then laugh at you like the proverbial bully after kicking sand on their target who doesn't want to fight back.  That's you SF, and that's a freaking disgrace.  If the “Bye, Felicia” video doesn’t enrage you go to up to Seattle and kick the ever loving shit out of those smug North LA bastards, then you have no soul. 

Let me tell SF a little story:  I remember my son's High School team frequently played the best private school in the state.  The Mustangs knew the Raiders were a better team, but that team dreaded coming to play the Mustangs because even though everybody knew that private school was gonna beat them by 40, those silver spoon trust fund babies and those kids they recruited knew they were going to get hit and hit hard, and at the end, that Private school won big, but they left respecting the hell out of the little, small town Mustangs for their spirit and their fight.  That is what SF needs to do.  Remember the scene in “Remember the Titans”: 

Coach Yoast: All right, now, I don't want them to gain *another yard!* * You blitz... all... night!* If they cross the line of scrimmage, I'm gonna take every last one of you out! You make sure they remember, *forever*, the night they played the Titans!

[defense cheers]

Coach Yoast: Leave no doubt!

Dammit 49ers, playing Seattle ain’t about football anymore, it’s about your heart, pride, and soul.  It's about taking back your freaking manhood and being respected.  You might lose again and I can accept that IF YOU EFFING TRY, but dammit, go up to Seattle, lay the wood, send a few to the bench in pain, and let them know they were in a game.  Don't you dare quit again!!!  Make them respect you again, and shut Dick Sherman and those obnoxious whiny bastard fans in Seattle up.  If you can't win, soften them up for somebody else to beat em.  And by the way, can a WR or TE just get medieval on Dick Sherman?  Just once?  I don't normally advocate this, but can SF go "The Replacements" on Seattle for just one play?  Take the damn Personal Fouls and smash em in the mouths for their disrespect before you even run a play?  

CFB.  Here are my conference rankings:

  • PAC 12.  Oregon vs. Arizona at Levi’s in Santa Clara.  The Zonies have owned Oregon lately, but their offense is so damn inconsistent, I have to figure that Oregon is gonna be breathing fire, and with a playoff berth so close, they are gonna run wild on the Zonies..  And there’s Rich Rod to screw things up too.  
    • Hey UCLA, you might be the most underachieving football program of all in CFB. 
    • Speaking of which Stanford, you aren’t far behind.
    • Damn Trojan Man, where the hell was that effort all season?
    • Utah fell apart and that's a shame.
    • Arizona State just played with my damn emotions this season.  
  • SEC.  Alabama vs. Missouri.  As much as I’d like to call shenanigans on that second half of the Iron Bowl, Alabama is just that damn good.  I can’t see Missouri being much of a road block to Alabama.
    • Arkansas finished up damn strong, and though they lost to Missouri, they showed me a lot this season.  The SEC West just got that much stronger.    
    • I’m gonna be interested to see Florida in the next couple of years with a new coach and a smart offensive personality.
    • Hey Mississippi State fans, you need to blame your coaches for your bad performances against Bama and Ole Miss.  What I saw as pretty pathetic.  No sense of urgency whatsoever from the coaches, and poor play calling too.
  • Big 12.  K-State @ Baylor for the Big 12 and a potential playoff shot.  Something tells me that ole Bill Snyder is gonna have a little something for Baylor, and keep K-State in the game for three quarters.
    • While I honestly believe that Texas is the team of the future, not just in the Big 12, but in all of CFB, TCU absolutely laid the wood to em.  Get your shots in now boys, the Horns will be back and in a big way. 
    • Meanwhile, Baylor played with Texas Tech and cost themselves a playoff spot, even IF they beat K-State next week.  And with all the talk of the Suckeyes losing their QB, didn’t Baylor QB Bryce Petty go out with an injury as well?
  • ACC.  Georgia Tech vs. Florida State for the Conference.  DO NOT SLEEP ON THE RAMBLIN WRECK!!!  In fact, I'll take them by a Field Goal over FSU.  This has been an underachieving conference this season, but the ACC went 4-0 against the SEC Saturday.  Props to Clemson, Georgia Tech, Louisville, and Florida State. 
    • Hey Notre Dame, did you freaking quit or what? 
    • Tage will talk about this more, but props to BC who is now 7-5 and bowl bound.
    • I can only shake my head at Florida State because if they get in the dance they are gonna get bounced in the semi-final by halftime.  Assuming they are going to be #3, they will draw either Alabama or Oregon and they’re in trouble.
  • Big 10.  Ohio State vs. Wisky for what I believe will be the #5 spot in the rankings. You have got to give the devil his due, Ohio State absolutely owns the Big 10, and now that they draw Wisky, it should be a green light to the #4 spot in the playoffs. 
    • I make no bones or apologies for it – my allegiance here is with Minnesota and I’m disappointed they lost today, but they gave Wisky a game and I guess that’s all you can ask.  Well, that and hope for a good bowl and a win.  This is the Big 10 program on the rise.
    • Nebraska finally canned Bo Pellini.  I normally would rage about firing a coach who has that kind of winning record, but that horrible defense that didn’t improve at any point under Pellini and from what I noticed, he wasn't that great a guy to begin with.  In that horrible conference, Nebraska should be far better than they are. 
    • Speaking of coaches who need to go – yeah – that would be Brady Hoke in Miss-again.  Look, that program is going through some stuff, some of it his fault, a lot of it not.  But the Big 10, Miss-again in particular needs to get better recruits.

