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You know this lockout thing in sports by the owners has grown pretty old with me, even though I will miss the NFL more than the NBA because I really would rather watch football then basketball anyway. How can a bunch of rich greedy overpaid millionaires (for which is totally the owners fault) in the first place sit there and complain about not getting their fair share of the television revenue? If we the common person were to strike, we would be told by our employers to accept what they had to offer  (which happened to me a couple of years ago), or plan to sit for a long time in the cold weather without nothing but strike pay.


Why is it when that a player would rather not make a few concessions, instead of being greedy and wanting more? The players already make more money for 82 games, then most of us will ever see in our lifetime so why not go out there and play for the love of the game like the founding fathers did (most had to work other jobs) just to feed their families during the offseason.On the other side though, I can see the owners will sit this out for the long haul because after all this is saving them money the longer these lockouts continue. I just feel for the lower paid rookies who didn't sign or have the opportunity to sign for the kind of money that the higher draft picks did, even though in most cases whatever new agreement they do reach will benefit them in the future, how will they survive? I know I would not do so well if I was on strike, bills don't pay themselves they still keep coming anyway. We all know, that the owners will write this off as a loss if their is no season in either sport, because they won't have the extra stadium and television revenue from the games played, however, they will still survive as will most of the smart players who did not blow their millions of dollars that they make during the season.


Just a quick question or poll for you to chew on, who are your top ten players any position in MLB? I will give you a short list of who I think fit in:


C- Victor Martinez, Alex Avila

1B- Adrian Gonzalez, Miguel Cabera

2B- Robinson Cano

3B- Placido Polanco

SS- Starlin Castro

OF - Granderson, Ichiro, Heyward


P- Hamels, Verlander, Sabbathia, Lester, Romero, Rivera (even though he is older now, his cutter is still the best). Polanco has the best glove in baseball and hits nearly .300 every year at his position. These are just a few of my thoughts, feel free to compare notes......

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