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There has been a few interesting things going in the world of Major League Baseball. I have seen a few interesting articles , if nothing else it will make you think a little about the state of the game and that perhaps in buds World everything isnít coming roses.

The first is an Unnamed source as MLB Executive from Buster Olneyís paid blog according to Fox Sports April 7th† Iíll take with a grain of salt because a source or the executive isnít listed. He suggests to move the games to 7 innings(hold your Baseball purist thoughts). The mystery manís reasoning makes a lot of sense. The younger audience wants things faster and quicker games would average around 2 and half hours instead of 3 plus. IT also would cut down injuries. There are a lot more injuries. Basically the landscaping is charging is what he is saying. The reality is Major League Baseball is experiencing great numbers at the gate is it really charging or is the product itself bringing in better† numbers?

According to MLB Press Release h†2013 was the 6th best year for attendance in the history of baseball and the numbers over the past decade have been amongst the highest in history. Maybe as much as things change they donít.

The other article is about how fans†are being hurt over Blackout restrictions by†MLB†According to†Jeff Passan of Yahoo Sports†††Passan says that because of the cash to regional networks some folks living in areas where there is multiple team blackouts are getting screwed. Folks living in Buffalo, Arkansas, Iowa, and even Las Vegas are restricted to blackouts and canít watch games. Baseball has no interest in fixing mainly due to the huge amount of cash regional sports networks are throwing at teams There is a lawsuit pending in federal court in the Southern District of New York. Baseball and Direct TV and others are† asking for a dismissal the judge turned the motion down. Itís likely that baseball will try to use itís anti trust exemption. Baseball is arguing every† game is available on Direct TV. That is where the blackouts happen in Vegas. California teams and Arizona all those games are subject to blackouts in Las Vegas. As others are in Buffalo like Blue Jays, Yankees and Mets Iím assuming. Baseball will bring out itís trump card (Can you Guess What It is?) Ding, Ding,Ding You got it the Anti Trust exemption.

Baseball can easily fix this open up some of the blackouts in these areas and let the fnas choose. The argument that everything is available on Direct TV doesnít fly especially at the monthly cost of $30 a month just for the package that blackouts out games in these areas. Keep an eye on this one itís going to be interesting.

Instant Replay has been over whelming successful so far the Red Sox got screwed on two† challenges that the ruling on the field was overturned and the replay was wrong. I guess there are some bugs in the system. They brought a system in that wasnít effectively tested. I heard one argument from a reporter saying there isnít enough cameras at exhibition games and not enough games are televised / I guess maybe he doesnít get MLB Network with two of those meaningless games were on everyday. He said they donít use enough cameras in those games so bring in more and test the damn thing. Itís here to stay but many people say and I think Iím among them think this will change the game and outcomes. Basically, they want to take the human factor away. We all excepted the human error of an umpire for many years as matter fact it was entertaining watching a guy like Earl Weaver state his case.right wrong or in different..

LIL Warriors Report

Laser laced them up Saturday Night and scored a goal in a non contact coaches vs graduating Bantam game. He scored from the top of the slot.

NHL Playoffs

Let the games begin itís the best Hockey all year.

Last Night there were three games to start the second season.

Ducks beat the Stars

Canadiens beat Lighting

Penguins beat the Blue Jackets

There are some excellent first round matchups Chicago and St Louis should go 7,Philadelphia and the Rangers should be a blood bath, LA and San Jose another great matchup and of course the one I look forward to is Boston-Detroit enjoy the games.

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The Baseball season is a week and a half old and lots has happened since the first pitch. I watched opening day ceremonies at Fenway and like everything Red Sox it was over the top. Families of the Marathon Bombing Victims brought the rings out to the owners. When each guy receiving his ring they all had the same reaction they looked down at it like a Little Leaguer and his first trophy. †It was very cool. I got choked up when Firefighters from Engine 33 and Ladder 15 came in and shook hands with the Sox two firefighters from the BFD were killed† fighting a fire. I teared up when Lt Walsh's (one of the fallen fire fighters) wife and kids were at the end of the line and each Red Sox hugged her and made a huge deal out of the little one she was carrying.

The Red Sox are 4 and 5 to start the season, getting swept by the Brewers at the 2014 Fenway Debut. Why are they opening at home against a National League Team?

There were double wins at UConn has the Huskies beat Kentucky and the Lady Huskies beat Notre Dame. I think people were surprised to see UConn win, especially John Caliperi. He and his Wildcats had there chances but couldnít take advantage.

