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Monday Moaning 9-15-14
Posted by TheBEEZER on Monday, September 15, 2014 at 1:00:00 AM


Welcome to another edition of Monday Moaning...Clearly the top two topics in sports have been the NFL's two star running backs who are both complete pieces of shit...Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson...We heard enough about Rice...Then we found out Peterson beat his 4 year old son with a "Switch"....Now I'll never be the guy to say, "you don't spank kids." If I fucked up big time, my dad gave a me a couple across the ass with a belt...My mom broke a wooden spoon on my brother's ass...But like I said, it had to be serious...Like the the time I called the operator and said there was a fire somewhere there wasn't...When you have uncles that are cops and fire fighters, that gets you and instant ass-whoopin'...The old man left work early for that one! I was also 10 or 11 and knew better...

Peterson cracked his kid (4 years old) at least 14 times...Bruises, welts, cuts...Injured the kids junk for God's sake...That's way too far...My son took a marker to the walls, lamp shades and one of my Guitars when he 4...He got a couple hands swats across the ass...He got the point...Well the point got across well when I saw my guitar, the last thing I noticed...And I punched a hole through a wall...When he found out I was that pissed, markers stayed on paper...

But seriously...The NFL was taking enough heat already this year...For fuck's sake 32 players were suspended for opening weekend...I don't think they really want this for a PR poster...


Had to do it!

Honestly...I'm not just talking shit...I'm done with the NFL...I will finish out my fantasy football seasons, because I have talked too much shit not to stick it out...But I just can't support this fucking asshole league full of criminals, and run by greedy fucking shit-dicks who will try to turn a blind eye to this shit, and try to keep it from the public...Fuck them all...Eat y ass!

And the NCAA isn't far behind, as they tried to slip THIS news past us last week...Two years of noo university cover-ups and no child rape apparently makes up for 20 years of Jerry Sandusky running wild, fucking kids on the Penn State campus!

I was happy to see that Not just me and IHM aren't willing to let go of this...The good fans at Rutgers let PSU fans know what's up...


Might not be classy...But it's classic!

But the topic that got me fired up late Saturday night...A fellow Clevelander on twitter decided to bash the Indians, and he tweeted his thoughts at the Indians and at second baseman, Jason Kipnis...He was upset the Indians lost to the Tigers...You know me, I'm all for bashing teams and players...What I'm not for is assholes crying about it when an athlete gives it right back to them...

Dude dogged the tribe for being 5 games behind the Tigers...The Indians, a team full of scrubs, just trying to grind it out...5 games behind the bought and not developed Tigers...Fuck off dude...Kipnis defended the heart, and play of his teammates...Here's a taste...

Tom Horsman @TomHorsman "And we wonder why only 9,000 people show up to Indians game in September. This team is pathetic. @Indians @TheJK_Kid"


Jason Kipnis @TheJK_Kid  

"@TomHorsman Pardon my language but you're a fucking idiot.. This team competed it's ass off tonight and played a great game."

Kipnis continued..."I get it..You can be frustrated. We got guys underachieving, not playing well, no ones hot and no real mashers, AND WERE STILL IN THIS THING"

"So don't ever question this teams heart or effort.. You should want over achievers! That means they have a pulse and give a damn each game!"

So of course the media had to chime in and give Kipnis crap for speaking his mind...And of course many fans were unhappy too...

Wait a minute...You, you, and you, and you, and me, we can whatever the fuck we want about these guys...And now, because of social media, we can basically say this shit to them....Then you're gonna cry foul when dude calls you a fucking idiot!?!  Sorry people but we are going to hang out hats on freedom of speech, then so can athletes and celbritards...You don't like, fuck off!  Why are you held to a higher standard?  If you'r going to talk shit, you need to be prepared to get it back...

Bunch of fucking children!

