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Monday Moaning 3-4-13
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Well here we are again...Another Monday...And another post I'm not really in the mood to do...But you know me...I'll keep plugging away and try and give you something good to read...Or at least a nice opening pic...

In the Hockey world, the Chicago Blackhawks have extended their amazing run of not losing a game in regulation time...The Blackhawks beat rival Detroit in a shootout to take their record to 19-0-3...This is an impressive run...The 'Hawks have plenty of fire-power and have seen some great goaltending from Corey Crawford...Even Ray Emery in spot duty has been very good...Without a doubt, Chicago is the front runner to win the Cup...How long can they keep this streak alive?

Friday I posted Quick little Hockey story...If you missed it, you can find it HERE....

The weekend was full of us taking care of shit in Erie, PA for my inlaws...We did take a few hours to hang with some friends...It was a nice little breather...Then Sunday we had to get back home, so I could go to a wake...I had to say goodbye to an old co-worker/friend...

He was 30 years older than me, but he one of the guys...He was a salt of the Earth kind of guy...He served in Vietnam as a medic...One time he was working on a marine during a fire fight...His helmet had fallen off, and he was grazed in the head by a bullet...He did stop doing his job until some one grabbed him...He was a real man...He'll be missed.

Rest in peace "Old Hickory"

Hotch often tries to bring us some of the best hockey fights out there...Well, I've found the worst...



As for the rest of this post...Sorry gang, this week is short and sweet...I've fallen asleep 3 times trying to write this.

Have a week...

The Beeze.

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