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Monday Moaning 11-17-14
Posted by TheBEEZER on Monday, November 17, 2014 at 12:00:00 AM



This week's Monday Moaning is feeling slightly different...Sure, I managed to post a pic of a nice set of cans...That's kinda what I do here...But the words won't be wrapped up in tits, ass, and sports...this week I'm looking a little deeper inside myself...


On this Monday, an old friend, a childhood friend, is being laid to rest...I hadn't even thought much of her over many, many years...Random, occasional memories from the distant past pop up once and awhile...But not often...Then another old friend posted an old pic of them together, and it got me asking questions...It seems many of us lost touch with her, and a couple had been looking for her...They found her, fighting cancer for the second time, and losing this time...

For two weeks the images of her face, an amazing smile seemed to be haunting me...Had I been a dick to her at times? Of course I had, I was dumb, horny kid, and she had boobs...I'm sure I said and did idiot stuff...Had I been nice? Had I been a good friend? I know I had at times...I do have some memories left in this head full of voices...But clearly I hadn't been a great friend...I won't lie, I've been somewhat surprised by how much this old classmates passing has bothered me...Yes, 38 is far too young to die...But it's more then that...

I remember when I first got on Facebook, and all this other social media...How fucking cool was it...I was suddenly reconnecting with old friends, and connecting with new ones...Awesome...Well, it's easy to say we reconnected, if that means I 'saw your kids pics on facebook'...'I favorite your tweet'...But are we really reconnecting? Maybe we're just getting a glimpse of our old friends lives, as well as giving  a glimpse back...

Yes, we all grow up...We change over the many years...We go different directions...We get jobs, get married, have kids, We gain weight, we lose it...Well, you may have lost it, I haven't...We pay bills, and more bills...(by the way, anyone have an extra $10,000?)....We lose track of time, let alone people...Our plans don't always work out as we hoped, or expected, or wanted...Sometimes for better, sometimes for worse...

It's not hard to lose track of friends...The hard part is keeping them in our lives...Finding the time do more then just post something on facebook, or shooting a text blast...I mean actually talking...Seeing each other...Life and our obligations get in the way easily...But I want to make a slight change in my life...I want to make time, no matter how brief, to be a better friend...To actually see some people I use see...That I use to know...I' not sure how, and I'm sure it will be a pain in the ass at times...But an old friend named Lauren made me realize that I've lost touch with a lot special people over the years...At the end of or time at St. James her quote in the memory book was "Get out there and change the world, you lazy bums!!" 

Well, I may not be changing the world, but I'm gonna work on changing my world slightly...

Rest in Peace Lauren



Q-o-t-D 11/17/14
Posted by TheBEEZER on Sunday, November 16, 2014 at 11:00:00 PM

Are you ready for Winter?

'Cause that bullshit already started in Cleveland, and I'm not!




ESPN Gets Schooled by Tosh
Posted by TheBEEZER on Wednesday, November 12, 2014 at 4:45:00 PM

Not the first time ESPN has shown their true, hack colors...But this time they messed with some one more then willing to take them completely apart for the giant pile of steaming bullshit, that they are....I give you Daniel Tosh!

Please watch every bit of it!

Yes, he just showed what crap the self-proclaimed "World Wide Leader in Sports" is!


Monday Moaning 11-10-14
Posted by TheBEEZER on Monday, November 10, 2014 at 1:45:00 AM


I posted this picture to start this blog, about 45 minutes ago...I've been surfing around the net looking for something to inspire me...But nothing got me going...So, I'm just going to tap these keys and see what happens...

I can't write about sports...I haven't watched any this week...Oh wait...I saw about 5 minutes of the  BU vs. BC Hockey game Friday night...But that was it...

Friday evening Molly spent at my parents...A little sleep over with grandma and grandpa...So, the oldest got to take a test drive at watching little Beeze...She's always been a Mother Hen, so we weren't worried...So what did we do?

We went and looked at a house we can't afford...The wife wants a bigger house...I wouldn't mind either but there is the whole issue of trying to sell our house as well...We would also like to be a better school district...Our oldest is having nothing to do with us moving...Luckily, she doesn't need to worry...It's not happening right now...Just not there financially...Plus, this house was overpriced...When the relator describes the kitchen by saying, "It's kind of queer!"  Well, that's not gonna help sell it...We walked in the front door, and almost smashed into the kitchen island...They redid the kitchen, expanding it, and screwing up the flow...Plus, they slacked off on a lot of finishing work...The living room was huge...The master bedroom was huge...It had 4 bedrooms total...All good size...2 baths...Both on the second floor...No yard...and needed a new hot water tank, furnace, washer, and dryer, and some plumbing work...

Good luck getting that asking price dipshits!

Then we went out to dinner...A place called Ferris Steakhouse...The food was good...She had a Filet, and I had Prime Rib...We started with Bruschetta...I had a Caprese salad...I forget what salad she had...She finished with Crème Brulee, and I had a Triple Chocolate cake...The Moscow Mules were good...And well, the key for all my restaurant reviews, that gets them a positive grade...I got road head on the way home! Good Job Ferris Steakhouse!

And Saturday morning we had some classic morning sex...It's so nice not having a 3 year old (almost 4) waking you up at the crack of dawn on a Saturday! Thanks grandma and grandpa!

The rest of Saturday was work...I finally saw Molly at 5:44 AM Sunday, when she puked in our bed...Why, we have no idea...But then she felt great, and was quite the chatty little shit for the next hour, filling me in on her adventures...Then come 11:00AM it was back to work for a long Sunday pounding...

And now, "here I sit broken hearted, I came to shit and only farted!"

