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Monday Moaning 8-18-14
Posted by TheBEEZER on Monday, August 18, 2014 at 1:00:00 AM



Well, I had to start this week with a good pic...As College Football season nears, my Notre Dame Fighting Irish seem to have a problem...

This past week news broke that Notre Dame had an internal investigation looking into allegations Academic Misconduct...When 4 players were noticeably absent at practice, it was easy to figure at least some of who was involved...LB/DE Ishaq Williams, CB  Keivarae Russell, WR Davaris Daniels,and LB Kendall Moore...Daniels had just come off of suspension for his GPA dropping...Moore, a 5th year senior has slipped on the depth chart during Spring and Summer...Russell is the top CB on the depth chart...And Williams, while not officially being a bust, has not lived up to expectations, and the Irish were hoping to see him reach his full potential this season...

The players have not been dismissed from the team or University...But they are being withheld from practice and games until the investigation complete...And while the Notre Dame haters are licking their chops, dying to blast us Irish fans who hang our hats on the academic standards, this is the same School that threw their starting QB out shortly before the start of last season for academic violations...

It is reported that a faculty member brought the allegations to the University, feeling that work turned in by these players (and possibly other students) was not their own...There is also speculation, but no confirmation that academic advisors could be involved...What makes me happy is the University took it seriously right away...They didn't try and hush it up, or sweep it under the rug, in the name of football...And the Athletic department, and head coach Brian Kelly put up no fight over...It's also reported that none of the coaching staff was aware of any of this until it was brought to their attention...(so far)...They are all in with finding out what happened and who the problem people are...

I really like what Brian Kelly had to say in his press conference Saturday...



Another sign of how serious Notre Dame is taking this...They brought in Maurice Clarett to speak with the staff, and players Sunday...


Shit, if there's a guy that knows about the pitfalls college athletes can fall into, it's him...Seriously, if you haven't seen the ESPN 30 for 30 about him and Jim Tressel, you have to see it...You'll gain a lot of respect for Clarett, and you'll lose even more for Tressel...What a fake, piece of shit that guy is!

I guess, I don't really have much to say about this yet...Mainly because we know very little...I just know that I'm happy with how Notre Dame is handling it so far...As more information comes out, I may change my mind...I mean these are the guys that thought Manti Te'o had a girlfriend they never saw, then gave him a football to bury with her when she died, you know, whenever he got back to Hawaii to bury her pretend body!

That's it for now...Stay tuned...

Have a week...

The Beeze.


Q-o-t-D 8/16/14
Posted by TheBEEZER on Saturday, August 16, 2014 at 10:41:00 AM


Are you ready for Fantasy Football Season?


I'm not!


Monday Moaning...On a Tuesday
Posted by TheBEEZER on Monday, August 11, 2014 at 11:15:00 PM


It's "Shark Week" people....And I'd rather watch that over pre-season football!

Saturday the Cleveland Browns had their first, uneventful pre-season game, against the Lions...What a steaming pile of crap...And the worst part...All the Cleveland media, and most fans could talk about during the game (via Twitter) was when is Johnny Manziel getting in...

When the coach says so assholes...And Cleveland sports media, you better stop calling yourselves journalists when you are openly rooting for one guy over another to win the starting job...They wrote and spoke and tweeted of his 7 for 11 completions, for 63 yards as if it was somehow amazing, and so much greater then Brian Hoyers 6-14 for 92 yards...Manziel played against 2's and 3's...Hoyer had a couple drops...But the Play calling stood out to me...When it was timing playing, 3 steps and the ball is out, Hoyer looked great...When the Browns called a read-option on 3rd and 2 with Manzile in there, it was just so completely predictable, that the Lions ate it up...

The biggest thing that stood out was the Browns yards per pass average...5.2...That shows they weren't trying to stretch the field...Or just dumping off to the check downs...

I did like a lot of what I saw from the defense...Then again, it was the Lions, in pre-season...It was what I expected...A boring, meaningless, pre-season game...

The Big Story from Saturday night came from auto Racing when Tony Stewart ran over and killed Kevin Ward Jr.....It was a fucked up situation...

