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Here is the Snow Burden Lanz Compound ( That Tree in the forefront is on the sidewalk next to the curbstone)

Thursday is here and the last one in February, with March around the corner warmer Temps on the horizon. Yes, folks we have had only one day over the freezing mark in February that came last Sunday. †We still have a huge snow cover and narrow streets. Snow banks are still high making visibility tough getting out of side streets. Iím not sure how folks who drive big trucks do it. Tractor trailer drivers are have a hard time getting in and out of places. We ma get a break next week with some warm temps.† Saturday we had the threat of run along with snow still on the roofs it meant a lot of shoveling. I cleared my Deck 26 by12. I cleared the roof over the breakfast nook which looks like a Gazebo. The kicker is over the side door the Mrs. Sends me up on the metal ladder, with the metal shovel and says watch the electrical wire has she was reviewing the life insurance policy. Luckily my neighbor Chris was walking by with his roof rake and helped. I gave him the electrical wire side. My ladder and Chrisís roof rake has made their way around the neighbor.

Tuesday the Mrs. Gets up and hears weird cracking in the bedroom. She called a roofing guy who actually had time on his schedule. He sent up a couple of young guys they went up shelved off the dormer broke up the ice and through some anti freeze and rock salt on the roof, $400 bucks later and no worries.

Monday the boys and I my, friend Steve and his son headed into the Beanpot now that public transportation is working again. I met the boys at a transit station close to work. We went in got there at the start of the second period of the consultation game which was Harvard and BC. †It was just a great Hockey game. The Harvard goalie stood on his head. (He is the same kid that made 63 saves in the first round of the Beanpot),Unfortunately, BC one this one in OT.

The Next game was BU and my Notheastern Huskies. BU went up 3-1 Northeastern tied with two quick goals in the third period. Northeastern looking for tghier first Beanpot win since 1988.† It wasnít to be. An untimely penalty Nine seconds into OT gave BU a power play and they capitalized on it to take the game.

We ended up sitting behind the student section and next to the BU pep Band which was fun for a period. Steveís son and Lil Lanz werenít too happy with this arrangement we saw empty seats across from the arena. We sat there for the rest of the game. As we were changing seats I ran into an NFL Official. The guy came up through our organization so I have met him a few times in the past. I introduced Laser and we had just a nice conversation Non Football related... Laser was pumped. We move into the new seats and Lil Lanz says you think there are any scouts here. I just point 3 rows in front of us there are 10 guys spread out writing all kinds of stuff in mote books. I point and say yeah there are a few.

The signs of spring are back and the Red Sox spring training has started. David Ortiz had an interesting take on some of the rule changes at his press conference. Iím not Davisís biggest fan but the guy is full of personality. He was saying that when they speed up the game they always penalize the hitters and thatís BS. Then he said what about all BS the pitchers do stomping around the mound. I think it was his delivery but I heard on the way home from work. It was pretty funny. He looks like he is better shape than I have ever seen him this year.

A few things on these rule changes keeping one foot in the batters box is in the rules but the language has always been a bit cloudy† something like Umpires are encouraged to not grant a time out to the batter and to have him keep one foot in the batters box at all times. Something they change the rule this year to 20 seconds. The rule has stated that a pitcher has 12 seconds to deliver the ball by the time he receives it. Of course more wide spread instant replay and longer commercial breaks between Innings that 3hour 30 minute game will be 3 hours and 29minutes. Just my take on it.

Lil Warriors

The boys had one game on the schedule last weekend and it was rescheduled due to the other team was in a Tourney. This week Lil Lanz committed to stage crew for the middle school play his game conflicts so he will miss Saturdayís game. He has been skating at skills practice. The boys play in a Tourney Next week they are playing in the Chowda Cup on Cape Cod and yes that his how it is spelled. They will play 5 games in 3 days. Usually, Saturday Night the kids go nuts at these Tourneyís the boys will be tired they are scheduled for 1 Friday 3 Saturday and 1 Sunday.

