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Hello Gabbers itís been a crazy week in the Lanz household more on that later.

Letís go right to bat the Boston Red Sox made the deal of the century not signing Jon Lester. I know you all are thinking Iím nuts to say that. Here is may reasoning no team should over a 6 year deal an expect the guy to be good for all 6 years. Sure the Red Sox have some muscle now on the team and will be far more productive offensively than they were in 2014. However how productive will Lester be 4 years out. Good Luck to Theo and Joe Maddon and Jon Lester.

Lester is a guy I like solid work effort wants the ball and can pitch. However, there were no home town discounts as the local media led us to believe. Lester did what anybody else did he took the money and I think all of us we had that talent would take the money especially if somebody is willing to pay. I really donít care what kind of money anybody signs for, itís a short career make it while you can.

On the other hand I canít believe what kind of deals teams are offering. I guess itís just a sign that baseball is making money. There is one thing from a fans point of view that drives me crazy it least† with people who call sports talk radio. When a guy struggles for whatever reason people automatically turn to his salary. We have that and he makes this. While he makes that because somebody offered him that money and Mr. Fanboy you would take it as well. People forget that Profesional Sports is a business first and they are paying for a specific talent.

Nobody is upset when some self absorbed act or singer gets millions for crappy movie that had a good advertising budget or some singer that canít put two sentenaces together we are all alright with it. .Perhaps we identify athletes as more normal guys. I donít know we do know they work hard their crafts but they arenít exactly Iron Workerss.

My take on the whole Lester thing is the Red Sox had their chance for him at the point when they low balled him on extension thatís where they lost him 4 years 70 million.I also think they were hoping for a home town discount but knew he would get more than 6 years and 135 million, I think they knew they could recover from what the market would bring.

The Red Sox did acquire Wade Miley (stats) from the D-Backs as a consulation prize in Adam Wiley. He will eat some innings that normally Lackey and Lester would eat. Wiley has averaged about 200 Innings a year and with the often injured Clay Bucholtz† in the rotation they need somebody to eat innings.


Has a new conduct policy which includes money for victims . Go head go do something stupid and see if your company pays for the victims. No they would simply fire you . Instead of having independent investigations and 6 game suspensions. I think from an image standpoint this maybe a good policy from a practical standpoint. You violate the good conduct policy . You fire the guy plan simple and he is not let back in the league. Incorporate it in every contract so that a Federal Magistrate doesnít get involved.

I think the policy is a step forward but I would like a no nonsense approach.

Lakesiders Report.

Lil Lanz wore the hat in a 9-5 los. He netted the first two and then picked up at third in the final period , The first goal was the best goal he ever scored. He broke down the left side and let a wrister go from the circle beat the goalie to the short side puck was about 2 feet of the ice when he let it go. Funny thing he knew the opposing teams goalie from a hockey camp they attended over the summer.

Some other really cool stuff happening at the Lanz house. For the first time in like 4 years we all got into decorating the Christmas Tree complete with Hot Chocolate , Sugar Cookies and Christmas Tunes and they we sat and watched a cheesy Christmas movie to boot. It was fun.

The Laser played in his first orchestra concert last night as our High School presented their winter concert. Laser plays the Bass or as I like to call it the big Fidel. He joined because a few of his friends who have been playing instruments for years did. Of course when he joined he couldnít play anything except soccer and baseball. A few Bass lessons some hard work and some tutoring from kids in the music program he did ok.

Than my daughter got an early acceptance with a really nice merit scholarship to a nice small private college here in MAssachusetts. not sure if itís her first choice but she has sometime to decide. She was extremely exciting for a kid that †really doesnít get to animated about anything she was extremely happy.

Finally, I was able to have a great lunch Friday it was way to short with Sully and Mo and as Mo said Monday he and I donít live that far from each other but with busy lives we donít get together enough. If you have never met either guy they are both top notch. Iw as able to share some good news with both of them where Iím leaving my job which I have been in for 12 years . Iím leaving my boss who we have worked together for nearly 20 at a few different companies and he has become my best friend over the years. I got an offer I couldnít refuse with a significant bump up in pay† and responsibilities that are more inline with my professional training and state license.. So it has been quite the week in the lanz world.

