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Tuesday's Tantrum - 11/18/14
Posted by B.O.B. on Tuesday, November 18, 2014 at 12:00:00 AM

One of the underrated joys in life is sitting down with a book and just getting lost for a while.  I was reading my current book and there was a passage which referred to a Norman Rockwell painting known as “Marine Homecoming.”  It got me to thinking about the old Saturday Evening Post, which has been in existence in one form or another since November, 1821.  My curiosity piqued, I went back and noticed the essays and stories and poems that some of the greats contributed:  Agatha Christie, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Faulkner, Vonnegut, and many MANY others – so how is it this magazine lost its popularity?   I mean after all, this is a paper that had well written stories and celebrated American life OUTSIDE of LA/NYC/DC and talked about things that were important to those in the middle of the country.

Where has Americana gone?  Is Americana an acceptable virtue of life in today’s society?  I honestly wonder.  It seems as if it’s wrong to celebrate life and actually read short stories?  I sometimes wonder if we as a generation along with the ones moving forward were cheated by not taking advantage of something like the SEP.  Do they even teach short stories and literature in school anymore?

Some of you are wondering what this might have to do with sports.  In 1967, the paper was sued for defamation because they wrote an article that implied that Bear Bryant and Wally Butts conspired to fix a game between Alabama and Georgia.  Butts was awarded $3 million, and there were other issues related to libel that went all the way to the Supreme Court, but the paper was never the same.  This is one slant on the whole issue here.  Interesting reading to be sure.

The good news is that the Saturday Evening Post still exists on newsstands (is there such a thing as this anymore?), but it’s also online, but they tease you:  Read part of the story, then you have to pay to subscribe.   The way of the future, paying for a glimpse of the past right???

MLB – Epitaph for 2014.   When people think back to the MLB season of 2014, I have to believe that one word may come to mind if you are just a fan of Baseball – FUN!!!  When is the last time that any of us could say “Hey, MLB is a damn good time/thing right now!”?  There’s just so many positives – it was a no non-sense zone for the most part (outside of that d-bag Puig), but this season also had plenty of drama on the diamond.

Please forgive my movie analogies – I know I sound a lot like Tony DiNozzo, but this is how I see Baseball right now.  20 years ago, there was a Baseball movie that came out called “Little Big League.”  It was about a 12 year old kid who loves Baseball and whose grandfather died and gave him the Minnesota Twins.  He then went out and named himself the Skipper.  He saw Baseball rightly so from the eyes of a child and struggled with adults who took a game he loved and removed the fun and made it a business – there was no joy for his players, yet in the end, the ball players came around and just had fun.  It was silly and not a particularly great movie, but it got me to thinking about the 2014 version of Kansas City.  They relaxed, had fun, and lookie what happened…

Well in 2014, this 50 year old got to see Baseball from the eyes of that 12 year old and in a sense I regained a certain joy of summertime that I long ago forgot about.  But you know what?  I’m also jealous.  I’m jealous of Jeff and of Doug and Kyle, and all the others who always had the love of the game and never lost it.  I’m jealous that I turned away from the X’s and O’s of the game, and quite honestly it’s a life regret that I took so long to regain my enthusiasm for the sport. 


2014 was interesting for me:  How do you not enjoy taking in a game at ATT Park in San Francisco?  Or what about doing a cross-country drive and hit Target Field grabbing some fantastic grub in a beautiful stadium, and yes, celebrating the 20 year anniversary of Little Big League with the stars of the movie.  AND what about Kauffman Stadium?  Oh, and for kicks, visiting Arizona AND Florida Spring Training wasn’t too shabby.  Add in Jerry’s visit to Wrigley Field, and it was an incredible year.

For me, I also got to see how others enjoy it- for instance Doug down in Arizona telling me all about D-backs games in Phoenix, Kyle writing about Toronto, all the talk of sitting in the seats at Fenway, and the minor league stadiums.  My son tells me about Wrigley Field and then All-Star Monday at Target Field.  There’s really no other sport that you can talk like this.

And what about on the field this season?  How could you (even as an SF fan) not get with Kansas City going all the way to the final game of the World Series and watch Moustakas and Hosmer FINALLY play to their vast capabilities, while Madison Bumgarner had his coming out party?  And as a San Francisco fan, how do I not enjoy what they have done since 2010?  How was it not cool to see Oakland, Seattle, Cleveland, Milwaukee, and Pittsburgh do the “small market teams” proud?  And what about those solid, solid teams in Baltimore and Washington and St. Louis?

For that matter, how do you not enjoy watching the beginnings being built in Houston with their kids starting to produce and the North Side of Chicago?  And what about how Miami played .500 ball all season long?   You see strides in San Diego, and then you see that teams are showing signs of life in Minnesota as well with their talent starting to heat up – but still needing a pitching staff.

Well, now we move on to 2015, and before that the Hot Stove League, where already players names are being talked about – Pablo Sandoval to Boston for instance. 

MLB Trade.  And just yesterday Atlanta and St. Louis hooked up on a deal that sent Shelby Miller to Atlanta for Jason Heyward and Tyrell Jenkins and Jordan Walden?  Me thinks Atlanta gave up a bit much and it makes St. Louis that much better.

Farewell to 2014 – you were a great season, THE standard for future seasons.  Baseball is in a great spot right now and I hope 2015 can be more of the same.  I can promise you MLB, I’ll be back.  Speaking of which:

Uncle B.O.B.’s World Tour Stop - #5.  Yes folks it’s official, Uncle B.O.B. will be going back out on the road next March and this time while it includes South Florida, we are also going to DisneyWorld, or Epcot Center to be more precise which allows me to also have a greater choice of which Spring Training game I would like to attend.  And to my friends in Michigan, it may very well be in Lakeland catching a Detroit game…

Be on the lookout because Stop #6 is in the planning stage with a very cool “Bucket List” side trip included.  I was also blind-sided and surprised about a proposed #7 which IF it happens, I can’t wait for and it will be different for the Gab – to an area not covered regularly by the Gab, and might even be particularly pleasing to the Beeze who has mentioned a desire to go there.

West Hills Update.  Jerry’s team hit the road to Salinas for their final game, going in 9-0 and needing a win to win their conference.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t to be as Hartnell came back from down 16-3 to win 24-16 – the teams both ended up at 9-1 and were co-champs.   The good news is that the kids still got to host Yuba College in the NCFC American Division Bowl. 

Props to the West Hills team and it’s coaching staff who took an abysmal program and in one year turned in a 9-1 record.  That is quite an accomplishment and while the loss might sting, the performance this season is worthy of respect.


Good Story of the Week:  This is a bittersweet one.  75 year old Wilbur Heath was dying of Cancer and he had one final wish, the longtime civic supporter wanted to see his beloved high school football team one last time which is one of the powerhouses here in the Sacramento area.  On Friday Night, he was brought in by ambulance.  From his bed with folks surrounding him, he watched the game from the track at the 50.  As a special surprise, he was wheeled out to midfield for the opening coin toss.  Sunday Night, he died, content.  RIP Wilbur.    Here is his story: 


Props to all the good folks who made this happen.

Good Story of the Week #2:  Those of you who watched Ohio State @ Minnesota may not have noticed, but on the back of the Minny jerseys weren’t last names, it simply read:  MINNESOTA.  Refreshing.

Douchebag of the Week.  The American People.  How the hell is it we spent more time discussing a Kar-trash-ian fat ass than the problems of the day?  


Saturday's Showcase - 11/15/14
Posted by B.O.B. on Saturday, November 15, 2014 at 1:10:46 PM

Well, I see there's an opening, so I think I'll jump in and talk some college football, where a lot of the fog is going to clear today.  

SEC.  Some absolutely great games on the docket today with Mississippi State traveling to Tuscaloosa.  It's more than just a game, a lot of folks will be watching to see exactly how up and up this is gonna be.  While I vehemently disagree w/theknightswhosay that the refs took the game from LSU last week, I truly believe that there could be some shenanigans here IF MSU is up and the game is close late.  

Auburn is gonna go hang out in Georgia today and this could be an interesting one.  Neither are in the chase for the playoffs, but they sure are gonna have a lot to say about who wins the SEC.

