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The NFL has gone through the roughest period in league history of the past few weeks. Letís face the league that seems to have itís crap together has gotten diarha. The league is facing an image problem that makes congress look like choir boys. Ow we all know that a lot of players in the league are just not good guys they have been a lot of arrests over the past few years mainly petty crap and substance related offenses just young guys being stupid.

Last year a young man from the Chiefs committed suicide do to domestic problems.Then Ray Rice,beating the crap out of his girlfriend, Adrian Petersen beating the crap out of a 4 year old and a host of 5 or 6 other guys now waiting out the legal fall out of their misdeeds.against girlfriends and spouses alike. The league that controls everything canít seem to control their most important element their players.

Letís face it we all know a lot of these guys arenít angels† and have bad and shady pasts Aaron Hernandez for instance. Letís also face it if this stuff didnít find itís way to the media Ray Rice and Adrian Petersen would be playing on Sunday. The fact is in todayís society people are looking to expose what they perceive aswrong doing and in both these cases as in others this exposure should be brought to the attention of at the very least the authorities.

But where do we cross the line where does it go to far and like I say I donít think it went to far in these cases. We have seen countless stories of a bus driver taking a snooze and some one takes a picture and sends it to his boss . the guy looses his job maybe he worked a second job or Overtime and is taking a cat nap tobe more efficient with passengers on board..

I guess that is our society today we are able to hide be hind a twitter handle or a blog name and make a snap judgment without all the facts. The case in hand the NFL needs to do a better job of screening some of these kids coming in the league. They need to get them help before it explodes into the mess they are dealing with now. This is probably not the first time Ray Rice or any of these other guys hit a omen this is the time they got exposed same for Pedersen.

The NFL has a cack in the shield and Iím not sure they know how to handle it. They suspended a bunch of players with charges pending maybe that is a way but it seems reactionary to instead of proactive. This like the government changing a law because of one incident happens at th state level all the time. The league needs to be proactive in preventing this stuff and Iím just not sure if they can. They can control a lot of things but they canít control human nature. I think the rash of suspensions are reactionary partly so they donít have a repeat of the mess over the past couple of weeks and partly due to some major sponsors voicing there not liking the way the league is handling things. Anhuser Busch and Nike have told the league they arenít pleased and Iím sure a few others as well.

Letís face it we like the game and we will all be watching our teams on Thursday, Sunday, and Monday. But league has developed an image problem far worse than the NBA ever had and they just arenít sure how to handle it. Eventually it will all go away and be forgotten at some point but for now I wouldnít want to be the sheriff.

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Each week I look at the college and NFL schedules and whatís on local TV. This past week, three games†piqued my interest. Michigan-Notre-Dame, New Enngland at Miami and Indy at Denver. I actually found some time to watch all three and all three were major disappointments. Notre Dame totally dominated Michigan in every aspect of the game . Unfortunately, you actually expected a game since that rivalry is going away†(as the announcers kept reminding us). Notre Dame looked unstoppable against a confused Michigan team.

New England played a decent first half and then the wheels fell off the bus. Unable to advance the ball and get a first down in the second half, Brady found himself Mankin less and it showed often playing from the ground. Miami did a great job of rushing 4 and dropping 7. This is probably the worst half of Football in Bradyís tenure..If†New England couldnít stop Knowshon Moreno on the ground†, how will they stop Adrian Peterson this week?

I thought that Indy would give Denver a game but that was to be a 24-0† Denver lead at the half. I was done and†turned it off. Indy got a couple of touchdowns late†in the second half losing 31-21. All three games were a bust.

I was watching highlights of the Cubs and the Pirates this week on MLB and for some reason it just had a 70ís feel to it. Maybe because the highlights I saw were from Wrigley and it looked a bit overcast but It just had an old school look to them. I Ďm liking more and more the kid for the Pirates Josh Harrison, he may not put superstar numbers but I havenít been this excited to see a kid play since Kirby Puckett. He isnít Trout and probably never will be but he is a kid that hustles and makes a difference in the game. If you havenít seen him play take a look.

The Red Sox just got swept by the Orioles and they may have to shutdown Dustin Pedroia for the rest of the season with a nagging hand and wrist injury, The Red Sox just are lost out there. However, itís fun watching some of the younger players get there chance like Brock Holt and Mookie Betts. Xander Bogarts has had his struggles as has Will Middlebrooks., The Sox sent Jackie Bradley Jr. back to the minors great defense no bat. Bradley and Bogarts were both hyped by the local media as the next coming both have struggled. Meanwhile Holt and Betts both kind of slipped in there and have played ok on a bad team.