The Masters wonít have Tiger this year. I bet you havenít heard about that every waking moment over the last couple of weeks. The Masters is the best human drama in sports especially if itís tight on Sunday. Itís not so much the golf but more the pressure on each guy to make each shot. The excitement is different than a team sport itís more psychological sometimes than pure school and a major always seems to capture it more than any other sport. Itís human drama at itís best.

Hey they almost found the airplane maybe but itís in a whole lot of water.Just canít believe they havenít found that yet. There is something wrong here and we may never find the answer itís a shame. For all those families,they have been given a bunch of bull shit so far.

NHL Update

Teams are Jockeying for position

The Boston Bruins and the St Louis Blues are battling for the Presidents Cup for the best record in the league and how ice throughout the playoffs.. both teams have three games left the Bruins have a 114 pts and the Blues have 111. Both teams have played some exceptional hockey this year but Iím a Black and Gold guy instead of the Blue Gold.

LIL Warriors Report


Yes after getting their butts kicked last month in tournament the boys got hot in their last few games. They won their first round playoff game as the 4th seed in their conference..

They had to play two games on Saturday to win the Conference. They played at 8am while their soon to be opponents played at 8:20 am on the other rink at the same facility.The winners would return for the conference championship at 1pm.

The boys came out smoking in the morning game winning 5-2. Nick the goalie was awesome and the netminder's best friend the goal post helped out big time.

The game was at 1, traffic on I 93 North was awful getting back to the rink as a work crew filled potholes on the Interstate. Players came in one by one even coach Glen got stuck in traffic. The boys went down 1-0 in the first period. They tied it early in the second then went down 2-1 going into the third. They scored quick. And with 4:48 left Lil Craig scored the game winner. Gloves, sticks helmets every where. The Boys got trophies and hats saying Valley League Champs.

The Playoff format changed this year with an extra game on Sunday for the League Championship for that Division. They played† Woburn who gave them trouble all year . They lost twice to them, beat them once and tied them. The boys took the early lead and held on; they were up 2-0 then†Woburn scored making it 2-1, then the boys were up 3-1 and held on for a 4-2 win and the big piece of Hardware their version of the Cup.

Lil Lanz almost had the first goal, he couldnít get a rebound home and the goalie made a stick save while on the Ice.

Special Thanks go out to the Coaches Glenn, Dennis, and Dave who made it fun for the kids all year and three of the nicest guys you ever want to meet.

The parents who we bonded with giving up every weekend and many weeknights since September. we became a group that truly enjoyed each others company.

Finally Thanks to the 12 boys and 1 girl. who spent countless hours on the ice through practices, skill session and many playing for two teams. There hard work and dedication.paid off

Parents and coaches explained to them †that Championships are rare in ones sporting life so enjoy it. They have been the talk of the town at soccer, Lax, and baseball. The kids are enjoying the crap out of it.


Lil Lanz†skating hard up the Boards

Team watching opponents getting runner up trophy

Team getting the Trophy

Typical Hockey Champ Photo Lil lanz doing his Hulk Hogan in Back

LIL Lanz†in Locker Room with trophy, He had already took his shoulder and elbow pads off

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It has been somewhat of a slow week in sports this week the brackets have been busted mine as soon as Ohio State lost too Dayton I was done. Syracuse and Duke bowing out as Mercer gave them some Mercer. The first couple rounds were just exciting and crazy and thatís what makes this tournament fun so I hope the NCAA doesnít screw it up by adding more teams in the future. They shouldnít have gone to 68.† 64 worked fine we donít need play ins.

This should be another week of exciting games. I think Dayton has a shot for the elite eight as they will go up against Stanford. UCLA could throw a scare Floridaís way as well. But that is what this tournament is about the unknown.

On the local front the Boston Red Sox gave David Ortiz his deal a 1 year extension for 15 million and a couple option years. Now maybe the Big Guy can stop whinning and concentrate on hitting 2 for 35 this spring. I get the hometown† hero and the guy has been good for the Sox and for that matter the city of Boston. But I would have waited the season out let him finish the current contract and go from there. He may have a great year by all means give him another but given his age.† Why not see what this year brings first. I understand the Red Sox rewarded him for being a good† player and all. I just would have waited.