Goddamn Clevelanders...You know why only 9,000 people go to Indians games in September...Because baseball plays a fuck ton of games and that shit adds up...80 home games ain't cheap! And well, the economy in this town sucks my balls...Oh, then you need to remember this is Cleveland...Friday, Saturday, and Sunday means football...High school, college and the shitty Browns will win out against most anything...Yes, even the Browns...15 years of constant bad decisions and ticket price increases, and this dolt filled fanbase won't stop throwing their money at them....Fuck you, I know they won Sunday...They always pull out a few wins each year...Don't get too hard too soon, you'll blow your load too fast dummies! 




Have a week...I'm tired...


The Beeze.


Q-o-t-D 9/13/14
Posted by TheBEEZER on Saturday, September 13, 2014 at 11:00:00 AM

Considering that Fantasy Football is almost always played for money...Should the NFL ban players from taking part in Fantasy Football Leagues?




I Guess Penn State's Shit Really Doesn't Stink!
Posted by TheBEEZER on Tuesday, September 09, 2014 at 5:23:00 PM


Hell, if you ask them, they'll tell you it tastes like fucking ice cream!

While the sports media world was all wrapped up in Ray Rice knocking out his future wife, and the NFL and Baltimore Ravens suddenly deciding to take serious action for it...the NCAA decided they would try to sneak a little bit of news past us all...Hell, it got past me until I got a tweet from a couple friends while I was at work...

When the NCAA dropped the hammer on Penn State for Jerry Sandusky running around campus raping kids, and the University's cover-up of it, they hit PSU with a post season ban that would run through 2015...Along with a serious reduction in scholarships, down from 85 to 65...

Now the NCAA says PSU has done enough, saying "progress toward ensuring its athletics department functions with integrity"   that they are post season eligible this year, and the Big Ten agreed, allowing them to compete in the conference championship, if they can get there...Also, the scholarships will be bumped up to 75 this season, before bumping it to 85 the next year...

So two years of good behavior makes up for nearly 20 years of child molestation and a University coevr-up!?!  Holy shit-balls!

Way to go Penn State, you've gone two years without a kid getting raped on your campus or by one of your coaches....Way to go, you've made a commitment to not let child fuckers run around your campus, and deep dick boys in the showers...and you've promised you won't cover-up anymore child fucking that takes place...Well that seems good enough...lets just get rid of those penalties then!

This is some serious, backwards-ass bullshit! Just when the NFL is showing off what a joke they are when it comes to discipline, here comes the NCAA to let us know, they're still leader fucking things up....

I'm not a super religious guy, but God, please strike the Penn State Campus with lightning and let it burn...Better yet, go to Indianapolis and take out the NCAA!

The Beeze.


Q-o-t-D 9/9/14
Posted by TheBEEZER on Tuesday, September 09, 2014 at 4:40:00 PM

Three in one today folks....


Should Roger Goodell be fired for how the entire Ray Rice mess has been handled?

Will Roger Goodell be fired for this mess?

Or will Goodell throw some one else on the grenade?




Only Two Games for This!?!
Posted by TheBEEZER on Monday, September 08, 2014 at 10:00:00 AM

The hot video that was leaked this morning is all over the place...Just a matter of time before a disgruntled employee sold off what Roger Goodell wanted no one to see...Ray Rice knocking the shit out of his fiancé in an elevator...

I'm officially done with the NFL....

The Beeze.


Monday Moaning 9-8-14
Posted by TheBEEZER on Monday, September 08, 2014 at 12:30:00 AM


Yep...Monday comes running in like a boot to the head!

Seriously, when I saw this play, I laughed my ass off...This play, and well the play that followed pretty much some up the Cleveland Browns since 1999...

Now lets be honest...Brown could have easily cut left, and blown past Lanning, just as he did to ever other member or the Punt coverage team...But shit, what would make this highlight sweeter? Hurdling the damn punter...Dude had to go for it...But when he realized he wasn't going to clear Lanning, or Lanning wasn't getting out of the way...Fuck, time to move that punter...BOOT TO THE HEAD!  Not a Steelers fan...Not Browns fan...But damn I loved this play!

