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Tags: Patriots. Another Gate and Another Superbowl.

The Patriots are in the Supebowl and they have another gate to hurdle. They got by Videogate and David Tyree made sure they paid for it. After all they were videotaping a New York Team the wrong New York team. Ok CSI Fans we have a Mystery what happened to 12 Footballs in the ten minute time between the Officials weighing them and handing them to the ball boy and the start of the game. Incidentally all balls were removed in the second half and a new 12 were put in play.

This is the way I understand it the equipment guy and the Quarterback pick the balls out. Then the Quarterback tells the equipment guy what to do with them rubb them scuff them kind of like a good Pitmaster preparing Ribs or Brisket. Then 2 and half yours before the game. 24 balls go to the officials 12 from each team for all the math majors out there.

The officials inspect them and gauge them. The penalty for an illegal ball is it is removed from the game. Kind of like baseball an illegal bat is removed from the game. Thatís the penalty. The penalty for tempering with the balls in that ten minutes is some disciplinary action fine or suspension or both whatever the league warrants as the right penalty. Knowing the NFL they will come down harder on the patriots then they did on Ray Rice and Adrian Petersen. Combined. Then again the Patriots have been clean for more than 32 games so that have to start fresh like Domincan Suh..

My guess like spygate this is a common practice that there is a wink and a nod with both teams and the Officials kind of look the other way even though they weigh the balls nothing is said until itís brought up. Sort of like an Illegal stick in Hockey.You don't tell the Ref to measure it until your down a goal and need a powerplay.

From my experience handling footballs you know if the thing feels over inflated or under inflated and yes I have thrown balls out of games because they are weigh under inflated† but then again the equipment managers we deal with are usually 15 and will forget their heads if they werenít attached. I know, I have two of them.

I think they will be enough blame to go around for everybody from the Hoodie, to the equipment guy to the officials. I think the NFL doesnít like a blackeye a week before their premiere event. Yeah! You are all going to watch anyway despite your protests against the Patriots and you will overcome your hate of Dick Sherman and watch anyway.

This should be a great game better than the Packers giving away the game to the Seahawks. Who seem to be getting the breaks at the right time. The little mishaps and miscues that fall in place for Championship Teams. Yeah the Patriots have gotten their breaks as well despite what people here in New England think. It all balances out. You know who I want too win I wonít bore you with that.

I also think the Patriots played better in the second half with the regular inflated balls then they did in the first half with the under inflated ones after all it was 17-7 and No rain at halftime. The rains kicked in at halftime and it poored. Laser and I got a couple of rainsuits before the game at Wal-Mart I felt like the Hoodie makng a great call .

As one of the Colts twitted they would have beat us with a bar of soap.

I can hear the 9000 press conferences Belichick will require to attend over the next week. His answers will be something like this. ďJust getting ready for Seattle, Youíll have to ask the league about that. Ask the officials. Just getting ready for SeattleĒ. Marshawn Lynch will be taking notes on how to give the media nothing as he will watch the master at work.

Here is the other part of the story kind of an ethical thing. A Colts player †intercepted a ball and knew it was soft. he did his job told the coaches who told the officials. The coaches also told it to the GM who called the league . he also tipped off an Indianapolis reporter †The ethical part was tipping off the press and knowing they would run with the story.Maybe it gets out anyway but I see it as it was calculated.

Lil Lakesiders

What can I say they played a USA Hockey playdown† tourney last Saturday and got smoked they played decent for 2 periods but couldnít capitailize on multiple scoring opportunities. Lil Lanz had a break away shot Glove side about two feet of the ice. Goalie snagged it like Dustin Pedroia going to his right. Lil Lanz didnít play well in this one he was kind taking a lot of the blame they scored 4 times when he was on the ice in the third as they switched him from Forward to defense. Coaches kept telling him it wasnít his fault. I love these coaches. I hope coach Dennis recovers from Elbow surgery soon.

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I was thinking about all the Hall of Fame talk and How the steroid era guys are still kind of in the way. I think eventually they will get in at some point at least some of them. I was one of those guys who thought it effected the integrity of the game more than any other era. I was deeply offended by players use of steroids.

