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Another Thursday another crazy week in the NFL. I went to the patriots-Jets game last Thursday heavy rain and rush hour traffic allowed for a 3 hour commute to Gillette Stadium which is normally maybe 40 minutes on a Sunday. Itís ok I talked to my neighbor who left and hour before I did and his commute was three hours and 20 minutes.

Iím convinced Thursday Night was made for ugly football the teams arenít sharp and the games lack intensity. The Jets hung in there and I swear they ran the same three plays the whole game . Ivory inside, than outside and then old G. Smith would hit somebody down the seem.

I thought the Jets played the Patriots mucher tougher than anybody expected but than again nobody expected much. People are talking about Rex Ryan getting fired from my stand point the guy can coach and he has a little bit of fun and puts a little humor into as well I think a coach is only as good as what the player personnel guy has to work with it. Other than a solid offensive line and my man Ivory the Jets really donít have a lot in the skill position area. Letís face it Geno isnít Tom Brady who can overcome sucha short coming and make a marginal receivers look good.

The talking heads† on the radio started the whole 3rd grade argument of whose better Brady or Peyton. I guess I like both guys, some how I think a team would be ok with either guy even with both guys in their late 30ís

That the same fo Peyton Manning, Aaron Rogers ,Drew Brees, and I may even through Andrew Luck in the mix. Speaking about Luck and the Colts. I watched them play the Bengals Sunday. I like the Colts on Defense they hit hard and they hit in the middle of the body. It was nice to see a team play some defense without the yellow hankie coming out.

In Dallas Demarco Murray is just fun to watch these days and Iím sur eitís been a blast for Cowboys fans as well. The kid is the real deal.


Dear Boston College

Your Senior Kick can't kick field goals. Your Freshman Kicker can't either.†

Did you ever think about using your Punter. After all he does in practice is kick footballs,

Then again that's all the other two kids do as well.

Speaking about Punters whatever happend to the Coffin Corner Punt?


The Royals finally lost a playoff game in Grand Fashion† on Tuesday Night. Losing 7-1.The Royals managed to get 7 of there own on Wednesday to tie the series at1 apiece. The Royals will have to take at least one of the next three in SF. I would like to see a couple of close games. We may not see Hunter Strickland in another starting role after letting his emotions get to himas he strred down Salvatore Perez.

NHL Update

Player flipped off the fans. Player got fined. Lanz traded Sully for player, what was Lanz thinking.

LIL Warrior Report

The boys got a W Saturday Night and Got crashed Sunday. Lil Lanz missed one from the point. Nexst week they start league play. The competition will be more even going forward. The boys should end up being alright.

Laser went out on the mound Saturday. the Young Lefty came in at Garbarge Time with an 11-1 lead. It wasn't pretty he left with 11-5 lead and runners on. He couldn't get the ball down in the zone. He said after the game" If those kids were just a little taller I would have hit the zone every time"

Zebra Tales

I was the Head Linesman Saturday and sometimes despite your best efforts they get you. I got rolled up pretty good Saturday on the first play from scrimmage. An end run came out my way took my position to let the play go buy me so I could trail . A kid came flying in† to make the tackle† he missed it but got the official (yes that was me) He got my leg good I finished the game bad bruise no breaks but I have been limping all week. Itís just the nature of the game..

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The team with the 19th highest payroll in baseball is going to the World Series. Yes folks Iím not sure how they did it playing a brand of baseball more suited to the National League than the American. It was done with smoke and mirrors and it was still done. The Royals have not lost in the playoffs sweeping the Aís if you can call a one game playoff a sweep , The Angels with baseballs best record and now a very good Baltimore Oriole team.

It looks very much like the Giants will be their opponent after beating the Cardinals† 6-4 going up 3-1 in the NLCS and looking kind of unstoppable as well. I thought we might have had a Show Me State World Series but It doesnít look that way. Instead we will have two Dynamic teams and some crazy type baseball that has been nothing less than fun. No routing interest , so Iím just sitting back and taking in some pure entertainment.

(they have been painting the damn thing for 20 Years)

Speaking about Entertainment folks in Boston have climbed of the Tobin Bridge even the Toll Takers have came down off the Bridge . Tom Terrific was back this past weekend picking out ten targets instead of Julian Edelman and not seeing the other guys. Brady looked as sharp as he has ever did. Maybe he is pissed maybe he was well prepared, I still think there is some decline but he made a good Buffalo defense look bad.