I'm not willing to speak on this topic...I know nothing about auto racing...I never wrote about it before...I'm not starting now...Although, I will say, if you're going o get out of your wrecked car and try to start a fight with a guy in a moving car, you're probably suffering from Cranial-Anal-Insertion...And you're gonna lose...

Big news that broke Monday, Actor/Comedian Robin Williams committed suicide....It's sad...Very sad...He was amazingly talented...But many people suffer with the same things as him, and no one talks about it...I loved his work as an actor, but I have a hard time going on and on about some one who killed themselves...Even worse, networks like CNN completely stopped all news coverage and just talked non-stop about Williams...Kinda makes me sick...

Here...Enjoy a depressing song while I go watch "Shark Week"...



Have a week...

The Beeze.


Q-o-t-D 8/11/14
Posted by TheBEEZER on Monday, August 11, 2014 at 12:00:00 AM

Should Tony Stewart face some form of criminal charges for killing Kevin Ward Jr?

I've included the video, before it's ripped down...Many have been already...Feel free to not watch the man die as well...





Monday Moaning 8-4-14
Posted by TheBEEZER on Monday, August 04, 2014 at 1:30:00 AM

They say every picture tells a story...I bet that gal has a helluva story to tell us! Well, words may not be her thing...She seems like an action girl!

So, what other pictures have something to say to us? How about this...


This picture tells us Baltimore Ravens fans are fucking assholes...Fucking assholes who clearly don't care that this ass-hat punched the shit out of his lady...But then again the NFL's weak stance is almost saying, 'Oh it's okay!'



This says....'I don't know...I'm fucking clueless...I just want to make more money.'

What about this one...

Ahhhh....'I fuck on the first date!'


Yes folks, I'm not being very serious...A promotion at work has increased my hours, and after a long Sunday shift, I got a few drinks in me....But there has been some topics that have gotten under my skin...A couple weeks ago I wrote THIS....The ongoing murder of innocent people in Gaza has really bothered me...

What does this picture say?

Better yet, how does it make you feel? What are you thinking when you see this child standing in the rubble that was his home?


I think this picture speaks for itself...Yes people, the U.S. has been supplying Israel with arms for a long time...And while our politicians sit there and talk about setting up a ceasefire and peace talks they are using U.S. tax dollars to send more arms to Israel...

If you haven't caught on, I am totally against Israel's constant bombing and killing of innocent Palestinians...Yes, if Israel wants to go after Hamas, fine...Go for it...But don't say you are using pin point strikes to take them out, when you are bombing a U.N. School or hospital were refugees and already injured innocent people are, who have no ties to Hamas...

If you have a half hour to kill, watch this video....There are a number of details in it that the U.S. media doesn't talk about...Including an unwarranted attack by Israel on a U.S. Navy ship in 1967...


Yeah, I know, a little heavy for a blog that started with a hottie and ripping Ray Rice an the NFL...

How about this?


It's funny 'cause it's true...I find it humorous just how heated a nation of immigrants gets about more immigrants wanting a better life, and they want to come here...You know, just like my great grandparents did, and your grandparents did, and that dude's parents did...Yeah, people shouldn't come here, or go to Canada illegally, but if you had a clue of just how fucked up, expensive, and nearly impossible the legal way is, you'd consider crossing a river when no one was looking...

Well, that feels like enough hot button issues for this week...Feel free to discuss...

Oh, since I brought up Ray Rice and the NFL...Here's Bill Burr on hitting women...




Have a week,

The Beeze.



Q-o-t-D 8/4/14
Posted by TheBEEZER on Monday, August 04, 2014 at 12:15:00 AM


What is a question you would like to ask The Beeze?




Q-o-t-D 7/31/14
Posted by TheBEEZER on Thursday, July 31, 2014 at 1:00:00 PM
Are the Red Sox making moves for the future, or to get back in the hunt now, or both?


Monday Moaning 7-28-14
Posted by TheBEEZER on Monday, July 28, 2014 at 12:15:00 AM

Welcome to Monday Moaning...And look what I found...If anything should happen to Mrs. Beeze, God forbid...I know who the next target on my list...Look at that...Good body...You know I love the red hair...And look at the skills...Clearly this gal is a dick-wrecker...Just pull it out, stand behind her and see how long you last...Just imagine what else she can do with that body...Wrecking dicks left and right!