As time passes I really havenít changed my position except in one little way. Their contribution to the game. Before what we know now and before the whole steroid thing broke. Remember how exciting McGwire and Sosa were and how they renewed a lot of peoples interest in baseball and kind of catapulted the game into todays huge fan numbers. Baseball was dying a slow painful death numbers were down and these two come along and smash the crap out of the ball and everybody was into it.

Iím not saying steroids are right or they didnít help because I think they are wrong and they did help these guys get those numbers. How ever, they put fannies in the seats and people once again turned on baseball. Iím not saying they were the sole reason either a lot of good stuff has happened in baseball over the last 20 years and 7 players that went to all the HoF †in the last 2 years were a huge part of it as well. So werenít a couple of managers.

People loved the longball and they embraced it before they were disgusted that the purity and the integrity of the game was compromised. Last face it baseball loved it they made a boat load of money. As much as we think itís game, Itís a business first. Like I said I donít think it was right but I do think it was a positive for baseball at the time. We all thought it was clean and legitimate before we all found out it was dirty and got disgusted. I guess I Ďm just looking at as there was a contribution and a positive amongst the negatives. Not sure how else to say it.

The NFL Playoffs,

It never comes down to an officials bad call. You knew I was going there. You have to think maybe picking up the flag ibn the Lions ĖCowboys game on the DPI effected the game. However, you must also consider how many bad plays , dropped passes† and defensive miscues there were.

The Panthers move on with a losing record the Cardinals were the best team in football a few short weeks ago. A few key injuries really show how they can hurt a team.

Bengals just couldnít stay with the Colts. I was totally surprised that the Steelers lost. I watched a crap load of Football from Wednesday through Sunday. Enjoyed oregonís speed sad the FSU despite Jameis Winston didnít play better. Some how I liked Ohio State winning even thogh I love Michigan who may have the right guy to do the job. I'm not saying any of them deserve to get it but I'm saying they did make a positive contribution to the game despite their wrong doing.

Lil Lakesiders report

Boys played a great game Saturday Night. Despite a 40 second lapse that cost them the game. Their opponents scored 3 goals in that span. The boys played over a minute and half with an empty night and constant pressure in their zone they just wouldnít allow the other team to score kids were diving across the crease stopping the puck.

They worked it out. Lil Lanz was a beast on the Blue Line just doing everything he could do to keep the puck in the offensive zone. He ended up having his best game and won the golden puck. (The coaches give the golden puck to the player of the game. Itís a P{uck mounted on a piece of wood and painted gold the kids sign it and date it ) Iím not sure Iím in love with the idea but little Lanz was happy.

Thatís all I have† for this week. Iíll be at the patriots and Ravens game 25 degrees at game time about 18 at games end.

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Tags: Holiday Craziness

Happy New Year to all. Can you believe it! 2015 is here and we are just cruising †along with only 358 shopping days till Christmas.

It has been an absolutely crazy week from Last Wednesday until today. Christmas my wife invited some friends over . I cooked all day making Lasagna to Lil Lanzís delight, Sausage , peppers and onions and both eggplant and Chicken Parm. Also the whole Italian Fish thing all 7 of them ok I donít like 4 of them so it was more like all 3 of them so it was lobster , Shrimp, and Calamari which Iím not sue if that counts or not but at my house it counts. Turns out only two of the 8 or so people who were invited showed up many due to their Illness or their childrens illnesses, which ranged from the Flu to Bronchitis..

Christmas Day was quiet and Laser who had the Flu all week as was just getting over it. We ended up going for a ride.. He just needed out of the house so we took the 7 mile ride to the ocean and the† Americaís first Public Beach Revere of course the winter in MA and the beach it can be cold . Crap what am I talking about it was 60 on December 25 th.. I also showed him the school the Mrs. Works at which is on an Island across from the first Public Beach. There is a road that goes out there. Ihave actually umped a bunch of games out there as well.--

Friday I was up at 6am and Off to Central New Jersey for a Funeral my wifeís Uncle Bob died on Tuesday. Bob was a great guy he had fought cancer for 15 years and it finally got him. Bob loved to travel , play music, and golf. Bob† gave my wife away at our wedding and he was just interesting guy to talk with . He was optometrist by trade. When ever he would go to a Yankees or Mets game he would see if there was something for my kids and bring it to them on the next visit. He got each of the boys nice bats from Yankee Bat day. Bob will be missed by many.