Ray Rice has gotten too much attention over the last week. The NFL dropped the ball on this big time. There will be some firings over this and it may cost the Commish some of his hard guy image. Does anybody doubt Rice will play in the NFL again? There is no doubt in my mind . The spin will be he rehabbed and is getting anger management and he deserves a second chance. I donít buy it he should be suspended for life. The part that will get me is when people start making him a victim of a tough circumstance. It just doesnít fly take responsibility for the actions. Not sure why the girl married him† but she did and she is sticking by him. Iím guessing that KO punch wasnít the first time either. Please donít make him the victim.

Thursday Night NFL The Domestic Violence Bowl Pittsburgh and Baltimore

Lil Warriors Report (Can I still use Warrior or is that going to offend the PC)

The Hockey season started for LIL Lanz the boys played a decent game on Sunday 3-1 loss. Lil Lanz got an untimely hooking penalty. They just came off a penalty kill late in the game, .He asked me after the game was it a hook I told no doubt about it. He played as a blueliner for the first time and did ok and he is begging the coach to go back to forward. the boys looked sharp in there new red uniforms and gray socks and I give †credit to the league keeping the Warrior Logo on the jersey.

Laser played his first High School soccer match (like that match instead of game). The boys should have won they lost 1-0. The played a† great game had a ton of chances just couldnít put the big ball in the big net. Over it next to it not in it.. Yesterday they got killed 5-1 against a team that had to cut 30 kids from the freshman team.

Laser is shooter at a local hockey goalie camp. He is shooting on some HS goalies and rings one off the post and the puck split in half. The goalies and the other shooters at that station including the coach( a local HS varsity) coach were all in disbelief. Laser has an accurate shoot but it isnít that hard of a shot by any stretch of the imagination. Just a strange weekend for him. He is playing fall Baseball 7 game season. We had some severe weather on Saturday. So he gets up to bat late in the game and asks the umpire . if he saw the lighting strikes. The guy says yes now get in the box. Game ended about two minutes later after a few came close and than just a nasty bit of weather.

Zebra Tales.

I† did some Youth Football last weekend. I will tell you it just sucks to have the clock operator not paying attention. to the signals on the field. We are signaling time out and constantly yelling at the guy to put time back on the clock. I signaled timeout with 3:48 left in the game and the guy ran the clock down to 1:12, This was a low level game so we werenít to concerned with the play clock. I was hoarse after that. Finally we stopped trying to have him reset the clock . We just used the clock on the field. Then the guy starts on the mic ďWhat is the correct TimeĒ I get it itís not an official on the clock like it is in an HS game but that guy is there every week at that venue.just stop talking and pay attention.

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Itís here finally, after months of waiting, after weeks of questioning why they play 4 preseason games, after a host of injurie, arrests, and suspensions itís back. Yeah, despite it all . Despite most of us think the league is getting wimpy. The NFL is back and itís the best entertainment value out there.

Itís better than the best blockbuster movie, itís more entertaining than a Broadway how, and itís certainly far better than any of that reality crap on the networks. Plain and simple Football is back .

Our thrist for the game is unbelievable but damn itís time to put the yardwork aside . your work problems† aside, or stress aside. Itís time emmerse your self for a few well deserved hours of entertainment on a Sunday afternoon or a Thursday night or a Sunday, or a Monday Night. Itís football time and it counts starting tonight with GREEN BAYand the defending Professional Football Champs SEATLE..They will hype this one game to no end . Ithink the NFL network will be reporting starting at noon.† I just want the game to entertainment me donít need the pomp† to go with it.

There are always questions going into the Football season which of the 32 teams raise to the top. Which improve, which are surprisingly good and which are surprisingly bad. Who upsets who in a given week. Are Brady and Manning nearing the end. What about Brees or Rogers. How about all the young group? Andrew Luck does just continue to get better? Mathew Stafford does he get the Lions in the playoffs, Sam Bradford wait never mind out for the season. The there is Johnny Baseball Cap and Clipboard but people are saying he will be the week 4 savior of CLEVELAND. I think he will remain Johnny Baseball Cap and Clipboard sorry Espin..

In NEW ENGLAND can Gronk stay healthy, will Brady stay upright withoutMankins. The guy when he played for the AFC NEW YORK team everybody here hated Darelle Revis now he is an icon here.

Of course there was a a bunch of college football on from Saturday to Tuesday just to get your appetite wet. I donít like big college football games in week 1 . Of course itís made for TV. To draw you in. There were some good ones but the season starting on a beautiful Saturday and in August is tough. Locally, they hyped the Boston Collge ĖUmass game at Gillette Stadium damn thing wasnít even on TV. BC won 30-7. Both schools hyped the crap out of it. Billboards along I-93 North as you leave Boston Radio adds, TV sports, and countless emails from BC athletics. The New England Sports Network who carries the ACC on Saturdays had Georgia Tech and Wohlford. Please explain how that is any different from BC and UMass..