The price the Patriots paid was a heavy one Defensive Team leader Jarrod Mayo is lost for the season for the second straight year. Mayo is just one of the guys that bought into the Patriots from day one and he is just an intelligent football player. They also lost an 1,000 yard back in Steven Ridely which will hurt forcing Shane Vareen and Brandon Boldin will be filling Ridelyís void. I guess the one that hits home most is offensive lineman Dan Conolly who is also lost for the season. He is the anchor on an Offensive Line that often times just are unable to keep Brady upright although they have been much better over the past couple of weeks.

Tim Wright† is coming along complimenting Gronk in two tight end sets.† Than there is the Brian Tyms as he is back from suspension and has been added to Bradyís Aresenal. The Patriots have their work cut out for them over the next 3 weeks. They have the jets tonight. They are awful but may give the patriots a game in the rain. The Bear next week and the biggest test is the Broncos in a couple of weeks before the bye, If they can survive these three games you can count the Patriots back in the mix. Even if they only take 2 out of 3 but give solid performances in all three match ups. The Denver Game maybe one to mark on the calendar it could very well be the last regular season match up between Brady and Manning which has just been entertaining as hell over the past decade or so.

Lil Lakesiders Report

Lil Lanz popped home another goal Saturday has the team played much better than they have been, The Boys only had 8 guys and a goalie some tired legs at a 6am start time against Hollis NH. The Hollis team won the game in their pink jerseyís for breast cancer awareness. Our boys skated well and are starting work as a team. Unfortunately, on Sunday I think the boys left it all on the ice Saturday just looking lethargic. So be it two more weeks of† the parody round where they reseed the teams to even out the competition.

Speaking of coming together as a team Laser and the freshman soccer team have really bonded they way they should in an High school sport. At the begging of the year you had fifteen different kids and some clicks on the team as we progress to the last couple of weeks of the season you know have one big click of fifteen kids. Everyone of them just a nice group of kids. They have a coach that they respect and that respects them. Than again he isnít much older than they are so itís a great fit. He did think Laser and his buddy came were out of their minds heading to one of the HS fields Monday morning at 7:30am to working on their shots but he kind of loved it as well.

Zebra Tales

I heard the best line in our game Saturday by our Referee after a muffe kickoff was recovered in the end zone for a Touchback. The kid who muffed it recovered it in the end zone and took a knee. The opposing Team coach was arguing the whole game on every call even when it was to his benefit. The Referee comes over to explain the rule and the coach says we thought it was a safety. The Referee Dave says to him ďyou thought it was a safety but we know it was a touchback.Ē Just that it was a great comeback. This guy argued that an extra point went through the backjudge told him to ask his kicker. The kid to his credit says I missed a little to the right. He did apologize for that one.

Lanzís Take

Monday my 17 year old †daughter ( she stayed in and did homework all weekend) and I headed out to the Local Fair the Mrs didnít want to go neither did any of the boys. We saw the 1900 pound pumpkin. That was fun more farm type animals everything from cows to chickens and Clydesdales as well. My daughter and I had a blast just some good bonding time but what we both noticed was people just looked miserable. Itís the fair you eat some very unhealthy food you look at stuff and you have fun. People looked stressed and serious time to lighten up folks. I donít †know maybe it was the end of the long weekend , maybe their kids just got to them I donít know but fairs are fun. People need to enjoy themselves more.

Have a great Week

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The New England Patriots brought me back to yesteryear this past Monday Night in Kansas City. The patriots came out with just a pathetic performance reminding of the pre BB years for that matter the pre BP years. This team has issues and yes I understand it was just one game and they still have Tom Brady if they can manage to keep him upright.

Bet we knew that side the offensive side of the ball had issues the inability block is the lead issue. If Brady isnít protected you might as well have Paul Krugg back there.

Lets face a Quarterback with† a good offensive line can overcome many areas he is lacking.†A†Great Quarterback without an offensive line can look worse than his clipboard toting back-up who never plays. Letís face it,†Brady is getting older and yes I think he is slipping a bit but not so much that he still isnít one of the better quarterbacks in the NFL.

The true measure that may be defined is how much is Brady slipping and how much is it the people around him. It starts with the guy who puts the team together. If there is a glaring need for an offensive lineman you donít trade the guy that holds that together. If there is an a need for a second tight end and you have one you need to get him involved in the game. If there is a need for a tall receiver who can stretch the field for you you need to dress him. If your Quarterback doesnít have time to check off what you have is a one dimensional offense and he ends up throwing always to th guy on the short route simply because† a play canít develop.

A weak offensive line also largely effects a running attack if holes arenít open and defensive ends and linebackers fill those holes your running attack is stifled. As was the case on Monday.

