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Ok Kids... Show Of Hands
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Show of hands...

It's opening weekend for the NFL and every team will be on the field and depending on your cable or satellite carrier, and unless your Mo, and they just hate you anyway... You should be able to see them all on your TV too.

So my question is this...

Who is going to watch Game 1 of the WNBA Championship???


My plan is to thoroughly piss off the wife by hiding in my room and televisiphonernetting with Sully and anyone else that will listen to me rant about how my fantasy team is fucking me and how the guy I am playing is cheating some how. My chair squeaks when I lean back too far in it... I am going to try and keep track of how many times she yells at me for it... hehehe

Speaking of fantasy games... Don't forget to jump in on the YGS-Pickem' Challenge Part Deux!!! The link takes you to Sully's post with information and another link to take you to the league page to sign up.

Oh, hey Mo... I got a technician for you if you cable service goes out during the game...


Just a quickie today everyone... Had to ask how many would be tuning in to see the nags tip off at 3 on Sunday?


That's what I figured...


Happy NFL-ing everyone!!!

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