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Weekly Grumble with IHM 12/19
Posted by IHateMillen on Friday, December 19, 2014 at 12:00:00 AM


  Hello ladies and gents, and welcome to this week’s Grumble with IHM. We’re quickly approaching Christmas Day (less than a week away now, for all you shopping procrastinators out there), and I continue to wait to hear back about the job I want so badly! While I wait, I’ve got a second interview to go to today at 2… so hopefully I can use that to get an answer out of this other company! The two updates I’ve had from the staffing firm so far have been “no movement on the position”… either way, hopefully I’ll be back to work when the calendar rolls over to 2015!

  In the world of sports, we’ve got some big stories going this week! The first of course would be the shots fired on Nebraska’s campus between ex-head coach Bo Pelini and AD Shawn Eichorst. Pelini was allowed to address his players before departing for Youngstown State (his new gig), during which he said he’d rather work at fucking McDonalds than work with “some of those guys”, and called Eichorst cunt and a pussy during his profanity laced rant, which drew several rounds of laughter from players who are also disgruntled with Eichorst, but Nebraska’s brass is not laughing. Fortunately for Pelini, he does not have any no-disparagement clause that will prevent him from collecting the reported $7.9 million severance package he is owed. Of course, this is the same guy who multiple times has said he doesn’t give a fuck if he’s fired… and who has repeatedly berated Nebraska fans, going so far as saying “fuck you, fans” in a different rant. Well, if things don’t work out at Youngstown State Bo, we’ll save a spot here at the Gab for you!

  In another developing story, former Pistons GM Joe Dumars was fined $500,000 by the NBA back in 2010 for leaking confidential league information to a source in the media; the third biggest fine in NBA history! In fact, it had gone on for so long that the league had to set up a sting to find out which GM was responsible, so they sent messages worded differently to different NBA GM’s. The reporter in question is yahoo.com’s Adrian Wojnarowski, who apparently had some form of symbiotic relationship with Dumars. Wojnarowski would write nice stories about Dumars… Dumars would keep feeding him information. Embarrassing for the Pistons organization to say the least… but at least it got them somewhere near relevance for a day!

  The writing is on the wall in Chicago, and it looks like Jay Cutler’s days as a Bear are numbered. Cutler has been benched, likely for the remainder of the season, by coach Mark Trestman in favor of Jimmy Claussen, and rumor has it he may be headed to Tennessee via trade in the offseason. This, of course, comes a week after reports surfaced that offensive coordinator Aaron Kromer said the Bears were experiencing “buyer’s remorse” on Cutler.

  This might look like good news for the Lions, who head down to Chicago to face the Bears this weekend… but given the Lions’ history against backup quarterbacks, I’m going to say I’d rather see Jay Cutler back there than Jimmy Claussen. For those who wonder what I’m talking about, I’ll say two words… Matt FUCKING Flynn!

  The good news for the Lions, provided they don’t shit the bed against an out of it and dispirited team in Chicago, is that they’re now a game up on the Packers thanks to an upset by the Buffalo Bills (finally Jim Schwartz does something to help the Lions!) last weekend. The Lions struggled against the Vikings last week, but the Vikings are a much better team than Chicago is at this point. Hell, if they find a way to use Patterson in Minnesota, they’ll be in some good shape! Of course, the Lions head to Lambeau Field week 17… a place that has been an absolute house of horrors for them, going winless there since 1991! But, the division title will likely be on the line (assuming the Packers rebound this week against Tampa Bay), so I’m hoping this will be the year the streak is broken!

  As for this week’s hot stove in baseball… it’s not quite as hot as last week’s, but there are still some moves out there worth mentioning:

-The Royals signed Edinson Volquez to a two-year deal.

-Michael Morse signed with the Marlins.

-Brandon Morrow signed with San Diego.

-The Rays traded OF Matt Joyce to the Dodgers for RHP Kevin Jespen.

-The Rays were not done there, trading OF Wil Myers to San Diego in a three-team, 11 player deal that also involved the Washington Nationals.

- The White Sox continued to improve by signing OF Melky Cabrera.

-The Royals also signed 1B/DH Kendrys Morales.

-The Indians signed RHP Gavin Floyd.

-LHP Chris Capuano signed with the Yankees. The team also re-signed 3B Chase Headley.

-The Braves signed IF Alberto Callaspo.