The Mrs. Was fighting the Flu , she never quite got it. I represented the Funeral. Usually I hate he drive down there especially through Connecticut but there was no traffic so it was a nice easy ride down over the Tappan Zee Bridge and down the Garden State. Got there in time. Talked to family and My mother in law as well. Did the service and the Funeral. The guy driving the Hearse drove like Jimmy Johnson going fast and turning quick. I had a tool cut in on the funeral on the Garden State †I have my flashers on the Bright Orange sign that Said FUNERAL hanging from my mirror. I start flashing the brights. The prick slows down good thing the guy in front him was part of the funeral and having the same issue. With another Tool.†

Lots of time in the car listening to NY Sports Radio WFAN Heard Joe in Queens was Glad the Giants werenít getting rid of Coughlin. Tom in Hoboken was glad to see Rex go. Jerry in Westchester wanted to keep Rex. But Marty in Carnarsie wanted Coughlin to go. Two days of it with a little Lou Lou Lomerello and the Devils talk who was Lou going to hire. Scott, Stevens or Adam Oates. Nobody guessed it was Himself with Stevens and Oates. Lou I think Adam and Scott can handle it you have been behind the bench in years stay in the office.. I did get the Celtics Game Friday on the radio of course theyw ere playing and losing to the Nets.

We go back to Bobís house without Bob of course after the Funeral spend some time with my wifeís family. My mother in law wanted me to spend the night at her house but itís like a museum and I get up early, check email catch the news and have coffee. I opted for the Marriott it was great by myself watched TV . The Mrs gave me play by play at Lil Lanzís Hockey game through the phone giving good play by play. . (He didn't score Friday but he got one Sunday and popped one home with 5 seconds left on Tuesday The Boys lost all three games,). The guy I coach baseball with was at the game he was texting me as well. The Boys lost Three to two.. talked to my friend Peter for a while and then crashed watching TV.

Up early Saturday morning and it was of to friggin East Jarbippy NY to Visit our Nephew and his wife and our grant Niece Baby Elle. Three months old and I hadnít †met this princess yet. It took about two hours to get from Cranberry NJ to East Jarbippy NY. I went Over the George Washington Bridge, No traffic and 14 bucks later. I was on this parkway and that Thruway next thing I know bang Iím there just as baby Elle woke up. She was in her crib bright eyed feet and arms in the air grabbing her little toes with her little hands. She made my day. I visited for a while with my Nephew his wife† they live with his in laws very nice people. His friend Alexander showed up as well. They tease me and Alexander they say he is my adopted nephew. Alexander and I have known each other for a few years and we just hit it off. We even went to a Sox game together once. He is a great kid as is my nephew and his wife.

The long ride home more of† WFAN more of Sol from Larchemont thinking the GM should go with Rex. While Ted in Rye thinks that Rex had no weapons. Bill in Secaucus is sick of the Bumbling Woody Johnson. I think Hal in Fishkill loves †the Giants. †I Finally got home.

I went to the Pats on Sunday. Went to Pick up the Mrs new car Monday Night after begging out of a deal with Honda . She got a deal even the guy at Honda said he couldnít come close to matching with Toyota. Of course we were suppose to pick the damn thing up Friday our Insurance guy was closed for the Holidays. These guys all suck just some suck more than others and none of them suck as bad as the cellphone guys. The sales manager didnít tell them that she may want to add a few options . They worked with us after keeping us waiting for an hour . We werenít taking the car until everything was set. Lack of communication the GM and The Director fixed it.