The moment you have all been waiting for Old Man Hockey. I laced them up and played and signed in for 8 games. I had a friggin blast. I sucked to high haven. The best thing was nobody cared. Come back to the bench Frank you having fun. There was less contact in this game than there is in one of Lil lanzís games. I forgot to tie my damn Hockey Pants skating hard to fore check and Felt the breeze good thing for damn suspenders. Had a few Helmet problems as it kept slipping down but† hey it was a lot of fun we had 13 guys so I skated just enough to make me happy.3 full lines and two sets of guys on D. Slightly sore on Monday but not bad it was more upper body than the old legs. The guy forgot a game shirt for me so broke out Americaís Team shirt an Old Hartford Whalers white shirt with No Logo

Finally, The lovely Ms. Amanda turned 18 on Tuesday. She had a great day with good food and lots of cards and phone calls. She is just an awesome kid. Happy Birthday†

Here are few Pics I tried to post last week.

Here is son Dan with snowman before Blizzard one when we had about 5 inches of snow

Dan's Snowman had enough †and is trying to run to neighbors house to catch a flight to Sunny FLA where hie will just melt in the warm sun

Unfortunately, he din't make it as Storm 3 burried him and his orange hat

Same Day Lil Lanz with his Snowman

Lil Lanz's Snowman Drowning in Snowman quick sand After Storm 2. Mr. Snowman completely drowned after Storm 3

Thatís all I have for today.

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Kind of like the NFL collapsing Under deflate gate

The snow is heavy and the roof is about to collapse on the NFL. National Football Leakage. People from the NFL office keep feeding things to ESPN. They are feeding the piranha but there are signs everywhere not to feed the fish. It seems that folks from the leakages front office.††They are†making shit up and throwing chum in the waters of Bristol Connecticut

They have the Patriots on double secret probation and nobody involved in the deflategate investigation is suppose to be talking. That is of course unless you work for the NFL and are considered a source for ESPN. Tuesday night a 27 year veterarn reporter for ESPN said that a Patriots locker room attendant tried to get an un authorized kicking ball into the game. I think he might have been (Mr. Twinkles but Iím not sure..) He handed to an alternate official who discarded because it didnít have Walt Andersenís mark on it. For all you folks hoping for another scandal against the winners of the Pro Footbalís 49th Champions.†† Guess again the alternate official as said early discarded the ball so it would have never made it into the game.

What the OTL reporter didnít tel you as that ballw as handed to† Mr. Twinkles or Jim McNally† by a league official. Here is where it gets good. The league fired a guy that was in charge of Footballs, Kicked ones , under inflated ones and beat up ones, and over inflated ones as well because† the guy was in charge of† separating these balls and giving them to charity as they came out of the game.. Of course this was also leaked by the Leakage office. The guy apparently sold a ball to support his favorite charity himself. Iím not sure if the league brings these fine purveyors of craigslist and ebay to each game or only for the playoffs only.

AS the NFL draws at staws and continues to make themselves look bad. I believe there are still people in that office that simply have it out for the Patriots. Geez Iím sounding like Al Davis but this investigation has any more leaks †the roof will collapse on the NFL.

The other night I was watching the NFL Network not as many leaks on that side of the house I guess. They had one of those Itís aFootball Life with the 4 photographers that have covered all 49 Superbowls. If you think about it thatís an amazing feat in itself. One of these guys brought up a great point. Iím quoting loosely here He said that the game has changed and grown from a game to major event. He said what he misses most is shooting the game in day light in that incandescent light with shadows and the sunlight. Now everything is indoors or at night and photographers are confined to a section of the field. It was a pretty interesting take on the worldís largest event.

Other Stuff

Lakesides Report

The boys won one on Saturday well the other team was in a Tourney they forfeited. Sunday Blizzard Number 2 caused a cancellation to be made up at a later date. The boys played Yesterday afternoon. I got play by play at work via text. You couldnít do that a few years ago. Lil Lanz banged one home from the left dot. Boys lost and than an about 6 of them including Lil Lanz went to their regular practice after the game. Game was at 2:30 (school vacation week) Practice at 5:20 36 miles away. I guess that was dedication. Laser got some coaching duties as the regular coaches had to work all but one.