Perfection is so damn hard to achieve, but it must suck to go all the way undefeated only to lose your final regular season game in OT.  These kids at Marshall must be sick.

MLB.  Personally, I’m tired of the the Oakland A’s being the AAAA farm team to the AL East.  They made a frustrating trade when they traded Josh Donaldson to Toronto for four players, and I’m gonna be curious to get Frag’s take on this one.  Rumors are he was sent packing after some comments about ownership.  Let’s be honest here, Donaldson is right – fans are tired of A’s ownership and game playing.

I don’t know what the end game in Oakland is, but MLB needs to step in and fix it.  Bud Selig promised it would be fixed by the time he left office, which by my understanding is two months away or so.

Bowling.  Had a maddingly inconsistent week last Monday.  Threw lots of strikes, but I couldn’t make my spares, so I got a 211-144-199.  That 144 was the most embarassing game I've bowled in this league to date.  It was absolutely crazy.  I’m usually the opposite where I throw spares, but few strikes.

Good Story #1.  Army vs. Navy is coming up this week and it’s a matchup that brings out the best of the history of CFB.  Good kids who are the future of America.  Which leads me to:

Good Story #2.  I have fixated on the carnage going on in Chicago while “leaders” sit idly by, but here’s a story of somebody actually doing something about it.  In Chapter Six of the book “For Love of Country”, there is the story of LTC David Oclander.  He retired from the Army and sought a different challenge.  In a nutshell, he declined potentially lucrative contract work to become a teacher in inner-city Chicago.  The story tells of his struggles with the red tape just to get in, but he finally found a way in and taught leadership and things he learned overseas during his three tours in Afghanistan.

One story had a cocky student thinking he could “out-pushup” the Colonel, who promptly smoked the immature little brat, who as it turned out had one hell of a tough life.  Well, the Colonel saw something and the kid went through all the prep steps to get into West Point.  The story ends positively, as the kid got into the Corps of Cadets.  But here’s the rub – his old man?  Yeah, only one of the biggest drug dealers in Chicago. 

It appears that a lot of vets are stepping away from the military and looking towards teaching as an opportunity to continue to serve.  Teachers we have now are great, but could you imagine adding to that talent pool a group of veterans with 20-plus years experience serving in the military?  I hope that somehow, someway, that veterans can get in and help in the inner cities. 

It was a dream of mine to become a teacher.  Sadly and regretfully, I went in a different direction.

Douchebag of the Week.  I think I’m willing to at least listen to opposing points of view.  It gives me the opportunity to see things from different perspectives and points out flaws in my beliefs, and perhaps even convinces me that my thoughts are wrong.  I 100% support anybody’s desire to protest, no matter how much I may agree or disagree with you.  But you will NEVER get me to see your side of an argument if you take to burning the American flag.  To some, it’s a piece of cloth with ZERO value.  To me, it’s a living, breathing symbol of  America.  


