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Storminnorman's Sports Blog 3-10-12
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Well guys it has been kind of a rough week around the old house, kids getting sick, wife is sick which makes everyone miserable around here and to top it all off the Colts release Peyton Manning. Not that I am a big fan of the Colts, but I really like Peyton Manning. Jim Irsay must think the Colt's fans are real idiots, he then released one of Peyton's favorite targets Dallas Clark. That is a real sign that you are starting your team from scratch, I sure hope Andrew Luck is not a big bust, because Irsay will be paying for the decision and the way he handled  this situation for quite a long time if he is.

How can you throw him under the bus like this, after all he has done for the organization, returning the Colts to contenders after years of being an NFL doormat. It is a classless, gutless act if you ask me but one that was necessary deeming the circumstances. I guess if you want something bad enough, you are willing to sacrifice your fan base in order to get it. Just ask the Lions, they went 0-16 in order to  rebuild that team, so I guess it does not matter.

As spring training ends, and our fantasy teams are being drafted for the upcoming seasons. I thought I would  share a little bit of what is to come for the American League pitchers this year. I hope this man hits about 30 or 40 of these this year, and earns his $210 million  contract that he signed for not too long ago.

And as for what has been the norm for my week, my freakin flash is acting like a piece of crap so I will ask you this question, does anyone outside of golf actually care if Tiger Wood's ever wins another tournament?

Today is the day that they announce the 65 teams for the NCAA basketball tournament, where they will play next week is anyone's guess. I will make a prediction now, the NCAA Champs will not come out of Michigan. Michigan and Michigan State are two of college basketball's most bipolar teams. One day they look great, the next day they look like my local high school team could play against them and win. I liked a few teams that I was fortunate to watch this week in their tournaments, but none really stood out like they were  going to knock everyone off in the tournament and become champions this year.

Go Indians, even though I don't think anyone really thinks you have a chance to win the Central Division this year outside of Cleveland. The Tigers are going to need someone to push  them, because truthfully I think they think they have this division won with the signing of Prince Fielder......

Thanks for reading my post, see you all next week after my final exams are finished.






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