Talking Sports
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A week has passed since we stuffed our selves with Turkeys with Christmas and Holiday celebrations upon us. And the world of sports going through the motions sort of speak in both the NHL and the NBA. Itís the time of year in both those sports that players ramp it down alittle before they ramp it up again in February† in preparation for the playoffs. Will there be good games and outstanding performances absolutely will the players play at 100% every night maybe more like 95% just taking a little off so they are not totally wiped for the playoffs.

Itís never talked about and some playersdonítknow how to give anything less than 100% but others just get it. The understand that the season is long and the wear and tear on th body takes atoll. A lot of the coaches get it and they do their part by cutting minutes and understanding if you arenít a top seed finishing 5th or 6th doesnít matter as much.

The thibg that bothers me about this is why not cut the regulars season by a few games say 75 games instead of 80 or 82. I know† itís all about the $$$$$$$$$$. TV contracts add revenues. The NBA has 5 games schedule for Christmas day instead of two. If you love the NBA they start at noon and go right through the last starting at 10:30pm est. I guess I question do we really need that many games on Christmas day. The NHL doesnít play on December 24, 25, and 26. I view this as a sign of respect to all those involve from team operations to the pop corn vendor. There imply isnít enough of these with our we need it now attitude. Retailers opening on Thanksgiving Night just annoys the hell out of me. Even the biggest daddy of them all the NFL has No† Thursday Night Game On December 25th. and all 32 teams play on Sunday the 28th.

Really how many people are going to watch 5 NBA games on Christmas maybe after your long winters nap . Maybe you tune in for a while because you canít take another Christmas Movie or another Christmas special or you have seen Itís a Wonderful Life the 800th time. . So maybe you tune becaue the company has left the kids are off doing what they do and the craziness of the past few weeks has caught up to you. Then the average person will tune in. Itís not that I dislike the NBA, I think it has been pretty good over the past few years. Itís I donít think you need that many games on the biggest holiday of theyear. Just like I donít think the NFL needs to add an extra game on Thanksgiving. The Lions and the Cowboys on that tradition and I think people look forward to it.

Jon Lester Report

He is still a free agent.

There were rumors yesterday that Jon had signed with the Cubs those turned out to be false. Thinking about it say he signs with the Cubs is that Theo Epstein just slapping th Red Sox in the face a little bit. I will say that if that happens it will sour some faces on Yawkey Way.

Lil Warriors Report

I missed this weeks game was at th local High School soccer banquet with Laser.The Boys got beat pretty bad but they managed to stay out of the box for the most part. I was talking to one of the dadís last night at practice and he was saying that they did everything they could to keep pressure on the opposing goalie they just couldnít put in the net.

Proud moment

Iím sitting at this soccer Banquet the other night at the local Knights of Columbus. Lil Lanz has a Hockey game at 6:30 , This thing started at 5 and I was told an hour and half figured I would catch the end of† lil Lanzís is Hockey Gam about 25 minute drive. It didnít happen. There was a lot of talk about the Varsity making the state Tournament for the first time since the early 90ís. Then they brought the JV coach to talk about the JVí and then they bring up the Freshman Coach to talk about the Freshman team which they havenít had one in a few years. All of sudden the coach who is also the goalie coach on the varsity Team starts talking about Laser and his work ethic and he went on and on. Saying that he didnít play the most minutes but played 3 different positions and just worked his ass off. It was a proud dad moment at the team. It was finally nice to see a coach recognize how hard a kid worked on the field.

Zebra Tales

Thanksgiving is probably the friendliest game of the year everybody is in a good mood. My game had a snow covered field . Talking to the coaches before the game they said when we were kids we would hav loved playing on this. Very true it would phase us. He said these kids just wonít like it. They are complaining about it. His team really must have put the complaints aside because going into the game they had 1 win and they ended up beaten their arch rivals 36-18. the other team had one loss in the regular season.

