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Tuesday Night did a great job honoring Derek Jeter at the All-Star Game. Sometimes they donít get it. But Tuesday they did a good thing for a guy that played out his heart and soul for 20 years and a welldeserved night. The Yankees will top it at his final home game but never the less letís not take anything away from Jeter and the job MLB did for him.

Of course they didnít do a few other things well. I think perhaps a short video tribute to Tony Gwynn before the game would have taken nothing away from Jeterís night. I bet Jeter would have embraced it. Just something on the screen before the game, 5 minutes with a few highlights. Gwynn was a sweet man and also played hard. Maybe he deserved a little recognition especially after his recent passing.

The marketing ploy needed to go with the hats. Really we needed different hats . I like the team hats and I like if they have an alternate cap once and a while but I also like the Blue Hat with red B. I wonít by any other color Red Sox hat. I like the Yankees white NY on the Blue Hat as well. I donít need the white panels and a different color logo. Maybe I need help but this bothered me and I just donít know why Miguel Carbrera just didnít look right in his Black and Blue with white panels †Tigerscap. I think maybe it bothered me because it was nothing more than marketing. The beauty of the baseball all star game is they play in their regular uniforms. They did do that but the hat is a major part of the look. I will admit I did kind of like the Aís hat a little but no damn it they needed the green cap with the gold visor and the white Aís.

I had taken a few weeks off from umpiring with All-Stars and stuff. I have had my busiest week since mid May putting me on a baseball field in some capacity 7 days in a row Coaching two nights except we were rained out last night and umpiring 6 games between Saturday and Saturday.† In one of my games Sunday I saw a cool double play it was a 14 Year old AAU game it was a 2 to 4 double play. Kid got a basehit runner from second hesitated rounding third and was thron out at the plate by a country mile. The catcher saw the kid who got the hit going to second he made a perfect throw nice and low the shortstop got his glove in front of the base and made the a huge cloud of dust.. Just one of those plays you remember .

Zebra Tale

Here is a good one I sold a call Saturday Night. I was working with a very good umpire who does High Level College Baseball, he had the bases for you who arenít familiar how two umpire mechanics work. Base ump positions himself in a spot behind the pitchers mound if there are †runners on. In this case a runner was on second .for the most part he will be behind the mound more towards third so he can watch a pickoff at second and can cover a play at third. My partner was in this position there was a play at first he called the kid out there was a runner scoring from second so I stayed at the plate to make sure he touched and there was no playthere . I turned quickly and saw the first baseman stretch and saw the out call at first usually you can see space between the first basemanís foot and the base. So the coach at first had the best look and he argued to no avail that the first basemans foot was off the base. Between Innings he came up to me and said the kids foot was at least 6 inches of. I explained he had a better look and I looked quick and saw no space than I said to him probably because the first baseman is wearing white cleats. The first baseman was on deck he looks the kid has white cleats on. your right and just quietly walked back to the dugout. Guy was very polite the rest of the game, Actually, he was very polite the entire game even to state his case, I don't know why I knew this kid had white cleats on . Usually, i don't notice or care. It really didn't make a difference but I sold it.Thought I would share.

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Itís been busy in the Lanz world splitting time between Maine and Massachusetts over the past †week and it will continue into next week. I have a question as to who is running the MLB schedule Fox or MLB? The Cubs and Nationals played a doubleheader Saturday to met some Fox TV contract. The funny thing is the game was only televised in a few markets,

Laser is the Third Guy in Line next to the kid with his turned

Laserís All-Star Team is 2-1 Laser getting a game tying RBi that broke open the game.. As the boys exploded for 18 runs,He would later score on the next kids triple. It looks like they will be playing for the District Championship Sunday. The boys let the game get away on Monday Leading 6-2 going in the top of the 7th and we ended up losing 10-8.†

We have had a bunch stuff going on over the past week. The Lanz Twins are officially High Schoolers as they graduated from the 8th grade last Tuesday. An award ceremony in the morning where Lasers twin Dan won a technoloigy award.† Of course me and the Mrs. Knew he was getting award but couldnít figure out for what.

Meanwhile Daughter Lanz earned her Girl Scout Gold Award which is the equivilant too being an Eagle Scout in the Boy Scouts but it is harder to obtain. She did a whole recycling project. Involving both the local Youth Soccer League and the Little League. She met with the boards in both leagues and passed out reusable water bottles to every kid. She had to completely organize it.and present it. to the Girl Scout Council.They had a nice ceremony at the Massachusetts State House and the Kids got all kinds of certficates from various Government agencies including Nasa, and The division of Fisheries and Wildlife and many others.

