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Jun 22nd 2012

Swept by the Mets, need to swat the Nats. Where's the pine tar ?      

Vapor Mists
Scorching SunBelt
Posted by Vapor52 on Sunday, March 01, 2015 at 8:07:03 AM

Ga St, Ga Southern, and ULM are tied at 13-5 with two conference games left.

Ga St Panthers are  @ULM on Mar 5 and  @  GSU in the final regular season gave Mar 7.


Ryan Harrow is the  Panthers' star and has enough talent to take them to the regular season title.

Hewitt has been steady for G-Southern but his efforts were not enough tp prevent a loss to 4th place ULL last night

ULM had a bad loss last night to App St last night, and I don't know where they'll find the scoring.


So toss a coin , or settle for a tie cuz  a Georgia school will hold or share  this years SunBelt crown


Feb 21 Three hot games
Posted by Vapor52 on Saturday, February 21, 2015 at 8:24:22 AM

CUSA- La Tech(21-6, 12-2 C-USA) , the CUSA leader, travels north to face ODU (19-6, 8-5 C-USA) who will like need to win the CUSAT to make the Dance.  Freeman  will shine today for ODU as they get a big win.



(16-9, 7-6 MAC)

Bowling Green

(17-7, 9-4 MAC)

 Moss will put up big numbers for Buffalo but not enough to stop their recent slide. BG trying to re-group from a bad lossto Miami O will get a  big game for Richaun Holmes today.

_____________________________________________________________________________________________Georgia Southern will get a big game from Hewitt  against Ken Williams and the USA Jags and stay a game behind ULM in the SunBelt race .


email me at for CBS fantasy baseball









Four from three
Posted by Vapor52 on Saturday, February 07, 2015 at 7:52:03 AM

The  winners of the CUSA. MAC , & Sunbelt tournaments will get automatic dance tickets and are too difficult to predict. Every year a few regular season winners are  sent to the NIT.  Western Kentucky & Georgia Southern are atop the first two conferences, and Buffalo and Toledo are atop the MAC divisions. I think the CUSA gets a possible  extra ticket. UAB is tied for the second with La Tech who they  just walloped and will be my dark horse  for the extra ticket. Anyone remember when they brought in Gene Bartow to kick start  the  new program almost thirty years ago? So much is up in the air with three weeks to go in the regular season.

Four players headed for solid NBA careers.

CUSA: Jerome Hill- UTSA  17 ppg 8rbg ; Raheem Appelby- Louisiana Tech  16ppg , 2rbg 2apg

MAC: Justin Moss- Buffalo- 18ppg 9rbg

SunBelt: Ryan Harrow- Georgia St- 20.4 ppg, 2 rbg ,  4.3apg


MAC & Sunbelt one ticket each
Posted by Vapor52 on Sunday, February 01, 2015 at 7:54:55 AM

Re-posted from my wordpress and watch those Georgia schools in the Sunbelt.

Ok, I'm behind the curve on these two conferences but I'll offer  some snippets for later criticism.

Western Michigan will return to the Dance  led by David Brown 19 PPG. Akron & Toldeo are my dark horses.
Bowling Green
Kent State
Miami (Oh)
Western Michigan
Northern Illinois
Ball State
Central Michigan
Eastern Michigan


I'm looking at Harrow & Hunter to lead Ga St back to the top but this time they'll win SunBelt T and go dancing. Also WKY is now in the CUSA.


Georgia St
Arkansas St
Arkansas-Little Rock
South Alabama
Texas State
UL Lafayette
UL Monroe
Appalachian St
Georgia Southern


Dec 18 Sunbelt- Ga Southern beat  Southern Florida (AAC). MAC C. Michigan beat Northwestern.


JAN  12, 2015:  Two division leaders meet Saturday Jan 17. Ball St led by Turner & Sellers atop the east and Bowling Green led by  Richaun Holmers (14.8 ppg , 8.7 rpg) atop the west

Sunbelt: top two teams meet Jan 15:

LA-Lafayette(10-5, 4-0 Sun Belt) led by Shawn Long @
Ga. Southern (10-3, 3-1 Sun Belt) led by Jelani Hewitt
 Jan 17, 2015
ULM has joined  LALaf, and GSA atop the league at 4-1,and Ark-LR today.
MAC: Buffalo atop the East,  C.Mich atop the West
Jan 23, 2015
ULM (12-6, 6-1) has won four in a row since a loss to GSU and sit atop the  Sunbelt. Solid team effort- top stat man is
T. Ongwae 13.9  ppg  6.6 rbg



Jan 26, 2015

Kent State led by Jimmy Hall ( 15.1 ppg, 7.2 rbg) has won five in a row and sits atop the East


Jan 31 watch those GA schools in the Sunbelt today. First place GA Southern have won three in a row and host Ark LR. Jelani Hewitt is the top Eagle. Their next game is against  the second place GA St sqaud that hosts  Ark St today.


Feb 1

Harrow led to GA St to an easy win over Ark St while Hewitt led GAS over Ark-LR.

Feb 5 showdown Ga St at Georgia Southern.



Rating my CUSA hoops' predictions
Posted by Vapor52 on Sunday, January 25, 2015 at 7:23:19 AM

I'll link the original sources but on the left  are my picks, on the right is today's standings.