Also, for the first time since I can remember, LSU and Arkansas aren't playing on Turkey Day weekend, and Missouri is heading down to College Station for an undervalued game as well.

BIG 12.  Uh they took the week off, though Texas at Oklahoma State could be interesting just to see how far Charlie Strong has come.  Otherwise, get back to me next week.

PAC 12.  This is why I like the PAC 12:  On paper, almost every matchup can be considered a pick em.  This week Arizona State is at always tough at home Oregon State, Washington is at Arizona, and Utah is at Stanford.

ACC.  Florida State and Miami are hooking up in the Night game and while I'm loathe to do it, this could be an upset alert.  Meanwhile, Clemson has GA Tech, and for name recognition Virginia Tech is facing 8-1 Duke who needs to upgrade their schedule if anybody is gonna take them seriously from here on out.

BIG 10.  As I write this Ohio State and Minnesota are going at it in snow flurries up in the Great White North.  Ohio State went up 14-0 got greedy and went for a long bomb, Minny intercepted and marched it down the field so it's now 14-7.  

Otherwise, there's Nebraska who is desperate for a win and having to head into Wisky, and Michigan State is heading over to Maryland in a game that could be good as well.

Calling my shots.  

  1. Upset of the Week:  I like Arkansas over LSU.  It's in Fayetteville and LSU at 7-3 and no shot of the SEC Championship is playing for pride, but the Hawgs can pound the ball and ball control is what can beat LSU, well that and mental mistakes and bad coaching calls.
  2. Close but no cigar game of the week:  Minnesota will hang with Ohio State for a while.  Ohio State plays lethargic in the first half then dominates.  But the longer Minny hangs w/Ohio State, the faster Ohio State's playoff chances go down the drain.
  3. Playoff standing:  The winner of Miss. St. and Alabama is in.  The winner of Oregon/Arizona State is in.  The other two?  Who the hell knows and the problem with that is it gives the NCAA an opening to run some kind of game.  Watch out folks...


Tuesday's Tantrum - Veteran's Day 2014
Posted by B.O.B. on Tuesday, November 11, 2014 at 12:00:00 AM


Why do you like them so much?  Because they stand on a wall and say, “Nothing’s going to hurt you tonight, not on my watch. 

Kevin Pollak as LT Sam Weinberg

A Few Good Men (1992)

Zero Dark 30 (4:30 AM).  Then it began, Platoon Staff formally introduced us and then took charge.  Imagine tables flipping, chairs getting thrown against walls, instructors screaming.  A volume that shocks the body, PT has been harder than any work I’ve done in my life…Pain is constant here.  Honor, sacrifice, integrity, aren’t just fairytale phrases.  They’re earned every day in sweat, tears, blood, etc., by these people.  The values of the USMC are one of a kind.  Keep shit straight…The more you sweat in peace, the less you bleed in war.

Nate Krissoff, For Love of Country (2014)

Veterans Day.  I believe it takes more than saying thanks to a veteran, you have to mean it in your heart, not just forget about it after you say thanks or buy that round at Starbucks.  Chris Mortensen at ESPiN Sunday Morning made the best point.  Mortensen was a vet during Vietnam, and he encouraged everybody to support the veterans organizations, with time, or just volunteering – money would be nice, but we know how that goes.  Hell, just be a guest at an Wounded Warrior, American Legion, VFW, DAV, or AMVETS meeting.  Or even the newer Iraq/Afghanistan support groups.

I was away for most of this weekend, but I came home to find a bit of an outrage brewing over an article written Sunday by David Masciotra of Salon.com, which can be read right here.  Needless to say I’m not thrilled, but I’m not going to get all worked up about it either.  The reason for that is because I actually pity the man because he doesn't have an original thought in his head - all he does is spew far left talking points.  Dude has the right to speak his peace no matter how stupid he sounds, but he was so all over the place that I honestly didn't know who he was talking about – indicting the military, the cops, government, and just about everything else.  It truly seemed as though it was nothing more than a hit piece from the hippie movement.  Here is a sample of his “work”:

(Quote) Physical strength and courage is only useful and laudable when invested in a cause that is noble and moral. The causes of American foreign policy, especially at the present, rarely qualify for either compliment. The “troops are heroes” boosters of American life typically toss out clichés to defend their generalization – “They defend our freedom,” “They fight so we don’t have to.”  (End quote)

Hey David, Physical Strength and Courage are a daily REQUIREMENT because we know not what the day brings.  Thanks David, so you’re blaming the military for foreign policy?  Isn’t your guy the Commander in Chief who just ordered 1500 more troops into Iraq just three days after the election?  Where is your rage for that?  As for the noble and moral comment, I dare you to make that statement in front of injured veterans families, but of course you wouldn’t dare because then you’d have to get out from the cocktail parties and behind the keyboard.  But as pitiful as I find his comments, I’m reminded of so many quotes in that movie “A few good men”:

We joined the Marines because we wanted to live our lives by a certain code, and we found it in the Corps. Now you're asking us to sign a piece of paper that says we have no honor. You're asking us to say we're not Marines. If a court decides that what we did was wrong, then I'll accept whatever punishment they give. But I believe I was right sir, I believe I did my job, and I will not dishonor myself, my unit, or the Corps so I can go home in six months... Sir.

LCPL Harold W. Dawson

A Few Good Men (1992)

We do for the most part live by a code:  Honor, Courage, and Commitment.  But here's a question for you David:  What do your dear leader politicians in Washington stand for?  Does anybody even know?  We veterans run to the fight.  We help in cases of emergencies (remember Katrina?).  We are sent to fight ebola in West Africa – what the hell are you doing about ebola?  We fight where and when we’re told – we don’t have the luxury that you do – to be the self-appointed lone judge of what is right and wrong, especially when you refer to the unproven stuff.  We don’t have that right – we voluntarily gave up our first amendment right of freedom of speech for a higher purpose.  But again David, I refer you to a quote from that movie, this time from Jack Nicholson:

Son, we live in a world that has walls, and those walls have to be guarded by men with guns. Who's gonna do it? You? You, Lt. Weinburg? (you David?)  I have a greater responsibility than you could possibly fathom. You weep for Santiago, and you curse the Marines. You have that luxury. You have the luxury of not knowing what I know. That Santiago's death, while tragic, probably saved lives. And my existence, while grotesque and incomprehensible to you, saves lives. You don't want the truth because deep down in places you don't talk about at parties, you want me on that wall, you need me on that wall. We use words like honor, code, loyalty. We use these words as the backbone of a life spent defending something. You use them as a punchline. I have neither the time nor the inclination to explain myself to a man who rises and sleeps under the blanket of the very freedom that I provide, and then questions the manner in which I provide it.

In the plot of the movie, Jack Nicholson was a douche, and I personally abhor hazing and code reds as well as his overall arrogant demeanor, but there’s a greater point to that quote – and it’s in reference to what we as veterans and service members do as opposed to the consistent whiny LA/NYC/DC party circuit who mocks us and takes our rare mistakes and uses them against us, but has no problem sending us off while at the same time demanding cuts in spending and benefits. 

I would say to David that for people who serve, there is no more noble and moral cause than defending our country.  We don’t do it for glory, we don’t do it for money, we don't do it for the discounts every November 11th, and many of us certainly don’t consider ourselves heroes – in fact we shun the spotlight.  In fact David, if you took a poll, I’d be willing to bet that the vast majority of veterans consider Police, Firefighters, Teachers, EMT’s, and yes, even Doctors to be much more of a hero than we could ever think of being.

David, you remind me of the character David Janssen played in “The Green Berets”, a cynical writer/journalist who hated the war and the military, but then changed his tune when he went over to Vietnam to see for himself.  This isn't 1968 David, it's 2014.  Come out of your Utopian dreamland David, and take a look at the real world, and just for the hell of it, go out and see what it is a veteran goes through - we aren't all evil little baby killers like you seem to imagine.  

West Hills Update.  There are days that are particularly satisfying, ones in which you could almost say were perfect, and to me Saturday was one of those.  When you have perfect weather to sit in the stands for a JUCO game, followed by one hell of a BBQ dinner, it puts  me into a fantastic mood, and quite honestly, I continue to believe that the small schools, junior colleges, and high schools have what we seek when it comes to sports, and a Saturday spent at a lower division or JUCO college game is a day well spent.