Posted by B.O.B. on Tuesday, November 25, 2014 at 1:17:28 PM

Too many disjointed thoughts here, but I'm pissed:

I'm torn to be honest.  I don't know what to think, but I do know this much, I'm sick to death of all this outrage and I'm sick to death of the violence.  Qwazier said it best today:  What did the businessmen do to the people of Ferguson to deserve being torched?  Well guess what Ferguson, your problems just grew worse because what businessman would want to do business in your town?

The death of Michael Brown was tragic, but WHERE THE FUCK IS THE OUTRAGE FOR THE SENSELESS VIOLENCE KILLING THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE IN CHICAGO, LOS ANGELES, OAKLAND, and everywhere else - many victims being innocent children?  Where is the outrage at the criminals who do this shit?  I can never reconcile this FACT.   Where is Magic Johnson, Kobe Bryant, Steve Nash, and LeBron James when it comes to this stuff?  For that matter where is President Obama?  Isn't Chicago one of his hometowns?  So I just want to get this straight NBA players - what you are telling me by your ignoring it is that it's OK for the persistent death and violence to roll through places, so long as a cop isn't involved.  That's what you seem to be saying without saying it.

Here's the bottom line - and I've said it before - our generation has failed.  We've abdicated our responsibility as leaders, communicators, parents, role models and everything else.  We can't think straight, and we can't think critically.  By every conceiveable measure we are leaving our children worse off than we were, and I'm disgusted.  

President Obama likes to talk about hope and change - we have neither of either.  Too bad because those are Good words (not catch phrases or buzzwords).  It's too bad nobody listened, including himself because we could have moved on to greater things, but we had to be stuck in a never ending cesspool of violence and mistrust.

Last Saturday on my way to Jerry's ball game on the way out of town I passed a gun show, and guess what?  The place was packed and it got me to thinking - nobody on either side trusts the cops to keep the peace, so where are we as a society gonna be in 5 years?  Armed to the teeth, just like the wild west - that's where.


Monday's Moaning with a Sub - Thanksgiving Week
Posted by B.O.B. on Monday, November 24, 2014 at 12:00:00 AM

Welcome to Thanksgiving Week folks, one of my favorite times of year.  Food, Family, Football, and Fun.  So without further ado, let’s get this Turkey Week edition started.    

I’m gonna talk about working this upcoming weekend, but first I want to say this:  If you’re camping outside of a retail outlet for days while waiting for that “Great Deal”, you’re just as loony as Star Wars guy, or video game guy, or iPhone guy, or Sneaker guy.

Working on Thanksgiving Day.  In retail, Thanksgiving weekend is a blocked weekend – nobody is allowed to take vacation or days off, switches aren’t allowed, and woe be to the Manager who tries to sneak one deserving person by.  Believe me, I know.   I read with great interest Sully’s take on working on Thanksgiving – and he’s right – it’s BULL.  I get that retail planners and managers are dictated by customers and $$$, but at some point retail has to train their customers better and actually have the balls to say NO to customers - while at the same time treating their employees right/far better – because after all, it’s the little things that make for better, more attentive employees.  Retail can’t be everything to everybody.  So retail, give your people a break and a chance to rest and recuperate – at least for one day.  They all busted their asses to get the stores ready for Black Friday, so give em Thanksgiving off, they’ll come back happy and ready to attack Black Friday.  That I know FOR A FACT!!!

After all retail, if you’re open on Turkey Day, that just cuts into the profit that Black Friday brings – and it does.  So why are you doing it?

Black Friday.  Having seven years experience with Black Friday (five of which in management) I can tell you this:  IT SUCKS.  Black Friday is simply the worst day on the retail calendar dealing with some of the worst that humanity has to offer.  It’s HELL for everybody:  Good and respectful customers get trampled on by the idiots in their rush to get “the deal” while the media celebrates the carnage, Workers have to be in by 3 or 4 AM, first dealing with neurotic managers scared to death of corporate and their unrealistic demands.  Workers then have to deal with zombies (err, customers), some of whom want us to cut prices even further.  Cashiers and other floor staff are verbally abused by the same customers while managers hide in the back.  It’s particularly worse for the cashiers who have to deal with lines of folks in a hurry to get to the next place yelling and screaming for “more cashiers” – as if these morons didn’t plan for stores to be packed.  Security is on edge, HR’s are left to scramble trying to keep the workers happy with token efforts such as bringing in continental breakfasts and pizza.  Meanwhile, sale stuff is “stashed” so that workers can make their purchase once they get off work. 