The defense was absolutely no better . This unit has kept New England in the game this year. They didnít exist on Monday allowing over 300 yards of offense in the first half.The patriots have been exposed and the Kansas City Chiefs and Andy Reid just set the blueprint for the rest of their opponents. Of course as we all know what happened last week may not repeat itself next week.


Holy Amos Otis Batman the Royals are going to sunny LA to play the Angels. They have been a nice story. The Angels had everybody focusing on Oakland and they just took care of business. Not sure of the Royals have enough Offense to win but it will be interesting.

I like the Tigers over the Orioles not sure why. Just think the Tigers have more maybe Iím surprised on this one.

The Pirates got stomped by the Giants I was hoping they would extend their playoff stay to Washington †but that didnít happen.Did Kent Tekulve look really old throwing out that first pitch last night. I like the Nationals over the Giants, I think they have too much talent.

The Dodgers and the Cardinals are the best match up. I think the Cardinals get it done because they always do.

Lil Lakesiders report

The boys got smoked this week. They skated hard but just struggled against a far better team. Lil lanz was all over the ice trying to make something happen.

Rules Question

The answer was False† NCAA Rule 7-3-2h exception

Basically the rule applies to only to the player who controls the snap or the backwords pass. In this case the back who caught a pitch not a backwards pass(Lateral) doesnít get the same protection as the Quarterback so it is intentional grounding..

Good Job Jeff from Austin to get the False .

Ready for Another† Iím lobbing this one in.

What are the three options for a Kickoff or Free Kick that goes out of bounds. Yes it is a penalty and the receiving team gets three options. The third option on this is the most difficult.(remember NCAA Rules)

Zebra Tales

I had a big HS game this week it was actually a paid chain crew $62 bucks to watch Football and hold a stake isnít bad.. It was a 2:30 game left the house at 12:45 to be on time. Fly down the highway† and get on the road the stadium is at bumper to bumper traffic. (same damn roa they want to put a Casino just outside of Boton) place is so built up the road canít handle the traffic. I finally get to the Stadium a left turn on a divided highway and they have the turn lane blocked and the road blocked off. (It was a big homecoming game.) †I have a Ref shirt on a hanger hanging in the back window so Iím stopped at the red light and yell to the Cop . Game Official holding my shirt out the window . He wasnít happy buyt he held traffic up for me and moved the horse to let me in.

Get in the Locker room the whole crew is in there changed included a couple other officials whow ere just at the game. Sorry guys traffic . we all left our houses at noon.

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The ageless Sebastain Janikowski†

Every once and a while as a fan you get to do something cool. So a couple weeks ago Iím sitting on Storrow Drive in traffic. Trying to get to I-93 Noth. My phone rings and it says Boston Red Sox †on the caller ID. So Iím thinking they are trying to push some tickets for the final homestand. I answer it and the guy has my name and asks if I remember doing a fan survey about a month ago. I remember doing it and I was kind of brutally honest voicing some of† my basic displeasures with some aspects the fan experience .

The guy says based on your answers we think you would make an excellent choice to participate in a focus group. Are you interested ? I say sure sounds like fun. So last Wednesday I took the afternoon off to go to this focus group about the fan experience a Fenway.

There was suppose to be 5 people two begged out. There was me two women one from a neighboring town actually. The guy had set question but you could expand as much as you want. Everything from how do get to a game, to what food you purchase and why..

I gave some honest answers like sliding tickets why is a Yankee game $30 dollars more than say an Astroís game same seat same experience and like the Astroís the Yankees didnít make the playoffs either.. I talked about a bottle of water costing $4.00 bucks. I also spoke up about spending millions and millions of dollars to make the ballpark better and two major things werenít addressed turning the rightfield seats toward the plate and creating more leg room.

I said I just want too watch the game without a lot of other stuff. That seemed to be the opinion in the room. The weird part is the guy said that our group was different because we cared more about the game on the field.. I guess other people go to say they ent or to be social. If Iím going to a game Iím there to watch the game. All and all it was fun afternoon and somebody other than my dog listened to my opinion.

I went to the Patroits-Raiders game on Sunday, Yawn. A couple observations the Patroits canít block ,Brady was hurried a lot and sucked a couple of times. If they donít block we will be seeing Jimmy Grappolo instead of Brady. Julian Edelman is the only receiver on the patriots of course Brandon Lafel and Danny Amondola are basically the same player but they donít get open.Where is Dobson and Tompkins and was Tim Wright really worth Logan Mankins.? The defense is good the offense has like a bb gun for a weapon. Then there is Gronk who still doesnít look like Gronk.