Mrs. B.O.B. and I drove 180 miles down deep into farm and cattle land to watch Coach Jerry’s #8 West Hills team put their 8-0 record on the line against a Merced, a tough team from a few miles away.  West Hills jumped out to a 24-7 lead at half with some incredible luck and plays and an aggressive defensive line that had 13 sacks on the night.  The second half starts and West Hills goes up 38-7 late in the 3rd quarter, and Mrs. B.O.B. (who knows nothing about Football) looked at me and said has anybody ever come back from that?  I said I do remember the 49ers doing it in the playoffs and they won 39-38.  Well guess what, Merced came back and got the game to 38-35 with three minutes left, but finally the D-Line reasserted itself and in the end with one minute left, West Hills got an INT, and got into victory formation.

Afterwards, I had the opportunity to meet other coaches on the staff all of whom really like how Jerry coaches and conducts himself – they say to me that he has a knack for coaching. A nearly perfect day indeed.  Next week is the final game on the road and should they win, it will determine when and where their bowl game is.  Jerry is hoping for a bowl game at Monterey, and believe me, so are his mom and dad.



College Football – Sioux Falls.  Jerry’s alma mater took the road trip to #1 Minnesota Mankato at 8-0, and ended up losing 27-13, then came home to defeat Upper Iowa 45-21 to get to 9-1 with one home game left against Wayne State (NE).  Here’s the problem for them, D-2 only takes the top six for playoffs and guess what?  USF is #7.  All those great teams in Super Region 3 and they can only take six.  So what will end up being a 10-1 team could very easily be sitting out of the playoffs come three weeks from now.  That sucks.

College Football – D1.  When I sit here and think about things, the clearer the picture is becoming for the playoffs: 

  1.  SEC.  The Winner of Miss. St./Alabama will get in, so long as they win the Conference.
  2. PAC 12.  The winner of the Oregon/Arizona State PAC-12 Championship should get in, provided Sparky gets by Rich Rod down in Tuscon.  Worst case?  PAC 12 gets a playoff bid and the loser goes to the Rose Bowl, not a bad deal for the Zonies.
  3. Big 12.  You would think TCU could have a legitimate chance to get in, especially now with the SEC and PAC 12 leaders hooking up, despite the Big 10 trying to denigrate the conference.
  4. ACC.  Florida State is looking VERY beatable, but they’re still undefeated and a spot in the playoffs is theirs to lose, but when they do – THEY OUT!!!  Notre Dame got smoked, and now Duke is looming after FSU gets Miami, and improved Boston College and a suddenly resurgent Florida.  
  5. Big 10.  Really Ohio State?  Yeah, I get it you beat Sparty (who Oregon blew out BTW), so what?  You lost to Virginia Tech.  You have no resume.


NFL – Week 9, or is it 10?                 

  1. Those two plays pictured above saved SF's season.  San Francisco’s defense has carried their offense, and that certainly didn’t change this week as SF had to pray for a herculean effort from the D because they (mostly second stringers) are performing vastly better than all that talent on the offense. 
  2. Ordinarily I’d say it was a tough break for Carson Palmer to go down like that, but Bruce Arians don’t play that.  He EXPECTS his backup to run the show and keep it going.
  3. Cleveland is alone in first place in their division AND has a better record than San Francisco nine games in?
  4. I’m guessing there’s going to be some firings in Chicago this week.
  5. You get the sense that Pittsburgh just spent too much energy the past two weeks.
  6. Oakland, you silly little freaks you.
  7. Seattle actually ran for 350 yards against New York (Blue).
  8. Detroit has a little something going too and they love to take games late, don’t they?
  9. Miami might have lost, but for them to be sitting at 5-4 far exceeds what was expected of them.
  10.  Did Chicago quit or were they just an unfortunate victime of red hot New England and Green Bay?


Tuesday's Tantrum - Election Day 2014
Posted by B.O.B. on Tuesday, November 04, 2014 at 12:00:00 AM

Good story of the Week.  Folks, If what I’m about to say pulls my man card, so be it.  I teared up when I saw this.   Our friend Tage has kept us up to date re/Lauren Hill and yesterday was the day that this young woman battling terminal brain cancer got to take the floor and play in her college game. 

THIS IS WHAT SPORTS IS ABOUT.  HELL, THIS IS WHAT LIFE IS ABOUT.  Thank you to the NCAA for the reschedule.  Thank you to the fans in the GREAT city of Cincinnati who came out.  Thank you to ESPN, CBS, Fox, and all the others who came out and covered it.  It was worthy.

But most of all thank you to Lauren Hill.  You young lady are the epitome of what sports should be.  A lot of athletes – both pro and college could learn lots of lessons from you.  Your perseverance, toughness, and strength are something to behold.   And young lady, whether you know it or not, you are a role model for others to emulate.

“Listen, I'm a politician which means I'm a cheat and a liar, and when I'm not kissing babies I'm stealing their lollipops.”

Character Jeffrey Pelt, “The Hunt for Red October” (1990)

Welcome to the Tantrums, where it’s Election Day, where I can’t help but think of this line.  I want you to remember that quote as you HOPEFULLY go to the polls today, but I also want you to remember this one courtesy of Ronald Reagan back in 1980 and ask yourself Are you better off now than you were four years ago?  Forget political parties and affiliations – they don’t give a damn about your concerns until it’s time for YOUR vote.  Unfortunately for me, I live in California which means there is no common sense, so I’m stuck with the whims of the rich pukes in SF and the Hollyweird freaks, but the rest of you have a say.  Northern Wyoming is looking better and better with each passing year.

I’m also tired of being called vile names based on certain beliefs I hold that apparently conflict with others narrow views.  I’m tired of the PC AND religious crowds trying to force their beliefs down our throats.  Apparently, if I don’t agree with either sides doctrine, either I’m a cold, uncaring racist or they’ll “pray for me.”   Ignorant.  So here’s a message to both sides: I’m through with the lot of you!!!

When he reached the New World, Cortez burned his ships. As a result his men were well motivated.

Sean Connery as CAPT Marko Ramius

“The Hunt for Red October (1990)

WE THE PEOPLE (remember that term?) should be more than motivated and burn away (metaphorically) the same old same old.  I won’t vote for an incumbent, and I won’t vote for the same names over and over again.  I won’t vote for a politician who says they are (R), (D), or “Democrat Lite” (err, “I”).  Oh, and to the local town I live in, count on Write-in Candidates coming from me.

Speaking of politics.   Anybody else find it interesting the timing of the release of SGT Andrew Tahmooressi from that Mexican Prison?  I am glad and thankful he was released, but how in the world did it take SEVEN MONTHS?  I'm sorry for being so cynical, but if an election wasn't coming up, that brave SGT would still be sitting and rotting in that Mexican prison.  He should never have been busted, and NEVER been left to rot in a prison without the United States Government lifting a finger to help him.  As a veteran I am disgusted to see that this is how our government treats a three-tour Afghanistan veteran. 

NFL – San Francisco.  I kinda think in terms of Vince Lombardi:  If you can't move one yard on one play - you don't deserve to win.  This team is DONE.  It certainly won’t make the playoffs unless there are some epic meltdowns from other teams in the second half of the season.  The undermanned defense is doing everything they can to keep this team afloat, but the offense is absolutely KILLING this team and if this continues, you're gonna see frustration boil over both in the locker room and in the media.

St. Louis is an up and coming team, but you would think San Francisco was playing the Steel Curtain yesterday.  How in the world do you give up 8 sacks and countless hurries and pressures of Kaepernick?  Are you kidding me?  Yes, I get the o-line has issues, but there is no excuse for that performance, especially considering the on-paper talent of this offense. 

I’m not an O-Coordinator, I just play one here at the Gab, but there’s this guy named Stevie Johnson.  You might try to throw to him more - he seems to be the most effective WR you got, and that Brandon Lloyd guy isn't too shabby either.  Oh, and you have these two RB’s named Gore and Hyde.  You might want to try running them too.  Maybe have Kaepernick run some more as well.

NFL – the rest of the story.  If the NFL and the Sheriff are serious about safety, it’s time for them to crack down on Baltimore after the garbage they pulled last night.  That was beyond ridiculous.