Ole Lanz was talking to another dad from Lil Lanzís Hockey team and he was saying he is playing in a fun hockey league and said they needed players. Next thing I know Iím signed up and on his team. I havenít really played in about 10 years. However, I skate regularly or when ever I can and play some pond hockey with the boys. The guy said 4 team league and no idiots with the exception of a 70 year old guy who is a cheap shot artist and thinks he is Gordie Howe. So it will be fun.

More Stuff

The change of jobs hampered Basketball officiating this year. I was going to take the season off. Of course I received a call late last Wednesday Night to do 3 games in the next town. The games were on Saturday at 12, 1 and 2 made it out just as the snows came. 12 was a good game. The 2 I did by myself the partner in the 12 had just done 4 in a row. 1 Oíclock game an 8th grade boys game. They are like a pack of wild dogs. I needed 12 sets of eyes. Both teams coaches were great and understanding . One guy is a cop and just stopped refereeing so he was awesome. I start the †game 3 Iím 5 minutes in no partner. So Iím up top† near† the top of the arc. I look in and there is another Ref standing on the baseline with his whistle in his mouth. I was glad to see him.

A basketball game is hard to officiate in the first place at any level but doing an up tempo game by yourself really sucks.

†Does anybody know how to get pics from MY docs into the blog?

Your help is appreciated

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†The Snow Meiser must have had a ton of money on the Seahawks and lost. He took out on us here in New England. Two storms in a few week period that dumped over 45 inches of snow if not more . No warm air at all to melt any of the white stuff. They even closed down public transportation in Boston on Tuesday because they couldnít get the subway trains to run.† Funny thing about electricity and some for of what in this cause a lot cold white lumpy rain.

Snow sucks, itís a pain in the ass. The environmental people are even complaining that the towns on the ocean are dumping,,,(aka Boston Tea Party style)into the big pond.† At least the main roads are down to bare pavement. I live on a little street in a Suburb North of Boston. The guy that plays our little street does a helluva job he will make as many passes as he can in a pickup truck and if you have shoveled he turns the plow the other way. But Iím one of the lucky ones. A lot of the cow pastures turned streets in the city are awful.

We have had snow and nasty storms but have just got it piled on brutally. There is no where to put it and everybody is in the same boat. The major highways are at least clear just everything else is a mess.

The snow has occupied our time lots of soar muscles from shoveling an unexpected four day mini vacation this week. Unfortunately the kids will be in school until June 30th and they would go longer but the teachers contracts wonít allow it

On to some sports. The Boston Bruins have been hot over the past 17 games or so but they have lost 3 out of the last 4. They allowed two shorthanded goals up last night to the Stars. I canít remember when the last time that has happened.

Ití s official Tom Brady gave his Superbowl MVP truck to Malcolm Butler. Brady had the NFL just give it to Butler so he wouldnít have to pay a tax or a gift charge on it. It still was pretty nice of Brady than again I canít see Geiselle riding in a Big Red Pick up truck either.

I need to see grass...pitchers and catchers stretching or playing catch. Just show me pictures of warm climates. Iííll take a couple of weeks of Baseball players stretching on the local news. Speaking of watch we have two major trials going in Boston. The Boston† Marathon Killer is own trial, as is Aaron Hernandez . Both trials have taken a back seat to the weather.

Lil Lakesider Report

The boys had a great effort but with only 7 skaters they ran out of gas. It was funny they played a team from central Mass. A kid on the Central Mass team tripped a kid on our team. They are like second cousins. The kids didnít know it but the parents did.

Thatís all I have for today

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Now that I have that out of the way. Some thoughts on† the 49th Professional Football Championship Game

Thank You Pete Carrol for the call. I actually didnít think it was a horrible call. Lynch just brought down inside the one with about 32 seconds left. You throw the pass there itís either incomplete or a TD the clock stops on the incompletion and you run Lynch again. Unfortunately for Pete a kid named Butler made the play of his life. It was heads up. Just think about that 2 or 3 minute real time span for Malcolm Butler. He covers Kearse perfectly but the football gods allow Kearse to make a Patriot killing catch like David Tyree and Mario Manningham and yes at the moment I didnít see a Seahawk on the field I saw a Giant. Butler has the good sense if realizing the play isnít over and knocks Kearse out of bounds. I like all of you that they would go to Lynch again but I also understand the logic in not going to him again in that situation.. The Butler kid like I said before comes up big.