OK, enough ranting and negativity.  I want to talk specifically about what in sports I’m thankful for:

NFL.  Three great games on Turkey Day (no turkeys here) that actually mean quite a bit in the NFC playoff chase:  Chicago @ Detroit, Philly @ Dallas, and my personal favorite, Seattle @ San Francisco. 

What in the world is going on down in San Diego?  St. Louis comes down and apparently 20,000 LA folks take the short drive down to cheer St. Louis?  Hey Charger fan, where the hell are you?

CFB.  On Turkey Day, all eyes will be on Texas as TCU @ Texas and LSU @ TAMU.  Black Friday has Arizona State at Arizona, and Saturday will have Florida @ FSU in Muschamps last game (watch out FSU!), Michigan @ Ohio State, South Carolina @ Clemson, the Civil War in Oregon, the Egg Bowl, Notre Dame @ USC, a suddenly VERY important Arkansas @ Missouri, and Auburn @ Alabama.  And if you need any more incentive to watch CFB on Saturday, Minnesota @ Wisky, if for no other reason to see what that RB is gonna do to that Minnesota defensive line.

CFB Thankful #2.  While I’m not usually one to tell you “I told you so”, I TOLD YOU SO.  Arkansas was gonna wreck somebody’s season in the SEC West, and they went out and did it TWICE – LSU and now Ole Miss and didn’t give up a freaking point while beating both.  Missouri, you’ve been warned.

CFB Thankful #3.  I know this is way down the line, but CFB is changing.  Take a look at this:  Boise State has announced that in 2022/23 they will play Oregon State, Sparty, and BYU home and home.  You think some schools are starting to take note of the new way things are being looked at?  Weak Conferences have to step up OOC, look for promising programs AND power programs need to start playing on the road too.

West Hills Bowl Game.  I’m thankful that my son is getting this kind of experience as a coach.  West Hills won 24-14 over Yuba finishing 10-1 after 2-8 last season.  Some final stats to brag about:  Jerry as a player and coach in Junior College is now 31-2 in three years and two programs.  His Defensive Line this season LED THE NATION (Junior College) in QB Sacks with 70+.  Now comes the post-season for him where he tries to get his kids into four-year programs and starts recruiting for next season while prepping for winter workouts.  Just like his Head Coach told me Saturday, coaching is a grind, but he’s learning, gaining experience, and trying to build his network.

NBA.  I’m thankful that Sacramento is 8-5 with wins over Portland, the Clippers, Phoenix, San Antonio, and Chicago, a record that absolutely NOBODY predicted.  I thankful for new ownership of the Sacramento Kings, who last year cleaned 90% of the mess after the Maloofs left.  Yes, they still have a ton to improve upon and work on, but believe me as a long suffering fan, this is paradise compared to 2006/2007-2013/2014. 

DeMarcus Cousins is one of the best big men in Basketball and he has so much more growing to do.   Rudy Gay was signed to a bargain extension, and Darren Collison has proven to be a very adequate point guard.  Ben McLemore is improving at the SG as well.  Many others are buying in to watch the franchise is trying to do as well.

NHL.  I’m thankful for not being in last place in the Gab Hockey League.

MLB.  I’m thankful for the most fun I’ve had in decades in Baseball this past season.  I’m also thankful for lots of opportunities to watch MLB live in various places and hope to build on that trend in 2015.

CBB.  I’m thankful to read that Sacramento and the new arena will get 1st and 2nd round NCAA March Madness games in 2017.

Bowling.  I’m thankful I got back into it.  It’s fun with good people, and the fact that I’m better now than I was when I bowled competitively (and for money) 30 years ago is an added bonus.

