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Q-o-t-D 7/31/14
Posted by TheBEEZER on Thursday, July 31, 2014 at 1:00:00 PM
Are the Red Sox making moves for the future, or to get back in the hunt now, or both?


Monday Moaning 7-28-14
Posted by TheBEEZER on Monday, July 28, 2014 at 12:15:00 AM

Welcome to Monday Moaning...And look what I found...If anything should happen to Mrs. Beeze, God forbid...I know who the next target on my list...Look at that...Good body...You know I love the red hair...And look at the skills...Clearly this gal is a dick-wrecker...Just pull it out, stand behind her and see how long you last...Just imagine what else she can do with that body...Wrecking dicks left and right!

Have I objectified women enough yet?  Hey, that's my bread and butter people...the words in between the T&A is just quality filler! And why do I start each Monday Moaning post with an image of an attractive or clearly talented lady (like the one above)? Because it draws eyes to the blog...And once they get past the ass, the read my ranting and raving post, and hopefully it made people laugh, or smile, or think, or even pissed off...As long as it does something for ya...

Am I objectifying women by doing this...Sure, I guess so...Is that wrong? No...Why is it not wrong? Well, lets just start with the gal at the top of this post...She stood in front of some one with a camera and did this...And put it on the internet...So if you put it out there, how have I done anything wrong?  And the same goes for when I use a model's image...They put it out there...I'm just spreading the love they shared...

People have commented that I have daughters, how could I objectify women...Well, I'm a man...I'm a horny all my fucking life, man...I like attractive women...If some guy posted pics of my daughters I'd be pissed...I can't lie about that...If they were done without my daughters knowledge, I'm killing the mother fucker...If my daughter put it out there herself, she'll have to deal with the consequences, including me being pissed at her...

So why is this the topic I'm writing about this week? Because ESPN's Sam Ponder decided to throw  out a tweet that insinuated guys like me who post pics of women on blogs can't be mad with the NFL's weak stance towards Ray Rice beating the shit out of his wife...WHAT!?!  Are you fucking high you idiot bitch!?!  Never have I come out as pro-wife beating...I don't pictures of women being choked, and fisted...I've never written, 'Make the world a better place, punch a bitch in the face!'

Posting an attractive woman's picture and some how jumping to 'They're all about beating women' is just fucking ridiculous...Some guy posts my daughters picture on a blog, that she put on the net will piss me off...Some guy punches my daughter, and they'll never find his fucking body..."Objectifying" women and beating them are different worlds dummy...

Oh, and how did Sam get her ESPN Job? Her job, standing in front of horny college guys, trying to string together a couple sentences about football that make sense....


Oh, that's right...She looks good...She was objectified by the ESPN suits....


Seriously, if I had that ass, blonde hair, and those boots, I'd be killing that Game Day job!....I hate to come across as a total, male pig, but she only has that job because she's good looking...Because college guys get all horned up for her...Like this classic sign from last year...


Oh, and Sam is not alone...WEEI in Boston just suspended a Radio host, Kirk Minihane who trashed Erin Andrews after her piss-poor performance at the All-Star game...Dude called her out for what she is...A bad reporter...A bobble head with a good body, and if it wasn't for her looks she wouldn't be where she is...Why did WEEI take so long to suspend Minihane in this day and age of PC bullshit, and quick to fire because some one was offended crap?  Well, they actually stood by him until FOX pitched a bitch, and pulled all their advertising from the Radio station...

Fox....Fox Sports that regionally pushes it's merry band of hotties at Baseball and Hockey games...


FOX....FOX Sports1 which features and promotes its stars....


I'm sorry FOX buy I'm calling bullshit...You lead the league in objectifying women...You have the elite crew of ex-sideline "reporters"...You know, the hotties that asked the coach idiotic questions as he ran to the locker room for halftime...You have a cream of the crop of bobble-headed, bleach blonde news readers...Get off your high horse...Dude called your girl out for being the hack she is, and it was funny...Tell her to shut-up, and get naked in front of another camera, because that's all she's good for...We've all seen her commercials...She sucks at those too!

Oh, and as for my official stance on Ray Rice...The NFL is full of shit...Smoke weed, 6 games...Smoke weed again, the season...Punch the fuck out of a women, 2 games...Fuck the NFL....Ad as for Ray Rice...He needs to be pistol-whipped! That's how I feel about fuckers hitting women...

Now be a good girl and go get a hula hoop and get that ass in game-shape!

Have a week, The Beeze.


(how many women did I just piss off?)


Q-o-t-D 7/25/14
Posted by TheBEEZER on Friday, July 25, 2014 at 1:34:00 PM

Should the NFL have handed donw a tougher penalty to Ray Rice?




Q-o-t-D 7/21/14
Posted by TheBEEZER on Sunday, July 20, 2014 at 11:47:00 PM


How's everyone doing?