Monday started my last week at work . Which I walked out the door for the final time yesterday. I will miss my boss Anthony who also is one of closest Friends in the world . We have worked together for nearly 20 years at 3 different companies. We both got emotional as I dropped him off at his house for the final time. It was time to move on and he was my biggest supporter in making the move. All always be thankful to his wisdom and mentoring and his quick wit and sense of humor. Geez you just donít know how much shit you accumulate in 12 years. Frigging amazing. Monday I start a new adventure. Iím looking forward to.

Some Final thoughts My father woul have been 95 Today and My Brother 50. Dad died in 1986 and my brother in 1996 of Kidney disease. Knowing him it would have been a hell of a 50th Birthday party.

Happy New Year to all .

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Itís a week away from the big day and all the craziness ends. The presents, the parties, and the food. Are you ready? Will we ever be ready?

A have few sports related things on my mind. The thought crossed my mind the other day that The Chicago Bears, The Miami Dolphins and The Detroit Lions (despite being 10-4)†are all the same team. They are all loaded with talent and they all canít get out of their own way. But why is that, is it coaching? , is it, the system they are using? Are the players buying in and engaging in the team concept? Like the patriots, Packer, and Broncos.

Talented teams that donít win or canít make the playoffs usually mean a few things. Players put an I in team too many guys thinking itís about them. They usually donít by into the common goal maybe to many Clicks in the locker room players are being pulled in several directions. It also could mean that the coaches and management arenít invested and player view that has a negative. The biggest one is talented guy just arenít making plays maybe they donít get enough chances maybe Kyle Orton, Ryan Tannehill, and† Mathew Stafford arenít the solution maybe they are the problem.

I guess we really donít know what the answer is with the exception none of these teams are consistent or make enough plays to win consistently.

The NHL Update

They hot the puck a lot like 20 times each and man the penguin have the chilly willies in the for of the mump. The Penguins visited a childrenís hospital and few guy including Syd the Kid came down with the Mumps, I guess they spread the wealth with a few other teams. The Ducks and The Leafs had similar problems as well.

The Panthers and the Capitals †went twenty rounds in a shoot out the other night. The Panthers capitalized on it and won. Lots of pucks for 1 point. It is seriously time for the NHL to revisit getting rid of the shootout. I understand they donít want ties. So play 4 on 4† 5 minute Otís until there is a wiunner. It would be far more exciting than after both team probably battling in an even game and then it all rests on a tired goalie. It just doesnít seem fair.

I donít know anybody who doesnít live high intensity 4 x 4 hockey were guys have room to move and shine† as they will. I think itís a much better than a damn 20 round shootout.

Lil Warrior update

The Boys were losing 4-2 going into the third period and ended up winning 6-4 No shootouts here just up and down action.

Coach needed Lil Lanz to play Defense . He was pissed and said his Parakeet died. It did on Friday so the coach had a moment of silence for Jo Jo the Parakeet .† The coach came out after the game and told me they had a moment of silence I pissed myself laughing. He says I needed him to play.S o I did what I had to. One cool thing about this game was another team from our town the next age level up were playing after our guys and they all know each other so everytime we scored . Those guys were banging on the glass cheering them on. It was pretty cool.

Jo jo arrived at out house at LiL Lanzís 5th Birthday party Lil Lanz will be 13 in May. Iím guessing somebody let it out on purpose. So I have a bunch of moms of 5 year olds saying you have to catch it before a hawk gets it. I was like vidals for the hawk. Anyway I captured JoJo after the party Mrs. Lanz went off and bought JoJo a cage. She tried to find the right full owner through the police department. I donít know who was more distraught about keeping JoJo me or Ruby the wonder dog. Who at times took to JoJo kind of the same way Slyvester took to Twitty if get my drift. Finally after almost 7 years JoJo had his last tweet on Friday. I thought I caught a slight smile through her sadness from Ruby the wonder dog. Thatís the tail of JoJo the Parakeet. I did see that one particular mom who encouraged me to capture JoJo her son had a game after Lil lanzís . I went up to her and said the parakeet died and the dog is happy. She smiled than gave me a slap in the arm and said your awful.

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Hello Gabbers itís been a crazy week in the Lanz household more on that later.