On the left my prognostications. Nailed NT, way off on WKU.





1. UTEP Miners : Western Kentucky  
2. UAB Blazers |  Louisiana Tech  
3. Old Dominion Monarchs |  UAB  
4. Charlotte| Middle Tennessee  
5. Louisiana Tech Bulldogs | Old Dominion  
6. Western Kentucky Hilltoppers |  UTEP  
7.Southern Miss Golden Eagles- UT San Antonio  
8. Marshall Thundering Herd :  Rice  
9. Middle Tennessee Blue Raiders |  Florida International  
10. Florida Atlantic Owls |  Charlotte  
11North Texas Mean Green | North Texas  
12. Florida International Golden Panthers | Florida Atlantic  
13. UTSA Roadrunners | Southern Miss  
14. Rice Owls Marshall


CUSA/MAC/SunBelt hoops
Posted by Vapor52 on Sunday, January 19, 2014 at 7:54:19 AM

re-posted from


Yes, I know the SunBelt may only get one dance ticket, but I like learning and reviewing these three conferences football and basketball programs.

CUSA misses Mempis and La Tech is off to a 2-0 start to fill that void. Raheem  Appleby leads the team with 16.1 PPG. Watch out for ODU, a one time stalwart CAA program.

1/19/13:Denzell Taylor’s 14 points helped  ODU comeback and beat FAU yesterday. Another surging team is Charlotte> How about that win yesterday: Terrence Williams scored twice in the final 42 seconds – including a game-winning dunk at the buzzer – as North Carolina-Charlotte slid past North Texas 76-74.

MAC- Buffalo( J.McCrea-16.8 PPG) leads the East &  W.Mich ( David Brown-18.9) leads  the West.

1/17/14 Akron is 3-0 in conference play but the Zips are sluggish today (Jan 18) on their to losing to Toledo.

SunBelt-  Ga St has been slow on the gridiron, but the Panthers’ cagers are off to a 3-0 conference start. Ryan Harrow leads the squad with 18.6 PPG. GA St now 4-0.

1/19/13: GA St moves to 5-0 in conference play: R.J. Hunter scored 25 points and Manny Atkins had 22 points as Georgia State in a 99-73 win over Arkansas-Little Rock on Saturday.


Mid majors: CUSA, MAC, Sunbelt
Posted by Vapor52 on Monday, September 09, 2013 at 9:21:06 AM

I have previews and week 1 @ 2 quick hits over at Wordpress.


How about Cato's Kids at  Marshall. Joe Montanas's boy Nick at Tulane. Bowling Green off to a good start.


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Sporting Clue(less)
Posted by Vapor52 on Tuesday, August 20, 2013 at 9:00:43 AM

It still irks me that I have to surf FBook, You gab sports, macapp  etc  to find the SNers' blog entries  I used to get at one site. I guess the SN  sinking bottom line pushed the corporate honchos to radicallly F up their site. Since the print version of  SN was once  the baseball Bible, the baseball   tales & knowledge at the site were excellent. I  was about 12 & recall giving my parents saved coins so they'd send a check to Sporting News, and then I spread the paper mag  on the floor to read it

So it goes:


I'm pushing myself to write daily and pursue literary/politically/musical commentary at

and this year I'm pushing myself out of my sports comfort zone  working on Wordpress blogs on the MAC, CUSA, and  Sunbelt football conferences, which are featured at a

Speaking of pigeon holes. I went to an engineering high school then  earned a BA in English so I've received plenty of      at job interviews over the years. 
 Back to the accounting and inventory software to pay the bills.

I'll leave you with  Tragically Hip, great Canadian rockers.  Pigeon Camera


Fantrax College FF-FU to CBS, Yahoo Pickem
Posted by Vapor52 on Friday, July 26, 2013 at 7:40:08 AM

CBS was the best of a weak field in a College Fantasy football, and this season they didn't offer free leagues so I moved to Fantrax and have done my best to keep the scoring simple and free. PM me an email address if you're interested  in any of these leagues..posting a link and password won't cut it.



1)ACC, Big10, SEC, & AAC (old big East)- 

2) Big12 , MWC.Pac12, IND.

3) CUSA, Sunbelt, & MAC  (really need help with this league)


Yahoo Pickem: CUSA & Yahoo defaults

click join league, then insert  

Group ID#: 363
Password: terp79




One last name per team
Posted by Vapor52 on Monday, June 17, 2013 at 7:16:46 AM

Lately, NBCSN has been doing a Mt Rushmore - four faces per NFL team. My list is based more on my gut,- what comes to mind immediately. 

Colts- Unitas
Browns- Brown (Jim & Paul)
Bears- Sayers
Saints- Manning (Archie)
Steelers- Green (joe)
Raiders- Stabler
Redskins- Baugh
Jets- Namath

Lions - Lane  (Bobby & Night train) Yes, I cheated since it Bobby Layne)

O's : Robinson (Brooks & Frank)
Tigers- Kaline
Red Sox- Yaz
Pirates- Clemente
Yanks- Mantle

Cards- Musial

Bulls- Jordan
Bucks- Alcindor
Lakers - Magic
Warriors- Barry (rick)
Supersonics- Haywood (spencer)

Bruins - Orr
BHawks- Mikita

Flyers- Clarke
Oilers- Gretzky


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