  • Does everybody believe in Arizona now?
  • Hey Seattle, what was that against Oakland?
  • Washington/Minny was a pretty decent game after all, eh?
  • Mark Sanchez is back and all I can say is WOW!
  • Arians Foster getting hurt?  AGAIN?  Wow, I’m shocked.  Some bad juju in Houston with constant injuries year after year.
  • What in the world is going on in Pittsburgh?  Wow, Big Ben 12 TD passes in two games?
  • Miami may have figured some things out the last three games (GB, Jax, SD). 
  • You gotta figure the first playoff spot has been locked up – New Orleans took that.
  • Cleveland is 5-3?
  • The top two teams in terms of points given up?  #2 is KC (138),   #1 is DETROIT (126)

CFB.  My four playoff teams right now are:  Florida State, Oregon, Mississippi State, and Auburn.  I respect the Domers Beeze, but they have struggled against North Carolina and now Navy with a loss to FSU mixed in.  I can’t put them in this week, but they’re on the road down in Arizona State and that game is going to be a big one for both.

  • SEC.  Auburn/Ole Miss game was insane.  How much more good karma does Auburn have?  What a horrific way for Ole Miss to lose.
  • PAC 12.  Oregon regained their swag, and UCLA took down Arizona, who played like dookie on offense.  Look out for Arizona State though they still have Notre Dame, @ Oregon State, WAZZU, and @ Arizona.  Hey Harvey, if ASU runs the table, they’re in my top four, that’s for sure.  And if they do that then beat Oregon in the PAC 12 Championship, ASU better be in the playoffs.
  • Big 12.  West Virginia gave TCU one hell of a game, but five turnovers will usually beat ya, while Kansas State is still leading the pack.  Yeah, if they win out, there’s no way they get to the playoffs, even IF they beat their last two opponents on the road:  TCU & West Virginia.  That’s right, no more home games.
  • ACC.  FSU is driving me crazy, Navy drives Notre Dame crazy, and the Duke/Pitt game was crazy.   
  • Big 10.  Maryland beating Penn State was a bit eyebrow raising.  But the real question here is what are the folks in Lincoln thinking with Nebraska now 8-1 with only a stupid loss to Sparty?  But then again, they’ll have their shot when they play in the Big 10 Championship against the Sparty/Blow-hio State winner.

Laugh of the Week.  Andrew Dice Clay is out peddling a book and he claims that he had an on-set affair with Teri Hatcher.  Uh…yeah “Dice”, and Vladimir Putin hit Chelsea Handler.  

Douchebag of the Week.  The Nurse in Maine.  I know one thing – I don’t want this nurse anywhere near me in terms of treatment, because it sure as hell won’t be about my health, it’ll be about her ego.  Hey Nurse, whether you have it or not, Ebola is not something to play with, and for you to say that Ebola is political makes me laugh considering how you are getting your 15 minutes of fame over it.  You disgust me.  Stop disrespecting everybody and just stay in for 21 days.  WTF wrong with you?  


Tuesday's Tantrum - 10/28/14
Posted by B.O.B. on Tuesday, October 28, 2014 at 12:00:00 AM

There were so many other things I wanted to discuss & fortunately Tage beat me to so many of them and I highly encourage you to check out his Sunday Blog here.  He’s got some GREAT stuff, and while I’m at it, check out and respond to both Qwazier and Radatz as well.  We’ve got a fantastic Sunday lineup here.

Happy early Halloween to my friends here at the Gab.  For those of you who watch “Ghost Adventures”, this is a picture of Preston Castle which starred in an episode.  It’s two blocks from Casa de B.O.B., and the site in most years of one hell of a Halloween season, but this year because of “insurance concerns”, the only thing we get is the spooky sounds piped through the neighborhood from the Castle on Friday and Saturday Nights.   So let’s roll with the trick or treat version of sports here at the Gab. 

Trick or Treat – Middle B.O.B.?  TRICK strictly based on jealousy!  She’s livin la vida loca for 12 days in Maui while I’m watching her spawn of satan golden lab and sick other dog, and 50-60 pound fat cat, and fish.   But let me say this, she’s getting around and trying everything out there - snorkeling, hiking, trying new foods, paddleboarding, and a lot more.  Sounds like a blast, and looks even more fun. 

Trick or Treat – CFB?  I’m gonna go with Treat here – FOR NOW.  This has been one heck of a season with lots of twists and turns, and the uncertainty of the new system is forcing schools to revise how they think and who they play in the future.  That will ultimately lead to further reorganization and more playoff teams.  If the NCAA wises up and the playoff committee is on the up and up, it’s a win-win for everybody.

Mack Brown to SMU for a Brink’s Truck worth of Cash?  SMU is crazy.  Desperate, but crazy. 

Trick or Treat – NFL?  TRICK.  I still love football – you know, that game on the 110 yard x 54 yard field, but I personally don’t believe that the NFL is living up to its potential.  There have been a lot of sorry matchups and a lot of teams who are just flat out bad.  I’m also tired of the drama and scandals, oh, and this stupid flirtation with London too.  But there’s one other thing that is starting to rear its ugly head and that’s the flopping with was VERY noticeable this past week, especially by a Cincinnati defender against that certified bad ass Steve Smith. 

On the plus side, I’m starting to see teams getting fed up with player off-the-field behavior.   Mosley from Detroit was sent home, the dude from Denver’s practice squad was cut, and Seattle is working to deal with their issues.  While the cynic in me says it’s easy to bench or cut scrubs, it seems to me that teams are starting to get the message that enough is enough.

And while I’m in the credit mode, on Sunday Radatz had an absolutely fantastic blog on the issues swirling around Seattle.  If you didn’t get a chance to read it, I highly encourage you to – it’s very thought provoking.  I’m still trying to take it all in, but with every emphatic denial from Carroll and Wilson, it makes me thing more and more something is wrong.

Lastly, did you notice how without Fred Jackson and C. J. Spiller, Buffalo still managed to hang 43 points on New York? 

Trick or Treat – Fantasy Football.  T-R-I-C-K.  I’ve lost my mojo, and my players lose their health and/or their production. 

Trick or Treat – MLB?  Before I get to my take here, I want to take a moment and send my thoughts and prayers to the family of Oscar Tavares, who apparently died in a car crash in the Dominican Republic Sunday.  I honestly thought this was one of those BS internet death rumors, but apparently its true. 

MLB has been an absolute treat, and for me a rebirth in a sense, which I’ll talk about next week.  Oh, and Baseball is the one sport where you can go anywhere and enjoy it, especially at the Minor League Level.

Trick or treat – NHL?  TREAT, but TRICK in San Jose. 

Trick or treat – NBA?  TRICK ASS BITCH!!!  A league that if marketed on its merits could be great, but they have allowed their league to be taken hostage by the media and Madison Ave.  Oh, and this week we start the LeBron/Cleveland Coronation – memo to those who cover the WWE (err, NBA) don’t bother me with your “programming.”  When it comes to the NBA, this is what I look forward to:  watching my team and hoping for any sign of improvement while enjoying the local radio and TV play by play here in Sacramento which is WAAAAYYYY better than the national stuff. 

Speaking of the NBA, “the Chucksta” got off one hell of a blast this week that will get him in trouble.   Hell, it won’t matter because he doesn’t care.  Wonder what the NBA is gonna do about that?

Trick or treat – NASCAR?  In my mind, I classify it as a trick only because I believe the jury is still out on all the changes, plus I’m not big on their WWE turn.  However, I truly understand the love heaped upon it by its many fans, and you know what, good for them – they love it.  So I guess overall it’s a treat.

Trick or treat – Golf?  THIS IS THE BIGGEST FREAKING TRICK OUT THERE.  Ignoring the majority of your golfers and having a President of your association acting like a middle school girl clique on Twitter is just plain dumb.  When you have quality players out there like Bubba Watson and all the others and fans can’t be bothered to watch because Tiger Woods isn’t around, that’s a crock and that’s on you Golf fans for not demanding better.  Golf is slowly returning to niche status for all the old farts at the 19th hole.