Talking Sports
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The bye week is awful not as bad as Thursday Night Football. But awful, I realize itís good for your team to heal up and get some well deserved rest. But Iím a fan damn it. Itís all about me not a bunch of millionaires. Sure there was Football on. There was a good game with the Bills and the Chiefs. The Chiefs knocking them off... Then it was the Giants and the Seahawks yawn The Seahawks winning 38-17 with leaves needing raking and early darkness dinner and a 5:40 Hockey game No Giants or Seahawks yawn. Itís time to settle in and watch the Bears and the Packers. I was there in my living room all nestled on my couch Ruby the wonder dog by my side Damn dog ten pounds of terror she must of scared those damn Bears away because they didnít show up. To bad it was dark and cold the leaves needed to be raked again. Yeah , the bye weeks sucks, No Tom Brady, No Vince Wilfork, No Gronk damn. But Leaves got raked even though by days end it didnít look like it. My damn neighbor has been away there are no leaves in his yard only mine. Damn leaves.


Kung Fu Panda coming to Fenway so the rumors have it. That lil Pork Chop of a First Baseman who is asking for way too much cash and will fill a need on Yawkey Way could be on his way. Iím not really liking the idea. I can see Buck Showalter bunting a lot down the Third Base line, Ditto for Joe Giradi. Sure the guy can hit and sure for a guy that size he is athletic and a champion for us fat guys everywhere. However, since this is the about me blog . I want a guy that can hit the Green Monster and get a double not a single. Letís face it was outfielders today are pretty quick and most can play the wall. Sure occasionally a guy can mis read abounce or moves in to tight to the Wall and miss plays it. Most donít.. Maybe the panda can rake my damn leaves and get in shape that way.

There also a lot of rumors that the Red Sox will oen the purse strings and break there so called† player value and are willing to pay John Lester to return. I would love it absolutely love it but, Iím of the opinion that it is rumor and only a rumor what else do writers have to do at those GM meetings or owners meetings† sit around and float rumors.

Give me a source other one unnamed source in the know.


The NHL are thinking Expansion(dumb asses). In los Vegas . This will be headed up by William Foley and the Maloof† of Family of Sacremento Kings owners and another city in the Western US.. according to the NY Post†

. This league is finally doing some good things and have a decent TV money† and a deplitated talent pool. Although the article said there is no time table on expansion., now or the near future isnít the time to expand. If you want to move a couple of teams that makes more sense move the Coyotes or the Panthers or both. There are some very weak fan bases throughout the league and there are too many team as it is. We know they wonít contract the number of teams but they shouldnít expand. The league is enjoying a bunch of success now is not the team to expand. I will predict a franchise in Vegas will flop as much as an NFL team in London. I donít like and it is totally not necessary.

LIL Warriors Report

Boys had a few tough games over the weekend battling both Saturday and Sunday in close games than the wheels fell off both games. The boys were down 4-1 Saturday battled back to 4-3 with about 6 minutes left and the wheels came off losing 8-3. Just freaky goals bad bounces crappy rebounds and what not and an empty netter.

Sunday Lil lanz poked home his 3rd goal of the season. Boys were in a 4-4 tie and ended up losing 7-4 in a nasty chippy game. That almost brought the coaches to blows. Iím happy to say calmer heads prevailed. Our head coach argues and off sides call that resulted in a goal and he was ejected. He was right the kid was 4 feet over the Blue line when he scored. That took the wind out of the sails.

On Tuesday the boys got a nice win in a good hockey game back in fourth yes it was Veterans †Day game. Asked Lil Lanz check is bag , he said he did . he forgot his Hockey pants. The Mrs. Wasnít too happy driving to the rink about 20 minutes away with a bunch of other stuff on her plate. She got them there in time. I was suppose to work too many things to do and too many leaves to rake. I took the day off.

Zebra Tails

As the season is coming to end. I had a rare Saturday Night Game this week as I worked Friday as well. Saturday I left for the game right after Lil Lanzís Hockey game. It was a lousy game two 1-7 teams.

This Bear always showed up. he doen't have to rake the leaves.

One team couldnít move the ball so they brought in their version of the Fridge. Kid had to be 6-3† and 3 Bills. His first run from scrimmage it took 8 kids to bring him down. Iím thinking there wasnít a kid over 200 pounds on that defense. A few more runs a few first downs. They stopped him fourth and goal from the 2 all 11 kids stood him up at the goalline. It was†like a barn raising. It was a bragging rights game as I was to find out both head coaches were roommates. They donít normally play each other.