Itís funny getting back to the Professional Football itís picked apart analyzed like itís brain surgery. Over analyzed. Then when it comes right down to it. Itís still blocking , tackling, running, passing, and positioning. .Again itís the ebst entertainment fo my money.

September is here and well are going full force . laser was going to run Cross Country than found out he had a good shot of making the freshman soccer team.So he switched and made the team. He has had practices for the past few weeks so the Mrs. Stayed home from Maine and myself , Lil Lanz and my man dan Lasers twin. Spent a few days back in Maine. Laser and the Mrs came up Friday Night . We had a ball just driving around going to the bunch spent some time up in Kennebuckport.. That is kind of cool little place to walk around on of the restaurants had live music outdoors so you could here it as you walked around all the lil shops. It was fun. I think the highlight of the weekend was our town up there had a huge bond fire to end summer up on the beach with more live music and plenty of red cups..

Lil Lanz had his first hockey practice of the season. He is one of 5 that remains with this team some moved up and some moved on but the same coaches which is awesome. Skating all summer he really showed on the Ice Last night as like Seattle they are defending Champs of the Valley League. Enjoy the Games..

This week I go from 3 kids in Middle school and 1 in High School to 3 in High School and 1 in middle school. Lil Lanz gets a brand new Middle school starting today. The kids in town all wanted to watch the old school get torn down unfortunately they have been doing it stages over the past month.

My season starts this week with a couple of Youth Football Games and some NFL play 60 flag football games. High School next week.

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First of all I would like to thank IHM for filling in last week and he doing his usual great job. We had a great vacation last week with a couple of other families from our town. We all had a great time up on the coast of Maine. I walked 4.5 miles every morning with my friend George . an hour and half with just good adult conversation. Before we started our days with the wives and kids.

The final all important third preseason game is over and done with. We still donít have a clue sure we know Wes Welker wonít be playing anytime soon or shouldnít be playing anytime soon. Three concussions in 10 months itís time to walk away. As a matter of fact how many more has he had that havenít been reported or that he has played with? Welker has had a noble career as a Dolphin, Patriot, and Bronco. Itís time to leave the game no questions asked no failure just time to save yourself for later life.

Sam Bradford is out for the season as well. After going down against the Browns last week. Again that all important preseason game. Michael Sam is still a Ram and the poor reporting from ESPN was just horrible. Sending a female reporter that violated Rams media protocol and then reports that a player told her that Sam waits to take a shower is just hard hitting reporting. This is the biggest non story there is Sam made the 75 man roster and ESPN was ready if he got cut. We didnít need to no any more. I think people havenít even thought about Sam other than the media especially ESPN keeping that story alive. Then again now that Johnny Football is number2 in Cleveland there really isnít much to keep in the headlines.

The Seahawks were fined about 300k and100k of that was tacked on to Pete Carrol for violating the NFLís contact policy in mini camp. This is the second time in two years. The Seahawks will lose a couple of days of OTAís

The Patriots have traded Logan Mankins a typical Belichick move. He has down this with Lawyer Malloy and Richard Seymour. Mankins was a high paid offensive guard 6.5 million.and the spin is he doesnít block as well as he once did. In return the Patriots get Tight End Tim Wright which gives Brady another weapon if he stays upright. According to Jason Cole of the Bleacher report Brady is upset. Mankins was a Teddy Bruschi, Troy Brown type Patriots. That guy that was what the Patriots stood for the guy that kept things in the locker room. The guy the young guys went to for advice , the guy who also told the misfits to keep it in check. He will become Tampaís top O lineman but leaves a void with the Patriots.

How about that moron kid from USC who jumped off a balcony and said he was saving his nephew from the bottom of an apartment building pool. He already has admitted that he made that up. USC had suspended him from the football team. Eventually, we will find out what he really was doing and Iím guessing it wasnít anything good.

Itís almost back, Lil Lanz will be back with his Pee wee †Hockey team. First practice next Wednesday and first game next , We picked up his game jersey and socks the other night. The league went to a lighter jersey and moved back to our towns traditional colors of Red and Gray. The boys will be wearing Red Jerseyís with their names on their backs Black Hockey Pants and Gray Socks with Red and white stripes not sure how the new ensemble will look but the kids seem to be excited about it.

Thatís all I have spending afew more days in the North Country this week,.