Trick or treat – MMA?  Many like this stuff – I’m not necessarily too big on it, but I get that this is the natural progression away from boxing which has alienated so many people.  Problem is they’re starting to market it like Boxing and I see the same fate awaiting MMA if they don’t change things.

Trick or treat – Tennis?  Trick.  When the only way they can get press is by some dumb ass Russian getting off a Serena Williams blast, then you know you have problems.  BTW Russian dude, you know that if you had a chance, you’d do it, so shut your pie hole. 

Trick or treat – Soccer.   I think this is a treat for many, a trick for many as well.  IHM and Sully perfectly nailed it about Soccer – it’s a niche sport for hipsters (and parents to keep their young kids occupied on a Saturday Morning), and that may be where they struggle.  At the same time, I think MLS gets it and are very careful (now!) where they put their franchises, yet I don’t understand why they are going with Minny – are there that many hipsters there?  I sure didn’t see em, though judging by their politics up there, it would seem the hipsters (the offspring of hippies) hold some sway there. 

Trick or treat – Bowling.  It’s always been a treat for me, it’s my Golf if you will.  To me it’s almost all mental.  So many things to work on and remember.  It isn’t a sport per se, it’s entertainment, an event – a opportunity for a socially awkward Bitter Ole Bastard to get out of the bunker and go have a blast.

Treat – Good Story of the Week.  Back in the Summer I talked about the Special Olympics and I saw a discussion about the New Orleans Saints honoring the Gold Medal winning United Flag Football team from Louisiana.  




Monday Madness - 10/20/14
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We’ve all gone the past few years dealing with all of the background noise of sports and yearned for hope, and I got to thinking of the first lines of the song “Hello World” by Lady Antebellum:

Traffic crawls, cell phone calls

Talk radio screams at me

MLB Playoffs.    KC and SF gave me pause to think of the closing lines of the very same song, and I realized why we come together – why we love sport so freaking much (I changed the word "world" to "sports"):

All the empty disappears…I remember why I'm here

Just surrender and believe…I fall down on my knees

Oh hello sports…Hello sports…Hello sports


Hello sports…How've you been?

Good to see you, my old friend

Sometimes I feel cold as steel…Broken like I'm never gonna heal

I see a light, a little hope

In a little baseball…Hello sports

None of us here have a direct connection to Kansas City that I’m aware of, but I’ll be damned if this KC team in this city in a sport thought changed forever for the worse hasn’t brought a nations worth of Baseball fans together.

World Series on the Field.   SF has to hit the KC starters early and often, and then convert by getting their RISP across the plate, something they've struggled over since June.  If they can’t do that, forget about it, especially late when KC has that bully up and running.  The fact that KC plays that amazing defense makes it even tougher on SF, especially in KC.  It’s gonna take another Pablo Sandoval World Series explosion to keep this close, and he’s gonna need help from Pence, Belt, and Morse.

As for KC, can they stay hot?  Can they take advantage of their speed and steal on Buster Posey? 

NFL – 10 questions/thoughts.  This was not a week for the ages.  Pretty boring actually, though sometimes you just gotta tip your hat and say that the team you root against was the better team.  Denver classified as that last night, so good job Denver.

1.  New England/New York.   I’m calling shenanigans on this one.  How does NYC stay that close to New England?  And now NYC is gonna be the new home for the biggest diva of all – Percy Harvin.  Good luck with that Rex.  Wonder how long it’s gonna take for the world’s biggest Migraine sufferer to start giving Rex one while he’s playing Locker Room Lawyer and Bouncer?

2.  San Francisco/Denver.   Thanks to the football gods that SF has the bye week coming up - they need to get healthy and come together as a team!

3.  Miami/Chicago.  All of a sudden Miami has an offense?  Who knew?   Chicago is 0-3 at home and now fighting with each other post-game in the Locker Room?  U-G-L-Y, Chi-town got no alibi it’s UGLY.

4.  Kansas City/San Diego.  The one game that should have got press and didn’t.  Does anybody know what happened in this game?

5.  New York/Dallas.  One thing Tom Coughlin doesn’t suffer well is players who fumble.  #84, consider yourself officially in Coughlin’s dog house.   Meanwhile, DeMarco Murray is making a serious case to be considered NFL MVP.  He won’t get it of course, but he’s a worthy contender.

6.  Minnesota/Buffalo.  If I’m the NFLPA, I’m taking a hard look at how many injuries came out of this game.   Did we just witness the birth of the next big WR in Sammy Watkins?

7.  Cincinnati/Indy and Atlanta/Baltimore?  Yawn.

8.  Cleveland/Jacksonville.  Really Cleveland?     

9.  Carolina/Green Bay.  Props to Green Bay, but I’m not getting Carolina at all.  Can somebody please explain that Kuechly ejection to me because I sure don’t get it.

10.  Seattle/St. Louis.  I think it’s safe to say that most of The Gab enjoyed the outcome of this one.  I’m thinking Pete Carroll is going to be spending quality time with his Special Teams Coach.  As for St. Louis, they got away with it this week, but somebody needs to have a chat w/that Defensive Coordinator because they shouldn’t be playing that soft.

NFL Trade thoughts.  If I’m Minnesota, I’m looking towards the future, and while it may not be possible or even realistic, if I’m Minny’s GM, I’m calling Arizona to see what it would take to get Larry Fitzgerald, or hell, even this off-season trying to get C. J. Spiller.

CFB – 10 thoughts.   I got stuck in a place where I had to listen to ESPiN Radio during Saturday and I actually heard Danny Kanell (Former FSU QB) try to sell parity in CFB – uh yeah, because nothing says PARITY like four SEC West teams in the National Top Five.  Really Danny?  Effing ESPiN…

He then tried to sell that Blow-hio State deserves to be in the mix for the playoffs.  Really Danny?  Remember Virginia Tech?  If your boy Herbstreit is gonna bust Baylor for a crappy schedule, how do you justify Blow-hio State who lost to Virginia Tech, and whose only big game is Sparty?

1.  My four playoff teams right now:   Florida State, Notre Dame/Arizona State winner, Ole Miss, Mississippi State/Alabama winner.  To me, this is simple – if the Domers win out, they clinch one of the spots, though Alabama got a HUGE boost today when West Virginia (A previous Alabama opponent) beat Baylor while the Tide rolled and destroyed TAMU.     

2.  SEC:   The East is Georgia’s to lose and they will be waiting for a beatup SEC West Champ in the SEC Championship Game.  If they pull the upset in December, all of a sudden we may see a Bulldog in the Playoffs, but not the one many are expecting/hoping for…

3.  PAC 12:  Arizona State is 5-1, and though their loss to UCLA is inexcusable, I think they could end up having a playoff argument if they win out, especially if they can beat Utah and Notre Dame, at home then @ Arizona and take the PAC 12 Championship Game?

4.  ACC:   Duke seems to be in the drivers seat to face Florida State in the ACC Championship Game BC is a huge surprise giving Clemson a game at home  - nice job Eagles.  Meanwhile, North Carolina waited two weeks to long to show their potential.    

5.  Big 12:  Kansas State has one loss – to Auburn (20-14) and still has games against OK State, @ TCU, @ a suddenly better West Virginia, and @ Baylor.  Meanwhile, TCU and Baylor have got to be kicking themselves right about now, and if I’m Oklahoma fan, I gotta wonder what is it that’s holding this supposedly great program back.  West Virginia beat Baylor?  OK, before anybody makes any judgments on this game, it really wasn’t a game so much as it was a referee fest. 

6.  MWC:  I get ridiculed at times for my belief in the MWC, and that’s fair, but I also see a conference that has 6-1 Colorado State, 5-2 Boise State, a rapidly improving Nevada team, and a Utah State team that many big power schools wouldn’t want none of.    Add in Air Force, a competitive San Diego State and San Jose State, along with BYU as a pseudo affiliate, and I think this is a deep conference.   Too bad they’ll never get a fair shake to see what they can do.

7.  Big 10:  Sparty and Blow-hio State won, Yawn – their matchup is still three weeks away. 

8.  Big 10 #2:  But there were two damn good games with Maryland beating Iowa and Minnesota coming back from the brink and getting to 6-1 by beating Purdue.  .`

9.  Other non-Power Conferences:   Believe it or not folks, there were actually two ranked non-power conference teams:  East Carolina and Marshall.