Sports Media.  I’m thankful for Sirius XM, so that I don’t have to listen to the garbage on free radio.  Oh, and they actually have 70’s and 80’s music channels.

Douchebag of the Week.  Honestly, I was in such a festive and good mood and I had absolutely no plans to post one this week, but “The New Yorker” just went too far, but then I saw this cover, so I had to bestow our honor on them.  I believe in free speech, but this march towards political correctness has just gotten so out of hand. 

Why in the world is it necessary to politicize Football?  Again, I have yet to hear about any majority of American Indian tribes who are offended by the Football name.  Why are the media elite so intent on doing this?  Don’t they understand that every time they try to force feed this issue down our throats that we just get further entrenched in our belief to be left alone?

Happy Thanksgiving Gabbers!


Tuesday's Tantrum - 11/18/14
Posted by B.O.B. on Tuesday, November 18, 2014 at 12:00:00 AM

One of the underrated joys in life is sitting down with a book and just getting lost for a while.  I was reading my current book and there was a passage which referred to a Norman Rockwell painting known as “Marine Homecoming.”  It got me to thinking about the old Saturday Evening Post, which has been in existence in one form or another since November, 1821.  My curiosity piqued, I went back and noticed the essays and stories and poems that some of the greats contributed:  Agatha Christie, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Faulkner, Vonnegut, and many MANY others – so how is it this magazine lost its popularity?   I mean after all, this is a paper that had well written stories and celebrated American life OUTSIDE of LA/NYC/DC and talked about things that were important to those in the middle of the country.

Where has Americana gone?  Is Americana an acceptable virtue of life in today’s society?  I honestly wonder.  It seems as if it’s wrong to celebrate life and actually read short stories?  I sometimes wonder if we as a generation along with the ones moving forward were cheated by not taking advantage of something like the SEP.  Do they even teach short stories and literature in school anymore?

Some of you are wondering what this might have to do with sports.  In 1967, the paper was sued for defamation because they wrote an article that implied that Bear Bryant and Wally Butts conspired to fix a game between Alabama and Georgia.  Butts was awarded $3 million, and there were other issues related to libel that went all the way to the Supreme Court, but the paper was never the same.  This is one slant on the whole issue here.  Interesting reading to be sure.

The good news is that the Saturday Evening Post still exists on newsstands (is there such a thing as this anymore?), but it’s also online, but they tease you:  Read part of the story, then you have to pay to subscribe.   The way of the future, paying for a glimpse of the past right???

MLB – Epitaph for 2014.   When people think back to the MLB season of 2014, I have to believe that one word may come to mind if you are just a fan of Baseball – FUN!!!  When is the last time that any of us could say “Hey, MLB is a damn good time/thing right now!”?  There’s just so many positives – it was a no non-sense zone for the most part (outside of that d-bag Puig), but this season also had plenty of drama on the diamond.

Please forgive my movie analogies – I know I sound a lot like Tony DiNozzo, but this is how I see Baseball right now.  20 years ago, there was a Baseball movie that came out called “Little Big League.”  It was about a 12 year old kid who loves Baseball and whose grandfather died and gave him the Minnesota Twins.  He then went out and named himself the Skipper.  He saw Baseball rightly so from the eyes of a child and struggled with adults who took a game he loved and removed the fun and made it a business – there was no joy for his players, yet in the end, the ball players came around and just had fun.  It was silly and not a particularly great movie, but it got me to thinking about the 2014 version of Kansas City.  They relaxed, had fun, and lookie what happened…

Well in 2014, this 50 year old got to see Baseball from the eyes of that 12 year old and in a sense I regained a certain joy of summertime that I long ago forgot about.  But you know what?  I’m also jealous.  I’m jealous of Jeff and of Doug and Kyle, and all the others who always had the love of the game and never lost it.  I’m jealous that I turned away from the X’s and O’s of the game, and quite honestly it’s a life regret that I took so long to regain my enthusiasm for the sport. 


