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  Been thinking of late, and yes that in itself is quite dangerous, of what will it take to make this Nation of our a great Nation again? Is it the money? We have quite a bit of debt and as a nation we are being devalued on several stock exchanges (please see previous posts). Is it our freedom? This has been altered and manipulated over several years to where we really are not free. We live in a strictly controlled environment that allows us certain controlled privileges, but not freedom. The system is too unjustly skewed for the rich and powerful that climbing that ladder encourages others to beat down the rival at all costs. We have certain days to celebrate on the calendar mainly because the businesses want to manipulate it to sell goods and services to consumers. It was not always like that, but since most of our GNP is based on how much we spend as a nation it has to be.

Chrysler has reported a first quarter earnings of 116 MILLION dollars net income since bailout of 2009 (yes it has been two years). All of the Detroit automakers have now reported a profit. But wait, They have also gotten back in bed with the same groups, although different names, that lead to the collapse of several years ago. Give back stop taking.

Bin Laden is dead and was killed the same day that the remains of Pope John Paul the II where exhumed for his beatification. Now the Catholics are taking credit for killing Bin Laden. So far Bush, Clinton, and even some peeps from Reagan administration have attempted to take credit for Bin Laden left eye shot while McDonald’s is attempting to patent/trademark Seal Team Six. Yes, corporate America are ran by devils.

Ok you this is one for the tip of the hat greed. Regardless of what you personally feeling are it is well know that smoking, dipping etc. is bad for your health. Any way you want to slice it is fine, it does not change that it is a carcinogen that destroys the body.  One out of every three cigs are smoked in China. Now here is how they did it:

“China’s leaf tobacco imports increased 18.7% in 2006 to a peak of 82,390 tons, and the value rose 26.2% to $409 mn. It now appears that the value for China’s leaf tobacco imports may be about $500 mn during calendar 2007. Purchases of US tobacco in the first half of 2007 had already reached 8,200 tons valued at $51 mn, a level near that for all calendar 2006. Imports have increased because of efforts to produce more quality premium cigarettes. China’s tobacco crop was relatively steady during 2004–06 at 1.8 mn tons dry weight. Cigarette output has shown slight gains recently, although dramatic changes are underway concerning the structure of cigarette manufacturing and marketing. ”

China National Tobacco Corporation is state owned so they received profits from taxing AND selling to the people of China which accounts for roughly 7% of the government’s revenues so when China passed a law for a smoking ban that is NOT enforced and has no fines if broken they clearly let their people know there place.


Ohh NBA finals start tonight….

Around the World with Madman
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Politicians really tick me the hell off.  I’m not sure if many have heard of the First Responders Bill that was essentially blast and denied, but the biggest slap is that the people who are First Responders have and added hurdle. They have to prove that they are not terrorist. REALLY. That is what our assholes came up with. Yet ANOTHER hurdle for paying the medical insurance that many of the First Responders have none of  since it was used up trying to save lives when the terrorists attacked.

What a bunch of nut-lickers.


Had to lighten the mood a little and post this video. The funniest part is that myself and a friend of mine was joking about this on Saturday past when this EXTREMELY HOT woman made a pass at both of us.,_Quebec

Asbestos kills, but that does not mean there is not a profit to it, right Canada? Cannot believe that they have the gall to sell this known carcinogen to India and other countries. Canada, you suck.

USPS is so smart and keen that they, being and American company and all, does not know what the hell Lady Liberty looks like. I guess what happens in Vegas goes not stay in Vegas. Great job USPS even TM the image!!

Lady Liberty Stamp

Most of us are now aware of Afghanistan and what is happen in that area regarding the war, terrorist activity and production of poppy. Yes they have some of the largest poppy field in the world and now it is tearing their country apart. The US is going in and destroying their fields before the next harvest and that is costing us as Americans millions. But this is one issue that I’m not complaining about. Nearly a tenth of the population is addicted to heroin (15-64) and in Kabul is roughly 2.8 million and over 100,000 addicts in Kabul alone and growing at over 140% from 2005-2009. At this pace one of the oldest cities will be decimated in about 10 years and with that brings a tougher situation than what we have now from that region. It is the making of a takeover of a country from whom ever wants it.

FCC-Comcast-NBC.. HOW

Push the merger through and get PAID. Yes the person responsible for that illegal merger of Comcast and NBC that HAD worked for the FCC and HAD pushed the merger through surprising took a position with Comcast as a Senior VP. Ahh I do so love honesty in big business. I just have not seen it.

(Meredith Attwell Baker 
Acting Assistant Secretary for Communications and Information

Meredith Attwell Baker serves as Acting Assistant Secretary for Communications and Information and Acting Administrator of the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA).  NTIA is the President’s principal adviser on telecommunications and information policy.  Named as Deputy Assistant Secretary in February 2007, Ms. Baker first joined NTIA as a Senior Advisor in January 2004, and also served as Acting Associate Administrator for the Office of International Affairs and on detail to the White House, Office of Science and Technology Policy.

NTIA advises and represents the Executive Branch on both domestic and international telecommunications and information policy activities.  With a core mission to promote market-based policies that encourage innovation and benefit consumers, NTIA pursues the effective and efficient utilization of radiofrequency spectrum by the federal government though its management of federal spectrum use; performs cutting edge telecommunications research and engineering, including resolving technical telecommunications issues for the federal government and private sector; and administers grant programs that support infrastructure and public telecommunications facilities.