So, they moved it back because the refs felt the boot to the head was "unnecessary roughness"...Okay, give it to Bell now that we see the Browns can't quite tackle! It's so damn Cleveland, us Clevelanders can't be mad...You just gotta laugh!

And I don't care fellow Clevelanders...So what the Browns came back in the second half, and tied it up...Way to go! Then they fell for a fake punt deep in the Steelers end...Totally got burned...Right then they lost the momentum...And eventually they gave up a big drive, followed by an easy game winning field goal wit h no time left...Sorry, no moral victory...They did what they do best...They lost!

Up next for the Browns...A pissed off New Orleans Saints team that got beat by the Falcons...

Hey, anyone see what happened in College Football this past weekend? Texas got abused, at home, by BYU...I forget the score, but it was BYU: a lot, and Texas: hey when is Texas showing up?

Ohio State lost in prime-time , at home, to unranked Virginia Tech...Urban Meyer admitted afterwards that the Hokies exposed their weaknesses...Like, apparently they stopped recruiting QB's when Braxton Miller signed there, and their young offensive line needs a fuck-ton of practice...

Oregon was down to Michigan State...But then they flipped the NIKE switch, and blew the Spartans out of the water in the second half...

But the best game, in my opinion, was the final matchup (for the time being) between Notre Dame and Michigan...If there is one thing I have in common with Ohio State fans, it's a pure hatred for Michigan...Well, folks...The Irish ended this rivalry in fucking style...The beat the shit out of Michigan 31-0....31-0!


Awesome! There's nothing else to say....



No, seriously, I've got nothing else to say...


Oh, did I forget your weekly eye candy?

Here ya go...



Have a week...

The Beeze.


Q-o-t-D 9/8/14
Posted by TheBEEZER on Monday, September 08, 2014 at 12:26:00 AM

Should Antonio Brown be fined or possibly suspended for his boot to the head of Cleveland Browns punter, Spencer Lanning?




Q-o-t-D 9/1/14
Posted by TheBEEZER on Monday, September 01, 2014 at 1:30:00 AM

Who are you picking to be the MLB Wild Card teams?




Monday Moaning 9-1-14
Posted by TheBEEZER on Monday, September 01, 2014 at 1:15:00 AM

Happy Labor Day all! Too bad we don't work in that office!

I hope things are treating you well...I have to start out by apologizing...I have slacked on my duties as a writer and site owner...As well as a reader and commenter...But I haven't slacked because I don't give a shit...I do...A month or so ago I received a promotion at work...In the past I put off some career aspirations to do what was best for my family...Now that the kids are getting older, and we sure could use more money, going after those career aspirations and what's best for the family are lining up together...So first off, I was working more, plus going through some training stuff...

Then this past week, my boss was on vacation, so I had extra stuff to cover, so I sit here writing this after I just worked 71 hours...I've seen no sports or news...I've spent hardly anytime with my wife and kids...So this Labor Day will be focused 100% on them...I may try to slip in the Miami vs. Louisville football game in the evening...

Yes, College Football season has started, one of the best times of year in the sports world...And I've got nothing...The Fighting Irish beat Rice, but I saw none of it...Just the score updates on my phone while at work...

I did see a bit of the FSU/Oklahoma State game...I saw a clip of Jameis Winston complaining about getting hit...Saying he was hit in the head...But what the announcers refused to mention was a second or two before the hit, Winston put his head down, in the defenders chest...Then another clip, Winston scrambling, and near the sidelines, he got hit in the side...He started acting like he was hit in the head...Replay showed he was hit just below the shoulder...Again the announcers didn't say anything about Winston being a CUNT!  Or a crab leg stealing fuck-tard!