10.  Next Week:  Ole Miss/LSU, USC/Utah (Will Devonte Booker run wild on Trojan man?) are about the only real interesting matchups.  And while it isn’t in the “Power Five”, I’ll take the BYU/Boise State and San Jose State/Navy games.      

West Hills Update.    The boys got their first test this week and the defense struggled, but West Hills scored with :07 left in the game to take a 48-43 win over Reedley and remain undefeated for the first time in forever. 

Good Story #1:   You want to talk about redemption?  Let’s talk about #31, St. Louis Rams.  Goes from Football star, to CFB player at Utah State, to trouble of the judicial variety, to kicked off team, to moving back in w/mom, to getting job as Janitor at Edward James Dome, back to Utah State, then drafted by…you guessed it, Jeff Fisher and the St. Louis Rams.   Redemption indeed, and I’m glad to see he hasn’t forgotten his roots.

Good Story #2:   The Kansas City Royals.  Seriously, nothing else need be said.  

Good Story #3.  MLB got wind of a little six year old boy who is a KC fan and wanted to go to a World Series game in the worst way.  Well, Joe Torre stepped up and is getting little Noah Wilson into a game as his guest.  MLB and Joe Torre - class act!  

Good Story #4:  It appears that we are going to be spared a Justin Bieber/Eminem collaboration because ole Marshall Mathers decided he didn’t want nothing to do with that gangsta wannabe.

Sick Thought.  What if Bieber and Miley Cyrus hooked up and had a kid?  That poor spawn of Satan wouldn’t have a chance.

Douchebag of the Week (DBOW).   Washington, DC.  So let me get this straight:  Ebola in America is Republicans fault based on sequestration that was agreed to by BOTH parties, and DC referring to anybody trying to deal with the Ebola problem in Africa as RACISTS.  You read that right – RACISTS. 

Folks, if you vote for any incumbent regardless of party – YOU are the problem.    

DBOW Honorable Mentions?  City of Houston demanding transcripts of five preachers preaching, Johnny Twitter tweeting about the TAMU beatdown, the NBA with Cleveland 24/7, and the Swaggy P/Snoop Dogg Beef all were all dishonorable mentions.   


College Football Preview - 10/18/14
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World Series.  We here in Northern California are lucky, we have Jon Miller calling SF games and he let out a beaut when Ishikawa blasted the homer heard round Northern California.  It was the sweetest sound to 20 folks sitting in a classroom Thursday Night screaming while an unsuspecting professor who isn't a sports fan was wondering what the hell was up.

CFB.  Not a particularly great “name” team week, but let’s face it there’s only one true big matchup and that is Notre Dame @ Florida State.  If Notre Dame wins down in Tallahassee, they may have punched their ticket to the playoffs, though they still have some tough matchups.  If Florida State loses, they can forget about the playoffs, weak schedule and not enough time to make up ground, but if they win, they pretty much have punched their ticket - it would take a herculean idiotic collapse for them post-Notre Dame to lose one game.  As for the rest of CFB:

  • ACC:  It’s all about Notre Dame/Florida State, but I also like this Clemson @ BC matchup.
  • B12:  K-State/Oklahoma, OK State/TCU. 
  • B10:  I guess Sparty/Indiana is best name game, but Iowa/Maryland could be a good one, and don’t sleep on Nebraska/Northwestern. 
  • PAC 12:  Utah got a break and Jerry’s former teammate at JUCO Devonte Booker at Utah is going to be a big player on Sundays.  Stanford/Arizona State looms large now.
  • SEC:  TAMU/Alabama, Georgia/Arkansas, LSU/Kentucky.

Mix in some non-“Power Conference” games and that only helps:

  • MWC:  I like Utah State at Colorado State, and Nevada at BYU.
  • AAC:  #19 ECU.  Marshall is #25?
  • MAC:   Uh, never mind here.

CFB – Upset Alert.  Last week I was 4-1 on upset alert (6-3 thus far), so let’s see if I can do better this week with one game per power conference, and I’ll slip in the MWC just for fun:

  • ACC:  Virginia over Duke in Durham.
  • B10:  I’ll go with Northwestern at home over Nebraska.
  • B12:  Kansas over Texas Tech.
  • PAC-12:  I don’t feel real good about it but Cal over UCLA in Bezerkeley.
  • SEC:  Arkansas over Georgia.
  • MWC:  Nevada over BYU.

CFB – Not Buying It

  • ACC:  Louisville.  The fact they are 5-2 is irrelevant.  They beat Murray State, FIU, and Syracuse, while losing to Virginia and Clemson.  Paper Tiger, and it hurts the ACC.
  • B10:  Nebraska.  They have taken advantage of a weak ass schedule to be 5-1 and got exposed by Sparty.
  • B12:  West Virginia at 4-2.  Have they heard of defense recently?
  • PAC-12:  Oregon.  I’m just not impressed with them in a very competitive PAC 12, especially on defense.  Very weak OOC as well (South Dakota and Wyoming?).
  • SEC:  How in the hell is Texas A&M ranked #21?  Not buying it.

Here’s a shock:  Nick Saban being pissed at critics.  The latest is him complaining about folks who mock Alabama’s one point win over Arkansas.  Hey Nick, that’s the price you pay for your success, so stop bitching and start looking at what’s different on your team.  Perhaps A. J. McCarron was right… 

Laugh of the Day.  Hey Jameis Winston, you know you’re approaching rock bottom when everybody in the world is coming out to say they gave up trying to help you - the latest being what I consider to be one of the two greatest athletes ever, and fellow Winston home-towner Bo Jackson.  When you aren’t listening to that man’s advice, a guy you claim to model yourself after, then dude their ain’t no hope for you.  Enjoy Canada and Minor League Baseball Jameis.


And memo to the teams of the NFL, if you take a chance on Winston considering his decision making ability, then you are dumber than he is.

Laugh of the Day #2:  I can't help but laugh at these idiots:  SEVEN North Carolina State Football players caused $880 dollars damage two cars while having a BB Gun incident.  Five of these players are redshirt freshmen.  Are you freshmen for real?  You’re trying to find ways to get to play, not screw yourselves over. College kids being college kids, you know they’re gonna do ignorant dirt/stuff, but I find this one really stupid.  


Tuesday's Tantrum - 10/14/14
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Welcome to the tantrums where I come to you live from Lake Tahoe, but will be on the way home today.  We have finally just today broken away from the 90 degree temps.  Today it will be 84, then tomorrow we finally get seasonal into the 70s and possible rain for the rest of the week and into the weekend.  Yeah Baby!

MLB Playoffs.  This Kansas City run is amazing.  Literally two games away from the World Series?  And could the NLCS get any more exciting? 

MLB 2015.  When I think of next season, I think of up and comers and improving teams and all the great storylines on the diamond and how they will build on a fantastic 2014.  However, one thing that has gone unmentioned (thankfully) but has started to get a TON of press is coming out of (Surprise!) New York and that’s A-Fraud. 

NFL – 10 questions/thoughts

  1. Don’t nobody lie, you all know that the first thing you thought of when Katy Perry was announced for the Super Bowl Halftime was “WARDROBE MALFUNCTION.”

  2. J. J. Watt is ridiculous.  Can we just go ahead and give him a new award:Player of the Year?

  3. Congrats Buffalo, you now have an owner committed to keeping your team there, but I sure don’t understand your team.All that talent and you just can’t put it together…

  4. San Diego fan wonders why many don’t take their team seriously.  Example one:Sunday vs. Oakland.  C’mon San Diego, it should NEVER have gotten to that.

  5. Speaking of Oakland, how very Raider fan of you fans egging San Diego’s bus on the way in.

  6. Tampa letting Atlanta and now Baltimore do them like that makes me wonder what is going on?  Are they tanking?

  7. I wonder if the Factory of Sadness got all drunk and crazy after whoopin some Pittsburgh ass.

  8. Damn Miami, your defense played damn good solid ball and in the second half you had some great offense, but that last drive was a stinking heartbreaker.

  9. Hey Dick Sherman, how did DeMarco Murray’s ass taste as he dragged you across the end zone.

  10. Bob Costas, could you swing any more off of Dallas’ nuts?

CFB – 10 thoughts.   Another week of “You gotta be kidding me, right?”