2014 was interesting for me:  How do you not enjoy taking in a game at ATT Park in San Francisco?  Or what about doing a cross-country drive and hit Target Field grabbing some fantastic grub in a beautiful stadium, and yes, celebrating the 20 year anniversary of Little Big League with the stars of the movie.  AND what about Kauffman Stadium?  Oh, and for kicks, visiting Arizona AND Florida Spring Training wasn’t too shabby.  Add in Jerry’s visit to Wrigley Field, and it was an incredible year.

For me, I also got to see how others enjoy it- for instance Doug down in Arizona telling me all about D-backs games in Phoenix, Kyle writing about Toronto, all the talk of sitting in the seats at Fenway, and the minor league stadiums.  My son tells me about Wrigley Field and then All-Star Monday at Target Field.  There’s really no other sport that you can talk like this.

And what about on the field this season?  How could you (even as an SF fan) not get with Kansas City going all the way to the final game of the World Series and watch Moustakas and Hosmer FINALLY play to their vast capabilities, while Madison Bumgarner had his coming out party?  And as a San Francisco fan, how do I not enjoy what they have done since 2010?  How was it not cool to see Oakland, Seattle, Cleveland, Milwaukee, and Pittsburgh do the “small market teams” proud?  And what about those solid, solid teams in Baltimore and Washington and St. Louis?

For that matter, how do you not enjoy watching the beginnings being built in Houston with their kids starting to produce and the North Side of Chicago?  And what about how Miami played .500 ball all season long?   You see strides in San Diego, and then you see that teams are showing signs of life in Minnesota as well with their talent starting to heat up – but still needing a pitching staff.

Well, now we move on to 2015, and before that the Hot Stove League, where already players names are being talked about – Pablo Sandoval to Boston for instance. 

MLB Trade.  And just yesterday Atlanta and St. Louis hooked up on a deal that sent Shelby Miller to Atlanta for Jason Heyward and Tyrell Jenkins and Jordan Walden?  Me thinks Atlanta gave up a bit much and it makes St. Louis that much better.

Farewell to 2014 – you were a great season, THE standard for future seasons.  Baseball is in a great spot right now and I hope 2015 can be more of the same.  I can promise you MLB, I’ll be back.  Speaking of which:

Uncle B.O.B.’s World Tour Stop - #5.  Yes folks it’s official, Uncle B.O.B. will be going back out on the road next March and this time while it includes South Florida, we are also going to DisneyWorld, or Epcot Center to be more precise which allows me to also have a greater choice of which Spring Training game I would like to attend.  And to my friends in Michigan, it may very well be in Lakeland catching a Detroit game…

Be on the lookout because Stop #6 is in the planning stage with a very cool “Bucket List” side trip included.  I was also blind-sided and surprised about a proposed #7 which IF it happens, I can’t wait for and it will be different for the Gab – to an area not covered regularly by the Gab, and might even be particularly pleasing to the Beeze who has mentioned a desire to go there.

West Hills Update.  Jerry’s team hit the road to Salinas for their final game, going in 9-0 and needing a win to win their conference.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t to be as Hartnell came back from down 16-3 to win 24-16 – the teams both ended up at 9-1 and were co-champs.   The good news is that the kids still got to host Yuba College in the NCFC American Division Bowl. 

Props to the West Hills team and it’s coaching staff who took an abysmal program and in one year turned in a 9-1 record.  That is quite an accomplishment and while the loss might sting, the performance this season is worthy of respect.


Good Story of the Week:  This is a bittersweet one.  75 year old Wilbur Heath was dying of Cancer and he had one final wish, the longtime civic supporter wanted to see his beloved high school football team one last time which is one of the powerhouses here in the Sacramento area.  On Friday Night, he was brought in by ambulance.  From his bed with folks surrounding him, he watched the game from the track at the 50.  As a special surprise, he was wheeled out to midfield for the opening coin toss.  Sunday Night, he died, content.  RIP Wilbur.    Here is his story: 


Props to all the good folks who made this happen.

Good Story of the Week #2:  Those of you who watched Ohio State @ Minnesota may not have noticed, but on the back of the Minny jerseys weren’t last names, it simply read:  MINNESOTA.  Refreshing.

Douchebag of the Week.  The American People.  How the hell is it we spent more time discussing a Kar-trash-ian fat ass than the problems of the day?  


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