I was in Maine over the weekend on the Beach, I decided to wear a Redskins Cap just as kind of an expierment. I wanted to see if I got any reaction , some reaction whether positive or negative and by whom. Three different gentleman stopped me to disscuss it. All three where caucasion males in their 50ís and 60ís. The first guy simply asked will you continue to call them Redskins. My reaction was you bet your ass I will. As the conversation went on the guy told me he had discussed the name change thing with his buddies and they all agree the whole thing is stupid and itís just name that nobody cares and the name shouldnít be changed. I pulled the line that I find the name Washington Senators more offensive. He got a good laugh.

The funny thing is the other two Gentleman were together they basically said the same thing that it was stupid. The nobody cared one guy went as far as saying that he doesnít find the name offensive in the least.

I was actually hoping for some adverse reaction and there was none a few strange looks. I considered that most people that come to this part of Maine or from liberal Massachusetts. Nobody else said a word or gave it a second look. Like I said few looks.


Like B.O,B said he got back into Bowling. I have got back into Golf I have been playing the game most of my life sometimes very good and sometimes very bad. I played on the High School Golf team with my buddies and we have stayed together over the years. A †fe\w years back we had a regular 5am before work tee time on Fridays and we would have at leadt 7 or 8 guys every week. We had gotten away from that. I haven't played on a regular basis over the past 6 or 7 years too busy. I have joked that my clubs made it from the basement to my trunk. A couple of the guys two of my closer friends re hashed the 5am tee time on Fridays. It's 9 holes every week at the same course and it has been a blast †Now if I could only get back into fishing> I'll take Golf for now

We are in the North country for the 4th hopefully, the weather holds out that is all I have for today.

Have a Happy Fourth

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Can we talk here? Iím sick of all the political correctness shit. part my French here but it is all shit. The Federal Trade commission has taken away† the Washington Redskin. Yes unlike many scribes who refuse to write Redskins even though they did for many years itís just not PC. Anymore. I hope Dan Snyder sticks to his guns (Can I say guns will I offend anybody) and tell our legislatures †no doubt they are behind this move to shoveit up his ass. Remember Snyder has better lawyers then the government and better resources. They set precedent 15 years ago when the REDSKINS won a similar case.

The Redskins not having the trademark means the guy that sells the REDSKINS knock off tee shits for 5 bucks canít get in trouble. As we set this slippery slope I took bigger look at some other sports teams . Letís get ride of Indians, Braves, Chiefs, Warriors, Aztecs, Seminoles and the Fighting Siuox wait they already have been nixed. These all could potentially be deemed as offensive to Native Americas according to the PC police and not necessary native Americans Iím sure some are offended and Iím sure many arenít or could care less.

Letís look at this whole class of Teams Raiders, Buccaneers, Pirates, Vikings and Patriots. The Raiders, Buccaneers and Pirates all promote violence and the image they create. We being a non violent society should be offended. The Vikings what a†happy lot they were †just raiding village after village again violence.Then my favorite Team of all the NFL teams the Patriots. Yes for those of us whole still take some pride in this country we actually salute the flag and arenít offended by the word god in the pledge of allegiance , and those of us who stand proud and remove our†caps for the Star Spangled Banner because we know what Francis Scott Key was saying and why he wrote the words as he did. No Patriots arenít offensive at least to 48% of us. The 52% who the frig knows and who the frig cares. I probably would have to throw the†Nationals along with the Patriots. Of course to many of us here at the Gab Nationals are better than say The Senators who would be offensive and we would have to maybe send a petition to the federal trade commission to remove their trademark.

Canít find anything wrong with Red or White Sox. Red Wings,Flyers,Jets, Mets.Athletics.Lakers,and Jazz.Maple Leafs. I probably could find something wrong with Canadiens. But itís not bad.. and Rangers

There are certain other teams. The Giants could be deemed offensive to tall people. The Saints to religious people after all is it Saintly to beat your opponents brains out every Sunday. Then there is a whole class of teams like the Packers, derived from the Meat Packers we all knew that red meat is bad for us and it shouldnít be represented through a sports team. There is the Dodgers derived from the Trolley Dodgers/. Itís a representation of unsafe act we canít use that either or we might be stepping on the third rail.. The Knickbockers which were short pants but it was also the brand name of a Beer No No No canít use it promotes alcohol. The Padres the lil bald friar tuck guy in his robes and sandals swinging the bat offensive to clergy. The Spurs inflict pain upon an animal just ask Mike Vick on that. The Steelers represent hard working Americans who put their heart and soul and pride in their jobs.† that is just plain †offensive to those who don't work