- The Astros signed SS Jed Lowrie.

  The big buzz in the sport of baseball surrounds the new arrangements made between Obama and the leaders of Cuba, who have decided to re-start relations between the nations. What impact will this have on future MLB players coming out of Cuba? We’ll find out soon, I’m sure… but it might make things a whole lot easier for teams to scout and pick up players from the island.

  Over in the NBA, Rondo trade rumors are up and running once again… this time the rumors have him going to the Mavericks in exchange for C Brandan Wright, a few other players to meet the salary cap math work, and draft picks. This would give Dallas a starting lineup of Monta Ellis, Rondo, Dirk, Chandler Parsons, and Tyson Chandler.

  Milwaukee’s first round pick Jabari Parker is out for the rest of the season now after tearing his ACL Monday night in Phoenix. Parker was the #2 overall pick in last year’s draft, and was averaging 12 points and 5 rebounds per game for the surprising Bucks on the season.

  The Jordan 11 retro shoe release caused some idiots to riot in Toledo, Ohio. A crowd of 3-400 people gathered outside a store, and when the store announced it was delaying opening (the store only had 150 “tickets” available for the right to buy the shoes), the crowd became restless. The police were called and pepper spray was allegedly used. This isn’t the first time a crowd has become violent over Air Jordans… people are frequently hurt or even killed during these “shoe releases”, not to mention those who are shot wearing them when someone comes to rob them for their $180 shoes.

  As for news on the Michigan head coaching job, reports are that Jim Harbaugh is “considering” the Wolverine’s offer of six years, 49 million dollars, making him the NCAA’s highest paid coach, passing Nick Saban’s yearly salary by over a million dollars per year. Looks like Saban has a raise coming in his future… assuming Harbaugh takes the money that is. Harbaugh, of course, has two games remaining in the NFL season, so a decision is unlikely before the end of the 49ers season.

  That’s all I’ve got for today folks. Thanks as always for reading and for any comments you leave on the way out. I won’t be back til the day after Christmas, so Merry Christmas to you and yours. I’ll see you the day after Christmas… or as Santa calls it, empty sack day!


Weekly Grumble with IHM 12/12
Posted by IHateMillen on Friday, December 12, 2014 at 12:00:00 AM

  Hello folks, and welcome to this week’s Grumble with IHM. Been a long week for yours truly… mostly because of the wait I’ve been dealing with since Monday, when I got a call with a potential job offer making a hell of a lot more money than I’ve ever made thus far in my “career”. As of the time I’m writing here, I still haven’t heard back… but I’ll keep the hope alive until I hear otherwise!

  Been a big week in baseball hot stove news, as the winter meetings are in full swing in San Diego. This week’s biggest players have been the A’s, Dodgers, and Cubs; all of whom made big splashes in one way or another. The A’s seem to be in the midst of yet another firesale… first trading Josh Donaldson last week, and this week trading away Jeff Samardzija to the White Sox for a gaggle of low level prospects (the Sox also added closer David Robertson) and All Star 1B/OF Brandon Moss to Cleveland for a prospect. With a shitty stadium, shitty ownership that refuses to spend a dime, and a GM who seems to enjoy rebuilding more than any fan can stand, how does this team maintain any form of a fan base? Good lord!

  The Dodgers were all over the place this week. On Tuesday they made a move to bring in Phillies SS Jimmy Rollins. Wednesday they made another series of moves… acquiring a handful of prospects from the Marlins for All-Star 2B Dee Gordon, SP Dan Haren (who is allegedly retiring, in which case the Marlins receive $10 million from the Dodgers), and SS Miguel Rojas. They then parlayed parts of the Marlins trade into All-Star 2B Howie Kendrick (formerly of the Angels, much to DVT’s chagrin), then made another deal moving former star Matt Kemp to San Diego in exchange for C Yasmani Grandal, cleaning up the mess that was their crowded outfield situation. The team is also allegedly near a deal with SP Brandon McCarthy… who will likely parlay a good 15 game run with the Yankees last year into a 4 year, 48 million dollar contract!

  The Cubs made their first move on Tuesday, trading a pair of pitching prospects to the Diamondbacks for All-Star C Miguel Montero. The next day they made their biggest splash, signing SP Jon Lester, considered by some to be this year’s biggest free-agent prize, to a six year, 155 million dollar deal. James Shields has also been mentioned as the Cubs next potential target. With the surplus of young position talent this team has in the minors and Majors, expect to hear a lot more from the Cubbies before the offseason ends.