Q-o-t-D 7/14/14
Posted by TheBEEZER on Monday, July 14, 2014 at 1:10:00 AM

Now that the World Cup is over, have you been swayed?  Will you pay anymore or new attention to Soccer?




Monday Moaning 7-14-14
Posted by TheBEEZER on Monday, July 14, 2014 at 1:00:00 AM


Okay Cleveland...You had your fun...You had your excitement...Now it's time for your friendly wake up call...It's time to relax Cleveland...




Hey...Listen up...I said relax!


What part of relax don't you understand...Well maybe you two can have a few more minutes....


So why am I telling Cleveland to relax...Because this city went bat-shit crazy over LeBron James deciding to sign with the Cavaliers...And him and his sweet, well thought-out essay he co-wrote with a Sports Illustrated hack...Yeah, it was well written...It was good...But these dopes in the media act like he woke up Friday morning and did that shit...He had been working with this SI guy, Lee Jenkins for a couple weeks...Seriously, dude said so in an interview on Mad Dag Radio...All last week, the sports media world was talking about 2 things...Johnny Manziel possibly doing blow...and "Where will LeBron sign?"  James played the media last week as well as he plays basketball...

And Cleveland...This is my hometown...As much as I rag on it, I love this bitch...But this city disappointed me with their begging for James to come back...Just 4 years earlier so many of them were mother-fucking him...Me, I had been trashing him for a good 3 years before that...But it was nice to not be alone anymore...But last week, they were swinging on his nuts again...And those dopes on WKNR....Go find that audio...These two clowns, when the news broke, you could hear them cumming and crying while they squealed like little school girls...I wanted to puke in my cheerios...

So Cleveland was thrilled with the news...People who burned jerseys 4 years ago were heading to the store to get a new one...Whatever tool-bag...But I finally was completely sickened, and embarrassed by my city, when multiple people in the local media, besides the average joe idiots said, "This is one of the greatest days, possibly the greatest in Cleveland Sports History!"

Are you for fucking real? Seriously, you cover sports in this city and you said that Jim Donavan? Oh he wasn't alone...A fuck-ton of his fellow media members said this shit...How about you idiots read a fucking book!  Shit, Google something other then LeBron James!

I know the Browns have sucked balls for ages, but they were the shit many years ago...8 League Championships...AAFC Championships (4)  1946, 1947, 1948, and 1949...NFL Championships (4)  1950, 1954, 1955, and 1964...Jesus Christ, one of your "Journalism" brothers that this area loves so much, Terry Pluto wrote a book titled "When All the World was Browns Town"

What the hell is the matter with you assholes?

Yeah, the Indians have only won two Worlds Series, but shit that 1948 team was stellar...And I think Larry Doby being the first black player in the AL, just a couple months after Jackie Robinson broke in, would rank higher then James signing with the Cavs...What about Frank Robinson being the first black manager in baseball...With the Indians...Oh, and in his first at-bat as player manager, he just hit a HR...Thats' not fucking sweet at all right...

If you really think a player signing to your local team is the greatest sports moment ever, then you need to walk away from sports...

Cleveland fans for years have patted themselves on the back for being such loyal and devoted fans...(I would consider the 455 straight sellouts at Jacobs Field to be a bigger deal)...The national media also from time to time talk about the great fans in Cleveland...What made Clevelanders so tough and loyal?

It was all the downs...Not the few and far between ups...Not the highs, but the lows...The fucking Drive...The fumble, that made me cry...Jordan's jumper over Ehlo...Red-Right-88...The '95 Indians losing to the Braves...The Braves who couldn't even sellout for their playoff games...The '97 Indians, a cock-strong team, one out away...Beaten by a Marlins team that was rented, and sold off weeks later...Yeah, that one hurt like a bitch...How about my Dad seeing the '54 Indians, one of Baseball's best teams ever, lose it to the Giants...

It's those painful moments, that made Clevelanders tough...After those defeats, Cleveland came back to the respective stadiums, and rooted for their teams...Clevelanders didn't take off Chief Wahoo cap...They didn't say fuck it, and throw away there Browns gear and sell their season tickets...They were right back there next year with that stupid dag mask on, throwing dog biscuits at opposing players...

In my opinion, those losses are great Cleveland Sports moments, because we didn't burn the city down and riot like Vancouver...We took it on the chin, and came back for more...The Cleveland that I love would have never begged a guy to come back, and wouldn't have acted so insane if he did...The Cleveland I love would not be going crazy for an egotistical rookie QB who parties constantly and acts like an ass...I understand...Clevelanders are thirsty for a winner...Thirsty for positive coverage in this town...I hope we see it...But we're better than this...


I'll leave you with this...



Have a week....


