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Thoughts From the Couch - 3.4.13
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Welcome to Monday everyone. 

Yesterday I was channel surfing and I got excited when I noticed on the DISH Network guide that the Braves/Tigers game was going to be replayed at 8:00 PM on MLB Network. I haven't been able to watch a Braves game so far this spring, and since I didn't have anything else planned I was looking forward to checking out the new Braves lineup in action against real competition.

But, thanks to MLB Commissioner and complete fuck up Bud Selig, I wasn't able to watch the game I wanted. For some stupid reason, the game was blacked out in my area. I don't know why it was blacked out, because a) it wasn't on any local network channels or the local Fox Sports South channels, and b) I don't live in Atlanta. Given those conditions, I should have been able to see it on my tv, but thanks to Bud I had to be pissed for most of the night on Sunday.

I will never understand the MLB blackout policy. Why all the games aren't available on MLB Network is mind boggling to me. Why all the replays of games aren't available is even more stupid. I could maybe understand the live game not being available on MLB Network if the game was being simulcast on a local channel, but it wasn't. Also, it's Spring Training. It's not even a real game, and yet Selig still has a stupid policy in place that keeps me from watching the games I want to watch when I want to watch them.

And yes, I'm sure that Selig isn't really the person responsible for the stupid MLB Blackout Policy, but in my world everything that's wrong with baseball is Bud Selig's fault because I hate Bud Selig. So, even if I'm wrong, I'm blaming him anyway and adding this stupidity to the long list of reasons that I can't wait until Major League Baseball gets a new and competent commissioner. 

Other than my few hours of being pissed off at Bud, I haven't really paid much attention to sports this weekend. I scanned over NBA scores and saw that the Bobcats were obliterated twice over the weekend, so thankfully I avoided seeing those disasters. It's not a surprise that the Bobcats are among the worst teams in the league, but it's really painful to watch most of the time. I've found myself almost not caring anymore, and normally when I tune in I do it to see how bad they can be.

Of course it's really hard to get interested in a league when there are only a handful of teams who are promoted night in and night out. If you're not a Lakers, Thunder, Heat, Celtics, or Spurs fan then there's almost no point in watching the NBA because your team is hardly going to be featured or talked about by the talking heads. I love watching basketball, but after watching most of this NBA season I'm starting to see what everyone was talking about when they said it's a joke of a league that only cares about a few of its teams. 

I did happen to take a look at a few minutes of the Hurricanes/Panthers game on Saturday night, but I still can't get into the NHL. Sorry to all you puck heads here, but I just don't see the excitement in watching hockey on tv. I've been to the local minor league team's games and loved seeing it in person, but watching it on tv puts me to sleep. I don't know why though. Maybe it's because I have a hard time following the puck, even in HDTV. 

Or maybe it's just because hockey sucks. (Just kidding, maybe.)

Ok, well that's all I've got this week. If you have anything you'd like to add, feel free to add it in the comments.

Until next Monday...

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