  As for the Tigers, they were in the category of “watchers” until just a few moments ago, when they traded RHP Rick Porcello to Boston for power hitting, power armed OF Yoenis Cespedes. The Red Sox also added Wade Miley in a trade with the Diamondbacks earlier in the week, and signed Justin Masterson. Doesn’t do a damn thing to shore up the bullpen (aside from a pair of minor league pitchers who might end up in the pen), but still, nice to get some added protection for Miggy and VMart in the lineup. Plus, the Tigers added Shane Greene in a three-way trade with the Yankees and Diamondbacks earlier in the week, which sent DiDi Gregorious to the Yankees to replace a retiring Derek Jeter, and some minor leaguers to the Diamondbacks.

  The Tigers just made another deal, this time acquiring 2014 All-Star Alfredo Simon from the Reds for IF Eugeno Suarez and minor league P Jordan Crawford. Simon was 15-10 with a 3.44 ERA for the Reds last year. The best part is his nickname… he loves it when you call him “Big Pasta”. The Reds then traded SP Mat Latos to the Miami Marlins for SP Anothony DiSclafani and C Chad Wallach.

  Two guys I was hoping the Tigers would make a move for to shore up that bullpen, Luke Gregerson and Pat Neshek, were signed by the Astros on Wednesday.

  As for Max Scherzer, the Tigers, Yankees, Dodgers, Red Sox, Giants and Nationals are among teams mentioned in speculations as to where he will land. I’m guessing the Tigers are out (kind of hoping, actually), since they already have a solid rotation with Price/Verlander/Sanchez/Greene/Simon… but I’ve been wrong before, and I know how much Scott Boras enjoys bending Dave Dombrowski over the negotiating table!

  Over in the NFL we have three big stories this week: Johnny Clipboard is now Johnny Starter, and Roger Goodell and the NFL’s owners have decided on a new conduct policy… without the input of the NFLPA, and Cam Newton was injured and likely shelved for the rest of the season after being involved in a car crash…

  As for Johnny Football/Cashsign/Scumbag/Douchebag/Clipboard/Starter… it is probably best for the Browns to go this way, especially after the horrendous play of Brian Hoyer the past four weeks. In those four weeks, he ranks at or near the bottom of the league in the majority of NFL Quarterbacking stats, including throwing only one TD pass and a league high eight interceptions. At this point, they’re still in the playoff hunt, but Hoyer simply isn’t making the plays needed to help that defense win games. Will Johnny make it any better? Well, he can’t really make it much worse at this point! Besides, with two first round picks in next year’s draft, the Browns need to know if this guy’s play making ability translates to the NFL or not… and whether or not they need to go after yet another name for the long, long list of starters for the team since 1999!

  As for Johnny’s first start… it comes against Marvin Lewis and the Bengals. When asked about Manziel, Lewis apparently called Manziel a “midget”… which sent the world of little people into an angered, adorable frenzy. Lewis apologized for the comments later… sad when midgets can force an apology out of a full sized man. Just goes to show you the PC hellhole we now call reality.

  The new NFL conduct policy is set… highlights include:

  • Embracing the use of independent investigations; the NFL will hire a special counsel for investigations and conduct who will oversee initial discipline.
  • The policy will implement an element of leave with pay during investigations of people charged with violent crimes.
  • The commissioner still has some role in the appeals process, but may appoint a panel of independent experts to decide an appeal.

  Doesn’t sound like all that bad of a deal, but I’m sure the NFLPA will find something to cry about in there… most likely about the fact that they weren’t able to collectively bargain for any part of the policy. Whaaa, whaaa, whaaa… fucking unions.

  Cam Newton was injured when he was cut off by another driver and rolled his truck a few times on Tuesday. Newton was in the hospital overnight, and suffered a pair of fractures in his lower back, similar to the injury Tony Romo suffered at the end of last season. Best wishes to Cam on a full recovery.

  This week’s games include: The Lions hosting the Vikings… a team that always gives them trouble. The Packers travel to Buffalo to face a tough Bills D. Hopefully we get a little help from Gym Shorts and the boys. The resurgent Falcons (despite the loss to the Packers on Monday night) host the Steelers. The 49ers and Seahawks face off in the afternoon and the Cowboys and Eagles battle for first place in the NFC East on Sunday night. On Monday night, the Saints travel to Chi-town to face the Bears.