The Beeze.


Q-o-t-D 7/9/14
Posted by TheBEEZER on Wednesday, July 09, 2014 at 11:25:00 AM


Where do you think LeBron James will sign?







Q-o-t-D 7/7/14
Posted by TheBEEZER on Monday, July 07, 2014 at 11:51:00 AM

What do you think of this photo of Johnny Manziel?


Is he about to do some blow, or is he just playing for the camera?




Monday Moaning 7-7-14
Posted by TheBEEZER on Monday, July 07, 2014 at 1:00:00 AM


I hope everyone had a fun and safe 4th of July...Ours was good...Had some real good quality time with the kids...Saturday we visited my in-laws...That was rough...My father-in-law, while some things have improved, some things have gotten worse...Like the fact that he didn't know me...He asked my wife who I was...Then in the car, taking them to lunch, he asked if we had met before...I told him yes...He apologized, and I told him not to worry about it...Two minutes later he asked me if we had met before, again...Eventually, he accepted me...He didn't remember me, but he knew I was suppose to be there...It's a rough spot to see him in knowing how sharp he use to be...It was hard on my wife, but I told her, "he remembers you, that's important."  He has no recollection of Molly, but he was going downhill since just before she was born...He never had a chance to make memories with didn't stop her from giving hi big hugs when we left...

It ended up being an exhausting day...Then after we got home, we had to rush the puppy, Finnegan to the pet ER...He got stung by a bee in his paw...It swelled up, and he couldn't put weight on it...And tried biting anyone who tried to look at it...They took care of him quick, and he's doing fine...($124 later)...

You may be feeling what you felt Thursday when I posted THIS ...Just not feeling the Sports right now...I'm watching Baseball, and I'm falling in love, just like last year, with what the Pittsburgh Pirates are doing...They're fun and exciting to watch...

I had thought about writing about the NHL free agency madness...Now I can sit here and read all the idiot contracts given to defensemen who scored 5 goals and 13 assists, and pick apart what were good and bad moves...(most bad)...By I'm interested in that...A lot of people aren't...And it's even kind of boring to write about...

I could get into Brown WR Josh Gordon getting arrested for DUI as he's sitting there with 2 strikes against him from the NFL...But why? To say what we all knew already...He's a fucking idiot...A fucking 4 time loser who is pissing his talent and NFL career away...Maybe it's just me, but I'm just tired of reading and writing about athletes and their egos that have it all, but are just too fucking stupid to control themselves...

I could write about the buzz swirling here in Cleveland about the hopes of LeBron James coming back...But I hate basketball and if you've read my crap over the last 8 years, you know I've always hated the self proclaimed king...Long before "The Decision"...

But there's something that has gotten under my skin this 4th of July weekend...Anthony Cumia of the Opie and Anthony show was fired...Not for anything he said or did on the air...He was fired for exercising he freedom of speech on twitter...

Last week he was snapping pictures in New York city...He got pictures of lights, buildings, a tranny getting arrested, random shit going on in the city late at night...In one was a black women was snapped...Instead of talking to him about it, since it clearly bothered her, she called him a "white mother fucker" and began punching him...She punched repeatedly...He never hit back...He didn't pull his legally carried gun...Instead he tweeted his rage...He called her a "savage", an "animal" and a "cunt face"...He tweeted about the jump right to violence often seen in the black community...(I think its a problem in our entire society)...He tweeted numerous times, and some would be considered racial offensive...But more importantly he was talking honestly, brought on by anger, about a topic that everyone says we need honest discussion about, but whenever it's brought up, it's squashed immediately...

So first, stop saying you want honest discussion about race in this country...Because clearly a large portion of the black community doesn't want to, and a large portion of the white guilt driven media doesn't...

Second, I have listened to O&A for ten years...It's one of the only shows that will talk about ANYTHING honestly...Anthony has been called racist before, and has said racial harsh things before...I would say he's actually said more "offensive" things on the air...But in this country, if you say something that some have deemed "offensive" you automatically called racist, or sexist, or an asshole, or whatever the case may be, instead of your actions or words being taken as you wanting to get to the issue, and possibly get to a resolution...

Third, freedom of speech is dying, and its dying quickly...Everyone is afraid to speak their mind for fear that one weak-minded, low self-esteem having, twat will get upset...Then they'll beat the drum to try and ruin your life for what you said...Radio guys, TV talking heads, actors, they're just the start...Comedians will be next...Oh no a joke hurt some ones feeling...Your career is over!  But just wait...It will start happening at your office or whatever shitty job you and I have...Some dick-bag won't like that joke you made about Jews...You'll go for the quick comeback punch line, 'If you cant take the heat, get out of the oven!'