Meanwhile in Foxboro Vince Wilfork is upset that the Patriots may want him to restructure his contract. I think they will get it done. However, Vince isnít happy he reportedly cleared out his locker and ripped his name plate down. The guy is coming of a bad injury at his size and age. Teams wonít take a chance on him. The other thing is the Patriots have no problem cutting players. They even left one of their most dedicated guys Kevin Faulk over the years off the Superbowl Roster in his final season.

Belichick was hucking it up with the media at the owners meetings. The Patriots proposed as a rule change cameras on the goalline and the end line to help see if the ball crossed the plane of the goalline and to help with inbounds and outbounds on the endline and sideline of the end zone. So some reporter asks him how is the Billion dollar NFL going to pay for the cameras. (stupid Question) Bill says I donít know a bake sale or maybe a car wash. He went on to explain† that each stadium has 100ís of cameras they can see if a fan spilled a beer on another fan. Bill may have a point but it was classic BB.

The wind was awful today and most of Massachusetts escaped a blizzard sorry Cape Cod you got it bad. We didnít even get a flurry North of the city. The weather is not baseball friendly with opening day on Monday. At least the Red Sox donít open here until next Friday the fourth against the EX American League Brewers.Maybe it will reach 50 by then.

I was driving Lil Lanz to Hockey tryouts and he says I wish we had our names on the back of our jerseyís. He says he would customize his and have it say Miser. I immediately thought of the XFL and Yes non other than He Hate Me. So I say to him they did that stuff in the XFL. He says whats the XFL so I explained it to him . How the wrestling Guy formed a Football League and it wasnít great football with some crazy rules. Then it dawned on me that the XFL started in 2000, played 1 season in 2001. Lil Guy was born in 2002. Just a reality moment.

LIL Warriors Report

The boys got back out of the loss column this week and sealed fourth place for the playoffs. They tied 2-2 Saturday and won 5-4 on Sunday. Lil Lanz got the game winning assist. I nice shot from the right circle and Lil Bobby tipped it home. The hero was Lil Steve he wore the hat first year player and he got a hat trick and made a great defensive play. Kid has came along way since September. LIl Lanz checked the score sheet for his assist. Coach Dave ended up giving him the sheet. He ended up giving it to lil Steve..

Lanz here got called back behind the bench Saturday as Head Coach Glen had to leave at the end of the first period.† Boys have there first playoff game on Sunday at 4:30 a win they will play next Saturday a loss they are done for the season. They have gotten some ice time this week a two hour tryout last night which tries to place the kids on the right level team. Practice Friday.and the game Sunday.

Meanwhile Laser was going to play his final season of Youth lacrosse and has decided to just play baseball instead not wanting to risk head trauma.

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My man Jan Kicking from the 40 Yard Line

Itís Thursday again and time flies after a weekend in a hotel full youth hockey teams it was great to get back home. The kids had a blast but they got there buts kicked on the ice. They were excited about the Tournament so they had a league game Thusday Night. That they just laid an egg. It was funny they had been off for a week and a half the locker room was loud and they came out flying and then the wheels fell off that bus.

Friday early dismissal from school at noon time and than a 3 Oíclock tournament gam about an hour away. The kids were pumped †and excited but they played a team a level up from them and got smoked. After the game myself and lil Lanz checked into the hotel the kids had a ball playing all kinds of games much to the shigren of† the non hockey guests. We as did a team from White Plans NY had parents strategically placed around the hotel so they couldnít get into too much trouble. Kids probably stayed up too late to play well Saturday morning as they got the butts handed to them again.Lil lanz broke his stick which meant it was going to cost me some $$$$$. If you havenít bought a kid a hockey stick lately they start at roughly $60 bucks and go well into the hundreds and Iím sure Jeff can attest to this as well baseball bats arení t cheap either especially as the lads get a we bit older and have to use BBCore bats we are talking anywhere from $100 to $400 bucks . Even a nice wood bat will cost you at least $60 but most likely closer toa $100.

Lil lanz and I went off found a local Dickís Sporting goods Lil lanz wsanít excited about the stick selection. I wasnít excited about the prices. A local lacrosse league was signing up kids at Dicks so asked if there was a Hockey store around. The guy said 10 minutes down the street. Went there found a nice stick that was the right size and the right price on sell for &60 marked down from $80. Very similar to lil Lanzís old stick.. he loved so did the kids on the team.