  1. My four playoff teams right now:  Florida State, Miss St., Ole Miss, Baylor.  But Alabama, Notre Dame, Oregon, and Sparty are knocking on the door.  If FSU beats Notre Dame next week, they will be a lock for the playoffs.

  2. SEC:  Give the devil his due, the SEC West deserves praise and with Arkansas and Kentucky rising up, it’s gonna be hard to shout down the obnoxious honks.  Another big day in the State of Mississippi, and right now the Egg Bowl is looming VERY large in the playoff picture, though Miss St., still has to get by Bama, who just BARELY got by Arkansas (causing a Saban meltdown) and that is a major hit to them.  Meanwhile, Georgia shocked a whole lotta people by laying the wood to a ranked and not terrible Missouri team, but as we all know they’ll blow it.

  3. PAC 12:  UCLA – it’s all mental with them.Speaking of mental, we get to the two schools who faced each other Saturday Night:U$C/Arizona was one hell of a game.  The cheaters had this game in the bag and promptly gave it back at the end, only to have the Arizona Kicker lose it and their #10 ranking and potential talk of playoffs with three missed FGs, including one with 17 second left that would have won the game.

  4. ACC:  Notre Dame had a chance to silence the haters with a big performance, and they allowed UNC to drop 43 on them and Gholson had 3 turnovers?  That one’s gonna hurt the Domers chances, and now they head to Tallahassee.  Clemson/Louisville was an underappreciated game – that’s for sure and I’ll go out on a limb and say that Clemson is the best two loss team in CFB.

  5. Big 12:  Texas/Oklahoma was a lot better game than anticipated, and Baylor struggling is no surprise to me, especially against TCU, but coming back against a #9 team may just give them something for their resume.  Kansas gave OK State a game too?

  6. MWC:  I’m shocked at the fall of Fresno State, now 3-4 after losing to UNLV?

  7. Big 10:  The rest of the league really doesn’t matter, but hey Sparty, did you really let PURDUE hang 31 on you?  Yet another team where things are gonna come back to bite em.

  8. Big 10 #2:  Michigan actually won a game, beating Penn State, and meanwhile Minnesota is now 5-1 after beating Northwestern.  Indiana has the offense but they have got to find a defense somewhere.

  9. Other non-Power Conferences:  East Carolina just keeps on winning and the rest are pretty weak.

  10. Next Week:  Utah/Oregon State, K-State/Oklahoma, Texas A&M/Alabama, OK State/TCU, Notre Dame/Florida State, Duke/Virginia, Stanford/Arizona State, Washington/Oregon, and Kentucky/LSU.

You know who was the happiest team of all this week?  Alabama because they are right back in the mix.

Can we get Clemson/Alabama in a bowl game?

West Hills Update.  The boys are on a bye this week and ranked #18 in California, so Jerry came home and watched his alma mater online.  Sioux Falls is 6-0 and ranked around #20 in D-2 and took care of the “Battle for the Key” in Sioux Falls with their third straight win over Augustana 23-12.  His old JC team is #1 in the State and #5 in the nation, and the high school is struggling hard. 

Good Story #1:   While I am not a fan of any of the performers slated, The “Concert for Valor” for vets on November 11th in that city referred to as our Nation’s Capital, there will be a concert put on by HBO that will be available on cable, even if you don’t have HBO. 

Good Story #2:   Last Tuesday, the Utah Jazz signed little man J. P. Gibson to a one day contract.  J. P. is 3’6” tall, five years old, and is battling Leukemia.  Utah not only had that kid in for a workout, they dressed him out, and put him on the floor for one play in the Utah open Scrimmage at the arena to show off his skills, and the little guy has a few, and confidence after the dunk:

Did you catch the end?  Little man was so cool that he just strolled back up the court like he belonged.  J. P. is gonna beat this freaking disease, I can just feel it and I hope in 15 years or so we are hearing his name called again in the NBA.  Great job to the NBA, Utah Jazz, and all the others.  Class act!

NBA.  Karma got Kevin Durant who fractured his foot and is out 6-8 weeks.  KD my man, you can’t roll with Justin Bieber and not expect something bad to happen.  Cut the cord dude…

Douchebag of the Week (DBOW).  Carmelo Anthony is like the gift that keeps on giving.  This moose twit decided to run with the “I think I’m the most underrated superstar.”  First off Carmelo, what makes you think you’re a superstar – the fact that you jack up a bunch of shots and play little to no defense?  Or is it those numerous playoff appearances you’ve led New York to?  Secondly Carmelo, there are a lot of folks out here that think you are the most OVERrated player in NBA History. 

DBOW Honorable Mentions?  Josh Hamilton, I would be the first to bash LA fan of any kind, but you of all people bashing them?  I’m thinking you just need to ignore the criticism.

An example of Hollyweird?  Here you go:  New Kids on the Block were honored with a star on the Hollyweird Walk of Fame. 

Hey Dick Sherman, your Campbell’s Soup commercial is pretty lame.

That “Concert for Valor?”  Yeah, uh, where is Gary Sinise and the “LT Dan Band?”



Saturday's College Football Preview - 10/11/14
Posted by B.O.B. on Saturday, October 11, 2014 at 12:54:11 PM

This is my first attempt at this, so bear with me, I might make this a weekly thing:

I realize that the SEC has MOST of the marquee games Saturday, but take a look at what else is on tap for yet another potentially great week:

  • ACC:Duke/GA Tech, Louisville/Clemson, BC/NC State, UNC/Notre Dame.Not horrible.

  • B12:Texas/Oklahoma, TCU/Baylor.

  • B10:Well, Penn State/Michigan is a name game.

  • PAC 12:Oregon/UCLA, Washington/Cal is suddenly a big game, USC/Arizona.

Mix in some non-“Power Conference” games and that only helps:

  • MWC:Air Force at Utah State, Colorado State/Nevada

  • AAC:#19 ECU faces the heat down in South Florida.

  • MAC:Central Michigan/Northern Illinois

I guess everybody was right – losing Hall killed BYU. 

CFB – Upset Alert.  Last week I was 2-2 on upset alert, so let’s see if I can do better this week with one game per power conference:

  • ACC:Duke goes down to Georgia and beats 5-0 Georgia Tech.

  • B10:Minnesota beats Northwestern who had their big win last week.

  • B12:TCU over Baylor because Baylor doesn’t know how to play in a close game.

  • PAC-12:USC isn’t going to get swept by the Zonies – they’ll beat Arizona down in Tuscon.

  • SEC:Missouri over Georgia, but watch that Charleston Southern/Vanderbilt game, and keep an eye on Alabama/Arkansas.

CFB – Not Buying It

  • ACC:Duke is 4-1 and only given up 68 points.Could be a VERY misleading stat.

  • B10:I’m not buying Iowa at 4-1.They’ve got Indiana coming in, so let’s see.

  • B12:I refuse to believe Texas is as bad as everybody says – they’ll make Oklahoma work for the Red River shootout.

  • PAC-12:There will be talk about Washington/California being for the PAC 12 North lead.Yeah, right.

  • SEC:I’m not buying this Saban/McCarron heat – sounds like a distraction of a way to bring the team together.Cheezy, but if it works, then good for them.But the other thing I’m not buying is this continued talk of Saban leaving.Folks he ain’t going – it’s just media trying to start (bleep).

Here’s a shock:  Barry Switzer admits to covering up misdemeanor crimes of players while at Oklahoma.  Gee Barry, how bout some other earth-shattering news like the world is round or water is wet.

Laugh of the Day.  Fran Tarkenton yapping about how McCarron was disrespectful in his comments about Alabama. 

Laugh of the Day #2:  Florida fan acting all holier than thou towards Florida State about doing the right thing with their players.  Hey Florida, remember Aaron Hernandez???


Tuesday's Tantrum -10/7/14
Posted by B.O.B. on Tuesday, October 07, 2014 at 12:00:00 AM

Welcome to Tuesday where October means Apples as much as sports, and trust me, Apple Hill up here has just about everything in terms of food, candy, snacks of the apple persuasion.