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Our travels were long on Friday; the Mrs. dropped us at Bostonís Logan Airport at 8:00, Daughter was going on a college tour she needed to be there before 10. We took the quick flight down to Newark. From Newark we boarded a prop jet (my ass is still vibrating) . We landed in an airport in the middle of the woods, a ride on the 28X to Liberty and Wood ave and we were there.. We stayed at the Marriott on Penn Ave just a short walk over the Clemente Bridge up to PNC Park (lot Gabbers at PNC this week).

PNC Park lives up to all the hype, just a gorgeous ballpark. Seats are comfortable and the sightlines are great. The park is esthetically eye pleasing with it's architecture and yellow brick. the staff is friendly and it is very clean. It was a great expierence for me and the boys. Remember I'm used to America's Most Beloved and Uncomfortable ballpark . This is amajor league ballpark with a bit of aminor league feel to it and it works big time.

We saw the Pirates play the San Diego Padres and they were two good close games the Pirates winning 2-1 on Friday night and the padres winning 2-1 on Saturday Night. All the scoing in both games was done in the first inning. Friday night Jayson Nix played outstanding defense at 2nd base and Andrew McClutchen replacement who was playing right Gregory Polanco was outstanding and one of the newest exciting players in all of baseball is Josh Harrison. The one thing that stood out in both games were throwing errors mainly either on a steel or the flip on a double player they had to be 4 of them in the two games.

The boys had a ball. It was funny when we took off out of Newark the boys were sitting on the wrong side of the plane and missed the statute of liberty (something I think is still a great American landmark that just makes me proud to be an American everytime I see it. †Ok wiseass I know the French Gave it to us). Little Lanz says to me hey dad there is Metlife Stadium and there is the Jets practice facility. I say how do you know? he says because it says J_E_T_S in big green letters.

What I found amazing was people go to the ball game by boa,t and Iím not talking Kayaks. Iím talking some really nice boats, they tailgate on the riverwalk and then go to the game. Itís pretty cool. The people that we encountered were all very nice and very friendly and yeah we left anything Red Sox or patriots home. We did find it funny we had two older couples sitting near us Friday night from Pittsburgh the folks in front us were from Connecticut and had sign saying we are here to cheer all the ex Yankees and Mets. So they start the wave and one of kids in his 20ís scratches the back of his poster ?tag Ban the Wave, we got a good laugh out of that someone said not bad for Yankee and Mets fans and I had to speak up "you have Red sox fans here too" . The guy from Pittsburgh just groans, it was funny as hell.

We arrived in downtown Pittsburgh at about 3:30pm on Friday and couldnít believe how quiet it is compared to Boston on a Friday at that time- the City is a mess with gridlock and all that stuff, just a lot of hustle and bustle and people.

My favorite person we encountered on the trip was a vendor working at the Primattiís Brother stand in PNC Park. Older probably in her 60ís Black women just doing her job just full of personality. She handed girl like 5 sandwiches and 4 drinks and the tray was going to spill she looks at the boyfriend and says get in her and help her baby. It was like she was talking to one of her grand kids. She was just awesome.

Saturday Night was Fireworks Night and they did an awesome display from the River and then they shot some off from the top of a couple of sky scrappers it was awesome.

Saturday we walked all around Pittsburgh and had lunch at the Jerome Bettis Grill kind of the only reason we had lunch there because it was the Jerome Bettis Grill. We also walked around Heinz Field and the science center, They have an very nice Law Enforcement memorial just across from Heinz Field. A nice tribute to Police officers killed in the line of duty, Sunday the boys saw a two huge freight trains which we donít see too often in Boston. They couldnít believe how long they were, stretching three bridges one going east on going west. That was our weekend adventure..

The boys and I got home about 9:30 Sunday night. They had Hockey Camp on Monday. Got home early enough to watch the last half hour of Mondays camp . they were dragging their ass on their skates. The camp is run by BU goalie coach Mike Geragosian. Mike looks at me and says they will sleep well tonight I said they sure will.

Looking for a hardy volunteer to take my Thursday spot next week Iíll be away. (Thanks to IHM for volunteering).

Boys outside Console Energy Center Big Statute of Mario Lemeuix

Outside the Penguins Admin Offices

OK I Know it was a Baseball Trip

Heinz Field

OOps Baseball

Boys with the Pitt Panther

I Know baseball

Boys across the Alleghany River Guess what's in the Background

Boys on the Clemente Bridge

Big Statute of Clemente

The #1 Jersey seen at PNC Park more Clemente Jersey's followed by McClutchen

Big †Statute of Stargel

(lots of Big Statutes)

Found Lots of Fountains and Big Statutes in Pittsburgh

Big Fountain at Point State Park

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