Here are just a few things I picked up on

The kid Chris Mathews came up big. The funny thing in the first half Collingsworth is telling the Mathews story and says he was working at a Footlocker Store. Somebody must of got angry that Footlocker got a free plug† without paying millions for that 5 second mention, Because in the second have Al Michaels reinterates the story and says he was working at a sporting goods store† selling shoes

The halftime show was awful, The commercials were worse except anything with a puppy works. The Fiat Viagra commercial., Did make me laugh when the lil Blue pill reached the gas take and the Fiat grew.

Shane Vereen didnít get enough credit because he made several clutch plays.

Iíll give one to Sherman,, he shook Bradyís hand and told him he was a great player.

Brady was just so Damn good in the 4th quarter despite two picks.

I sat there as Seattle scored on 4 straight possessions, Have had that feeling since the Grady Little Pedro Game.

Belichick was at his best not calling a timeout before the interception, that gave Carrol no time to reconsider.

Lynch is† a frigging beast. Like the guy hate the guy man he is a beast when he runs.

Julian Edelman who needs Wes Welker the kid can play.

Brady deserved that win big time and it puts him in the elite. I† wonít say that he is the best of the best because I would start a team with anyone of them but in my heart he is the best.

Belichick has installed playing 60 minutes in these guys and to do their jobs and thatís exactly what they did.


Was hit by two more scandals that they took care of quietly, No oyutrage on ESPN , No talking morons saying it compromised the intergirty of the game.

The Browns were fined and will loose a draft pick for the GM texting player groups and other stuff to the sidelines. The Falcons will be fined for pumping crowd noise. That is something the drop a dime Colts had been doing for years.

Can you image if these incidents in volved the Patriots , I can hear the Hate.

The Colts D'qwell Jackson was arrested last night in DC on assault charges. Maybe just Maybe the Colts GM should worry about his players off the field instead of the psi on the field.

Lil Lakesiders Report

The boys played twice over this past weekend after the fallout of 2 feet of snow last week and another 16 inches this past Monday. The boys lost 4-2 on Saturday Lil lanz popped one home from in front. He beat the goalie to the far side. I missed it had to have the car fixed more on that later. On Sunday they won an outstanding Hockey Game winning 1-0. Goalie Jonathon stood on his head. Lil Lanz broke is no penalty strike as he got a tipping call. It was a strange play he was sweeping at the puck with his stick and got the kids skate and he fell. It was a good call he pleaded with the ref. The guy said I saw it and I know there was no intent but it is still a penalty. It was the right call at the wrong time with about 3 and a half minutes in a tight game.

Speaking about goalies standing on there head Harvard lost to BU in a double overtime 4-3, The Harvard Goalie was spent after facing 64 shots on goal. The kid was spent for the second overtime. He even looked hurt but what an effort.

Monday night itís off to the Beanpot finals as my Northeastern University Huskies will take on BU in the finals.

Damn Cars suck. So last week my car decided it doesnít want to start in the mornings.† Doesnít want to start after sitting all day at work. So I take it a National Tire and Battery Chain owned by Sears. I have them change the Battery that was two weeks ago yesterday. Thursday car starts good Iím living large. Starts after work. Friday the car dies. Again have to jump start it. I bring it to my regular guy to check the Alternator. Itís fine. I bring it back to the Battery place and he says itís not the battery itís something drawing off the battery something not shutting it self off. So I call a local guy to fix it on the recommendation of my guy. I have to wait a week before he can get to it. A week of† taking the Battery terminals off and put them back on .

Thank God for my trusty 10mm wrench. I leave Lil Lanzís Hockey game† to get to the local guy by 8. He shows up at 5 past. †We go over the problem. Remember we just got 2 feet of snow and we have no sidewalks. So he has wife drive me home. A few hours later the car is ready. The Mrs wasnít home he sends his wife to pick me up. The problem an A/C relay wasnít shutting off. He replaces the new Battery with a newer one charges me the difference like 9 bucks. He says the Battery they sold me wasnít good for New England weather and didnít hold a charge due to the constant draining. It caused a bad cell. He replaced the relay and a couple of battery wires. Car has been great didnít charge me a whole lot of money either. You just canít get service like that any more.