Letís go right to bat the Boston Red Sox made the deal of the century not signing Jon Lester. I know you all are thinking Iím nuts to say that. Here is may reasoning no team should over a 6 year deal an expect the guy to be good for all 6 years. Sure the Red Sox have some muscle now on the team and will be far more productive offensively than they were in 2014. However how productive will Lester be 4 years out. Good Luck to Theo and Joe Maddon and Jon Lester.

Lester is a guy I like solid work effort wants the ball and can pitch. However, there were no home town discounts as the local media led us to believe. Lester did what anybody else did he took the money and I think all of us we had that talent would take the money especially if somebody is willing to pay. I really donít care what kind of money anybody signs for, itís a short career make it while you can.

On the other hand I canít believe what kind of deals teams are offering. I guess itís just a sign that baseball is making money. There is one thing from a fans point of view that drives me crazy it least† with people who call sports talk radio. When a guy struggles for whatever reason people automatically turn to his salary. We have that and he makes this. While he makes that because somebody offered him that money and Mr. Fanboy you would take it as well. People forget that Profesional Sports is a business first and they are paying for a specific talent.

Nobody is upset when some self absorbed act or singer gets millions for crappy movie that had a good advertising budget or some singer that canít put two sentenaces together we are all alright with it. .Perhaps we identify athletes as more normal guys. I donít know we do know they work hard their crafts but they arenít exactly Iron Workerss.

My take on the whole Lester thing is the Red Sox had their chance for him at the point when they low balled him on extension thatís where they lost him 4 years 70 million.I also think they were hoping for a home town discount but knew he would get more than 6 years and 135 million, I think they knew they could recover from what the market would bring.

The Red Sox did acquire Wade Miley (stats) from the D-Backs as a consulation prize in Adam Wiley. He will eat some innings that normally Lackey and Lester would eat. Wiley has averaged about 200 Innings a year and with the often injured Clay Bucholtz† in the rotation they need somebody to eat innings.


Has a new conduct policy which includes money for victims . Go head go do something stupid and see if your company pays for the victims. No they would simply fire you . Instead of having independent investigations and 6 game suspensions. I think from an image standpoint this maybe a good policy from a practical standpoint. You violate the good conduct policy . You fire the guy plan simple and he is not let back in the league. Incorporate it in every contract so that a Federal Magistrate doesnít get involved.

I think the policy is a step forward but I would like a no nonsense approach.

Lakesiders Report.

Lil Lanz wore the hat in a 9-5 los. He netted the first two and then picked up at third in the final period , The first goal was the best goal he ever scored. He broke down the left side and let a wrister go from the circle beat the goalie to the short side puck was about 2 feet of the ice when he let it go. Funny thing he knew the opposing teams goalie from a hockey camp they attended over the summer.

Some other really cool stuff happening at the Lanz house. For the first time in like 4 years we all got into decorating the Christmas Tree complete with Hot Chocolate , Sugar Cookies and Christmas Tunes and they we sat and watched a cheesy Christmas movie to boot. It was fun.

The Laser played in his first orchestra concert last night as our High School presented their winter concert. Laser plays the Bass or as I like to call it the big Fidel. He joined because a few of his friends who have been playing instruments for years did. Of course when he joined he couldnít play anything except soccer and baseball. A few Bass lessons some hard work and some tutoring from kids in the music program he did ok.

Than my daughter got an early acceptance with a really nice merit scholarship to a nice small private college here in MAssachusetts. not sure if itís her first choice but she has sometime to decide. She was extremely exciting for a kid that †really doesnít get to animated about anything she was extremely happy.

Finally, I was able to have a great lunch Friday it was way to short with Sully and Mo and as Mo said Monday he and I donít live that far from each other but with busy lives we donít get together enough. If you have never met either guy they are both top notch. Iw as able to share some good news with both of them where Iím leaving my job which I have been in for 12 years . Iím leaving my boss who we have worked together for nearly 20 at a few different companies and he has become my best friend over the years. I got an offer I couldnít refuse with a significant bump up in pay† and responsibilities that are more inline with my professional training and state license.. So it has been quite the week in the lanz world.

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