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I don’t mean to brag,

I don’t mean to boast,

But I’m intercontinental,

When I eat French toast.

Beastie Boys, The Move

What does all of this mean?  Probably not much to many of you, but it means $100 to me.  Earlier this year when the leafs were in first place in the Northeast Division, Flyer Fanatic was confident that the leafs would make the playoffs.  He was so confident in that fact that he decided a $100 bet would backup his assertion that the leafs were a playoff team.  I was adamant that they were not, stating that the maple leafs defense was not strong enough and they did not have enough secondary scoring, or heart for that matter, to make a difference in the post season.  As of Tuesday, the leafs were mathematically eliminated from the playoffs.  As a result, I am now $100 richer.  Well, that all depends on if Flyer Fanatic is a man of his word and doesn’t back out on his wager.

So, Flyer Fanatic, get in touch with me and I will provide you with my paypal address so that we can complete this pleasant transaction.  I think this will clarify my viewpoint from the start of the season.

So now, we will see the lack of mettle of this current batch of leafs on display.  I don’t think the leafs will go out of their way to win another game this season.  Not to say that they are going to intentionally tank the season for a better draft pick; I would hope pro athletes would have some pride.  It is kind of ironic that all of a sudden, James Reimer and Jonas Gustavsson are out with injuries.  As a result, the leafs are turning to Jussi Rynnas to finish the season for them.  Yup…that is how deep they are in the nets Flyer Fanatic.  If they are planning on tanking the season, I hope they get a draft pick like Alexandre Daigle that shits the bed.  It’ll look good on them.  The leafs have 2 games left against Buffalo, 1 against Tampa Bay, and they finish up the season with the last place team in the Eastern Conference, the Montreal Canadiens.  Folks, I wouldn’t turn into that game if I was you.  I would much rather slam my balls in a dresser drawer for three periods than watch that shit.

With the trade deadline passed, teams are struggling to find a suitable replacement for injured starters.  The New York Islanders recently felt this pinch after having Nabakov go down.  As a result, the Islanders are going to ride Al Montoya into the sunset this season with a recently signed John Grahame as a backup.  Bruins, Lightning, Hurricanes, River Rats, Omsk and Monsters fans should remember him.  The Islanders must have been scraping the bottom of the barrel to sign the goalie coach for the USHL Sioux City Musketeers.  The NHL lockout did one thing for hockey fans; allowed the game to pass by players like Robert Esche and John Grahame.  Don’t get me wrong, Grahame did a good job backing up Dafoe to start his career, but then an injury and difficulty returning to his previous form marked the beginning of the end for his time in Boston.  If anyone is interested in watching the Islanders play out the string, it should interest you that you can watch Matt Martin build on his record breaking 357+ hit season.  Martin is a solid, in your face type of player.  You could say I’m a Matt Martin fan, since I enjoy the way he plays the game.

There have been a few teams that have clinched playoff spots so far, and as I am working on this on Saturday afternoon, the Rangers, Penguins, Bruins and Flyers have clinched in the East, and the Blues, Canucks, Predators and Red Wings have clinched in the West.  In the East, there is an interesting race for the 8th and final playoff spot between the Sabres and the Capitals.  Buffalo has been going on a tear lately, and are 7-1-2 in their last 10 games.  They are tied with Washington at 86 points, and both teams have 4 games left.  However, tonight Washington will be getting a boost from the return of Nicklas Backstrom after he missed 40 games after taking a high elbow from Rene Bourque. 

In the West, San Jose is on the outside looking in.  They have gotten progressively worse the past few seasons, and are currently 1 point out of the final playoff spot.  With 2 games left against division rivals Dallas, and 2 games left against division rival Kings, these games are a must win for the Sharks.  That being said, that top 3 positions in that division are ridiculously close.  The division leaders are the Kings with 90 points, the Stars and Coyotes have 89, and the Sharks have 88.  This division finish is going to be great.  The knock against the Sharks in seasons past has been their lack of ability to get up for a big game.  Well, they have 4 games left to prove to their fans that they have that now.  With no significant injuries, the Sharks should have the tools to make their push.  But do they have the will?  We will have to watch and see.

Jordan Carver yoga pose of the week:

Fight of the week:

Erik Gudbranson vs Ryan White; always nice to see a 3rd overall draft pick take on a regular occupant of the sin bin and do okay.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great week.


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