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NASCAR Update And Other Fast Stuff 3-3-13
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WHOA....HEY....HOWDY....Welcome Gabbers and others to my NASCAR update and other fast stuff. We got fast stuff on the burner. There's fantasy picks too.   

We have a Daytona 500 recap, a Phoenix preview with fantasy picks, and hopefully the pictures show up. 

After the Daytona 500 Tony Stewart went to the Halifax Health Medical Center to visit some of the injured fans from the Nationwide race he had won. Tony was visibly upset when interviewed in victory lane.   NASCAR did not prompt him to go.

He spent over 2 hours talking with each fan and giving them each a signed Bass Pro Shops #14 cap. I know B.O.B. doesn't like my most handsome Knight of the Mobile 1 but this softer side of him comes out once in a while and it's one of the things that makes me love him as my driver.  He hugs puppies and kids too.....

It would seem that all injured fans have been released except for the 2 most injured. They're now stable and on the mend.

Michael Annett, the driver that was hurt in a head on crash into a safer barrier wall in the wreck just before the big one also was sent to the hospital. Turns out that on Thursday he went into surgery.  They put a metal plate and screws in his chest to put his sternum back in place. It was fractured and dislocated. 

His car is being torn apart to see if all parts and safety gear were operational and did their jobs. They also want to see if more can be done in the future for driver safety.

Also an outside team will be helping NASCAR to investigate the crash with Larson's car. They have impounded the car and all pieces to investigate what happened and where to go from here.



UH OH....conspiracy theory coming up. As you can see from the picture Jimmie is wrecking his front end as he spins into the grass to do a victory burn out on top of the Daytona logo painted on the grass. Right away people started screaming that he was trying to cover up an adjustment or an illegal part on the car by mangling the front end.

Where did they get that? Back a couple years ago Knaus was suspended for several races for an illegal part on the car. So he wasn't there when Darien Grubb called Jimmies win that year. Add to that some other fines and stuff with NASCAR plus back in October of 2010 Knaus told Jimmie over the radio he needed to back the car into the fence or at least mess it up to make sure it got through inspection and this is where the conspiracy theorists are coming from.

Jimmie said," I just wanted to get a cool picture down on the Daytona emblem. That's every drivers goal - to get on the emblem and do a burn out."

So there you have it. Just innocent fun. I believe him......



As of April 1st there will be no more flyovers at any more sporting events. This is a good thing as it saves tax payer dollars. It's a bad thing as it shows us all our military is there and it's just damn cool to watch and hear. So is it a cruel April fools joke or is it real? I suspect it's for real. Bummer.


So Jimmie won. My most handsome knight of the Mobile 1 got punted on lap 33 when Kahne went for a spin from Kyle's bumper. Took out Harvick too. Sucked for my fantasy league. Stewart and Harvick went to the garage for repairs and came back many laps down but got those valuable points.

Thought Gordon was going to have a repeat of last year where his motor blew up but he managed to keep his motor in tact by hanging back in the 20's to cool it off and finish the race.

Edwards was bit by that wreck bug all of race weeks. He wrecked in all the events including practice. In the garage he vowed to come back strong at Phoenix for the win. Just the same, if I were another driver, I'd stay far away from Edwards.

Kyle and Kenseth both blew motors with about 50 laps to go while it was a Kenseth- Hamlin - Kyle 123 lead for JGR. Wonder if JGR got their reliability issues fixed in the off season? Don't look like it. 

And our Danica came in 8th. She stayed up there in the top 10 all day but didn't have the experience to pull off a win. Congrats Ms Danica.



Some stats. Jimmie has most wins at 4 of modern drivers. Harvick has 3. Gordon has 19 top 10's and Martin has 21 top 10's. Score one for the old guy.

With Daytona now behind it's off to see how things are really going to start. Who will be the team or teams that got their research on the new Gen 6 car down pat? Will this be the race we see a clear cut advantage due to the manufacturer specific front ends? 

This race track is a finesse track. A technical track. A driver needs to hit his marks every lap and all lap. The driver and crew chief must decide on which turns to set the car up for. Turns 1 & 2 have 11 degrees of banking. Turns 3 & 4 have 9 degrees of banking.

The old man Mark Martin took the pole with 138.074 (had the pole last year too) and both Saturday practices.  Followed by Kahne, Johnson, Kyle, Gordon, Stewart, Harvick, Kenseth and Newman. Hamlin had to change a motor so it's to the rear of the field on Sunday for the start. It's that JGR reliability I mentioned. 

Last year Stewart had issues with his fuel injection system. A breaker went out when he shut his car off during a caution lap to save fuel. He went 2 laps down and never recovered. He was in the top 10 most of the race. He's a #1 pick.

Harvick was leading but ran out of fuel on the last lap but had enough of a lead to take 2nd. He's a #1 pick.

Hamlin won last year. If his motor stays together he's a contender but that reliability issue makes him a #2 pick. His team mates Kyle and Kenseth too.

Mark Martin is a solid pick for #1. A pole last year and this year as well as 21 top 10's . 

Johnson had a 4th last year and he starts 3rd this year. Pick him with confidence.

Gordon and Edwards still seem to have the bad luck issues from last year. I'm shying away from them. But Biffle is a good bet.

Kahne is either on or he's wrecking. He spun on lap 23 and hit the wall last year. Came back but many laps down. He's a maybe.

Bowyer had 2 flat tires in 7 laps here last year. WTF!!!???? But his team mate Truex got a 7th place due to running out of fuel. Both are solid picks at this track. MWR doesn't have the reliability issue.

Keselowski had a 5th place even though he too ran out of fuel. He's a gimmie.

Danica? No Freaking way. She qualified 40th and was complaining the car was dancing on her. That would mean loose and that she hasn't figured out Phoenix yet. I wouldn't suggest her.

Dale Jr? Not one of his better tracks. I'll pass.

So there you have it folks. The short the skinny and the in between. This track will suit the veterans. Logano might give us a surprise appearance. Maybe Montoya too. They came in 10th and 11th last year. So I hope this was helpful. Any one still interested in joining the league, it's not too late. Daytona is a flukie track and kind of a waste. I plan on digging out of the hole I'm in. You can to. Please do join us at ESPN. Checkered Past is out group and Gabbers is the password.

Well, it's Sunday. It's now March and winter is going to throw a last hoorah at the east coast. I'm hoping it misses us. But any way, get out that grill and clean it up. It's grill a hockey puck day. Yeah...really........OK it's not but you can make something up to do today. Have a great time doing it. It's time for me to run off to breakfast. And.....

I'm outta here.....






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