The boys played for the Bronze medal Saturday Night ended up playing the same team they did on Friday. This time the boys scored first. The other team tied it in the second period and then took the lead. The boys had a bunch of chances but couldnít put another one through the pipes. If they did it would have been a shootout and they all would have gotten into that.

They had a nice ceremony after the game. The Mrs. Drove out for the 7pm game. They brought all the kids on both teams out to the blueline announced each kid by number and name. The kids got a runner up medal and a tournament T shirt and a pair of skate socks and a program oh yeah and some gatorades. It was a great weekend for the kids and maybe even a better one for the parents and maybe not so good for a few hotel guests.

A couple kids told me some lady asked them if this was a hotel or a day care. She told them she was a paying guest. The kids said we donít know we are just here to play hockey. What would you expect from a bunch of 11†and 12 year old kids..

here are few pics from the tourney

Lil Lanz receiving his medal and T

LIL Lanz changing on the fly

LIL Lanz battling for postion on a faceoff

The Boys waiting for their medals on the Blue Line

NFL Update

The Rules committee has a few proposals on the table. That the rule on slurs and the Nword are already in the rules and will be handled at the discreation of the on field officials.† One proposal will have kicks from the 40.wasnít there originally than to the 35, the 30 back to the 35 and now back to the 40 . That would most likely end a few return men careers because there wonít be any. Two proposals of moving extra points back to the 20 and the 25 or just let it be,† A lot of stuff about more cameras and more reviewable plays which means more advertising and longer games.


The Boston Bruins are the hottest team in Hockey right now riding a huge 10 game winning streak. They are just playing damn good hockey all the guys are pitching in . Hopefully they ride this train into the playoffs and maintain the pace.


Havenít looked at the damn bracket give me Wichita State , Michigan State, Michigan and Harvard or Crieghton or the little sisters of the poor. All I know is itís a great weekend for college hoops and may those underdogs win.

Thatís all folks

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Crazy Crazy Sunday it was little league tryouts at the High School Gym and the towns basketball leagues Pizza Party. Several guys are on both boards and coach in both so there was a lot of running back and forth with set ups clean ups and evaluations. Lil Lanz had to try out at 8:30 so I whiched than went over to the civic center help se up for a pizza party for 800 kids in two sessions and back to the gym to evaluate players for my senior league Red Sox team which are 13,14,15,and 16 year olds. I noticed I was a little late for all of it. I forget to set my watch a head. I still made it. Just a crazy day.

We are in the deldroums of sports purgatory sure the NFL is going wild with free †agent signings I mean the Denver Broncos are going wild with signings. It looks like John Elway is going for gold now. I think he recognizes Peyton has a short life span and itís time to win. The Broncos were hurting on defense but that just got a whole lot better with giving Aquim Talib 6 years and 57 million and then getting Demarcus Murray. On Offense the may loose both Decker and Moreno but there are plenty of guys to fill those roles. Denver is taking a win now approach and I like it.

The Patriots will need some major help in the secondary and a pass rusher. It didn;t take long for them to replaceTalib†withDarelle Revis signed a 1 year deal for 12 million dollars . This will help greatly Revis needs to pass his physical but they sepped up from Talib and if they cut or restructure Vince Wilfork. Iím hoping Wilfork is willing to restructure his contract. Wilfork is still one of the better no se tackles in the league even at less than 100%. The Patriots also need some weapons around Brady a Tight end and a tall quick receiver. It looks like Danny Amendola is going to stick around and Julian Edelman is testing the market but may return or may not.


Francesco Rodriguez took the cactus league one step further after stepping on cactus barefoot. He will miss a couple of spring training starts. Lucky for Francesco there are only lil cactuses on peoples desks in Milwakuee.


Rich Paverily of Dallas Stars collapsed on the bench Monday. Paverly who has had some heart problems was ok but is out for the season and maybe for ever, Just hit a little to close to Reggie Lewis. Paverly will play it smart I hope

Some sad news from the OHL Saginaw Spirits minor league Hockey Team they cut 20 Year Old Terry Trafford om March3rd. He disappeared for 8 days before Michigan State Police found his body on† Tuesday. A very sad and tragic story condolences to his family.

Lil Warriors Report

Last weekend the boys were off this weekend starting tonight lil Lanz has a regular league game . They play in a non league tourney for the weekend at least 3 games. They have 2 regular season games left after tonight all in all they have played 50 games and have had over 100 practices since September

They are currently in 4th place but have the most wins and ties in the conference

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