All the animal names to many to list one word PITA.. Astros,and Rockets damn it Houston what are you thinking offensive why do you think the space program is being defunded.Rockets can also be considered a weapons of mass destruction so you can't use that name. Some† or most find it offensive. Heat , Trailblazers Fire.Flames. all offensive †due to fire destroys things and we shouldnít have to be subjected to that.Canaucks sorry Canada itís a deregoitorie term for Canadians.

Then there are the Celtics or Kel-tics if Iím irish Iím pissed with the little drunk leprachuan.

Iím almost as pissed if Iím Italian with the whole Mario and Luigi thing big nosed plumbers and what not.

The one that takes the cake is recently the New York State found that the handicapped symbol. You know the †lil stick figure guy in the wheel chair is offensive because it depicks a stagnant Handicap person. So they are trying to rid us of that symbol.(On the left) to one on the right which quote suggest mobility.. Isnít the symbol of a †person in wheel chair in and off itself representing mobility †Just a thought.

If this is the case I find the stagnant Mens and ladies figures offensive

I think they should change these symbol to this

Finally are ready for a quiz?

Which emblem is more insulting A.or B

A. † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † †B.

I leave you with this


Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

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Here we are as summer begins there is no more Hockey thanks to Los Angeles Kings in what was a good series . Unfortunately the Rangers needed same boumces and they just didnít get them. There is no more basketball thanks to the San Antonio Spurs as they just dominated the Heat the series could have been a sweep but they put any fire the Heat had.. There is no more Mr.Padre the sad passing of Tony Gwynn this week and No more iconic coach as Chuck Knoll passed away as well . He put the Pittsburgh Steelers o the map.

What all that being said we turn our attention to baseball. That crazy game without a clock. The game the writers romance. Stats gurus who actually think they know where than the guys who have played and coached. The game that we could argue long into the night about whose the best at any position. The game that bonds fathers and sons.

Baseball is dominated the sports world these days . Wait hold on like me check oh there is also a big kick ball tournament going on that as the rest of the Worlds Attention but we hear in these Untied States . No sir our attention is on Baseball the beauty of a catch and the excitement of a long Home Run. Itís truly the the Beautiful game.

The Big Kick ball tournament oops let me clarify not the kick ball the kids play on the playground at recess. Not the one that is played like baseball. The one that is played like Hockey you know you put the ball in the net. The one that has 11 guys per side like football† oops silly me they call it football Not kick ball. The one the player and ball movements are like basketball with your feet. The game were we as Americans are appauld at the flopping in Hockey and Basketball but every other country considers that as some sort of strategic endeavor.

I have to admit all my kids have played soccer even the my anti sport teenage daughter. She actually enjoyed when she was younger and Mrs. Lanz has video evidence to proove this. I have enjoyed watching them play more for athletic reasons than the game itself. But too watch it† beyond that is tough and I get the intensity of the World Stage and how people can totally enjoy it. More power to them. I think I like scoring those 2 -1 , 1-0 games do nothing for me . I guess that would be like a hot goalie in Hockey or a pitchers dual in baseball.. May I say thatís a damn big net with a big ball and it never goes in . It goes to the side it goes over the top. Yeah some of these guys can control there kicks with the precison of a Field goal Kicke r or the placement of a punter and they not kicking a sphere shaped ball. So way doesnít go in more. With 20 guys running around you think the goalies would get screened more.

Like I said I enjoy to a point but maybe I just donít get the strategy or the game. I know there are kids playing it in every town in the USA but also I heard interesting stat only 3.4% of American kids sign up to play in High School. Even the Laser who has played since he was 5 and is a patched Soccer Official. Is heavy leaning toward running cross country in the fall instead of playing High School Soccer.. I guess American kids are just drawn to other stuff. Track, Lacrosse, Football (even though† that is now taboo) , Basketball.and yes Americaís beautiful game baseball .

