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Deep Thoughts 3-6-2013
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Hello and welcome to another Wednesday of deep thoughts. I have been watching with interest what is happening in Anaheim this spring. The Angel’s brass have spent big bucks bringing Albert Pujols in last year and more recently…adding Josh Hamilton. Loyalty is something that is generally missing today. As fans, we bemoan this fact when our favorite players leave for a better offer. Mike Trout had a season for the ages last year. Only a Triple Crown season by Miguel Cabrera prevented Trout from receiving the MVP. So…how did the Angels reward him? Trout got a $20,000 bump to his league minimum salary. Now, most of us would be very happy with the $515,000 that Trout will receive this year. But, it truly is a slap in the face of sorts for Trout. Why did Anaheim do this? Because they could… Now don’t get me wrong, that is a bunch of money. I think I could live even live comfortably in LA for that kind of money. But, what sort of message does this send to Trout? As fans we grumble when older players get a fat contract even as their skills are beginning to wane. It seems we have it backwards. Wouldn’t it make more sense to pay a player for playing great now versus paying how they played years ago? Mike Trout handled the snub correctly. Although his agent squawked about the deal, he kept his mouth shut. He knows that his payday is coming, but I wonder which MLB team it will be that writes that check? The Angels have certainly given him a reason to consider other offers. For all the saber metric talk about Trout’s defense last year in center field, this year Trout is being moved to left field. Hmmm…I wonder if Texas could use a center fielder? Or maybe my Astros? By the time Trout is a free agent, the Stros might be relevant again…or maybe not.


But not enough to pay Trout...



Speaking of the Texas Rangers, there has been a rearranging of management duties in Arlington. There has been a rumor Nolan Ryan may be leaving his job as CEO. I hope the rumor is false as I think Ryan is has been a huge part of the success in Texas. Daniels and Ryan have made a great team, but I guess I won’t be surprised if egos force the breakup. It is too bad if it happens.







Other big news from spring training is that the Tigers Rondon has absolutely sucked in his closer role. Reports have the Tigers looking seriously to add someone to fill this role. Hopefully, the Tigers don’t look for the Cubs help as Carlos Marmol is not the answer to replace Valverde. Another possibility mentioned is trying Rick Porcello as the closer. I actually think that might work. Of course, does Porcello want to be the closer? Another possible choice is to trade Porcello to Texas for Ogando. That is a very intriguing possibility. What about it Tiger fans? This team is too good not to have a guy to take care of the 9th inning…




This just in…the New York Yankees are old and they suck…and ARod still gets paid.





Best of luck with your rehab, Alex...





Not everyone in spring training is happy, happy, happy…Dusty Baker and Kirk Gibson got in a bit of a conversation over whether or not to use a DH for their spring game this week. One had a player returning from injury ready to hit, but not field and the other did not want the DH. This change happens all the time, but Gibson apparently denied Baker’s request the day before. Baker went ahead with is lineup card as planned and Gibson refused. Baker refused to shake Gibson’s hand before the game…hilarious. It is spring training guys! Be happy!!



In case you are wondering, the Chicago Blackhawks won again…23 and counting. Sully says it won’t matter when it is playoff time and I suspect he is right.



I saw yesterday that the NRA has stepped up to be a NASCAR sponsor. I bet Qwazier has a comment or two about this, so I won’t dig too deep here.



Apparently Joe Flacco’s recent contract was about respect. That may be true, but I bet he enjoys the money anyway. I do get the comment about the contract being about is just hard for most of us to swallow.


Johnny Football had a difficult time swallowing someone else profiting off his nickname. Did you hear that on the advice of his attorney, that Johnny Football has trademarked his name? For me, that was not as surprising as the NCAA ruling that he could keep any money earned by suing those sued for using his trademark. Now, this does not mean he gets paid when he turns pro, but now...while still an athlete. Is this confusing to you? I know it is to me. What is even more strange is that Manziel risked NCAA violations by not taking action to protect his nickname as it was a violation to allow others to profit from his nickname? Apparently, if he or Texas A&M did not take action that he risked losing his eligibilty...what?? This makes no sense. What kind of show are you guys running here? Some guy sells Johnny Football tee shirts without his permission or knowledge and Johnny Manziel risks losing his eligibility? Crazy, I say! The NCAA has opened a door that they may wish remained closed. if they allow Manziel to keep the money he makes from suing those that are ripping him off...who do you think has the deepest pockets for suing? The guy making a few bucks selling tee shirts or the millions the school and the NCAA are making off of Johnny Football and others? Am I missing something? As Tom Hanks said in "Big"..." I don't get it." I really don't...

There will be those that paint Johnny Manziel as greedy. He has all of the trouble that goes along with fame, but none of the benefits. They guy was bothered each and every day by students wanting to take pictures to tweet or post on facebook. Now he takes all of his classes online and gets blasted for being an arrogant big shot. The NCAA told him he might be ruled ineligible if he allowed others to profit from his name, so he trademarked his nickname. Now, others want to blast him for this...very strange to be Johnny Football. I bet he can't wait to be done with the NCAA.






Life as Johnny Football is tough, but as Scooby is not bad. Halloween 2012.


 be young again.





Blake’s Warriors played the best team in their first district game. The result was not great. They lost 7 to 1. Pretty sad really…they really beat themselves. The Dragons scored 3 in the first and 4 in the second inning on errors, and bleeders. They had one ball hit hard. Our ace had a tough time fielding his position, so he was pulled after two innings to save him for a return on Saturday. Blake blistered a double to left center to drive a run home and threw out a runner attempting to steal second. Hopefully they learned a lesson about composure. Good baseball is about making the plays you are supposed to…

That is all I have today, but I will leave you with a bit of Jack Handey…


“Somebody told me it was frightening how much topsoil we are losing each year, but I told that story around campfire and nobody was scared at all.”


“You know what would make a good story? Something about a clown who makes people happy, but inside he’s real sad. Also, he has severe diarrhea.”



Thanks for stopping by and feel free to leave a few deep thoughts of your own…





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