Have I objectified women enough yet?  Hey, that's my bread and butter people...the words in between the T&A is just quality filler! And why do I start each Monday Moaning post with an image of an attractive or clearly talented lady (like the one above)? Because it draws eyes to the blog...And once they get past the ass, the read my ranting and raving post, and hopefully it made people laugh, or smile, or think, or even pissed off...As long as it does something for ya...

Am I objectifying women by doing this...Sure, I guess so...Is that wrong? No...Why is it not wrong? Well, lets just start with the gal at the top of this post...She stood in front of some one with a camera and did this...And put it on the internet...So if you put it out there, how have I done anything wrong?  And the same goes for when I use a model's image...They put it out there...I'm just spreading the love they shared...

People have commented that I have daughters, how could I objectify women...Well, I'm a man...I'm a horny all my fucking life, man...I like attractive women...If some guy posted pics of my daughters I'd be pissed...I can't lie about that...If they were done without my daughters knowledge, I'm killing the mother fucker...If my daughter put it out there herself, she'll have to deal with the consequences, including me being pissed at her...

So why is this the topic I'm writing about this week? Because ESPN's Sam Ponder decided to throw  out a tweet that insinuated guys like me who post pics of women on blogs can't be mad with the NFL's weak stance towards Ray Rice beating the shit out of his wife...WHAT!?!  Are you fucking high you idiot bitch!?!  Never have I come out as pro-wife beating...I don't pictures of women being choked, and fisted...I've never written, 'Make the world a better place, punch a bitch in the face!'

Posting an attractive woman's picture and some how jumping to 'They're all about beating women' is just fucking ridiculous...Some guy posts my daughters picture on a blog, that she put on the net will piss me off...Some guy punches my daughter, and they'll never find his fucking body..."Objectifying" women and beating them are different worlds dummy...

Oh, and how did Sam get her ESPN Job? Her job, standing in front of horny college guys, trying to string together a couple sentences about football that make sense....


Oh, that's right...She looks good...She was objectified by the ESPN suits....


Seriously, if I had that ass, blonde hair, and those boots, I'd be killing that Game Day job!....I hate to come across as a total, male pig, but she only has that job because she's good looking...Because college guys get all horned up for her...Like this classic sign from last year...


Oh, and Sam is not alone...WEEI in Boston just suspended a Radio host, Kirk Minihane who trashed Erin Andrews after her piss-poor performance at the All-Star game...Dude called her out for what she is...A bad reporter...A bobble head with a good body, and if it wasn't for her looks she wouldn't be where she is...Why did WEEI take so long to suspend Minihane in this day and age of PC bullshit, and quick to fire because some one was offended crap?  Well, they actually stood by him until FOX pitched a bitch, and pulled all their advertising from the Radio station...

Fox....Fox Sports that regionally pushes it's merry band of hotties at Baseball and Hockey games...


FOX....FOX Sports1 which features and promotes its stars....


I'm sorry FOX buy I'm calling bullshit...You lead the league in objectifying women...You have the elite crew of ex-sideline "reporters"...You know, the hotties that asked the coach idiotic questions as he ran to the locker room for halftime...You have a cream of the crop of bobble-headed, bleach blonde news readers...Get off your high horse...Dude called your girl out for being the hack she is, and it was funny...Tell her to shut-up, and get naked in front of another camera, because that's all she's good for...We've all seen her commercials...She sucks at those too!

Oh, and as for my official stance on Ray Rice...The NFL is full of shit...Smoke weed, 6 games...Smoke weed again, the season...Punch the fuck out of a women, 2 games...Fuck the NFL....Ad as for Ray Rice...He needs to be pistol-whipped! That's how I feel about fuckers hitting women...

Now be a good girl and go get a hula hoop and get that ass in game-shape!

Have a week, The Beeze.


(how many women did I just piss off?)


Q-o-t-D 7/25/14
Posted by TheBEEZER on Friday, July 25, 2014 at 1:34:00 PM

Should the NFL have handed donw a tougher penalty to Ray Rice?




Q-o-t-D 7/21/14
Posted by TheBEEZER on Sunday, July 20, 2014 at 11:47:00 PM


How's everyone doing?




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