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The Patriots are in the Supebowl and they have another gate to hurdle. They got by Videogate and David Tyree made sure they paid for it. After all they were videotaping a New York Team the wrong New York team. Ok CSI Fans we have a Mystery what happened to 12 Footballs in the ten minute time between the Officials weighing them and handing them to the ball boy and the start of the game. Incidentally all balls were removed in the second half and a new 12 were put in play.

This is the way I understand it the equipment guy and the Quarterback pick the balls out. Then the Quarterback tells the equipment guy what to do with them rubb them scuff them kind of like a good Pitmaster preparing Ribs or Brisket. Then 2 and half yours before the game. 24 balls go to the officials 12 from each team for all the math majors out there.

The officials inspect them and gauge them. The penalty for an illegal ball is it is removed from the game. Kind of like baseball an illegal bat is removed from the game. Thatís the penalty. The penalty for tempering with the balls in that ten minutes is some disciplinary action fine or suspension or both whatever the league warrants as the right penalty. Knowing the NFL they will come down harder on the patriots then they did on Ray Rice and Adrian Petersen. Combined. Then again the Patriots have been clean for more than 32 games so that have to start fresh like Domincan Suh..

My guess like spygate this is a common practice that there is a wink and a nod with both teams and the Officials kind of look the other way even though they weigh the balls nothing is said until itís brought up. Sort of like an Illegal stick in Hockey.You don't tell the Ref to measure it until your down a goal and need a powerplay.

From my experience handling footballs you know if the thing feels over inflated or under inflated and yes I have thrown balls out of games because they are weigh under inflated† but then again the equipment managers we deal with are usually 15 and will forget their heads if they werenít attached. I know, I have two of them.

I think they will be enough blame to go around for everybody from the Hoodie, to the equipment guy to the officials. I think the NFL doesnít like a blackeye a week before their premiere event. Yeah! You are all going to watch anyway despite your protests against the Patriots and you will overcome your hate of Dick Sherman and watch anyway.

This should be a great game better than the Packers giving away the game to the Seahawks. Who seem to be getting the breaks at the right time. The little mishaps and miscues that fall in place for Championship Teams. Yeah the Patriots have gotten their breaks as well despite what people here in New England think. It all balances out. You know who I want too win I wonít bore you with that.

I also think the Patriots played better in the second half with the regular inflated balls then they did in the first half with the under inflated ones after all it was 17-7 and No rain at halftime. The rains kicked in at halftime and it poored. Laser and I got a couple of rainsuits before the game at Wal-Mart I felt like the Hoodie makng a great call .

As one of the Colts twitted they would have beat us with a bar of soap.

I can hear the 9000 press conferences Belichick will require to attend over the next week. His answers will be something like this. ďJust getting ready for Seattle, Youíll have to ask the league about that. Ask the officials. Just getting ready for SeattleĒ. Marshawn Lynch will be taking notes on how to give the media nothing as he will watch the master at work.

Here is the other part of the story kind of an ethical thing. A Colts player †intercepted a ball and knew it was soft. he did his job told the coaches who told the officials. The coaches also told it to the GM who called the league . he also tipped off an Indianapolis reporter †The ethical part was tipping off the press and knowing they would run with the story.Maybe it gets out anyway but I see it as it was calculated.

Lil Lakesiders

What can I say they played a USA Hockey playdown† tourney last Saturday and got smoked they played decent for 2 periods but couldnít capitailize on multiple scoring opportunities. Lil Lanz had a break away shot Glove side about two feet of the ice. Goalie snagged it like Dustin Pedroia going to his right. Lil Lanz didnít play well in this one he was kind taking a lot of the blame they scored 4 times when he was on the ice in the third as they switched him from Forward to defense. Coaches kept telling him it wasnít his fault. I love these coaches. I hope coach Dennis recovers from Elbow surgery soon.

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