I don't care if you agree with Anthony Cumia or not...Sometimes I don't, sometimes I do...But we should all back him up in his right to speak his mind freely...I don't agree with a lot of awful shit said in this country, by a lot of fucking assholes, but I will always support their right to say their idiot shit...Fuckers are just making me look smarter...


I know kids...The Beeze has been a little salty and not bitching about sports...I'm in a different place right now, and I want this country, and this world to be better place for my kids...Honestly, some days, this is the only thing that keeps me from choking some fuckers out....




I figure that's a nice note to end on...Have a week...


The Beeze.


Holy $h!t It's Only Thursday!
Posted by TheBEEZER on Thursday, July 03, 2014 at 1:15:00 AM


Holy shit this week has dragged...Been a long hard couple weeks here folks...I've been having some serious back issues, and my tits aren't nearly as big as Kate Upton's...

Actually the problem was noticed by numbness I've been having in my leg...It got to the point were it was driving me nuts, so I saw my doctor...I was having pain in my lower back as well...So best guess, pinched nerve...Can't know for sure without a MRI...Can't order one because of insurance companies...See a Neurologist...

So I go this guy...Dick just asks me a bunch of questions...Didn't look at my leg or back...He says, well insurance won't let us order a MRI until we jump through some hoops...You're going to have to get X-rays of your back an knee...Then do physical therapy, and take these steroids...These steroids that could kill you because they make you susceptible to every infection and virus know to man..."Then when that doesn't work, we should be able to order the MRI."

No shit...That's what he said...America, our healthcare system, and the scam that is insurance are totally fucking, fucked!  And this was true long before  The Affordable Healthcare Act...AKA: "Obamacare"...AKA: RomneyCare Light...And we actually have a decent insurance plan, so holy shit, the folks with shit plans are really deep dicked...

Saturday came around and I could barely standup...I could barely walk...Awful pain in my back...The numbness in the leg was bad, but disappears when the burning sensation kicks into high gear...Wow, does that get rough at the end of my shifts at work...9:00PM it starts coming on, and by 11:00PM,  I want to skull fuck every living thing to death, but that would end up hurting me more than them...But I worked my shift...Why? 1. there was no one to cover it...2. I'm a man...I'm an American man...That's what we're suppose to do fuckers...There's too many young people that don't seem to get that shit...This country is getting soft, physically and mentally...And emotionally...

In New Jersey an animal, ( I can't call her a women) beat the hell out of another women in front of her two year old...a dozen people stood by and filmed it, instead of using their phones to call the police...No one tried to stop it...Except the two year old...No one stepped in when the animal threatened to kick him in the face...Mentally Soft and Physically too Scared to act like a human....Charges should be pressed against all those fuckers standing around...

TV Food guy Adam Richman posted a picture on Instagram of himself, wearing a suit he bought when he was fat...He has since lost 70 pounds...Damn good for a guy who makes his living stuffing unhealthy food down his face...He did it out of pride, and to inspire people, using the #Thinspiration...He was attacked because those bitches that stick their finger down their throats, apparently think they own that hashtag...Richman, unlike many fired back, instead apologizing on his hands and knees...He called people cunts...Told some one to eat a bag of shit...Even offered suicide as a solution for one hatched wound....Pretty harsh...GOOD...I'm supporting him 100%...People want to talk shit to celebrities via social media, but whenever that person fires back, they get screwed....Richman's new show has been postponed...Possibly cancelled...That's Bullshit...Emotionally and Mentally Weak!

Warren Sapp and some friends were out to eat, and left no tip...Why because the server called them "Boys"...As in, 'Here ya go boys!'  You know, like servers do...Or they call you hun, or honey, or hey guys...Shit like that...Shit servers say to seem inviting, or friendly, or flirt for a tip, or whatever mask they need to put on, so they don't take your eye out with a fork for being such a needy asshole!

I never like Warren Sapp...He's always seemed like a fuck-tard to me...I've even had a back and forth with him on twitter over some idiot shit he said...Which of course was followed by more idiot shit, because he's an idiot...And I know, many black men are offended by being called "Boy" or "Boys" because fucking ages before they were ever born, some white fucking assholes called black men boy in a demeaning way...Sorry Warren, but I don't think that waitress is about to get into slave trading you Emotionally Weak, and Mentally Weak bitch!

You may have guessed, I'm not talking sports today...Sorry...You know what's hilarious...So many people just rambling on about Soccer like they were the biggest fans...Boom, the U.S. lost Tuesday, and all these ass-hats went quiet...Good...Glad you got that shit out of your system...Now you nut up, and go back to being an American again...Look at Kate Upton eat a popsicle...Blow off some fireworks...Eat a big fucking steak...Drink beers...Take some Motrin and tell yourself your back is fine...That's what I'm gonna do!


Happy 4th of July!


Watch out Kate...This gal knows what she's doing....




The Beeze.


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