I've got some music going on my iPhone...It's on shuffle..."Captain Jack" by Billy Joel is on right now...

It made me think about a girl I dated oh so many years ago...She put this song on a mix tape...Yeah, I'm that old, fucking mix tapes!  She had this thing where she'd tell me to imagine I was on an island when I was having issues...Either stressed, or angry, or whatever...But you know what "Captain Jack" is? what the song is about...Shooting heroin...Holy shit, I think that bitch wanted me to kill myself!

No, she wasn't...She wasn't hip enough to understand drug lingo!

How's this blog working out for ya...Just a wacky guy babbling while listening to music...What's song will be next?


It's a pretty cool tune...Especially since in it's original form it was done in a techno, club style...I'll stick to this jazzy, mellow version...

I'm sorry for this rambling through writer's block post...It feels like I'm writing in a High School journal...Hopefully I'll get my shit together...

The Beeze



Q-o-t-D 11/10/14
Posted by TheBEEZER on Monday, November 10, 2014 at 1:15:00 AM

Let's talk about something important....

Who do you think is the greatest guitar player of all time?

And if you say that thief Jimmy Page, I'll delete you! Dude ripped off so many people, it's digusting!


Q-o-t-D 11/6/14
Posted by TheBEEZER on Wednesday, November 05, 2014 at 10:55:00 PM
Who do you think should win MLB's AL and NL MVP?


Monday Moaning...Yes, I'm Late....
Posted by TheBEEZER on Tuesday, November 04, 2014 at 7:15:00 PM


I was drunk!

It was a crazy busy Sunday night at work, and I had to buy the guys a drink...And I needed one myself...And suddenly it was a few more...I got home, ate some leftover pot roast and passed out in the chair...The dog enjoyed some scraps!

He definitely enjoyed them more then he enjoyed his Halloween costume...


Look at his face in this next one with Molly and Little Beeze...

He looks pissed!

So, the media/news these days is driven by what is going "viral"...What is trending on Twitter...What the big YouTube video is...And this past week, this video got all kinds of heat...

The Internet, and the so-called "news media" were shocked at men still "Cat-call" women...WHY? Seriously, how the fuck is this shocking? Men are pigs...I'm a man, and I'm a pig...I can be honest about it...Most of us can...But seriously, watch the video...

OK, homeless guys said shit...That's what they do...I live in Cleveland, I've seen homeless bums and pan-handlers...They talk, to anyone, about anything, and nothing...Now you throw a chick with tight pants and a tight top into the mix...Holy-fucking-game-on!

Yeah, I said it...I'm calling them on this shit...She's not a 10...But she isn't wearing baggy pants, and an oversized hoodie like she does at home, while stuffing ice cream in her face after her latest breakup...She painted on some jeans, and got a nice, tit-snugging shirt on...The chance of "cat-calls" just multiplied by 10...

Next, I'd like to see the whole fucking ten hours she did this...Did she really say nothing the whole time? Clearly this was edited to give us an example of the elite scumbags...Were there any nice guys that didn't stare at her ass, but looked in her eyes and tried to have a chat...Maybe spit some real game...Offer to take her to lunch, or meet for coffee some time...Probably were a couple good guys...She's probably fucking one of them now...

Do, I have any facts to back up my claims...No more then this bullshit video does, by insinuating that all guys are one step away from being a rapist...As a matter of fact, most of the comments made to her, were not offensive at all..."Have a nice evening"...."Hi Beautiful"..."How you doing?" "How you doing today?"...One guy even said, "Smile!"  Heaven for-fucking-bid...And you know what, when guys say "DAMN!" it's fucking compliment...Be happy some one gives a shit enough to look at you, let alone, inform you that they are attracted to you...Be happy, some guys let you know you're fuckable!

I'm sorry folks, but our media has made some bullshit into a story, again...And while I'm here...That bitch, Brittnay Maynard, that the felt the need to tell the world she was going to have herself wacked (yes I know that's not the technical term)  because she was dying...Why do we care?  Assholes kill themselves every day, and no one gives a fuck...So she was sick, and dying...We all are, just at different rates of speed...But she had to have her "Look at me" moment before she died, because that's what our society has become...If some one would have given her a TV show, she'd still be alive and would want us all to watch her bite it during sweeps week...You know what, Glad she did herself in...One less needy gash on this Earth...

I also found it amusing the number hugely religious people I know who were all about this chick, "Dying with Dignity"...Yeah, I though suicide was a sin fuck-sticks!?!

I feel I have come across as a woman hater today...I'm not...I love you ladies...I just hate bitches!

And while I'm sitting here on the unpopular side of things, all in with offending people...I would also like to defend Chris Rock for his Monologue on Saturday Night Live this past weekend...Chris Rock hit some touchy buttons making jokes about the Freedom Tower, and the Boston Marathon bombing, and tied it all in with how commercialized this country is...People seemed to hear Boston Bombing, and didn't really bother to listen to where he was going...

Dude said some smart shit, and some funny shit...Pull your panties out of you crack, and grow up people...

I always revert back to the late, great Patrice O'Neal when it comes to "funny" and you can joke about anything....

That's what I got...

Have a week...

The Beeze.


Q-o-t-D 11/4/14
Posted by TheBEEZER on Tuesday, November 04, 2014 at 6:13:00 PM

Will you, or did you Vote today?


Q-o-t-D (Halloween Edition)
Posted by TheBEEZER on Friday, October 31, 2014 at 1:14:00 AM
What is your favorite Hallowee/Horror/Scary movie?


Q-o-t-D 10/27/14
Posted by TheBEEZER on Monday, October 27, 2014 at 12:30:00 AM

Do the Royals still have a chance?




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