Monday , I had a JV game scheduled at 4pm† it gets dark at 5.(no lights at this field). It a nice turf practice field that they play their sub varsity games on. .Before the turf was installed a few years ago the tree line use to jet out at one end of th field made for some weird plays. According to the home team the coach is a pretty good guy. The AD changed the game to 3:30 of course he forgot to tell us and the visiting team as the bus pulled in at 3:45. Only two Officials in that game . (Damn you run a lot in those). We got both coaches to agree that it would be 9 minutes running time per quarter and two minutes regular time at th end of each half.

The last three plays I could †not see who had the ball we let those playskill themselves.Nobody got hurt and we got it in everybody worked together to get done Coaches , officials, and players. Chalk that one up to experience.. Itís time to rake the leaves again!

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It was a typical NFL Sunday in Foxboro last week. As the Patriots came out and did what the Patriots do there †and have done for the better† part of the last 15 years. They simply win at home.. Rain and snow started the day off with blistery winds. By game time the Autumn Wind was a Patriot. The game itself had itís moments a great catch by Gronk, A punt return by Edelman and a big interception by Nikovitch.. AS much as the game was pretty much over by halftime there was still something special about it..

The two icons on the field battling one guy up and adding to the score. The other trying to get his team back into the game and taking every yard given to him. As much as the game itself was nothing special.

The Quarterbacks were. How many more times will we see these two first ballot Hall of Famers battle it out. This time it was Brady . he was well prepared and executed the game plan well to beat Denver who probably player for player is the best team in the league.

It was also Manning leaving you† with the feeling of know lead is safe as long as number 18 was calling the shots. I was at the game and even with the clock and the score indicating a sure Patriots Victory that uneasy feeling was still in my gut up until maybe the last 3 minutes of the game. That is what a peyton Manning or a Tom Brady for that matter does to the opposing fandom. You never eally feel secure with a victory when the opposing Quarterback is either one of these guys.

It was a good win for the Patriots and it was absolutely fun to watch both quarterbacks battle head to toe. I have only missed one patriot home game in the last 15 years. And I have seen this battle many times. Everytime it is something special a treat no matter what the end result is. This feel right in line with the others.

Laser was at the game with me. He had the best line. At the start of the game there was a moment of silence for the late great mayor of the City of Boston the honorable , Thomas Menino. When Peyton throw for the third Bronco TD. The crowd was silenced. Laser turms to me and says dad. It is quieter now than during the moment of silence.


The Boston Bruins honored former Bruin tough guy Shaun Thornton last night as he returned to The TD North oh Damn it. The New Boston Garden. Last night as a member of the Florida Panthers. Ok, if we had to trade him why are we honoring him. Other players have returned and ayb they get a little ovation from the fans. But this was a whole video thing before the game on the Jumbotron. It is like Thornton was a local guy. It wasnít like it was Ray Bourque returning with his Avalanche Cup and the late mayor giving Ray the honor at City Hall Plaza. It was a tough guy who served the Bruins well in his role for several years.

LIL Warriors report.

Boys lost a chippy one on Saturday Night. 4-2 another close battle. The boys had plenty of pressure and again outplayed the opposition . they just couldnít get the puck to go in. Lil Lanz who had two penalties all last year. Got two in this one. A roughing matching penalty early and a mystery slash late as he as digging for the puck and trying to poke it loose. Boys have a busy week games both days and a Veterans Day morning match up as well.

Zebra Tales.

Friday Night were are going into the locker room at halftime and this kid is waiting just inside the gate from the field before we got to the locker room. He is dressed in a refs outfit has sun glasses on and a Blind stick in his hand . As we came off the field he high fived all of us. It was Halloween Night so I thought it was pretty funny as did the rest of our crew.

On Saturday I got called to do an official clock. I said beautiful . the weather sucks cold run and windy as hell. Perfect. I get to the school one of those Haughty Taughty High Schools that looks like a college and costs as much as† a decent college to send your kid there. I look at the field itís grass no stands. Instead of being in the booth nice and dry. I was on a damn scaffolding. Soaked. The only guy who had it worse than I did† was the guy filming the game . he was on the top level of the scaffolding I was beneath him. Everytime the damn wind blow the thing would shake. So be it I had fun the guys on the crew were all great and they kept me laughing the entire game. Of course I went home I think I stayed in the shower for a good 45 minutes.

