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Tuesday's Tantrum - 3/5/13
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Welcome to the tantrums where unbelievably it's already March.  Exciting for me because my wife, daughter, and I leave for our roadie.  We're picking up our son at LAX and driving to Palm Springs to meet up with our other daughter, then its on to Phoenix for two days of sports (Suns and Spring Training), grub (Alice Coopers is on the docket) and even better weather then here at Casa de B.O.B.. 

Enough about that, on to the sports...

MLB.  Heard Bud Selig say this past weekend that the penalties against those who get caught juicing should be increased.  He feels a very small minority aren't listening.  Bud:  One Calendar year for the first offense, Two for the second, lifetime ban for the third.  That should fix it.

CBB.  Iowa State got done by the refs in a game against Kansas and it was pretty damn blatant.  Yet all I hear from the talking heads is “well, baskeball will never be perfected, so move on.”  So I wonder if the shoe was on the other foot and Iowa State beat Kansas like that what the talking heads would say?  Just wonderin'...

Not a big fan of Miami, but if they're playing Duke I'll root for 'em.  Wasn't terribly crazy about the officiating in this game either.

NHL. At home Saturday night and I stumbled on to the Kings @ Canucks.  By hockey standards an OK game, but what drew me in was the start.  The man singing both national anthems.  He did a good enough job with the Star Spangled Banner, but when he started w/Oh Canada, he just stopped while the entire crowd picked it up and was loud and proud - not missing a beat while he just sat there and took it in.  It gave me goosebumps to feel the pride Canadians have.  Love the Canadian people.

NBA.  Yet again, the LA Lakers get over in a one-sided trade.  They give up an immature injured underachiever in Andrew Bynum and end up with yet another solid superstar Center in Dwight Howard.  Bynum won’t play this season and is already pissing off the Sixers. 

You can tell March has kicked in because the "name" teams are going on winning streaks and you are hearing less and less about the other teams.

NFL.  Beeze touched on this briefly, but dammit NFL, enough with the asking about being gay.  Is there any other employment opportunity out there that asks that question?  NO!  What makes you so special NFL??? 

Alex Smith to Kansas City helps both teams, but this persistent rumor of the 49ers going after Derelle Revis?  Three words for the 49ers:  OH HELL NO!  Revis is a friggin diva, who frequently gets injured and bitches about cash – not the epitome of a team player!  Yes SF is desperate for quality d-backs, but not this guy!!! 

Joe Flacco making $20 million per year for six years to me seems a bit outrageous.  Yes, the Ravens won the Super Bowl, but is Baltimore taking a huge leap?  Flacco has a solid four game playoff run prior to which he never showed that ability.  

CFB.  And now we come to Florida State, my team.  Caught their 2013 FB schedule - a real toughie.  They brought in Idaho and Bethune Cookman.  I swear I can't wait for the new playoff system to come in. I'm seriously disgusted, but I guess that's whatcha gotta do nowadays to keep up with the Alabamas, whose schedule is even worse... 

But then again, I have to give Florida State props (sort of) because they decided to step up and play a home and home with Boise State.  Why do I say "sort of"?  Because it doesn't happen until 2019 and 2020.  So I guess I'll be a Criminole fan who has to deal with these indefensible garbage schedules for six more years...

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