Sunday was fathers day I spent the day running a 13/14 year old All Star tryout. The Mrs. Came up big tome fathers day is just a nice day to do something with the kids kick back have a beer and have something on the grill. The Mrs. Made an awesome rib eye and than the Laser and I went over to the High School in the next town to listen to a question and answer with John Farrell.(Manager of the Boston Red Sox) and the Iconic Boston Sports Scribe Steve Buckley who is just an awesome story teller. Buck started covering HS sports in Maine and went on to cover the Mariners, Yankees, and Red Sox..

†It was a blast Farrell was engaging and funny . He told stories of his career and some stuff about mechanics and he discussed arm injuries in youth baseball. Farrell opened up asking the audience if anybody knows whatís wrong with the Red Sox or how they can right the ship please come up and let him know. It was a blast.

As I mentioned above Iíll be coaching the 13/14 year old All Star team from our Youth Baseball league. This will be Laserís first All-Star team. We are considered Senior Little League. The paper work required by Little League for each player is unbelievable. The kids need a medical form. A birth certificate †for age. Three documents for prove of residence.† Ití in sane luckily the kids have good parents on this team and a bunch of them where all stars last year so that cuts down on it. What I was told is Little League is very strict on this stuff. After the paperwork we will have some fun with it I hope.

Have a good week

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I have been thinking(yes it hurts) about the way we hate certain athletes or teams. . Some give us plenty to hate say in the case of Ray Corrithe.Others we hate because we precieve them perceiving themselves as bigger than the game. Take Terrell Owns, Micheal Irving, Chad Ocho Johnson. Sure there are the Leone Letts of the world that were just stupid , I would say Dennis Rodman is right along with him.

There is this whole other group that people just donít like mainly due to their success.

LeBron James is one guy that falls in this place. I donít hate him , nor do I like him. What has this guy done other than leave Cleveland and his handlers made a stupid reality type nthing to announce he was leaving Cleveland for the warm sunny skies of Miami. The only tim the guy is in the news itís strictly about what he has done on the court. No news is good news type of thing. He ainít (put name of NFL Player Here)That is constantly getting locked up.. You hear none of that with James. Is there an arrogance is there a swag and a cockiness. The answer to all is yes.. Is it James or is it the media making† him bigger than life and in some outlets bigger than the game. One outlet tends to drive him down our throats.

The media does this with players and teams as well. In the height of the Dallas Cowboys they were hatedas a team they were over exposed people were sick of them. Outside New England the Patriots fall in that catergory as well. Right on these pages too much Red Sox- Yankees .. I believe the over exposure to all this stuff is basically a turnoff and the media thinks† thatís what we want.. What we want is honest coverage of a game without making these guys bigger than life.

There are countless examples of guys get why to much hype. Look at Brett Favre we were all sick of him after the 38th comeback and the media still talking about a comeback three years after he retired. Look at Tim† Tebow he was going to the Hall of Fame. They liked the religious thin and played off it. As well know Tebow is the NFL Hall of Fame of the unemployed. Tebow was just not an NFL quarterback but he was a story and a good story. Whose next Johnny Football tops that hit parade.

The media does a good job of shaping our opinions and putting there spin† on it. There job isnít to bring us facts or be right. There job is to sell† what ever it is for ratings and ad. Time. Many of them advance there on agenda. I just want to watch the games and formulate my own opinions. Based on my own observations.

There are two local storyís. involving High School Athletes. The MIAA (Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association) †Scheduled a make up Baseball Tournament Game after†the scheduled game†was rained out last Thursday. They scheduled it† Saturday at 10 am. Of course that would be fine but it was SAT day. 11 kids missed the start of the game. Both teams hung the missing players jerseyís in the dugout as a protest. The coaches to their credits tried to reschedule the game later in the day or to Sunday but the winner would have had to play two (Many of these kids play AAU) Two is not a big deal. They tried for Tuesday and it was also denied. The 11 showed up late and played the game after the 4 hour exam that the MIAA knew about a year in advance. This is†where Common sense needs to prevail.

The other story was two Sr. Lacrosse Players were suspended for the rest of the Tourney for puffing on a cigars at graduation. The AD of that high school followed the MIAA rule to the letter of the law. These kids were 18 puffed a coupl puffs on the cigars. The MIAA no tobacco policy was strictly enforced. Their time was knockout of the Tourney with an OT loss. Again give the kids some plenty let them help out at the local Kindergarten as community service donít† make the penalty so costly that they miss what they worked hard for 4 years to achieve. Were they wrong yes did the penalty fit the crime no.

Rangers stay Alive

Red Sox are on the slide.

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