  In college football, the debate continues over the playoff teams and the slotting of the rest of the bowl eligible teams… but this weekend we get a chance to see football in its purest form. The Army vs. Navy game on Saturday at 3. Only game on the schedule… as it should be. These young men deserve the spotlight, even if only for one week. Make sure you tune in if you get the chance.

  Over in the NBA, LeBron James caused a stir early in the week with his perpetuation of the “I Can’t Breathe” slogan on a t-shirt (he among other athletes around the country), then caused an international incident by daring to touch the duchess when he met the royal couple (don’t remember their names, don’t give a shit either). Apparently nobody is to touch the future queen… not even “King James”. Neither the duke or duchess seemed very offended by it, but apparently the tea suckers overseas were quite upset. LeBron scores major points in my book if he comes out and tells the uptight citizens brigade to sit on it! Fuckin limey Brits!

  The Warriors won their 14th straight over Houston Wednesday night, improving to an impressive 19-2 on the season in the process. Does this team finally have it together enough to make a serious run at the NBA title? I’d love to see it, personally.

  The NHL is apparently in the grips of a mumps outbreak… Travis Zajac and Adam Larsson have been diagnosed with the vaccine-preventable disease, as have players for the Minnesota Wild, New York Rangers, Anaheim Ducks, and St.Louis Blues this season. Looks like somebody missed their shots growing up.

  This week marked the ten year anniversary of the night Dimebag Darrell Abbott was shot and killed while playing in a Columbus, Ohio club. RIP to one of the finest guitar players this world has ever known:

  Well, that’s all I’ve got for today folks. Thanks as always for reading and for any comments you leave on the way out. Enjoy your weekend, Gabbers!  


Weekly Grumble with IHM 12/5
Posted by IHateMillen on Friday, December 05, 2014 at 12:00:00 AM


  Hello Gabbers, and welcome to this week’s grumble with IHM. Been a crazy post-Thanksgiving week in the world of sports, and in the world in general… so let’s get right to it!

  A lot has been said about the Rams players who did the “Hands Up” salute before Sunday’s game… but I haven’t heard a lot of criticism levied towards the idiotic members of Congress who did the same earlier this week. Why is it we expect more out of a group of five football players than we do out of our Congressional representatives? In either case, it is simply the perpetuation of a lie… Brown’s hands were not up… three separate autopsies have disproven that claim… not to mention legitimate witness testimony to the contrary. Why are we perpetuating this anti-police agenda in the media? Yet, the second any of the asshats doing this… any of the five Rams players or any member of Congress… needs help, they’ll be on the phone, calling the very officers to help them that they condemn.

  Are there bad cops out there… of course there are. There are bad people in every line of work worldwide… they make up about 1% of those out there who protect YOUR asses every single day. The majority of police want one thing… to go home to their families at night after putting in an honest day’s work… just like the rest of us. Yet, we have celebrities, members of Congress, our President, and of course the lapdog media fools perpetuating the image of all cops being evil, bigoted people who want nothing more than to arrest and murder black folks. There was a time when I didn’t trust the police, either… back when I was a dipshit, dope headed kid carrying pot on me and constantly high… back when I was living wrong. Chances are if you’re not doing anything wrong, you’re going to be just fine whether you encounter an officer of the law or not… regardless of what color you are.

  As for the “tolerant liberals” who support all the cop hating… they had another target this week as well. Seems they took a break from cop bashing and pushing the “white privilege” agenda to take a few shots at Darius Rucker… who sang the song “White Christmas”, at the tree lighting ceremony at Rockefeller Plaza… while protests for Eric Garner took place hundreds of feet away. Evidently these days a black man can’t sing a song about wanting snow on Christmas…

  In the world of sports, Thursday saw a few big changes in the college football coaching ranks, as Nebraska and Florida both hired new head coaches. Nebraska went with Mike Riley, the now former Oregon State coach, and Florida hired Colorado State’s Jim McElwain. Both solid hires… Riley is one of the few class acts in all of college head coaching, and a guy who truly cares about his players. McElwain is a great offensive mind who looks to fix a

  In this week’s action, we’ve got the ACC, SEC, Pac-12, and Big Ten title games going on with national championship implications on the line. Florida State takes on Georgia Tech, Alabama gets Mizzou, Oregon faces their nightmare in Arizona, and Whisky faces Ohio State, minus their Heisman candidate at QB. In the Big 12, Baylor faces a tough test in Kansas State while TCU faces Iowa State.