So, I'm officially rooting against Winston, no matter what...And yes, I'm rooting for him to get throttled...I'm over this punks shit....Some one end him!

I was at work when the news came down that the NFL's 1 year suspension of Josh Gordon would be upheld...It was all the buzz in the kitchen...Everyone was pissed...And of course the Ray Rice situation had to be front and center..."2 games for knocking out a woman, and a year for smoking pot!"  Yeah, that sounds fucked up and stupid, I totally agree...But this wasn't Gordon's first fuck up...It's his second time busted for pot in the NFL...Plus a DUI...Plus his two fuck-ups in college...Gordon is a first class idiot...Yeah, I think pot should be legal, but it isn't in the NFL, and everyone knows that...So fuck Gordon! He screwed up again...I don't care that the hammer fell...The kid needs to learn a lesson or get the fuck out!

That said, just a day or two later, Goodell coming out and saying that the league was going to be strengthening it's stance on domestic violence...Way to go dickhead! Why didn't you start with Ray Rice fuck-stick!?!

I've really grown to hate the NFL...

And what the fuck is with Bud Selig...He's been anti-Pete Rose his whole life, and now that he has one foot out the door, he's considering ending Rose's lifetime ban...What bullshit! This is all about Selig doing something to enhance his shitty legacy....I feel Rose should be in the Hall of Fame, but this is just a bullshit PR move by Selig...

That's it folks...I need some sleep...But I promise to get back on track soon...

Have a week...

The Beeze.


Monday Moaning 8-18-14
Posted by TheBEEZER on Monday, August 18, 2014 at 1:00:00 AM



Well, I had to start this week with a good pic...As College Football season nears, my Notre Dame Fighting Irish seem to have a problem...

This past week news broke that Notre Dame had an internal investigation looking into allegations Academic Misconduct...When 4 players were noticeably absent at practice, it was easy to figure at least some of who was involved...LB/DE Ishaq Williams, CB  Keivarae Russell, WR Davaris Daniels,and LB Kendall Moore...Daniels had just come off of suspension for his GPA dropping...Moore, a 5th year senior has slipped on the depth chart during Spring and Summer...Russell is the top CB on the depth chart...And Williams, while not officially being a bust, has not lived up to expectations, and the Irish were hoping to see him reach his full potential this season...

The players have not been dismissed from the team or University...But they are being withheld from practice and games until the investigation complete...And while the Notre Dame haters are licking their chops, dying to blast us Irish fans who hang our hats on the academic standards, this is the same School that threw their starting QB out shortly before the start of last season for academic violations...

It is reported that a faculty member brought the allegations to the University, feeling that work turned in by these players (and possibly other students) was not their own...There is also speculation, but no confirmation that academic advisors could be involved...What makes me happy is the University took it seriously right away...They didn't try and hush it up, or sweep it under the rug, in the name of football...And the Athletic department, and head coach Brian Kelly put up no fight over...It's also reported that none of the coaching staff was aware of any of this until it was brought to their attention...(so far)...They are all in with finding out what happened and who the problem people are...

I really like what Brian Kelly had to say in his press conference Saturday...



Another sign of how serious Notre Dame is taking this...They brought in Maurice Clarett to speak with the staff, and players Sunday...


Shit, if there's a guy that knows about the pitfalls college athletes can fall into, it's him...Seriously, if you haven't seen the ESPN 30 for 30 about him and Jim Tressel, you have to see it...You'll gain a lot of respect for Clarett, and you'll lose even more for Tressel...What a fake, piece of shit that guy is!

I guess, I don't really have much to say about this yet...Mainly because we know very little...I just know that I'm happy with how Notre Dame is handling it so far...As more information comes out, I may change my mind...I mean these are the guys that thought Manti Te'o had a girlfriend they never saw, then gave him a football to bury with her when she died, you know, whenever he got back to Hawaii to bury her pretend body!

That's it for now...Stay tuned...

Have a week...

The Beeze.


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