I thought Derrick Carr played well taking everything the patriots gave him and the ageless Sebastian Janikowski had a good game. The Highlight of this one was Vince Wilforks interception late in the game that ended a Raiders drive..

Florida State and Clemson played the I donít want it you can have it bowl Saturdy Night. Not a bad football game but nobody wanted in the end. Florida State capitialized on Clemson bad play calls for the win,

Lil Warrior Report Sorry Lil Lakesider reports

The boys lost 5- 1 this week against Wilmington. The entire team just looked like it was going through the motions.

The High school† soccer team tied this week 0-0 the Ref had an inadvertent whistle on a penalty kick that cost the Warriors a win. They ended up tying the Spartans from the next town over. The inadvertent whistle is the worst thing an official can do we have all had them but damn itís embarrassing and itís worse when you donít own it like the guy in this game who made up some BS about offsides.

Zebra Tale

I was the Line Judge Friday Night in my game. It was a long turnover fest. A lot of long returns for interceptions all on my side of the field. So I have the responsibility of chasing the kid down the field. I had two 60 yrd runs and a 70 . Man I was tired and sore afterwards. I did get good help from the backjudge.

After years of Officiating Football I finally had the 4th down fumble rule in a youth game this past weekend. In NCAA rules if there is a fumble on 4th down only the play who fumbles for the fumbler can advanc the ball for the offense. So the kid fumbles and another player picks it up and runs it in for a TD. We brought it back try xplaining that rule to Coach Dads who watch too much NFL.They just had these confused looks on thier faces when all three of us went over and explained it to them. One guy in the crew even gave the rule number. He wwas looking it up that morning.

Try This rule question (from our preseason exam)

Team A QB pitches †back to his halfback A22 who runs toward the right sideline. As A22 approaches the sideline. He cocks† his arm back to pass but sees no one open A22 then simply throws the ball out of bounds beyond the neutral zone. Ruling legal play No intentional grounding because A22 is outside the tackle Box

True or False

Team A is offense. Team B is defense

( Remember this is based on NCAA rules not NFHS Rules)

Answer Next week.

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The NFL has gone through the roughest period in league history of the past few weeks. Letís face the league that seems to have itís crap together has gotten diarha. The league is facing an image problem that makes congress look like choir boys. Ow we all know that a lot of players in the league are just not good guys they have been a lot of arrests over the past few years mainly petty crap and substance related offenses just young guys being stupid.

Last year a young man from the Chiefs committed suicide do to domestic problems.Then Ray Rice,beating the crap out of his girlfriend, Adrian Petersen beating the crap out of a 4 year old and a host of 5 or 6 other guys now waiting out the legal fall out of their misdeeds.against girlfriends and spouses alike. The league that controls everything canít seem to control their most important element their players.

Letís face it we all know a lot of these guys arenít angels† and have bad and shady pasts Aaron Hernandez for instance. Letís also face it if this stuff didnít find itís way to the media Ray Rice and Adrian Petersen would be playing on Sunday. The fact is in todayís society people are looking to expose what they perceive aswrong doing and in both these cases as in others this exposure should be brought to the attention of at the very least the authorities.

But where do we cross the line where does it go to far and like I say I donít think it went to far in these cases. We have seen countless stories of a bus driver taking a snooze and some one takes a picture and sends it to his boss . the guy looses his job maybe he worked a second job or Overtime and is taking a cat nap tobe more efficient with passengers on board..

I guess that is our society today we are able to hide be hind a twitter handle or a blog name and make a snap judgment without all the facts. The case in hand the NFL needs to do a better job of screening some of these kids coming in the league. They need to get them help before it explodes into the mess they are dealing with now. This is probably not the first time Ray Rice or any of these other guys hit a omen this is the time they got exposed same for Pedersen.

The NFL has a cack in the shield and Iím not sure they know how to handle it. They suspended a bunch of players with charges pending maybe that is a way but it seems reactionary to instead of proactive. This like the government changing a law because of one incident happens at th state level all the time. The league needs to be proactive in preventing this stuff and Iím just not sure if they can. They can control a lot of things but they canít control human nature. I think the rash of suspensions are reactionary partly so they donít have a repeat of the mess over the past couple of weeks and partly due to some major sponsors voicing there not liking the way the league is handling things. Anhuser Busch and Nike have told the league they arenít pleased and Iím sure a few others as well.

Letís face it we like the game and we will all be watching our teams on Thursday, Sunday, and Monday. But league has developed an image problem far worse than the NBA ever had and they just arenít sure how to handle it. Eventually it will all go away and be forgotten at some point but for now I wouldnít want to be the sheriff.

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