I wish I could express in words what this sports weekend was like for me.  If I had one word, it would be FUN!!!  This has been by-far the best sports weekend I’ve enjoyed in a millennium or so, and it helped that a lot of it went my way.

MLB Playoffs.  I’m so thrilled with what is going on, but I’d rather leave MLB to much better minds (Jeff).  Absolutely incredible, in my mind 2014 has been one of the best baseball seasons in recent memory. 

NFL – 10 questions/thoughts

  1. Hey San Diego and Oakland, bend over because here it comes:  The NFL believes its 12-24 months away from a return (or two) to LA.  Uh oh…sorry San Antonio, you got punked.
  2. Maybe it’s because I had a kid who played on the D-Line for years, but I can’t freaking stand chop blocks and what Denver did to Calais Campbell should have gotten Thomas suspended.
  3. Will the FCC lifting the blackout rule mean that we are one step closer to PPV games? 
  4. SF has enough problems without Deion Sanders, Trent Dilfer, and Jay Glazer trying to stir the pot, but an offense with as much talent as they have with that inability to score TD’s is bad. 
  5. Cleveland coming back every week reminds me of the 1980 kardiac kids. 
  6. Dallas played and called a GREAT game against Houston.  Where has this Dallas defense been?  Putting six DB’s one yard before the first down marker is pretty damn smart.  They owned the lines too.  It’s unfair to ask the Houston DB’s to commit to tackling DeMarco Murray and then trying to keep up with Dallas WR’s at the same time.  The rest of the front seven outside of JJ Watt need to step it up.  Oh, and to defensive coordinators who play Dallas – how many years does it take for defenses to start paying attention to #82 for Dallas?  Maybe put a spy on his ass?
  7. How do you read Chicago and Carolina because that was one weird game.
  8. Please NY, don’t fire Rex Ryan, he’s a GRRRRREAT coach!  Next up:  Denver.  Good Luck.
  9. There are reports of a Fat Walrus (Mike Holmgren) sighting in Oakland.  Don’t do it Oakland!
  10.  Peyton Manning throws for nearly 500 yards and four TD’s and I still got smoked in my non-gab Fantasy league.  Damn, what a waste! 

CFB – 10 thoughts.  For those who are tired of “same ole, same ole”, Saturday was for you.

  1. My four playoff teams right now:  Florida State, Ole Miss, Mississippi State, Notre Dame.
  2. SEC:  These are the weekends that justify SEC fan running smack, and I can’t say shit! 
  3. PAC 12:  Great teams, yet don’t get the same amount of respect for their conference that SEC does.  All the talk w/the big games, did anybody notice the Cal/WAZZU game?  60-59.
  4. ACC:  Looks like Clemson is pissed, Florida State sleepwalks, and just a bit too late Virginia Tech is getting on track.
  5. Big 12:  I guess this year the Big 12 is Baylors to lose, Oklahoma did it again, and watch out for TCU who is just trolling in the background and draw Baylor this week.
  6. MWC:  Boise and Nevada had one helluva game in Reno Saturday Night, and if you look past Utah State you’re gonna get a shock.
  7. Big 10:  Sparty won, Wisky lost, & Miss-again has hit rock bottom!  Tell me when to stop laughing.
  8. Big 10 #2: The Urb had a “somewhat serious” conversation with the coach who leveled the idiot who got on the field?  Hey Urb, I think he used up his eligibility.
  9. Non-Power Conferences:  East Carolina is sitting at 4-1 and ranked #19.  ACC should poach them.
  10. Next Week:  If you thought this week was good, take a look at next weeks schedule:  TCU/Baylor, Oregon/UCLA, USC/Arizona, Alabama/Arkansas, Auburn/Miss St., Georgia/Missouri, Ole Miss/TAMU.  Then there’s the traditional Oklahoma/Texas.  As Ole Kurt Angle says, it’s about to get real – DAMN real!

West Hills Update.  The state ranked #11 team took the drive to just south of San Jose to play Gavilan and Jerry thought this might be a challenge.  His team won 50-14. 

Middle B.O.B..   I sometimes refer to her as my “Baby Shaq” because of her approach to how she plays Basketball – she’s a freaking bad ass - if you get in her way, you pay – hell, I don’t want none of that down on the block/low post and I have seven inches and more than a few pounds on her. 

Recently she got back into a Women’s league with a bunch of her old friends from High School days, and Sunday Night I went up and watched, and she (and they) still have game.  The two best teams squared off and sure enough it went to OT tied at 47.  That’s when my Baby Shaq had an offensive explosion scoring eight of the ten points in OT for the win. 

These women play hardcore – it reminded me of military basketball.  Some of them have one hell of an outside shot, more than a few of them lay great picks, and none of them have a problem with contact.

HSFB.  An interesting comment came out last Thursday that says player participation in HSFB is decreasing, and a talking head wondered if it had to do with head injury fears?  I think that’s part of it, but I also think that there’s way too much politics and personality involved at so many levels that they may not want to deal with it?

Oh yeah, not a big fan of Long Beach Poly beating Compton down in LA Friday Night 99-9.  Yes, you read that right 99-9, and the word is that there was no running clock, which I thought was required in Cali once one team goes up 40.

NBA.  Nine year, $24 Billion media deal with the sports TMZ and TNT.  Great, more Bill Simmons on our TV, that’s exactly what we need.  Oh well, at least we still have “the Chucksta.” 

Hmmm…those of you who care should stand by for Seattle expansion into the league.  There is no reason not to, unless LA North can’t get their act together on a new arena.

 “The best stories aren't on the cover. They're the kid at the end of the bench, the fan who snuck into the game, the coach who shouldn't be alive. They're the ones that are hardest to find, and hardest to forget.”  -- Rick Reilly


One Good Story.   Cincinnati practice squad guy Devon Still and his daughter Leah’s strong fight against Cancer.  Let me say on behalf of the Gab that we here are pulling for you little girl. 

One Good Story #2.  Lake Howell (FL) played Cleremont Ridge East (FL) and they put 19 year old Autistic C. J. Williams into the game just before Halftime where they “ran a play” for him where he ran and “scored a TD.”  Never mind that it didn’t count and the play was untimed, it’s the fact that two coaches, an officiating crew, and 22 kids from two teams took the time to allow this to happen inside of the game.  And that wasn’t all for C. J. as he warmed up with the team, walked to midfield for the coin flip as honorary captain, and ended up taking a knee on the final play of the game, a game Lake Howell won 10-7.  Props to both schools for giving a young man (and his family) his 15 minutes of fame!!!

Good Story #3:  Last Monday Night at bowling, the hat was passed for donations for veterans, and that alone was great.  But we were also treated to a young man who rolled a 300, and not only that, threw seven straight strikes in the next game for 19 strikes in a row (which is virtually unheard of even at the pro level) and ended up with a 781 series in three games (a 260 average)!!! 

Douchebag of the Week (DBOW).  Forget 12 minutes on Philly, Bill Burr needs to do a 30-minute rant from hell on this one.  If I am an actively serving veteran or a prospective recruit looking to join the military, I am taking a hard look at how this current government and military leaders treat our vets.  With the receding benefits that THE PENTAGON is proposing and apparent lack of concern for vets who get captured/arrested/killed  (ISIS/Benghazi/SGT Tahmoreesi in Mexico), not to mention the disgrace of the VA medical system, I’m not sure I would make the same decision I did 32 years ago next Sunday, and if asked, I’m not certain I would recommend the military (including the reserves) to a young kid right now, and while the economy blows, I would tell a kid that the moment the economy starts getting better again, you get out and make your money elsewhere.

DBOW Honorable Mentions?  Time to smack my own:  San Francisco fans of all sports – when the hell did you go from White Wine Sippers to gangsta wanna-bes?  This is beyond ridiculous now!  Chill the hell out - you are San Francisco fans, not Oakland.

IHM beat me to it – Jim Schwartz.  If we bring back Tool of the Year, this guy gets nominated.  What a Richard Cranium.

To the kid who got onto the Suckeye field only to get steamrolled by the coach.  Yep, he lost his scholly for that stunt. 

Kevin Durant, don’t think I didn’t notice you slipping that picture of you and that wannabe Justin Bieber on Twitter.   C’mon man, I know you’re better than that.



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