  Before I get into next week, I’d like to go back to last week and send some props to Michigan senior QB Devin Gardner, who showed a tremendous amount of sportsmanship and class in kneeling down to talk to Ohio State QB J.T. Barrett as team doctors attended to his broken ankle. It’s a rivalry game and all, but Gardner showed a ton of class in forgetting about the hate for a minute to console the injured opponent. The Ohio State University even sent a thank you letter his way for being such a class act.

  As it stands today, your playoff teams are Alabama, Oregon, TCU, and Florida State. After this weekend, we’ll see who is left standing, and who of the 5-8 teams takes advantage of any slips in this week’s action. Ohio State sits at #5, Baylor at #6, Arizona State at #7, and Michigan State at #8. Kansas State, Baylor’s opponent this weekend, sits at #9, and Mississippi State sits at #10.

  For me, the obvious dream scenario is seeing Alabama go down and having a college football playoff with ZERO SEC teams! But, as Jeff mentioned earlier in the week… what if both Baylor and TCU win this weekend? Baylor has the head-to-head win over TCU… and the same exact record… and the Big 12 has already bitched out and said they’d be named co-champions if both win out… so then what? How does a head-to-head win not equal a playoff spot for the Bears? If both teams get extremely lucky, one or more of Florida State, Bama, and Oregon lose and they get two playoff spots… but that’s not very likely. Maybe Georgia Tech has what it takes to finally be the team to beat Florida State… they’re sure as hell as vulnerable an undefeated team at this stage of the year that I’ve ever seen. Oregon’s lone loss this year was to the very Arizona team they face this week… and Alabama has looked beatable (mainly early in the season) at times. We’ll see how things shape up after the smoke clears this weekend.

  Over in the NFL… looks like the Ravens are in some trouble. Pro Bowl DT Haloti Ngata is out four games (or the rest of the regular season) for violating the NFL’s PED rules. Bad news for a team right in the thick of things in the AFC North; especially with a tough game against Miami on the schedule this week, and games against the Browns, Texans and Jaguars to finish out the regular season.

    The Lions prepare to host the Buccaneers this week, and hopefully the offense will still be on track after an extended layoff. Green Bay hosts a suddenly resurgent Atlanta Falcon team, fresh off a win over the Cardinals, on Monday Night Football. The Bears play Thursday night against Dallas (score wasn’t available yet when I wrote this), and the Vikings host the Jets.

  The “games of the week” this week include a division clash between the Steelers and Bengals, the Chiefs heading to the desert to face the Cardinals, and the Seahawks heading to the city of brotherly love to face the Eagles high flying offense. Of course, the Sunday night game between the Patriots and Chargers should be a good one as well… with Brady’s bunch looking to bounce back from a tough luck loss to the Packers.

   Speaking of the Chargers… former Chargers bust Ryan Leaf was released after a two year stay in a Montana prison this week.

  Over in baseball, the hot stove is still churning out the contracts… after last week’s big trade between the Blue Jays and A’s, we saw a few more signings:

 Nelson Cruz signed with the Mariners.

 Nick Markakis is an Atlanta Brave. The team also signed RP Jim Johnson.

 Torii Hunter is a Minnesota Twin.

 The Mariners traded OF Michael Saunders to Toronto for SP J.A. Happ.

 Colby Lewis is staying in Texas for another year.

 LHP Clayton Richard joined the Pittsburgh Pirates.

 RHP Luke Hochevar stayed with the Royals.

 Over in the NHL, the family of Gordie Howe reports that he has improved mental awareness as he recovers from a stroke.

  Martin Brodeur has signed a one-year deal with the St.Louis Blues and will start Thursday night’s game. He played 21 years in New Jersey, and this will be the his first career start for any other organization. Brodeur is the NHL’s all-time leader among goalies in games played, wins, and shutouts.

   In the NBA… the 76ers won a game! They beat the equally hapless Minnesota Timberwolves 85-77 Wednesday night to improve to 1-17 on the season.

  That’s all I’ve got for this week, folks. Thanks as always for reading and for any comments you leave on the way out… and enjoy your weekend, Gabbers!


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