To help facilitate the nation’s historic transition to digital television, NTIA administers programs to help make the transition affordable for consumers by providing coupons to eligible households that will defray the cost of digital-to-analog converter boxes; and to support interoperable communications systems for first responders using spectrum made available by the digital transition for public safety purposes.

The commissioner’s announcement comes four months after she voted to approve a joint venture between Comcast and NBC Universal.

In a March speech on the FCC merger process, she said that, in her opinion, “the NBC/Comcast merger took too long.”

The media reform advocacy group Free Press issued a statement criticizing Baker’s move. “This is just the latest -- though perhaps most blatant -- example of a so-called public servant cashing in at a company she is supposed to be regulating,” said Free Press president and CEO Craig Aaron. “The continuously revolving door at the FCC continues to erode any prospects for good public policy.”) fitting...

Around the World with Madman
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                                           Around the World with Madman "Inside the Grey Matter"

 Not sure how many have seen the movie “Inside Job”, however it is highly recommended by me. The thing that scares me is that not much if anything has changed regarding the past financial crisis to now. No one from that time has been persecuted and that in its self is a crime knowing that they manipulated a system and essentially caused the collapse of global markets while profiting on the collapse. This is why several other Nation refuse to bank with us or lend to our country. Mainly because the people that caused this fiasco are now running colleges and have government jobs overseeing the current administration with, guess what, fiscal responsibility. What a joke.

Eliot Spitzer (yeah that Eliot) spoke just recently about this issue and it is funny that Eliot, the only person why was against the merger (illegal merger) of Citicorp and Travelers (Citigroup) was Eliot and he was the only person that was busted for being with a prostitute.

Yet the Madam of Wall Street, Kristin Davis, who Eliot used openly said that several of her clients where from Wall Street and the banking firms, Eliot was the only one busted? You have to ask yourself if that is not speculative at best.

Patti Davis (Ronald Reagan’s daughter), has taken to writing. She recently wrote an article about Hinckley that was quite to the point and I had to wonder how many other would find some form of disgust with it. Essentially, John Hinckley is living on a government pay check with excursions, walks three hot’s and a cot but with no bars for the most part. Oh did I mention he tried to assassinate a President of The United States? Even though he failed he did manage to destroy the lives of several other people in the process mainly Jim Brady.

(Since 2000, Hinckley has been allowed unsupervised visits off hospital grounds. It began with overnight stays at his parents' house in Williamsburg, Va. Despite the government's objections and its argument that Hinckley still has a "narcissistic need" to impress women — a need that could again lead to violence — U.S. District Judge Paul Friedman has consistently sided with Hinckley's attorney, Barry Levine, and granted more and more freedom to the man who once called his assassination attempt "the greatest love offering in the history of the world."),8599,2061014,00.html

The first full face transplant was done here in Boston and it was apparently a success. That just shows the amount of growth in the medical field we have seen in just a short 5 year span. I wish him all the best.

Hope you have enjoyed. Comments are welcome.

Around the World with Madman
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Big oil is the cause of so much strife and conflict that the gov-ment is doing what it can to help the…uuhhh wait a minute. They are not trying to help the people, they are trying once again to create a ruse where it appears they are. But it is yet another play to blanket the American in confusion. They are fighting the Big Oil for their own political gain in the upcoming election. So Repukens and Demholecrats really are not out for the public’s well-being?

Not sure if you watch Jon Stewart but, he recently had the Governor of MA. On but the real show was the first 10 minutes. Hopefully you will enjoy.

So let me see if I have this straight. If you are a bank and you steal from the people you receive a bail-out.  If you are a person who profits from the banks as they are stealing you are a crook. I’m not the brightest bulb but it is not hard to note that so many have profited from the recession and some on the heels of others questionable behavior. But how can you define guilt when several parties are involved with the same similar action and both parties are not punished?


It is all about the signal strength as well as the SIZE of the network. So have you heard that T-Mobile is being bought by AT&T? Many think that this is the old “Big Brother” just becoming big again. Real reason is the GSM network (The T-Mobile PCS network uses GSM technology. GSM stands for Global System for Mobile Communications. GSM is the international digital radio standard created by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute). AT&T needs a bigger one (like who doesn’t) and the cost of building one is hundreds of billions of dollars so buying T-Mobile is a STEAL 39 billion while also acquiring a moderate customer base with the business model. Yep, the fat lady is singing.

Robert "Tractor" Traylor died of and apparent heart attack at 34 years of age. Thirty-four years YOUNG. No other way to say this and not sound course but, we have and obesity issue here and it does not shock me that he died from a myocardial infarction or MI for short mainly because of his size and that he had already surgery on his aorta previously. This is why I personally believe that college sports exploits so many. He could have had a college degree but was pushed to play ball instead and win for Michigan. No the answer escapes me but this sure as hell is not it.

Do you Skype? Well do it quick before it becomes MSN Messenger. Skype (and eBay company believe it or not) sold its interest to Microsoft leaving the current CEO in place of Skype and he reports directly to Steve Ballmer of MSN.  What is the significance? Skype/eBay made out like a bandit netting several billion in the deal. MSN make out well also with the large customer base in place and walking ad agency that they now own called whatever they call it.



And fuck you Prince Andrew or whatever the fuck ever your name is….

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