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The San Francisco Giants ended the Cinderella story of the Kansas City Royals last night in a tight ball game. In ending the Royals Cinderella story they created a fairy tale of their own. 3 World Series Championships and 5 years. This is mainly due to a guy name Madison who has the word Bum in his last name. The guy is absolutely no Bum. Madison Bumgarner was lights out on 2 days rest and he was lights out two days again and he has been lights out in this entire playoffs.

This kid stepped up big time and took home the big prize, in one of the most enjoyable World Series in recent years. I openly admit I wanted the Royals to win it was their turn their destiny. I love great pitching and great pitching performances and this kid did the job. He put the Giants on his shoulders and carried them to the promise land. My question is why isnít Bruce Bochy ever in conversation of the games best managers? The guy just continues to win. He sneaks in and takes care of business.. Congrats to Jake Peavy winning rings in back to back years.

The games are over now and the Giants are Champions once again. The nonsense begins and the speculation of free agency is upon us. We will get overly concerned of how much this team or that team is willing to pay for a #3 starter. We will be in shock of contract sizes and amounts. Deep down we all know if we had the talent we would take the money as well. Itís a short life in baseball you take the cash when you can and when somebody is willing to pay. We get blinded by all this stuff and all we yearn for is that April Day when all that matters is†what happens between the lines. If next season was as good as this season while just maybe we will be in for a treat.

Brady vs Manning

Peyton is coming to Foxboro this week and if you think hard about this it could be the last regular season game between Manning and Brady. In what has been an awesome rivalry over the years.. The wheels have been put back on the Patriots bus and the Broncos seem to just do everything right with the exception of their scoreboard guy. This should be one helluva football game. If you had asked me a few weeks ago I would say this was going to be a blow out at Foxboro and not by the home team. I still think the Broncos win this one. But I also think the Patriots give them all they can handle. Yes. I wonít be surprised of the Patriots pull it either... There was some back up at the gates getting into Gillette Stadium Sunday stood in line for over an hour.


The NBA is underway. I know you donít care. But I have one question there are only two guys in that league Koby and LeBron . What happened to all the other guys?


Pucks are being shot all over the opposed to fingers.

LIL Warriors oops I mean Lakesiders

The boys played their most competitive game to date losing 3-1 but it was a solid performance . Up and down game and they had their chances couldnít get a good bounce.

Lil Lanz much his dislike has been playing as a defenseman and maybe deep down he is embracing it because he made the play of his Hockey career Saturday. The boys were pressuring the other team and lil Lanz was anticipating the play coming up the leftside so he was more toward the middle of the blue line get ready to get† the puck got deflected to the rightside. Lil Lanz dives across the ice and gets his stick on it to keep it in the zone. Didnít think the boy had it in him but damn it was a great play.

Zebra Tales

Saturday, I eneded up with my Alma† Matta in a JV game. Growing up that city was hard working Irish, Italian an Jewish families. It was a† big suburban High School about 5 miles outside Boston. As time has gone and the school has gotten smaller and now is referred to as an urban High school. I got their JV game on Saturday morning (Right after Lil Lanzís Hockey Game) against one of their arch rivals† another high school who went through a similar transformation. The game was at the rivals home field. The rivals are a football powerhouse in Massachusetts. Kids on both teams all somehow know each other they would hit hard and than put a hand down to help the opponent up and ask if he was ok. That was cool.†

So there is a kid on My alma mattaís team keep in mind they were Blue and Gold †very similar to Notre Dame without the State House Golden Dome Helmets. Just plain gold.helmets. So this kid #12 is wearing this red ,green , and yellow socks with little you flags on the back of them. So a kid on the other team gets hurt.. #12 is sts on one knee and Iím standing next him and I ask him whatís up with your socks.(Sometimes I have to explore the mind of a 15/16 year old). He says man these are Robin Socks. The Quarterback is Batman and Iím his Robin . Sure enough there is the R for Robin on his socks. I look over at the QB he has Black and Gold socks on with a Batman emblem. Maybe they werenít legal but this isnít the NFL and this wasnít a varsity game... it was just two high school kids having a little Fun. I called the kid Robin the rest of the game.

This game was fun we would set the ball and kids on both sides would say than you sir.or they would drop the ball instead of handing it to us and say sorry sir. The Varisity Coach was there from my Alma Matta and we as a crew went over to him to compliment his kids and his JV coaches for that matter.

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